Remodeling Carla Ch. 08

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Carla awoke from a deep sleep. Reaching out, she was disappointed to find that she was alone in bed. Rolling over, she glanced at the clock on the bedside table; it read 10:47 a.m. Realizing that George had probably gone off to work, she stretched out, frustrated, as she ran her fingers through her hair, trying to force herself out of bed.

Finally up, she wandered naked into the bathroom to splash some water in her face. Sitting on the counter were George’s two Fleshlights that Carla had used on him earlier this morning. Her excitement rose as she recalled the total control she had over him as she fucked him with his toys. She had never carried her role playing as far as she had this time. In her little girl persona, she gave herself to her “Daddy’, even letting him take her virgin ass. Recalling his reaction to her sliding her ass over his stiff cock caused her pussy to twitch. She could feel herself getting wet.

Carla watched herself in the mirror as she ran her fingers over her breasts, tracing the perimeter of her areola. Pinching her nipples, she moved down her stomach, massaging as she went. Pausing at her navel, she contemplated a change of jewelry. As her fingers neared their final destination, the black plastic bag on the counter caught her eye. Her pussy responded as well, recalling the trip to the adult store last night.

The faces of the cute blond and her little red-headed friend came to mind as she took the vibrator from the bag; the same one they had recommended. Imagining them taking turns pleasuring each other with the toy caused Carla’s pussy to spasm, emitting trace fluids on her inner lips. Taking it from the box, she looked it over, playing with the various controls. As it buzzed in her hand, she flashed to the butch little rocker with the big tits. “I wonder if she would have liked to demonstrate how the toy works? “She asked herself.

Retreating back to the bedroom, Carla sat on the edge of the bed, facing the mirror on the wall. Spreading her legs, she watched herself in the mirror as ran the purple Rabbit along her lips. Watching herself in the mirror excited her more than she would have thought. “I’m definitely a bit of a voyeur,” she admitted to her reflection.

Slowly, still sans vibration, she slid the Rabbit into her hole. She shuddered as she felt his ears tickle her clit. Remembering the other set of ears (mutant bunny?), she scooted her butt off the bed a bit and tried to tickle her ass. She winced a bit as she pushed harder, causing the upper ears to push on her clit harder. Looking in the mirror, she told herself, “This is going to take some practice.” Looking herself in the eye, she watched her reactions as she stroked the Rabbit in and out of its new home.

Daring herself, she looked down at the controls and pushed one of the buttons. She watched the little ball bearings swirl about as she eased him back inside. It felt like the rabbit was getting bigger, stretching her as it burrowed deeper. Looking back at her reflection, she fucked herself with nice long strokes, her inner lips holding on tight.

Next step was to start those ears twitching. Pushing another button, she started them on the lowest setting and gingerly eased in. Carla jumped as the ears made contact with her clit. After a few strokes she was satisfied that she could handle more. Ramping up the speed, she began anew, this time twisting her wrist a bit. “Whoa, there’s that other pair of ears,” as they played with her anus.

Ready to get to it, Carla took one more look at her reflection. Even she had to admit she looked pretty sexy. Her tan had deepened, accentuated by the tan lines of her string bikini. Her long dark hair hung loose over her shoulders, framing her pert breasts. Her tummy was flat and toned and her legs were perfectly sculpted, muscles strained as she pushed down on her toes while her Rabbit played peek-a-boo.

Lying on her back, she pushed back until she could plant her feet flat on the bed. With her knees bent and spread wide, Carla closed her eyes and imagined the cute little store clerk taking control.

Beginning by kneeling between Carla’s spread legs; she would bend down and take a closer look at Carla’s offering. Carla shivered at the thought of another woman in this intimate position. The girl would then take one hand and gently spread Carla’s lips, revealing her wet, pink core. Winking at Carla, she would then lower her head and lightly swipe her tongue along her length, dipping in slightly to gather her juices.

Satisfied that the beautiful brunette was ready, she expertly adjusted the settings on the vibrator and cautiously slid it into her dripping pussy. Starting slow, watching the older woman’s body writhe, the younger’s own pussy began to feel needy.

