Renewing a Family Bond

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Alexis Fawx


Fenna Meijer stood on her small balcony and looked down onto the carpark below. Her apartment was on the sixth floor of a building that formed a part of a district shopping centre that served the housing developments in this suburb of Alkmaar. She had been told to look out for a car roof painted in the white and black squares of a chess board.

The stark outlines of many surrounding building were softened by the canopies of trees that the local authority had insisted the developers should plant. Over the years they had matured, and now the windmill to be seen to her left made for an incongruous sight amongst the modernity of its surroundings. The sails still turned, for effect only, the work of the sails now undertaken by powerful electric pumps.

The apartment had been her home for many years now. It was close to the school where she worked and taught music. It was convenient to live here. Her circle of friends was large, but the bonds with family were loosening with every year that passed. An exception was a dutiful nephew, Paul Bakker, her older sister’s boy. He was the only one whom she could say continued to exceed all of her expectations and eased away her sense that she was at the margins now; her only sister and brother living too far away for them to make a believable effort to be with her, or for an invitation, that she joined them, coming the other way.

Fenna checked that the orange and white striped tea towel was firmly fixed the balcony railing. She had fastened it as a waymark and for him the see her. She was that excited to have his company that she was waiting for him to appear, and she would wave, any words of greeting carried off on the breeze.

‘I’m coming your way, aunt!’ he had said, in evident excitement that charmed her, when she had taken his phone call but days ago. ‘I hope it’s not too short on notice…’

‘Even if it is I don’t mind!’ she had laughed out. ‘For how long? You could stay here…save the money you’d spend on a dreary hotel room…’

‘I hadn’t thought of that…and the project work is only three days.’

How wonderful to have his company and for them to go out. She hoped that her expression of joy at his news didn’t sound desperate too, yet their bond never strayed into over-familiarity. It would be something for her to think about as the days passed and she saw how he was with her, and she with him. How wonderful, distracting, and crazy to have a good-looking young man staying with her; sleeping in a room down the hall from her bedroom.

‘But you did think of me,’ she teased, her voice light and breezy and matching her changed mood. ‘I won’t let you argue! Stay…stay here with me for as long as you want. I’ll be at work, just as you will be…so call it a base…a bed and food for the cost of keeping me company. We could go for supper in that dune restaurant we went to the last time we were all together….’

‘You remembered!’ he had laughed out in his captivating ways of it. ‘Then I will do as you ask!’

‘I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t…’

Her hands gripped the railing as she saw his mini, with its chequered roof, pull off the main road and drop down the low ramp that led into the carpark. She saw a flash of his lights and a hand wave to her as Paul chose a convenient parking bay.

How was she to deal with the rush of emotions that the sight of him again aroused in her? The limits of family would be pitched against her womanly feelings; those that had set her thinking, after Paul had agreed to stay with her. He’d not have agreed to do so if there was someone who claimed all of his attention and affection, would he?

It would leave him open to more questions that he would have an answer to for the girl in his life.


Paul knew it was the right decision to be here with her. The lift door opened, and he saw Fenna standing by the apartment’s door, her dress sense impeccable and eye-catching. It flattered an only too-womanly figure.

‘It’s been too long…it’s wonderful to see you,’ she said, her eyes darting over him and taking in his appearance. Fenna couldn’t keep from brushing her fingers over his cheek. ‘This is a change…’

‘I know,’ he said on kissing her on each cheek and feeling her clutch his shirt sleeve to draw him into her place. ‘It took me a while to grow it…and mother says it make me look so much older.’

And handsome, she kept from saying. Paul stood a head taller than she and was a lanky young man, of slender build. His brown hair was swept up and away from his face and was wavy and thick, grew down to the base of his neck and gave Paul a studiously unkempt appearance that was so at odds with her standards. His beard ran along his hard jawline and joined his moustache; his smile on greeting her creasing his face and was just as she remembered and that captivated her so.

She took his arm and squeezed it. ‘You don’t know how happy I am to have you staying here…’

He was taken aback by her ways of saying it. ‘As I am…I’ve iskenderun escort even practised my piano playing…just for you.’

‘Good…I’ll test you.’

They laughed at her joke and took in each other some more.

