Redford Michigan,Just a fantasy I made up about so

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Redford Michigan,Just a fantasy I made up about soIt would be you and I . We actually hung out . Like a bonfire/bbq one of our friends invited us to . We left at the end of the party . U were buzzing hard and being very flirty and obviously turned on , I didnt drink too much because I had to drive and I started telling u how hard I was getting staring at ur sexy ass in ur pants . And u were eating it up saying things like “oh ya? so u would prolly cum in ur pants if I started doing this ” and u spread ur legs in the passenger seat and and began gently rubbing ur breast and worked ur hands from there to ur stomach and down between ur legs and began to softly rub ur pussy over ur pants .and u asked if I want u to put ur hand inside ur pants . I said yes so u did and u let out a small quiet moan as ur fingers massaged ur clit . At this point my hand finally got brave hoping that ur so fucking horny u Won’t care if I started rubbing ur leg . So I do and I inch closer and closer to ur inner thigh and began rubbing it and purposely made it look like I’m accidentally rubbing ur pussy with my pinky from my right hand . at first ur going with it . Or its that ur so into the moment that u don’t take notice and after my pinky traces the the outer part of ur thong I begin breathing heavy. Because I got excited . meanwhile ur rubbing ur pussy a lil faster and ur hips begin to rock back and forth , up and down and the leather from my seat that ur on is making noises letting me know that ur into it as much as I am .then I get brave and I take my right hand and move it over ur pants and over ur hand that’s inside and help u rub ur pussy as I sit closer , almost in ur seat and begin to gently kiss ur neck multiple times and kiss and suck on ur ear. then switch hands to my left and my right hand is now behind the head rest of ur seat . As bakırköy escort my left hand is now over ur hand inside ur pants pleasuring that tight ass pussy, I’m continuing to kiss and nibble on ur neck and work my way down to the front of ur neck and to ur collar bone.U lift ur head accepting the pleasure I’m giving u on ur neck as u let out soft moans . then as I try to step it up and sneak my hand inside ur pants to join ur hand , I get a feel of ur freshly shaven smooth pussy and almost cum in my boxers but hold it in. ur hand is in the way so I gently try and push it away so that I may get a feel on it . then u pull ur hand away and say in a half moan ” u know that’s not right we should prolly go ” at this point I’m thinking are u serious ? lol so I get back in my seat and take a deep breath as u sit there . And I say “well how about I watch u while you watch me ” and without even giving u a chance I put my hand down my pants to rub my dick hoping it does something to help the situation . I ask u “u gone this far on ur self dont U want to cum as bad as me?” and u said “ya silly , but what if a cop drives by or some nieghbor comes out ?” then I said “well how about we stop at my house since no one is there . ” u took a min and said “ok well we have to be quick “so I drove to my house as careful as I could and we walked in and u walked in front of me and I didnt wanna take advantage of the site of ur sexy looking ass and placed my hands on both ur hips and guided u upstairs to the spare bed u stood in front of bed with ur back to me and i started kissing the back of ur neck as both my hands reached over ur legs and up to ur pussy and gently rubbed it . u started to slowly grind ur ass over my pnats as im kissing ur neck and rubbing ur pussy i then turn u around and lay u on the bed ,start beşiktaş escort licking and nibbling on ur neck ears , kiss my way down to ur collar bone pull ur shirt off , and continue kissing ur neck , then use the tip of my tongue and work my way to ur Tits and kiss them and suck hard . Then flick my tongue on ur nipples and work my way down ur abs with kissing and licking . then I move my way to the side of ur stomach and kiss my way across from one end to the other as I get just below ur belly button , I would swirl my tongue around with one hand over ur panties , gently rubbing my fingers up and down ur pussy and then kiss and lick ur hips and slide ur panties off .at this point ur breathing heavy and ur hips are moving up and down . I then slide one finger inside ur tight ass pussy as my tongue is massaging ur clit ur legs are wrapped around my head as I’m enjoying ur tasty ass pussy and as u get closer and closer I lick up as much of ur juice as I can while my fingers are deep inside u .I look up at u from between ur legs and see that ur eyes are closed and ur biting ur bottom lip trying to keep ur moaning low , so As u get closer ,I slide my tongue inside u and let my thumb rub ur clit .and just as ur about to come I start rubbing this dick cuz I’m so fucking turned on and u cum with a violent explosion and I lick every drop up and leave ur pussy exhausted and clit extremely sensitive to the touch . while ur body is still shaking .Next id take my thumb and rub your clit in a steady circular motion while i take this dick and rub the head of it on the clit and down to the wetness and back up For a few mins while I watch your sexy ass hips gyrate up and down to match the motion, of the way I’m directing it and Teasing you. Then after I feel the you have endured enough I continue beylikdüzü escort to rub ur clit with my thumb, and slide only the first half of the head in and start off like that for a few seconds and then slide deeper , inch by inch but not all the way in , and if you try to pull me in deeper Ill pull another inch out .And start back at the head .then when I see that your over come by extacsy and getting close to losing control , I take my thumb away and brace my hands next to each side of your waist and firmly slam all of me as deep as I can go .As I slide all 6 inches of me inside your soaking wet pussy , I lean closer to you an lick and suck on both of your tits , letting you rock your hips up and down with my rock hard cock inside you. I look down to your waist and as I pull out half way my Dick has a wet coat of your sweet juices and push back inside . At this point you’re nibbling on my shoulders Your arms are around my back ,hands trying to hold on but nails are sliding off from pulling me deeper inside , clearly you think I’m bigger than I really am lol. I pull out and tell you to lay on your stomach facing the mirror attached to the dresser .I get behind you and spread your legs and sink my dick inside your already welcoming tight pussy . I continue thrusting . I grab your hair gently but firm , and pull your head to the right so I can suck on your neck and bite /nibble on your ear .I increase the speed once I hear your elevated breathing and moans become more consistent . I feel your pussy pulsate and grip my dick and I give it 3 or 4 good hard thrust until you finish cumming all over my dick .I pull out after u calm down and you take my soaking wet dick and basically inhale it in your mouth , slide your mouth up and work both hands in a twisting motion down my shaft and repeat while ur eyes are looking at me And as I’m about to cum you pull it out of your mouth and let me rub my wet Dick until I cum all over your tits and then finish me with your hands making sure u got all of the cum out of my now sensitive cock.I’m hoping this turned u on and maybe get u thinking …. Fuck this turned me on .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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