Carla’s fantasy girl took her hand and gave Carla control of the Rabbit. As Carla continued at an even pace, she watched her little rocker-chick grab the bottom of her vintage Jethro Tull shirt and pull it over her head, revealing the young vixen’s big tits. Easily twice the size of Carla’s, they still sat high and ankara escort proud, a testament to her age. Not surprising, her nipples were pierced, little rings dangled below. She flicked at them, teasing, “See? “She said,” like little knockers on my knockers.”

Carla shivered as the girl brought her tits to her mouth and sucked on her own nipples. Leaning in, she gave Carla a chance to sample her goods. Carla delighted in trying to slip the tip of her tongue into the ring. Sucking hard, she felt the young girls nipples stiffen between her lips.

Breaking free form Carla’s suckling, the young girl backed off the bed and unbuttoned her tight jeans and slid them down to her feet. Kicking those and her shoes off, she pirouetted for Carla, showing off her tight, teen body. Her skin was flawless, as though sculpted from white marble. Carla’s eyes locked on the little girl’s butt. It was almost perfectly round, with a crack right down the middle, consuming her thong.

Carla’s hands shifted gears as she gazed on the girl’s ass. George’s fascination with her own suddenly made more sense. Her pussy was now making a sucking sound as it clung to the vibrator.

The girl turned back toward Carla and pulled her panties up tight, splitting her lips which puckered out each side. It was clear that she too shaved her pussy. After sawing across her clit numerous times, she slowly pulled the thong down over her hips and let them settle to the ground. Fantasy girl was shaved smooth except for the area just above her slit. That bit of hair was shaved in a shape, the shape of a directional arrow that pointed downward. Carla had no doubt that the arrow served little practical purpose. A blind man wouldn’t need directions.

Running her fingers down the arrow and between her lips, the young girl sampled herself. Seemingly satisfied with the taste, she offered a taste to Carla, which she quickly consumed, sucking on the girls fingers.

Carla’s new friend now took control of the Rabbit once more, but now Carla watched in fascination as a leg passed overhead and her view of the ceiling was blocked by a young succulent pussy. Carla breathed in the heady aroma of the young girl’s excitement, and watched as her lips pulsated with the rhythm of the vibrator being sawn in and out of her own body.

The young girl’s pussy got larger as it descended toward Carla’s outstretched tongue. As the two made contact, Carla lurched feeling the Rabbit burrowing deeper, more frantic in its actions. Meanwhile, Carla instinctively took a cheek in each hand and pulled her down tight. Sucking her clit into her mouth, she fucked the young girl with her nose as her fingers sought out her little star.

Sensing Carla’s intent, the young girl picked up the pace, driving the Rabbit into its hole. Just as Carla’s index finger found the girls anus and applied a little pressure, her own body retaliated. Her orgasm ripped through her without warning and her hand felt suddenly wet, the vibrator saturated.

Her climax snapped her out of her dream-state, the young rocker just a memory. Slowly coaxing the Rabbit out of its hole, she fumbled with the controls, turning it off and letting it rest between her breasts. Licking her lips, Carla could imagine the taste of the young girl, imagine the aftermath as they shared kisses before snuggling up for a little nap.

Carla woke with her arms around George’s pillow, hugging it to her naked body. Straining to look at the clock, she slowly focused on the time. “Christ, “She said, “Is it really after one?”

Bounding out of bed, her mind tried to shift gears. “What day was it? “She asked out loud. “George is gone, so he must be at work, so it’s definitely a week day, “She told herself. Her mind rifled through the last couple days and she decided it must be Wednesday. “Wasn’t Frank supposed to fly to Mexico on Wednesday?”

Without bothering to dress, Carla ran down the stairs to find her laptop. Turning it on, she remembered that George’s needed to be on so that the router was on. Laptop in hand, she ran back up the stairs and set her naked butt in her lover’s cool leather desk chair. After getting everything turned on, she waited for her laptop to boot up. She leaned back in his big chair and threw her feet up on his desk, the computer resting on her thighs. She laughed to herself, wondering what George would say if he walked in right now.

Carla’s browser finally came to life and she quickly opened her email account. Thankfully everything seemed to be in order. Frank did reply that he received the info on the Mexican resort and his flight reservations. She wasn’t surprised to find that he didn’t mention his upgraded seat.

Thankful that everything seemed to be taking care of itself, Carla powered down her computer and stepped back into the bedroom. She started to make the bed, but then thought better of it, figuring that after the last couple of days, the sheets could use a good washing. She stripped the bed, finding her vibrator buried in the sheets. She took it and rinsed it off and laid it on the counter next etimesgut escort to George’s Fleshlights, which he had evidently washed that morning.