‘I do play…but not as often as I should. I may have improved since we last met…’

He pointed at her baby grand that stood in a corner of her room, a small plaster head and shoulders sculpture of Beethoven placed on its lid. The pile of music sheets showed that she worked and played on it most of the time. He sensed her stand close, breathed in her scent.

‘Good.’ Fenna pointed. ‘Your room’s at the end of the corridor…mind the potted palm and don’t slip on the rug!’ she called after him. ‘We can play a duet after supper…which is almost ready. You can tell me what has brought you up here…’

‘Work and I have no other aunts quite like you…Fenna. May I call you that, now?’

‘Of course. Anything else and you’ll make me feel so much older than I want to feel…’ She smiled on seeing his appraising glance upon her. Making a fuss of her appearance had achieved its purpose. ‘Supper…it will be soon, okay?’

‘Yes, and the surroundings and company will be better than some roadside hotel…’

‘That’s why I asked you.’ Fenna said it and turned on her heels.

Paul grabbed his bag, but not before he had taken a a moment to follow her progress. Fenna looked better than he could ever remember, her ways with him only too easy, even familiar. He’d never quite gotten a handle on why she lived alone, and three days spent with her, or nights, might give him an opportunity to learn more of the woman he saw glance back at him before she went into the kitchen. He’d brought a bottle of wine; carried so much more in his mind about her.

Supper and some wine loosened tongues. The stories they had to tell drew them closer and Paul knew that he looked at her more than was polite, or even proper given their relationship. He’d revealed that he’d gotten close to living with a young woman he knew through work, but when the time for a decision came rushing in upon them, they both realised it was step too far.

‘You weren’t meant for each other,’ Fenna had observed, not unkindly. ‘It also…’

‘It also makes it easier for me to be here with you…no questions asked, by others we know.’

‘I won’t tell if you won’t…’ she smiled over the rim of her glass. ‘The wine’s been good…and I’ve said too much because of it.’

‘We always could do that…talk, Fenna.’

‘True, but it feels different tonight…’

He met her stilled look and the set of her perfectly oval face, Fenna’s softly wrinkled forehead framed by the rich tumble of her auburn-blonde hair that fell to just below her ears and leant Fenna a soft gracefulness. She gave him a wistful smile of her lightly glossed pink lips.

‘I wish you wouldn’t look at me in that way…’

‘Does it frighten you?’ he replied, holding the look of her wonderful blue eyes upon him.

The longer they were together like this, the more he saw of Fenna’s captivating charms; her carefully tended beauty and sense of style, her curvy body clothed to draw the eye to what hooked him, the dusting of freckles to her skin, her soft smile and stilled look upon him, and how that beaded necklace nestled in her cleavage, making him take in all of the woman she was.

‘No, it’s not that but what you mean by them…’ It was impossible for her to deny the thrill of knowing his attraction to her, and to the arousal of wayward feelings and what they could lead to. She had consigned so many of them to a place where treasured memories were kept, as if they were never to be shared in again and certainly not with a member of her family, good-looking as Paul undoubtedly was. ‘Come on, let’s play the piano…distract ourselves in that way?’

Paul drew her chair away as Fenna stood up. ‘The teacher and the pupil…as you’ll soon see and hear.’

‘I’ll be the judge of that…and concentrate on the music, not on me.’

He heard the mildest of rebukes in her soft voice.

How wonderful to discover that she played the piano so well; that Fenna had placed it in a corner of her modest and tastefully furnished living room, the walls adorned with paintings; the furniture all of a modern style but with copies of favoured art works on the walls. It all leant the room a distinctive quality that only Fenna could have brought to it.

She had drawn closer as he played a short piece; he had felt her fingers to his neck for only an instant before she sat down beside him, and he breathed in her discreet scent. It occurred to him that they were drawing ever closer; a situation that perplexed and unnerved him in equal measure.

‘Claire de Lune…Debussy,’ she murmured. ‘So slow and thoughtful…’

‘Moving…for the emotions they arouse in the listener…and the player of it.’

‘Is that what it does for you?’

‘Yeah…’ he sighed and stood escort iskenderun up from the seat without another word. His reactions to her ways with him were getting more confused and irrational. It was over these moments together that he had begun to know the ache of aberrant longing for the woman who had then played a piece that prompted him to rejoin her.

Fenna played a piece from memory, and he instinctively called out its name to her. ‘Arabesque!’

‘Yes! It’s a favourite of mine!’

