Ribecca, Debra and Jessica

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Ribecca, Debra and JessicaAt last the day arrived when her mom would take her to aunt Ricky.She was super excited. She loved going to her aunt Ricky’s. She was a bit older than mom, which made her just over forty. Unmarried, she lived alone in a nice apartment in the next town, about an hour’s ride from Jessica’s home. She was quite different from her mom, much more a free spirit, given to wild colors and extravagance, always a fun person to be with, always with a quick joke or a smile for Jessica. She had always been a presence in Jessica’s life, the “other aunt” always ready to play with her, take her out, or have some kind of fun.Jessica knew her mom and dad had some problems, and that she was being left at aunt Ricky’s so they could go for some counseling at a retreat to try and save their marriage. She was glad she was out of the house, things were tense between her mom and dad. Sometimes she felt it was her fault.Aunt Ricky was outside when they arrived. She was tall, a bit taller than mom, and had a kind face, grey-green eyes, high cheekbones and a squarish jaw. Her mom had always called her a bit mannish, in a half-envious half-admiring kind of way. Jessica didn’t know why her mom felt like this, they both were quite attractive women. She had also sensed there was something her mom wasn’t telling her about aunt Ricky. She didn’t care much, she loved aunt Ricky. She always took her shopping when she visited – she had no k**s or a family so she always had money to spend and had a good job as a lawyer in the city.“Aunt Ricky!” she jumped out of the car.“Jess!” They hugged and air-kissed. “How are you?”“I’m good. It’s so nice to visit!”“I know honey. Missed ya. Grab your things, I got to talk to your mom, okay?”“Sure!” She hugged her mother goodbye, grabbed her overnight, and ran inside.She had a nice room just down the hall from aunt Ricky’s. She packed out her things. Outside she heard her mom start up and drive off. Aunt Ricky came inside.“How have you been?” She smiled at Jessica, helped her with the rest of her things. She told her aunt all about the fights and the nasty atmosphere at home. Aunt Ricky listened intently, asking a question now and then.When she was finished her aunt have her arm a squeeze. “That’s very sad, Jess. Are you okay?”“I think so… they don’t scream at each other at least. But still, it’s not much fun.”“Want to go shopping?” her aunt smiled at her.“Yes!”The rest of the day was a whirlwind, dashing around the mall from shop to shop. Aunt Ricky bought herself some new high-heels, and she got Jess a nice pendant with a little dolphin at the end that was too adorable. Aunt Ricky also stopped to buy some new swimwear, she said she needed a new bikini. She invited Jessica with her into the booth, having made a selection of some pretty skimpy stuff a sales assistant had gotten her.Without any ado, and still chatting with her, her aunt unbuttoned her pants and drew them down, then slipped her shirt over her head. She was wearing panties of course, but the material was so sheer Jessica glimpsed her dark pubic curls, flattened under the gusset of her panties. Her aunt didn’t seem the least self-concious. Jessica was a woman, having had her period since she was f******n, and knew the ins-and-outs, but her mother was much more conservative than Aunt Ricky and never let her see her. Aunt Ricky had a good body, tall, well-toned and with a moment of envy Jessica realized she had gorgeous breasts as well – full and heavy and with pointed dark nipples that were visible through the equally sheer material of her bra, pushing the material out into little tents.She glanced shyly, but then turned her back as her aunt popped the bra and dropped the panties too. She had no shame about it, and kept chatting all the time as if it was the most natural thing in the world.After some more rustling behind her, Aunt Ricky asked her to turn around. She’d slipped on a little blue number, so tiny it left very little to the imagination. Jessica felt mildly uncomfortable, the blue lycra clinging to her aunt’s body, the entire square yardage of material probably as much as the palms of her two hands, and it all had to cover her aunt’s private areas. For some reason her mouth was dry and she felt her hands shaking slightly.“What do you think?” Her aunt’s voice was conversational, and she posed playfully, extending a long, perfect leg, placing her hands on her hips.Jessica had to turn and look. The older woman had a -nice- body she had to admit, the tiny bikini struggling to contain a pair of -very- nice, very large breasts, the bikini bottom a whispy, stringy little afterthought that didn’t even cover her fat mound wholly, leaving two finger width wedges of naked skin to the sides, only the middle part having any purpose where it did just managed to cover the wedge of her woman-cleft but so tightly that she could just as well have not worn it. She had to swallow to find her voice, a strange trembling going through her at the sight of her aunt’s beautiful, almost naked body. She clearly shaved, and had somehow managed to arrange the stripe of material to cover all the hair and the thing under and between the hair… She knew what was there, heck she had one herself, and even some hair too, she was a woman as well, but still… her aunt was -different-, enticing somehow, large and opulent where she was small and petite, hairy where she was almost smooth.“It’s very n-nice… A little small?” her voice sounded strange, almost squeaky to herself. Was this real?! She wanted to stare, yet she did no want to stare.Ricky looked down at herself. “Hmm. Yes, a bit small maybe. Let me try this one…” Humming to herself, while Jessica was still looking, she popped the bikini top, completely unselfconscious, letting her voluminous breasts spill free. Jessica whipped around, the image blazed into her mind.After some more rustling and fussing, another, a little but more conservative, black, still not leaving much to the imagination. Jessica was feeling more uncomfortable, but it was a kind of nice discomfort, her chest and belly felt tight somehow, trembly, a hollow, tense feeling in her legs that was unfamiliar yet not entirely unpleasant.Her aunt fitted about five or six, then eventually selected a striped black and red one that accentuated the perfect, wide-flowing curves of her hips. When inspecting that one Jessica was somehow disappointed (when she realized she should be relieved) that it was much more conservative and not so blatantly exposing Ricky’s large breasts and plump, shaven womanhood.“Do you want one too?” she asked when she was done and had dressed again.The strange tension Jessica was feeling surged. “Uh… not at the moment…?” The thought of standing like that in front of her aunt Ricky…“C’mon… are you shy? You’ve got no reason to be. You’ve got a beautiful body.”It was the first time somebody had said something like that to her. She went through the motions, and her aunt at least turned her back each time, and she made sure she started more conservatively (by miles) than her aunt did. Aunt Ricky applauded each choice and effusively complimented her on each one she tried on. Eventually Ricky bought her a nice two piece with some reinforced cups and gusset so at least she didn’t ruck so badly has aunt Ricky had. Her aunt clearly had some different ideas about modesty than her mother.They had a nice supper in a coffee shop, then did some more shopping, only dodging back to Aunt Ricky’s place around five.Later that evening the doorbell rang and Jessica heard someone at the door. “Aunt Ricky!” she called, walking over to it. “Coming honey… let her in in the meantime. It’s my friend, Debra.”Jessica opened the door. The woman standing there was a bit younger than Aunt Ricky, probably in her late twenties while Aunt Ricky was just shy of forty. She was about Jessica’s build, with long blond hair and strange, grey-blue eyes that Jessica immediately thought was very beautiful. She had a square mouth, broad, a strong chin and nice white teeth and smiled warmly. “Hi there. You must be Jessica? Ricky’s told me about you. I’m Debra.” The woman held out her hand and Jessica quickly shook it.