Grabbing the sheets, still not bothering to dress, she took them downstairs and threw them in the washing machine. Carla found she enjoyed walking around naked. Here in George’s house, there was no real chance of anyone seeing you through a window. Set in the middle of five acres, it was about as private a setting as you could have in the middle of a large city. The gravel driveway gave warning of anyone pulling up to the front of the house.

Her stomach growled, reminding her that she had missed both breakfast and lunch. Waiting for the washing to be done, she made herself some fruit and cottage cheese and sat out on the back deck, enjoying the solitude. The squirrels and the birds paid no attention to the naked beauty watching them.

Hearing the washing machine announce its completion, Carla noticed a clothes line strung between two trees. It brought back memories of the smell of air dried sheets when she was back in Kansas. Hoping to find clothes pins in the laundry room, Carla took her plate into the kitchen.

There, hanging on a hook below a shelf was a clothe bag full of clothes pins. A spare laundry basket sat on the floor and next to it, an old pair of George’s tennis shoes. Grabbing the wet sheets, the pins and slipping on the oversized sneakers, Carla shuffled off, bare-assed, to hang the laundry. Carla loved the feel of the breeze on her bare skin. Areas normally covered tingled in excitement as she relished the feeling of freedom. Her nipples hardened as she drug the wet sheets across them, hanging the sheets to dry.

Carla surmised that she could easily become a nudist and that there would be no objections from her new room mate. Back into the house, Carla wandered from room to room, even briefly stepping out onto the front porch. Like a cat, she was claiming all these areas as her domain and letting no one in particular know that her being naked here was also her right. A silly thing to do as she thought about it, but it just seemed like the thing to do.

Upstairs, she only needed to lay claim to the spare bedroom, bath and George’s office. Finishing her tour in the office, Carla claimed George’s leather desk chair once more. She gazed at her images as George’s screen saver scrolled through pictures he had taken of her earlier. Sitting back, she threw her legs up on his desk, her legs spread wide. A brief concern passed over her as she looked at the monitor, seeing if she could see a built in web-cam. Somewhat disappointed that there wasn’t one, she began to tweak her nipples with one hand as her other moved down toward her sex.

Next to her right foot, a chime sounded. It was her phone alerting her to a text message. Carla managed to move the phone with her foot so that she could bend forward and pick it up without lowering her legs. She was enjoying the compromising position she was in. Looking at the screen, she was excited to see that it was from George. “Hey good-lookin, whatcha been doin? “He wrote.

Recognizing the altered Hank Williams line, she replied, “It’s ‘watcha been cookin’, and if you must know I’ve been wandering around the house naked all day, all by my lonesome.”

“Damn, “he replied. “I knew I should have put in that surveillance system when I had the chance.”

“LOL, “was her reply.

He continued, “In meeting now, with another later on. Decorating demon from CO.” He was referring to the decorator he would be working with on his next project. “Should be home by 6 or 7; I’ll pick up pizza? What do you like?”

“I’m sure I’ll like whatever you like, just no anchovies, “she replied.

“Yes Dear, “he replied, “and thank you for this morning! “followed by his now standard emoticon :p which he translated as ‘me licking you.’

She signed off with a line of X’s and O’s.

Setting down the phone, she spread her legs wider and watched herself on the monitor while she thought of her lover between her legs, lapping at her liquid center. She rubbed her clit and pulled on her nipples, climaxing quickly, shuddering with delight.

Taking a few minutes to recover, she went back downstairs and out back to retrieve the sheets. As she gathered them, the smell carried her back home and a small tear ran down her cheek. She hoped that her sister was as happy as she was right now. She made a mental note to write her and let her know what was going on.

Back in the bedroom, Carla made the bed and couldn’t resist flopping down face first and inhaling the fresh smell.


Face down and naked is how George found her. When he got home, the downstairs was dark. He went into the kitchen and popped the pizza into the oven to stay warm. Venturing into the bedroom, he found a delightful sight. Carla was face down, with her feet facing him. His eyes followed her legs up to the ass he so loved and then to her strong back, partially blanketed by her long dark hair. Unable to resist, he took out his cell phone and captured ankara etimesgut escort the sight. He considered, grabbing his big camera, but didn’t want to interrupt the moment.