‘And I’m lucky to now hear you play it so well. I sure hope your students appreciate what you bring to them in teaching music…’

‘Some do, but most are too mechanical, unlike you…’

She turned on the music seat as she said it and he had stifled a gasp of wonder. Her skirt had risen up and had revealed some of Fenna’s fleshy thighs, her top tightening across her breasts and that bangled necklace again drawing his yes to her cleavage.

‘You…you,’ Fenna faltered on meeting that look upon her and that she knew could be the beginnings of an acute sense of desire for her, ‘you shouldn’t be that way with me, you know? I understand the reasons, perhaps…but still…’

He nodded, An acute rush of desire had taken a hold in him and when he was in her company. ‘I’m apologise for my behaviour, Fenna. I’ll help you clear up and then I’ll go to my room…prep for tomorrow. I can go…find a hotel…if I’ve made you feel uncomfortable by being here and what I’ve done?’

He said it as he had moved to the small dinner table and began gathering up their glasses and dessert plates.

‘You’ll do no such thing!’ Fenna said on grabbing his arm and making him look at her. ‘We live with it…deal with what’s happened, somehow.’


Luuk walked slowly over the cool floor of the hallway, in his bare feet, so as not to wake her, but when he passed Fenna’s bedroom door he saw the faintest glow of a bedside light. He moved past, intrigued that she was still awake or she had fallen asleep whilst reading.

The bathroom door was closed silently, and he pulled at the waistband of his checkered lounge pants and pointed his length at the bowl, pissed in a noisy stream and tugged at a piece of toilet roll and dried off the drips, threw the folded paper into the gleaming white pan and pressed the quick-flush button. His blood was up because of the woman so near and knew that he’d pushed the boundaries to all that had gone before between them. He even wondered if his behaviour had awakened similar feelings in her and, not for the first time, if raw instincts and longings would overcome restraint brought about by who they were to each other.

He left the door as he’d found it and slowly retraced his steps.

‘Is everything alright?’ Luuk heard her call out to him, her voice certain.’

‘Yes, only I couldn’t sleep…’ he said it as he stood uncertainly by her door, not pushing it open, and wondering where to go with what he again felt, spurred on by his imagination of what she’d be wearing. He remembered what would be seen and had been so teasingly clothed when she had greeted him upon his arrival. Lust had soon taken a hold and kept him from settling.

‘The same goes for me….’


She had pulled open the door as she said it and Luuk gasped. Her breasts sagged but were shaped by the thin fabric of her nightdress, the neckline trimmed with lace as was the hem. Her fleshy thighs were revealed, and her arms were bare. She heard him groan. A reflex move of his hand tugging at the fabric of his lounge pants. She met his look of embarrassment, kept him from turning away. ‘Oh Luuk, you poor boy…that you should feel that way about me…it’s a surprise and so nice.’

‘Fenna! Fenna!’ he gasped as she groped for his length. Dismayed, Luuk lifted his arms and clutched his head as she worked him for a few strokes. With trembling hands he then drew her nightdress up to her hips and he gripped Fenna’s buttocks before drawing her to him, slammed his mouth onto her lips as she looked up into his eyes. ‘I want it all… and want it from you!’

‘And…and I wondered when you would ask!’ she kissed back, her hands sliding purposefully down over his hips and drawing his pants to the floor. She soon knelt before him. ‘You wonder…that you feel this way for me.’

His prick had sprung free of any restraint, and it brushed her face. Fenna gripped it and offered kisses to its sides, slid her tongue over its tip in a sudden and wanton display of her own longing for him.

‘Jeez! How you know how it is for me now!’

‘Oh Luuk…my Luuk…you bring so much to me’ she purred, her breaths on his skin, her fingers and strokes, changing as she felt him respond, Luuk’s hands soon in her hair to guide her in these unexpected claims upon him. ‘How could I have missed what you felt for me?’

‘It’s forbidden…not done,’ he answered, uncertainly, as the reality of what he sought of her really hit home, her claims iskenderun escort bayan on him unembarrassed and pursued without any further need for him to persuade her. His wonderful aunt wanted this as much as he did.

There had been times when she had been the object of his stroke-fests, but he’d been so much younger then. Now he’d discover her fleshy softness so wonderfully shaped and revealed by her nightdress that was like a second skin. He pulled loose the thin silk strap fastened under those wonderful breasts, her bush to be seen, a dark triangle of hair that covered what he hoped would be her moist sweet heat.