“Please to meet you! Aunt Ricky’s on her way.”“Thank you Jessica. So you’re visiting?”They chatted a little until Aunt Ricky arrived, sweeping in from the kitchen. She had changed, and Jessica was a little startled to see that she’d put on some makeup and was nicely dressed in a formal looking evening gown, with shoes to match. Debra, in contrast, was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She was clearly a woman, yet Jessica realized she was dressed almost like a man.The two hugged quickly and there was a quick kiss. It didn’t linger, but Jessica wasn’t completely innocent (at least she liked to think she wasn’t) and it lasted just a second too long. She didn’t stare, but she did notice how Debra’s arms went round aunt Ricky and the way she closed her eyes when their lips touched.Something was going on here, but exactly what it was, she did not know. She still felt strange, uncomfortable, somehow, and found that she wanted to stare at the two women together. Fortunately they disengaged and went through to the kitchen. She trooped back to her room and the romance novel she was reading.Not much later aunt Ricky called her for dinner. As they ate Jessica sat looking at them. They sat opposite each other, but between bites Ricky would touch Debra’s hand, or Debra would reach for Ricky’s. She made as if she didn’t notice, but a while into the dinner she realized Debra’s feet were playing with Ricky’s beneath the table. The tense excitement that had been bothering her since the bikini shop flared again.After dinner Debra and Ricky sat down on the couch and Jessica volunteered to do the dishes. When she was done she walked by and Debra and Ricky were still talking. Debra smiled at her and she bade them good night, then took a quick shower and got into bed.Much later she started awake. At first she was unsure as to what had awoken her. She lay quiet, listening. There it was again. A moan. It sounded like Aunt Ricky’s voice. What was going on?She slipped her legs out of bed, the night air cool on her skin. She d****d her gown about her, then stalked to her door, listening. She heard the moan again, then someone talking, then another moan.Carefully, she cracked open her door, listened. The sounds were coming from Ricky’s room. Jessica was curious – this had to do with Debra. Glancing out the window, she saw the other woman’s red compact was still parked outside in the moonlight.Later she realized she should have probably gone back to her room, pulled the covers over her head and just ignored everything. But at that moment, curiosity, mingled with that tense excitement again, drove her forward. She tiptoed to Aunt Ricky’s door. The sounds inside continued, soft, rhymic moans.What was going on in there?Very, very carefully, she pushed down on the latch, knowing she probably should NOT be doing it, but unable to stop, immensely curious. She carefully opened the door, peered inside.The room was dark, and the sounds were louder now. It was her Aunt Ricky, moaning steadily, whispering something. Jessica couldn’t see clearly, some moonlight made the room half-dark, but still too dark to really discern any shapes clearly. Bars of moonlight dappled the bed. She had realized by now what she was hearing, yet a perverse kind of undeniable curiosity drew her forward. The tense, pleasant tightness in her legs and belly was back.They were in bed. Together. Debra and Aunt Ricky. Aunt Ricky became quiet, then suddenly again a low, shuddering gasp. She was saying the same thing over and over.“Oh Deb… Oh Deb… Oh Debbie… Oh Deb…” Her voice was strange, wracked with something that sounded like pain. Only it very much wasn’t.Jessica’s eyes had adjusted a little by now. Two naked bodies writhed on the bed, one moving rhythmically, the other laying still below, receiving. Both were stark naked, pale skin visible. Both were undeniably women.Oh my god…Debra was… thrusting? Into Ricky? How? She had no…Jessica was torn. Everything screamed to turn away, not to look, to close the door and go back to her room and forget she ever saw… this.She was seeing better now. Aunt Ricky was below, legs wrapped around Debra who was on top. They were kissing. Somehow Debra was penetrating aunt Ricky, and as she drew back for a longer thrust Jessica saw she was wearing some kind of girdle over her slim hips, mounting a kind of thing on the front over her mound which was shaped like… oh my. Moments later she thrust her hips down hard and Aunt Ricky sighed and moaned again as the fake penis sank into her. Debra steadied into a rocking motion, round buttocks heaving up and down, breathing quickly, then biting one of Aunt Ricky’s breasts.Jessica was desperately afraid they’d see her, or realize she was in the room with them.She needn’t have worried.“Do you like it Ribecca? Do you like it when I fuck you?” It was Debra, her voice hoarse, low, mannish, whispering.“Yes, oh yes… yes yes yes! Oh Deb… yes Deb… Debbie… Fuck me.. FUCK my pussy… -Fuck- it…”At last her sense of self preservation and self-disgust at intruding on something this private overcame her curiosity. She tried to back out of the room… and tripped. Her ankle hooked on the low hem of her nightgown, tripped walking backwards, and went tumbling into the hall, landing with a crash. Someone screamed, a shout of surprise and she instantly knew she had been discovered. She scrambled up, ran to the door of her room, slipped inside.Oh. My. God.She hardly slept that night. She dreaded the morning, and having to face Aunt Ricky.Somehow she nodded off, and later, half asleep, she heard Debra’s car start up and leave.Eventually, with it already well morning, Aunt Ricky knocked at the door.“Jess? Can I come in? We have to talk.”“I guess.”Aunt Ricky opened the door. She was clearly uncomfortable. So was Jessica.“Honey I – we…” she stuttered into silence.“It’s okay Aunt Ricky… Really. It was my fault.”“No it wasn’t we should have locked the door…”“I shouldn’t have come in there.”“W-why did you? Honey I’m not angry.”Jessica found she was blushing, but it was tinged with something – something hot and dangerous that made her heart hammer in her chest.“You… you were… making noise.”“Oh my god…” Now Ribecca was blushing.“Who -is- she? Debra?”“She’s… she’s… someone important. Somebody I like… Honey, I’m not like your mother. I-… honey there’s never been a man. Men. You know what I’m saying?”“I guess…”“Do you… hate me? The fact that I…?”“No! Not at all… I think I understand.”“Do you…?”“Yes. Debra’s gorgeous. You should be very lucky you… have her…”Again, an awkward silence.“Can I – can I ask a question?” Jessica asked.“Anything Jess.”