Walking to the bed, he lightly ran his hand up from ankle to neck and placed a soft kiss on her cheek, not wanting to wake her. He quietly stepped into the bath to take a shower.

Standing under the more mundane and boring standard shower head, he pondered what his water bill would look like this month. Not that it mattered; he wouldn’t give up his shower time with Carla, even if he had to dig his own well. Lost in thought about what it would take to put in a well, his lover approached him from behind and wrapped herself around him. Hugging him tight, she said, “I missed you so much today.”

Turning in her arms, he returned the hug and kissed her, “I missed you too. You can’t imagine how hard it was to leave you alone in bed this morning,” Kissing her again, his hands grabbed her two butt cheeks and pulled her close.

Pushing back, Carla grabbed his stiffening member and said, “Eeww, you need a shave! Park it Buster! “She ordered, pointing to one of the built in benches. George watched her little ass cheeks bounce as she left the shower to get a razor and the shave gel. Returning with a towel for her knees, she knelt between his spread legs and proceeded to lather him up. In as professional a manner as is possible when you’re both naked, Carla carefully shaved around her favorite part of her lover’s anatomy. Careful not to nick, she moved his now rigid dick to and fro, looking for stray hair. She gently pulled on his ball sack, dragging the razor along, not missing a square inch. Carla laughed as he tried to lift his leg and butt enough to shave around his ass. He wasn’t sure how much hair he had there to start with, but Carla was intent on putting him through the same routine he put her through.

Finally completing the task, Carla rinsed him, stroking him to his maximum potential and then promptly announced, “Okay, all done, now let’s go get some of that pizza.” He stared at her in disbelief, standing there with his dick waving in the breeze.

George begrudgingly dried himself; it was his turn to pout. Leaving the bedroom, Carla jumped onto his back and rode him down the stairs to the kitchen, both naked as the day they were born.

Setting her butt on the island, George went to the wine fridge and found an appropriate bottle of red while Carla jumped down and grabbed a couple plates. They sat at the kitchen table; well George was in a chair; Carla elected to sit in his lap. They fed each other, content to just eat and talk, except for George licking off the invisible bit of sauce that invariably ended up on Carla’s breast. Carla told him about her spending the entire day naked, and he was understandably disappointed that he hadn’t been there.

Finished eating, Carla took the dishes to the sink to rinse. George was close behind with the empty box. Carla stalled at the sink knowing they would both be disappointed if he didn’t get to sneak behind her and grind himself against her butt. Feeling his stiffening prick nestle into her ass crack she purred, “Oh, that feels much better, not so scratchy.” George nibbled at her neck and ears while his hands played with her tits, pinching her nipples.

“Enough foreplay,” she said, as she spun free of his hold. “Let’s go to bed. I washed the sheets and dried them on the line. I want to just hold you all night.” Taking him by the hand, she led him to the stairs, giggling as she watched his rigid member bounce as he followed.

Slipping between the sheets, she turned her back to him, inviting him to spoon. He tried his best, but his cock had been like a rock ever since the shower. Taking pity on him, Carla lifted her right leg and reached down, guiding his cock into her. With a sigh of relief, George slowly moved his hips, driving and drawing his cock in and out of her wet pussy. It was a slow, unhurried lovemaking. George fondled her right breast as he nibbled at her neck, whispering his love to her.

Carla had never been more content or felt so loved as she did at that moment. Climaxing was the furthest thing from her mind at this point, and she wasn’t sure whether she had by the time she felt his release; it didn’t really matter, she was where she always wanted to be.


Neither moved during the night; George’s spent cock still resting outside her sticky pussy, his hand still holding her breast. Waking, she sighed in contentment as she felt his rhythmic breathing on the back of her neck. Knowing that they would have to get up soon, she slowly woke him by running her fingers up and down the hand and arm that so firmly held her. He let her know he was awake with a kiss to the neck and a loving squeeze of her breast.

Reluctantly, they rolled out of bed and headed to the shower. Trying not to tempt fate, they turned on the standard shower again; attempting to make the showering experience less sensual than they had in the past. They both knew that they needed to get the day started and that playtime should be delayed until that evening. Problem was, no one sent the memo to George’s cock, which was soon outstretched, reaching for Carla. Carla’s pussy was of the same mind and was anxious to feel him again.

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