‘Go on…I want to share the moment…go on,’ she kissed again as he drew it over her head, and he buried his face between her breasts; kissed Fenna’s breast bone and felt her push the tumble of her breasts together and caress his face with them. ‘I’m yours now, Luuk…and yours alone.’

And he couldn’t quite believe how soon they had reached this point.

He devoted time kissing, licking, nibbling and massaging her breasts and soft swell of her before he pressed his tongue into her, pushed on her thighs to make her open the way to his claims. His tongue flickered and lapped over her pussy’s lips, moved slowly as a fantasy had become a soaring reality.

‘You wonder….go on…go on!’ Her hands were in his hair, and she moved to meet his claims. She felt the flush of longing and thought her scent would give her state of arousal away. She no longer needed these moments of foreplay. ‘Yes, go on…lick me out…I need to cum for you so badly!’ She bent to kiss his upturned face. ‘I’m not longer your aunt…but a woman who wants her man!’

‘And he wants her so badly..’ he murmured as his tongue grazed again over her pussy’s lips and sought her clit. He felt Fenna shiver uncontrollably before she moaned softly; gripped his head with both hands and pulled him fiercely to her. Her lustful nephew had reduced her to this. She was sopping wet and needed him so bad and in her. ‘I should be angry for what you’ve made me share with you!’

‘It will be our secret…’

‘Ne sure of that!’

Fenna eased out of his claims upon her and fell back on the bed, pursued by Luuk who crawled on his hands and knees after her and soon settled between her parted legs.

‘And these will help you with that,’ he kissed, even as his fingers stroked and entered her body, these different claims making her shudder and lift her hips to meet his touches.

‘Bring it to me…bring it in me!’ she groaned loudly, her body twitching and her pussy muscles clamping on his fingers as her juices flowed. He loved her pinks moist slit and pressed his mouth, then flickering tongue, to taste her. ‘Don’t make me too wet…I want to feel that prick of yours in me!’

His fantasies about her and doing it vanished. Everything in them was now made real. He knelt between her thighs and hooked them in the crooks of his elbows before he pushed into her body and felt Fenna’s muscles grip on his prick and jerk to be sure he was deep and fully claimed.

‘Yes…yes!’ she called out, her movements coaxing and assured, ‘you’re where I want you to be!’

He pegged her slowly, languished in a hot haven of unimagined pleasure. The woman of his pubescent dreams was now wanting to fuck with him, and his penis was in her; what his ex-girlfriend brought as of nothing compared to this, mentally and physically. A truly voluptuous and passionate woman would have him and he would lose it all in her and have no cares.

‘I know…I know…you want to thank me,’ she cried out and moved her face to avoid his kisses, shoving her tongue into his mouth for only an instant before tearing her lips away. She now groaned and gasped in her efforts as they shared in a frenetic rut of writhing, twisting and pounding movements. ‘Lie back…you can see and take me at the same time!’

He was soon on his back, and she straddled him, his hands slowly caressing her body in slow sweeps, not lingering for long on those wonderful breasts. She leant forward for an instant to allow him to claim them, then leant back, her hands on his knees as she took him in her own sinuous demanding ways, thrusting her hips forward then easing away in a beguiling rhythm that had him gasping for air and wondering if she’d break him. His prick would find places he’d not known of in quite these ways.

He’d been obsessed by her freckled skin, Fenna’s deep cleavage and those wonderful mature woman’s breasts. Everything that she did persuaded him to glory in all of her, his gorgeous aunt riding his prick on gasps of wanton enthusiasm. Dreams of them doing this vied with how he’d be blown away by her heat and passionate ways.

‘Fenna! Fenna!’ he yelled as he felt the tightening in his balls and felt the pressure build in his prick. ‘I’m…I’m going to…!’

‘Stay in me!’ she cried out and slammed down on him and yelled. ‘Oh. Luuk…oh Luuk! Fill me with it…fill me with all you have and want to give me!’

He clamped her breasts tightly as Fenna leant forward to stifle their shared cries of fulfilment and their orgasms wracked their bodies until they had no more to give or to share. What had been minutes of unrestrained bouncing and thrusting back had reduced them to shivering heaps, Fenna’s riding of his cock bringing what felt like their shared, explosive release.

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