“What were you doing…? I mean I know what you were -doing- I just…” Her heart started hammering again.She realized canlı bahis siteleri this was some kind of breaking point. Either Ribecca would refuse to talk about it, or…“We were making love to each other, Jess. Or rather, Debra was… hasn’t your mom explained -anything-?”“I know about the birds and the bees, and I know mom and dad used to… you know. To get me. But I’ve never really understood… I mean, no offense, but two women? How…? Why?”“Jess honey I – I’ll tell you, but please you must not tell anyone. Its very very private.”“I won’t tell anybody. Promise.”“And hope to die?”“And hope to die.” For some reason, Jessica felt that strange hollow feeling again, low in her belly. Even lower she found she was… hot? Wet? What -was- this?!“I like women, Jess. I guess you can say I’m a lesbian.”Oh my.“Ok.”“Does that shock you?”“No.. I just – I never met…”Aunt Ricky laughed. “You thought such women have to have some kind of sign? Horns? A tail?”Jessica laughed. “Yes! But if you listen to my mom…”Ribecca nodded.“I know honey… she’s set in her ways.”“How did you…?”“I don’t know really. It just kind of happened. When I was in high-school I dated boys, some even tried to get… you know, physical. It just never worked… You know, I just couldn’t get excited. I was with one or two boys and I… well I gave them pleasure, but they simply couldn’t do it for me. They were kind of stupid, clumsy.”“I had a friend – Cathy – and one night we had a sleepover at her house in tenth grade. We watched some scary movies… at one point she kind of grabbed me, and then we kissed – I can’t remember how exactly. It was heaven – she was so different from the boys. Soft. Patient. She…” Ribecca awkwardly cleared her throat. “I shouldn’t be telling you this.”“No! Please. I want to hear. I want to understand.”“Ok… Do you know what an orgasm is, Jess?”“I’ve read about them…?”“Yes, but have you ever had one? Felt what it feels like? The pleasure?”She had an idea of what Aunt Ricky was talking about. She had touched herself a few times, curious, but the things described and gushed about by her friends never happened.“No…?”“It is the greatest feeling in the entire world. It is like turning inside out and catching fire, all over your body, all at the same time. A kind of electric burning sensation… I can’t really describe it. Once you’ve felt it, a real one that is… you want it again, and again and again, over and over. It is the most wonderful sensation your body is capable of. Anyway, Cathy, she… well she put her hand down my briefs and she touched me there… you know, on my vulva. Inside my vulva. You -do- know about that don’t you? What it is?”She did. “Yes.”“Well she kind of rubbed it with her fingers and kissed me hard and in a few minutes I had my first orgasm with her. A girl.”“Oh…”“We began doing it regularly – you know, just kissing and rubbing. I learned how to make her orgasm too, and we did that all through senior year. Her folks moved away after awhile, but I found another… friend and we… After a few months I realized I like women, not men.”“And Debra?”Ribecca smiled.“Debra. She’s kind of special. We… well we met in a group for women like us. Not a matchmaking kind of group, more social. Kind of. She’s a very nice person, kind, honest… I… well we quite like each other and we…” Finally, Aunt Ricky stuttered to a stop.“Will you show me?”Aunt Ricky looked at her strangely.“Show you what honey?”Jessica hesitated only a moment. “How women… I mean, how you…?”Aunt Ricky went pale, stammered.“Honey, no I mean… we – Debra… You’re barely eighteen Jess…”“That’s the thing. I’m eighteen. I can make my own decisions about this. I’ve never had an orgasm Aunt Ricky. I want to feel what it feels like. Like your friend showed you.”“Honey no, I’m an adult… you – you need to discover things for yourself.” With a little kick of excitement in her belly she realized her aunt was trembling.“Please. I won’t tell anyone. Debra needn’t know…”Aunt Ricky shook her head. “Oh she’ll know… she’s too close. She -knows- me, Jess. It will be like r****g a c***d. God Jessica you’re twenty years younger than me…”“I know. I don’t mind. We don’t need to make love. Not like you and Debra. Just… show me how to do it. You asked Debra to… to ‘fuck’ you last night… why can’t you fuck me as well?”Her aunt trembled. “Jess no. Never. We cannot do this. I’m sorry honey…” she was amazed to see tears glisten in her aunt’s eyes. She got up and almost ran from the room.The rest of the day was awkward, her aunt wasn’t angry or anything, but she did behave a bit differently around Jessica. More than once as they ate and Aunt Ricky took her to grab take-out she noticed her aunt studying her, a strange look in her eyes. It made her tingle each time she noticed it.Debra did not visit that night and Jessica had trouble sleeping. More than once she got up and listened at the door, but resisted the urge to slip out to her aunt’s bedroom door… that was just too far.A day or two later Debra showed up again. They again went to Aunt Ricky’s room. Jessica gave them ten minutes then slipped out to the bedroom door. This time it was locked. She listened carefully. No moans or cries of pleasure this time, but she heard voices. She pressed her ear to the keyhole to try and listen.“… heard us. She -heard- us Debra. Now she’s curious. Look we…”She was speaking softly and Jessica struggled to hear. Debra answered something. Then her Aunt Ricky again.“… I -know- she’s eighteen. Look, she’s is beautiful, I agree, but…”Now Debra. “She’s not just beautiful Ri. She’s -gorgeous-. There won’t be any harm in it. She -asked- didn’t she? She’s eighteen… she’s young but she’s legal age. Come on Ri, you can’t tell me you haven’t look at her and wondered…?”Debra thought she was -gorgeous-?!She heard her aunt chuckle. “Have -you-?”“Well, yes, certainly. She’s… I don’t know. Maybe because she’s innocent?”There was a silence, then a soft sigh, a moan. Then Debra’s voice again, low, purring. With another little kick of excitement Jessica realized they were kissing. Or something.“Come on Ri. You know you want to. I’m okay with it.”“Kiss me,” she heard her aunt say, then some long silence, then a throaty “Oh god…” from her aunt. “Why can’t I ever say no to you?”“For the same reason I cannot say no to you.”“But.. what if she freaks? Tells her mother? Goes to the police?”“Those things can happen, but won’t. Think about it Ri… remember the first time we…?”Another spell of silence, a sigh, rustling of clothes.“Oh…” again Ribecca.“See? Want to feel it a million more times intense than that? Go get her. Imagine the three of us, Ri. Just imagine it.”“Deb, I…”“Go GET her…”The bed creaked slightly. Jessica’s heart jumped into her mouth. Aunt Ricky was coming to the door.She backed away quickly, skipped across the hall, quickly and quietly closed her door, then dived into bed, her heart pounding. Oh yes!Moments later her door opened. She feigned sleep. Aunt Ribecca stood at the door for a long time. Then she slowly came closer.“Jess.”She feigned sleep. “Hmm…? What…?”Her aunt touched her on the lips. “Shh… Are you awake, honey?”“I’m now. What’s wrong?”“Nothing Jessica… nothing. Look, I… we… honey, did you mean what you said? About wanting to see?”She rose up from the covers. Her pussy pounded and swelled with blood. Time to commit.“Yes.”“O-ok… Honey you have to promise me, -promise- me Jess you won’t tell -anybody- about what happens here tonight.”“I promise.” Her heart was hammering in her chest. Ribecca nodded, rose.“Come with me…” and with that her Aunt turned around and left the room. Trembling, she pulled herself out from under the covers. She was in her nightie, no bra, but was wearing panties. She hesitated a moment, then followed. Debra was still here…? She imagined something between her and Ribecca, did not think Debra would be part of it. Her breath caught at the exciting prospects Debra’s presence implied…The bedside light was on in her room, casting a soft yellow light over the entire area. Aunt Ribecca was wearing her nightgown. Debra sat on the large double bed, her short blond hair like gold in the soft light. She tossed her head sexily and then smiled widely at Jessica. “Hi Jessica.”“Uh… hi.”Debra got up, she was wearing a white shift that was almost transparent, her small, pointed breasts’ dark nipples making two tiny tents in the material, the ghostly hint of her pubic hair just visible in the soft light, through the sheer material.Without hesitating a moment more, she lifted the hem of the shift and pulled it over her head. She was stark naked underneath.Jessica stared at her. She was fine boned, quite petite, her breasts small and firm looking, hardly larger than apples, her nipples small and pointed, her aureolas tiny and barely larger than the nipple. She had a sexy little belly, perfectly formed, flowing into gracefully broad hips and short, nice legs. Her pubic hair was a tightly trimmed stripe at the base of her sexy stomach.“Will you undress too?” she asked, throatily.Jessica’s hands trembled so badly she almost couldn’t lift her night dress. Something was melting inside her now, low down in her belly. Her nipples were pounding, the night air cool against the inflamed flesh as she pulled the dress over her head, the material scr****g the sensitive tips sending sparkles through her body. She realized her cunny was still pulsing slowly, she was getting wet and was swelling up, trapped in her panties. She couldn’t bring herself to pull them down.Help came from an unexpected quarter. She heard a rustling and saw Aunt Ricky open and then drop her nightgown. She was completely, utterly naked underneath as well.Though older than either of them, her body was unbelievably luscious, very curved, opulent, just on the edge of starting to be overweight. Her heavy C-cup-looking teats had large, dark, toffee-colored nipples mounted in even larger aureolas, each as big as Jessica’s palms. Her slightly-bulging belly flowed beautifully into wide-set, perfectly fluted hips, her woman mound fat and pouting down and outward, thickly covered in dense, dark, pubic curls, her long legs graceful and shapely and strong looking.Jessica swallowed. Something contracted inside itself between her legs at the sight.Without saying a word, her aunt reached over and slowly hooked a finger into the waistband of her panties, above Jessica’s smoldering mound, against her belly, setting off further electricity surging through her.“Ok…?”“Yes… oh yes…”She drew them down, the expression on her face unreadable, her hands shaking slightly. Again the cool night air kissed her, this time more intimately.Ribecca kept pulling, dragging the strip of clothing down over her hips and then her thighs until her panties slipped loose over her knees and fell the rest of the way, pooling around Jessica’s ankles. Both the older women’s eyes devoured her, the soft light turning their beauty into something ethereal, unreal, as she stepped out of the discarded piece of cotton.Her aunt’s hands were shaking badly, yet she drew Jessica closer, still staring at her, stroking Jessica’s flanks and hips slowly up and down, looking into her eyes. It felt -very- nice, little sparks of electricity following Ribecca’s fingers over her skin, like sparkles from a party firework.“Are you sure you want this, honey?” There was a dusky, quivery note to her voice that made Jessica’s hair stand on end.“Y-yes…”“If I do -anything- you don’t like, you stop me and tell me, okay?”“Ok…”“We need to do this together… I’ll show you what I like, but then you must show me what you like, ok?”“Ok…” she was so excited she could burst out of her skin.“What is my name…?” her hands moved inward, gently stroked Jessica’s poised belly, then lightly scoring her skin, running her fingernails upward between Jessica’s slowly heaving breasts – she was starting to breathe fast as they were doing. She stared at where her hand was touching Jessica, a hypnotic touch to get gaze. Jessica saw adoration there, arousal, excitement…“Aunt-… Ribecca. Just Ribecca…”“Good…”Debra slowly sat back on the bed, spreading her legs apart. She smiled at Jessica as she tried to look between the blond’s thighs, but the light was too bad and all she could discern was soft hair and thigh and shadow. Debra put her hand down in there, started moving it slowly, very obviously rubbing her own vulva, watching, her other hand going to a pointed little breast, tweaking and rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger. She licked her lips, staring at them.Jessica turned her head. “What-” but Aunt Ricky was right -there- and put a finger on her chin and turned her head toward her and her face came closer and in a shocking flare of physical delight her mouth gently met Jessica’s in a gentle kiss. Electricity flamed over her entire body at the kiss, surging arousal, like flames spreading explosively on a pool of hot gasoline. Her knees trembled and she almost fell over. After a few seconds Ribecca pulled away. Her mouth had tasted nice, fresh – toothpaste and something else she couldn’t put a name to.Her aunt’s voice was husky, dark, shuddery. “You have to keep calling me Ribecca… don’t call me aunt… please. Stop me if I hurt you or do anything you don’t like. You can stop anytime you like… you okay with that?” Her aunt was now stroking her belly again, slowly, back and forth, drawing tongues of fire after each fingertip, goosebumps exploding, only inches above her own little modest bush of honey-colored hair, teasing her, occasionally dipping lower toward the upper boundary of the tense little triangle of soft flesh and silky hair.“Yes…” she whispered. Debra made a sound, something between a sigh and a choked-off groan. Jessica had time to glimpse her slowly stroking hand and note that a few fingers had disappeared into the wedged shadow made by her beautiful thighs before Ribecca’s wet mouth met hers again in a surging waterfall of returned arousal.This time the kiss went on longer. Ribecca’s tongue emerged, gently probed her lips, and she let them open, the older woman’s tongue immediately entering, a low groan bubbling from her mouth into Jessica’s mouth. She was shocked, awed, deliciously, terribly excited, scared, eager and terribly curious all at the same time. She didn’t know what to feel first – she was overwhelmed with sensation, her slowly pulsating and cramping cunny, her aching nipples, the slippery tongue insistently sliding over her own, the soft lips, the wonderful taste, the smell of her aunt, a deep, gusty breath drawn by Debra as she thrust her fingers into herself… Ribecca’s hands slipped down to her hips and then out over her back, gently stroking, then down to lightly brush the top of her hotly tingling buttocks.“Are you sure Jess?” She slipped her hands lower for emphasis, cradled the young girl’s bahis firmaları rounded little buttocks, stroked the cleft between them with her fingertips, massaging the soft globes. She was breathing fast, her face and magnificent chest flushed dark with her own arousal.“Yes. I want… I want…”“This?” her aunt throatily asked, kissing her full on the mouth again. This time her tongue was urgent, ardent, penetrating instantly, hungrily, searching for her tongue. She was ready, met the twining tongue with her own, excitement surging in her again, and this time she produced the low groan. Ribecca’s hands slid lower on her buttocks. Oh god oh god so -this- was sex… oh…!And neither of them had -really- even touched her yet…Ribecca’s hands explored the curves of her bottom, her fingertips clever. Jessica had never, ever associated her anus with anything sexual, but Ribecca’s fingertips slipped into the cleft between her tingling buttocks and she moved her legs apart and bent slightly to give Rebecca access, and she brushed the little tight brown rosette between her butt-cheeks, setting off a mini explosion in that forbidden area between hips, belly and thighs, and she let out an involuntary little grunt at the intensity of it, cramping her anus powerfully inward at the light touch. It was like getting hit with a lightning bolt, right in the ass. One made of a deep vibrating pleasure she had never felt before, that stabbed up her back and exploded in a rush of warmth and arousal low in her belly.Ribecca broke the kiss instantly. “Bad?”“N-no… good. Very very good… don’t stop…” Debra made a little sound, almost like a whimper. She was still watching, the hand between her thighs had sped up, her face was expressionless but her large grey-green eyes missed nothing. Her face looked flushed in the soft light. She licked her lips.“Touch me…” Ribecca whispered. Jessica did, hesitantly stroking her arms. Her skin was warm, soft.“Touch my breasts.” Her voice was -that- voice again, growly, low, sexual. Hair stood up on Jessica’s arms.They were large and heavy, and so close… Jessica gently flicked a dark nipple, then seized the whole teat in her hand. The skin was glowing hot, and yielding. Ribecca groaned quietly.On an impulse, Jessica dipped her head forward, took the point in her mouth. Ribecca jerked and the groan became a quick, soft scream that bubbled from her throat, head tilted back. “Clever girl… clever girl… yessss honey… nibble lightly on it, don’t bite don’t ever bite, nibble it… yes, like that.” She glanced up, her aunt’s eyes were closed, her handsome face a mask of ecstasy. She shivered powerfully.“Yesss… flick the nipple… flick it… suck it… yessss that’s it… yes…”Ribecca moved her hand back up, cupped one of Jessica’s smaller breasts, also squeezing the nipple. Electricity shivered down her back again. It was incredible – long, slow waves of pleasure vibrating through her, seeming to concentrate between her legs, making her cunny pulse and get even wetter. She stroked her aunt’s flank, the skin like warm, soft marble, firm, lovely. She stroked down over a beautiful hip, over the outer thigh, then over the knee, then inward, and up, still being kissed. Ribecca quivered, and for a moment seemed to be ready to allow her to touch… there. She felt heat just above her hand…Then Ribecca drew away, caught the hand by the wrist, not unkindly, moved it down and up, kissing the fingers.“Debra first…” she whispered softly, turning the girl toward the blond woman on the bed, who whimpered at what was coming.Ribecca gently pushed the back of her neck. As if in a dream, she floated forward. Debra opened her mouth, started to breathe through it, hard, quick. She slid down on the bad, drew her hand away from herself – her fingers glistened wetly – then turned so the light could reach her thighs, then threw her legs wide apart and up, holding them just below her knees.Jessica bent forward. The other woman’s vulva was… what? Her own was flat and tight and neat, nothing hung outside, just a tiny, pouty slit. Debra’s shaved mound with its little landing strip of hair was a false flag, lower down on the slopes of her wide-lipped cunt the hair grew wild, densely curled. Later in life Jessica would recognize it as one of those “open” pussies, the outer lips handing out, long, and curled, wetness glistening between the ridges of tender pink flesh cradled by her smooth, slab-like thighs and perfect belly.Ribecca stroked her once more, found her neck, gently pushed her face toward the woman’s wet, swollen, open genitals. She could smell Debra now, the musky, wonderful smell of excited female, unfamiliar yet so familiar. Low, electric pleasure fired through her own body. It was as if hot metal was slowly being poured into the clefted valley of her own little cunt, making it growl and swell and open and glow and drip with heat. It was screaming for attention, she needed it to be touched and stroked or licked or something or she’d go mad.“Do you…?” she managed to blurt out.“Yes…” Debra answered. “Lick me… do you know about clitorises…?”“Yes.”“Gently… I’m very sensitive… just lick the lips first…”Jessica dipped her face toward Debra’s crotch, tentatively extended her tongue, licked softly. It was slippery and sweet and very wet. Debra hissed, a low moan bubbling from her mouth. “Yess…. oh god yesss…!”Jessica felt she was going crazy. She could not imagine doing something more exciting and enjoyable than this. Debra’s hot, musky cunt smell filled her nostrils and enveloped her face, the soft pink flesh of her labia slid back and forth against her tongue and lips, her racing breathing loud in the quiet room. Her smokey-soft pubic hair tickled Jessica’s nose as she licked and nibbled on the slippery silky folds.She glanced to her side. Ribecca crouched there, watching, and now her own hand was between her beautiful thighs, rubbing there, stroking, her face flushed.Jessica pulled away for a moment from the pink, flushed wonder she was working on with her mouth.“Help me…” she wriggled her bottom at Ribecca. Something was melting and burning between her own legs. She couldn’t stand it much longer.The older woman’s eyes went wide and she let out a little involuntary squeak of excitement. She almost fell of the bed in her haste to get at Jessica’s behind. Seconds later she felt her aunt kiss her buttocks, start licking the cleft with hot little licks, her hands stroking up and down Jessica’s thighs, laving trails of fire on the hot skin. Jessica’s cunt cramped inward on itself, so powerfully she gasped with it.Jessica reached up, pulled Debra open, thrust her tongue deep into the pink, furry gash. A quick, choked-off scream told her it was the right thing to do. The woman was dripping wet, her arousal flowing over Jessica’s face, she was buried in the sheer a****l smell of Debra’s excited cunt.Ribecca nibbled and licked and kissed her buttocks, her upper thighs, her legs. Trying to intimate her need, she spread her thighs, her tongue still working Debra’s sensitive flesh.Ribecca nibbled her buttocks, licked them, traced a finger over her puckered anus.“Tell me what you need…” she whispered, hugging Jessica’s legs, breasts and nipples pressing into her thighs, kissing her buttocks, and for one heart-stopping instant slowly licking, just once, over Jessica’s swirling anus. She gasped and cramped it in, exactly like holding onto feces when she had to urgently get to a toilet, momentarily forgetting the gorgeous cunt against her face, fire and flame pouring down into her crouching legs and up into belly and smoldering cunny.“My…” she swallowed spasmodically. “Lick… my…”Ribecca gave her one rub with the flat of her hand, over the slowly burning lips of her sex, firmly. She couldn’t stiffle a moan against the broad pink lips in front of her. Debra shivered.“Lick your… what…? Tell me. Say it.”Jessica swallowed again. She was being driven mad.Ribecca, clever, experienced, drew a fingertip slowly down the silken, melting edge of her left major labium, just outside her pussy-cleft. Jessica almost screamed.“Lick -what-…?” Again that growly, throaty voice.Later Jessica would realize that her entire surrender was in that moment.“Lick… my… ass… my… my… anus…” There, she said it.A finger lightly brushed it and she cramped her buttocks at the sensation. “And…?”“Lick my… my… vulva.”“Vulva? What’s that?” Ribecca teased, again slowly drawing her palm over the object of desire. Jessica shivered again.“I don’t know what that is Jess… I only know about PUSSY and CUNT… you’re a girl, you have a pussy… Debra is a woman and has a -cunt- – I’m a woman too and I have a.. a -cunt- as well… so… what do you want licked…?”“My pussy… lick my pussy oh god I can’t -stand- it…!”Ribecca dropped back, started kissing again. Debra reached down, holding her head, moved her hips, urged her own wet sex against Jessica’s face. She started licking the lips again, eliciting another ecstatic groan from the older woman. Ribecca seemed more verbal, but Debra vocalised too – soft groans and moans bubbling from her mouth.Jessica felt Ribecca’s mouth on her buttocks, the older woman moving inward, and down. She felt hot breath on her most secret place, and then at last Ribecca’s tongue, just the tip, ran slowly down the deep cleft of her pussy, starting just below her still puckered anus, sliding down the cleft to the bottom where her pubic hair started, the sensations of pleasure flaring hotly, like a hot knife impaling her. She groaned into Debra’s dripping folds, the woman in turn matching her sound. Ribecca licked her again, and again, slowly, enticingly, hot delight washing powerfully outward over Jessica’s tensed body. The slow, steady, pounding heat inside her pussy-cleft grew with each lascivious dragging lick Ribecca executed on her vulva. She wriggled her buttocks against the older woman’s face with the sheer enjoyment of it. She was getting tensed up, the excitement and heat starting to somehow spill over, flowing out of her poised, licked pussy to wash its electric heat all over her belly and thighs and chest and breasts and legs and face and arms and fingers.Debra reached down, pushed her face slightly away and placed two fingers on herself and pushed her fat, pouting cunt lips apart, pulling backward and up simultaneously, releasing her stubby little clitoris with a loud gasp from under its pointed little pink hood. Jessica just stared – it was incredibly beautiful and exciting to watch, a little blood-red rod with a sharply nibbed tip peeking out from under the cute little hood at the top of Debra’s swollen inner labia.“Lick it… softly… very softly… just the tip… yes…. yessss… lick it lick it LICK IT…” It was surprisingly hard under her tongue, the rest of Debra was soft and yielding and slippery but this was firm and yet tender, and clearly causing incredible delight as she repeatedly licked the sharp little tip. Debra was steadily breathing faster and faster, and she sped up her licks to try and keep pace. Ribecca had stretched her open too by now, was rubbing inside her own splayed lips and licking her smoothly and in a steady rhythm, increasing her own building pleasure so quickly her head spun. It was hard to concentrate and keep properly licking Debra’s erect clitoris and handle her own mounting delight from Ribecca’s experienced tongue. Her entire body was a slow, ever growing fire, smoldering, dangerous, driven by Ribecca’s tongue on and inside her most intimate place.“Feel nice, Jess? You okay?” Ribecca asked after awhile.“Yes! Oh god yes yes yes…!”Ribecca softly slapped her buttock. “You’re beautiful… you know that, don’t you?” She didn’t expect an answer, dipped her face back in, licked. Jessica felt as if she would jump out of her skin. Four slow licks down her pussy-cleft, five. A soaring, growing tension was in her body, a scary tightness in her belly, her vulva felt… full somehow, pouring heat all over her, the slit tingling and sparking with pleasure and excitement, driven by Ribecca’s soft tongue all over it, inside it. Debra shivered, Jessica had gathered her clit and the surrounding flesh into her mouth and was sucking and tonguing it.Debra started mewling, tossing her head from side to side, entire body quivering. Ribecca heard, knew what it meant. The pace and intensity of her licking on Jessica’s pussy intensified – she had been still licking the whole surface of it, avoiding Jessica’s erect clitoris, tugging and worrying the lips, stimulating her. The tension was terrible, yet she was afire, driven wild by Ribecca’s tongue… Jessica groaned against Debra’s clit. Her cunt was streaming, Jessica’s jaw and mouth slick with her arousal“Ohhhh god… ohhh -god- you’re going to make me -come-… don’t stop… don’t stop even if I scream don’t stop dont’stopdont’stopdon’tstop….! I’m going to orgasm…!” Debra panted, face screwed up, gorgeous body starting to tense.Ribecca pulled on her, opened her folds, and sucked her into her mouth.Debra’s grabbed her head, fingers digging into her hair, starting to pant, pushing her head hard forward into the softness of her sex. Her thighs closed around Jessica’s head like a vice, the powerful muscles jumping and thrumming around her temples, the musk enveloping her.She started juddering her thighs, grinding her cunt into Jessica’s face.Then Debra froze. She breathed in, gasped in, breathed in again.“I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. I’m going to -cum-. I’m going to CUM…” she murmured it over and over, louder and louder, shaking her blond head from side to side as if in disbelief, face screwed up into a rictus of ultimate ecstasy, starting to move again, spasmodically jerking her inflamed sex up and down over Jessica’s forehead and nose.Jessica was aflame, Ribecca had found her nubbed, erect clitoris and was running her tongue expertly over its top and sides, surging electric pleasure as she had never experienced was filling her up, making her feel full and hot and the tension just built and built on itself, her pussy getting hotter and hotter and swelling harder and harder and seeming to gushingly fill with a hot, uncontrollably ecstatic, soaring and burning delight as she had never thought possible, the tension in her belly just building and building and building, making her want to writhe and scream.Ribecca’s mouth left her genitals for a brief moment. “Tell me when you are going to cum, Jess… Tell me..” then her mouth was back, licking, sucking, knowing.Debra was still mewling about cumming, then she suddenly stuttered to a stop, gasping like a sprinter. Her back arched, butting her wet sex even more firmly against Jessica’s wet face. The perfect thighs clamped around her head tensed, then the muscles became hard as stone as the older woman blubbered incoherently, and then started shrieking, slapping her streaming, burning-wet cunt bahis firmaları madly with passion against Jessica’s face, her hands in turn crushing Jessica’s head forward against the crimson folds and lips within lips.“Ohhhh… ohhhhhHHAAAH I’M GOING TO CUMI’M…OHGODI’MCUMMING!I’MCUMMING!I’MCUMMMMMIIINNNGGGG!!!” and the rest was just an incoherent screaming shriek of unbearable pleasure.Something squirted hotly and repeatedly out of her onto Jessica’s face amid the shrieks of pleasure, she thought it was a little yucky but then disgust, thought, even her awareness of reality seemed to explode into shards and the terrible, rending catastrophe of her own climactic orgasm began instantly as Ribecca rammed her pussy-lips roughly apart, dipped between them and bit her right at the root of her thrumming, iron-hard clitoris.There was a moment of suspension, like the silence before a storm, and she had one second to gasp loudly that she was cumming, and then the terrible tention in her belly seemed to slide downward somehow, growing as it went, mushrooming outward like a nuclear explosion, unstoppable, turning into burning, rolling waves of delectably electric ecstasy. She thought that this must be it, the climax, the orgasm, the ending, but then the wavefront of the tension-pleasure hit the fat wedge of her sex it was like a lens, focusing it, enhancing it, and then being exploded by it, driven by her clitoris in Ribecca’s mouth, and only then did the enveloping sexual pleasure turn to ecstasy, and she felt each hair on her mound and cunt, each one screaming, and the ecstasy to delight, and the delight to flames, the sexual flames to a full-blown, roaring orgasm, the orgasm doubling and redoubling on itself, an orgasm having an orgasm, the ecstatic pleasure building and building and building, and still her pussy held it together, getting hotter and more full of pleasure-lava, and far-off she heard herself scream and scream again into Debra’s still-orgasming cunt, completely out of control, and the terrible pressure built and built in her ballooning pussy and she went deaf with it and screamed repeatedly into Debra’s sex, again, then again, and again, and again, and at last she crashed over a precipice, her vulva feeling as if it was going to tear itself open, and then, only then the -real- pleasure of her climax hit her, a million, a hundred million, a billion times as intense as anything that went before, a roaring, tearing tsunami of such ecstatic shrieking-burning delights as she had never imagined could exist, or be experienced, focused and contained in her vulva and clitoris, ripping her pussy open down the middle, rending it apart, down the inside of the cotton-soft cleft, the unbearable, agonizing pleasure tearing her cunt apart, and then she did start screaming but her cunt was still exploding and the fat, silken lips ripped to shreds, and then to her horror the pleasure doubled and redoubled and tripled again, and then again, and she realized she -was- coming all over Ribecca’s face and then she was dying, screaming, howling, but Ribecca did something down there and then the pleasure-lava erupted, scalding her, immolating her body, bursting out of her spasming slit in an infernal, horrible explosion of insane ecstasy to wash like a fire-hose of pleasure all over her body, pleasure beyond pleasure, ecstasy beyond ecstasy, a driving stabbing horror of burning delight that erased all thought and she was again an a****l, orgasming over and over, shrieking and twisting in the sex-flames, burning, burning, everything afire, hands feet, anus, lips, nose ears, legs, buttocks, the orgasm like a living thing ripping her apart, and still the pleasure built and built on itself, higher and hotter and hotter her cunny a living, screaming thing between her legs, the tension exploding over her, over and over and higher and higher and further and further and then the ecstasy redoubling, doubling and doubling again, over and over and OVER until something in her body finally gave out under the pleasure of her climax and she went momentarily blind and it all went black.She must have been gone for just a few moments, she came to with her face wet and still full of Debra’s fragrant cunt lips, the other woman panting as she slowly came down from her own orgasm, the slab-like smoothness of her thighs slowly relaxing in little quivers and spasms. The pleasure was still there, slowly fading, fading, until at last she crashed back into her own body, her melting vulva guttering out at long last, sending shuddering waves through her one last time, Ribecca nibbling her buttocks and thighs, one finger idly and gently tapping and rubbing her anus. Tap tap. Rub. Tap tap. She shivered.“You okay?” Ribecca’s voice was thick and growly with her own arousal, still unsatisfied.“Oh god… oh my god… oh my -god-…” was all Jess could get out, head still spinning from her orgasm and climax. Debra’s rod-like clit was still exposed in front of her, she blew softly on it and Debra giggled. Her face stank of cunt and sex and fresh female arousal, the most wonderful smell she had ever smelled. Debra’s fluids, or whatever had squirted so powerfully out of the older woman’s vulva when she reached her peak. Strangely, it didn’t bother her at all – it was unbearably sexy instead.“Yes… you are wondeful… Will you help me…?” Ribecca asked softly, throatily. Jessica realized she was highly, extremely aroused.“God yes! Please…”Debra closed her legs and moved to the side. Ribecca lay down next to her, opening her legs.Jessica moved in.She was certainly… different. Older, and she had a thick, prominent clitoral hood that stood proud of her mound’s apex, the stubby cap flowed down into two broad, sculptured labias that pouted wetly outside her furry outer folds, edged pink ridges that were broad and perfectly symmetrical. She smelled of musk and female arousal, but subtly different from Debra. She was glistening wet, her slit weeping, so excited she was.Jessica moved closer. Debra turned on her side, popped Ribecca’s left breast into her mouth, starting nibbling on it. Her aunt gasped, breathed deeply.“Do I just… lick? What do you want…?” she whispered, staring at Ribecca’s gorgeously pouting sex. Incredibly, she was getting aroused again at the sight and smell. This was her -aunt- – her aunt’s cunt, her aunt’s clitty, lips, pussy… Anus? She tried to look for it but it was lost in the lower fold of her behind.“Put your fingers inside me… in my.. vagina… in my cunt… please… I’m so close already…”Later she’d learn the differences between Debra and Ribecca. Debra loved licking and rubbing, but could take-or-leave penetration. Ribecca was crazy for it and had her most pleasure and climaxes from play that involved it – either a few fingers, a dildo or the penis-shaped strap on Debra liked to wear and then fuck her with. Debra could also come just from thrusting inside Ribecca with the strap-on, without even touching herself, driven on by the noises and sight of Ribecca’s pleasure, and, Jessica later suspected, the male agressiveness of penetrating, even if you didn’t have your own penis to do it with.Her hand shaking again, she reached out, stroked the silken fat lips of Ribecca’s sex. She hissed sharply, then started breathing deeply. Jessica pushed a finger into the cleft, exploring it, finding wetness and glowing soft heat. She felt Ribecca’s pee-hole, then ran her finger down, pushing in all the time. Suddenly it found depth, wet and inviting and slippery and her finger sank into her aunt’s vagina, in between the flared crimson lips, eliciting another groaning gasp and then it suddenly powerfully gripped her finger.Ribecca hissed again, face blood-red, feverishly kissing Debra’s head, Debra still grazing on her left breast, biting down on her nipple. Another groaning gasp, this time longer, louder.“Another… please… please…”Jessica decided to be playful.“Another what…?”“Another finger…”“Where?”“In my pussy… oh please…”Jessica jammed another finger in hard, dipped forward and licked Ribecca’s clitoral hood, firmly up the one side, then up the other. She hissed, started to pant. Her vagina cramped powerfully around Jessica’s stabbed-in fingers.“Ahhh… I’m going to cum darling… I’m going to cum darling… yes… yessssss… lick it… -lick- it…!”Jessica carefully nipped her hood with her teeth, drawing it back, and back, until her clitoris released. It was tender and pink, blunt-headed where Debra’s tip was a tiny little pyramid, much larger than Debra’s and Jessica dipped her head forward again and licked it firmly over the tip of its head with the flat of her tongue. Once. Twice. Three times.“I’m going to cum darling… I’m going to CUM darlingOHGODGODOHGODAAAARGHOOOOI’MCOMINGGGGG!!! Ahhh! Ahhh! AhhhhHHHH!!! AhhhHHHHH! AhhhhhHHHH! UNGHAAAHHHH! UngAHHH! Ahhhhahaaaa!!!”Ribecca cannoned into orgasm, jerking back and arching on the bed, screaming with pleasure, snatching her already-cumming cunt off Jessica’s face. Her vagina cramped hard, then again, and then again, and then started… trembling? It gripped and released, gripped and released Jessica’s fingers in a stead rhythm, accompanied by bubbling shrieks and ecstatic screams of “AhhhHHH!” from her aunt, timed with each powerful contraction around her impaled fingers. She tried to follow her gyrating hips, tried to fasten her mouth to the older woman’s huge clit again, but Ribecca was juddering around so much she just managed to bump her chin and cheeks against her labia and her fat furry wedge a few times. Debra was biting her left breast, so hard it was leaving marks, her other hand slapping and pinching Ribecca’s off-side teat, ridiculously hard. Ribecca shrieked and screamed and writhed, the most beautiful sounds Jessica had ever heard anyone make, until at last after one more strained shriek of orgasm, the tension exploded out of her shuddering body, fluid burst out of her spasming pussy to spurt over Jessica’s face, and she collapsed back on the bed, still mewling with pleasure, gasping as if she’d run a marathon.Debra released her breast from her mouth with a loud pop, red marks where she had bit the nipple and the soft white skin around Ribecca’s dark aureola, moved up and started kissing her on the mouth, licking her chin and nose and cheekbones, her other hand slipping down between Ribecca’s legs to hold her nestled, just-climaxed cunt.Jessica dried her face a bit in the luxuriant dark triangle of her aunt’s pubic hair, then slipped up on Ribecca’s other side. The room stank of woman (and, she would later learn, lesbian) – passion sweat, cunt-oils and fluids, excited pussy-musk… She didn’t know Ribecca liked it that rough, the breast on her side was clearly bruised around the tip from Debra’s pinches. On an impulse Jessica licked the dark nipple, and was rewarded with a gasped “hmm…” and an arm put around her.For many minutes they lay like that, Debra and Ribecca idly kissing, Ribecca still gasping a bit, Jessica watching, feeling a bit excluded, occasionally dipping her head down to nibble on Ribecca’s nipple, stroking the older woman’s flank and outer hip with her left hand.She realised that the sounds she’d heard a few nights ago was just these – Ribecca in the throes of sexual climax.“Wow…” was all Ribecca could manage a few minutes later.She kissed Jessica on the forehead. “Did you… like it?”She shifted up and kissed her Aunt full on the mouth.“It was… oh my god Ribecca! Oh my -god-… I never knew…”Debra smiled over at her. “Thanks…” Jessica realised she was referring to the magnificent pussy-licking she had given her. “How did you know to do -that-?”“I don’t know… I just tried what I thought I’d like.”“Clever girl…”Ribecca mover her hand down and grabbed lightly at Jessica’s almost hairless mound, pulled on the soft flesh, patted it. Pleasure, but real and low and insidious, instantly rippled up her back again and deep down into her vagina and cunny and legs. “Sexy little minx… you know how long I wanted that?”“You wanted… me? Like this?” Jessica was amazed.Ribecca moved her other hand, almost roughly grabbed Debra’s furry crotch and shook it from side to side. “Deb convinced me.” They smiled and kissed.“I want some too…!” Jessica asked plaintively. Debra pulled away from Ribecca, grabbed her face and roughly pulled her head closer they kissed. She tasted different, and her tongue was hard and instant against Jessica’s own, after a few moments Debra groaned and pushed her away. “You little sexpot…”“Since when did you want me… like this?”“Jess… since you were sixteen, girl.”“Really?”“Really.”“Wow… I never knew…”“You weren’t supposed to, honey. You were u******e.”“But… why?”Ribecca looked over at Debra. She smiled.“Your mom… well…” Jessica didn’t get it. “My mom?”“Honey, you don’t know your mom.”“I don’t understand.”“We had some… orgasms together.”Jessica was ridiculously shocked. Her mom was always so negative about… that. Her conservative dress, the speeches she liked to give about dirtiness and sin…“You did?! How?”Both the older women laughed.“I was the older s*s, always in charge. Well, one day your sister rebelled. I can’t even remember what about. We wrestled. She was eighteen, I was nineteen. I’d discovered my… well how to pleasure myself. Anyway, I was stronger and heavier. She was screaming blue murder and trying to get away. So I pulled her pants down and pushed my fingers into her.”Jessica was stunned. “Just like that?”Ribecca nodded.“She instantly quieted down and just looked at me strange. I’d been masturbating since twelve. So I knew that to do. I started rubbing her and she kind of… it felt so -nice- – I got excited too and soon pulled down my pants as well. I kept rubbing and she came quickly and I did too. It was just so much better than a boy.”“So you have…? With men?”“Once or twice… it is very different. Sometimes its nice, but…” she looked at Debra, who kissed her.That was another world Jessica wanted to explore… but what she’d discovered here was so interesting, and felt so good…The next few days all blurred into one.They made love that night again, and sometime during the early morning Debra initiated and ate her pussy out while Ribecca slept. Jessica just couldn’t stay quiet enough, Debra had a knack for knowing just where and how to flick Jessica’s clitty to drive her up the wall of pleasure – so Ribecca awoke and did a 69 with her and she came again.To her horrified delight she discovered that first orgasm had just been the entry level of pleasure she could experience. She came again and again, the ecstasies the older women could engender in her just getting more and more intense until she couldn’t feel anymore, just feel and gasp and -scream-, blinded with orgasmic pleasure that felt exactly like she was burning to death.She learned an incredible amount about pleasure and pleasuring, subtle differences between her two partners – her aunt who liked a bit of biting and pinching, but was bored to death of penetrating either of them, Debra who adored tender touches and kisses but was also immensely turned on by penetrating with her girdle.But that was another story altogether…

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