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Laura’s eyelids were growing heavy as she drove down the long, abandoned highway. She shifted in the seat of her dark green Jeep and took a long sip of her coffee. She sighed with relief while stretching her petite feet in her high heels, lifting her foot off the accelerator for just a minute as that stretch felt so good on her weary body. She took a look in the rearview mirror; there was not a headlight in sight. She glanced at her face; most of the makeup had worn off during the day but her natural beauty, full lips, deep set hazel eyes and high cheekbones shined through no matter what time of day it was. She had grown to love her face and body even though she was considered gangly and dorky in high school. She cracked the window of her Jeep only to put it right back up. The air felt good but her delicate white silk blouse was no match for the frigid October wind. She thought over the day at work, all of her clients at the firm and the cases she left rather apprehensively for the night. Work was her life, leaving no time for anything but sleeping and eating, including men. She thought about the last date she had, three years ago with a colleague. It was a disaster. The sex was quick and emotional (at least for him); in a word it was horrible. She didn’t want a relationship because she didn’t have the time. She just wanted a good fuck and there was nowhere she could get that without being thought of as a slut. She checked her gauges; she was about 40 miles from home.

She wearily refocused on the road, turning her eyes in attention to something glistening on the highway but by the time it registered it was too late. A loud bang made her lose control of the car. Something blew her tire, effectively ruining her night. She pulled over to the side and examined her car. The front left tire was torn open and four feet away laid a random sharp metal scrap. She returned to the Jeep to fish for her cell phone. The night air suddenly got colder. No phone? She groaned, it must be at the office. What could she do? Home was nearly 40 miles; the nearest gas station was 10 miles back at least. The only thing she could do was walk. She had no coat, no walking shoes and no cell phone. She thought about sleeping in her car for the night and facing the situation in the morning but it was just too cold. She got out of her car and began the long trek to the gas station 10 miles back.

After a mile or so, her feet began to ache in the high heels. She took them off and carried them in her hands while walking barefoot on the cold asphalt. Her body was becoming tense and frozen. The creatures in the woods surrounding both sides of the road began to terrify her. She continued to walk for several miles, her body growing weary with each step. Just when she thought she might turn back and choose the Jeep for the night, she saw faint headlights coming up the road. Her sense of hope quickly turned to distress. Her she was, a 30-year-old single female all alone walking down a deserted road. She had no choice but to flag the car down. The car quickly flew past as she stood on the side jumping, yelling, and flailing her arms about, her breasts bobbing with enthusiasm. A few hundred yards past, the car slowed, reversed and pulled up to her. It was a black Ford Explorer and the driver was a young man, mid-twenties and fatally attractive. He looked like he had a lanky but muscular build, like a professional soccer player. His hair matched the car but was wavy and extended right below his ears. She couldn’t make out his eyes but they were deep-set. He looked Spanish maybe; he had full lips and cracked a huge smile revealing dimples on both sides. Whether it was the cold night or his perfect face she didn’t know but stood there dumb-founded when he asked,

“Do you need help?!” She stared at him, his forearm sticking out of the window, tanned and carved. “Where did you come from?” he asked looking more concerned.

“My- car, um flat tire.” she pointed down the road. He broke a smile again,

“Where are you headed to then?” She snapped out of her delirium for a second to answer,

“The gas station about 6 miles from where you came.” He thought for a second and asked,

“Would you like a ride to the gas station?” Before leaping with joy into his Explorer she held back before answering. For all she knew, this guy could be another Ted Bundy, a psychopath or rapist. Her body tensed again and the cold air whirled around her through her blouse and up her skirt searing the now frozen flesh in-between her little thighs. She couldn’t stand sincan escort bayan freezing any longer. If she had to die, it would be in the warm truck. Wearily nodding to the young man, she began to approach the passenger’s side.

She peeked into the backseat of the truck. There was a black bag and a few crumpled pieces of white clothing. Nothing too suspicious. As she climbed in, she took notice of the young man gazing at her body, her legs and breasts. He turned on the overhead light and she met his dark brown eyes. He held out his hand, “My name is Fabian” She shook it and tried to crack a smile.

“Laura. Um, thank you for picking me up.” She felt his eyes burning a hole into her. The cold flesh between her thighs began to warm and moisten. She felt her lips tingling and her breasts swell. Fabian smiled and sharply turned back to the road, made a k-turn and began to trek back towards the gas station.

“So Laura, what do you do?” She gulped and tried to speak calm and collectively,

“I work at a law firm.”

“So you are a lawyer?”

“Yes. And what do you do?” He looked at her and said,

“I am doing my residency at the hospital right now.” That quickly explained the black medical bag and why he was on the road so late at night. Fabian told her about his job there but she wasn’t really listening because her body was on fire, she may have even been sweating. She never had this reaction before about anyone. She was suddenly aware of the way she must look and quickly tried to smooth out her hair and clothing. “You look gorgeous, don’t worry” Fabian gave a short laugh and she stopped and felt her face flush red. It was too dark for him to notice but Laura wanted him, she wanted Fabian more badly and she wanted him now. She began to think of what to say to let him know she was interested without coming off slutty. It had been so long since she flirted with anyone. Just as she was coming up with a plan, the gas station came into sight. She was half relieved but also disappointed that this was the end of Fabian and Laura.

He pulled up to the pumps and they both peered into the service window. There was no gas attendant. It was closed for the night. Laura glanced at the radio clock, 1:45am. No wonder.

“So what now?” asked Fabian. She could make him out clearly under the fluorescent lights of the gas station. He was even sexier in full light.

“I don’t know. I live about 50 miles from here.” Would he leave her here at this gas station? Or worse yet, drive her back to her car and leave her to freeze?

“I live about 12 miles from here, a little bit past where I picked you up.” She sighed,

“I couldn’t ask you to drive me home, that would be too far and you have already done enough.” He thought for a second and gave an apologetic sort of look.

“Listen, I would gladly take you home but I have to be back at the hospital at 7am.” By the time I drive you home and then back, well you know, it…”

“No, I understand!” Laura tried to say nonchalantly, “Listen, just drive me back to my Jeep and I will sleep in there for the night.” He gave another short laugh,

“No way in hell. Look, would you object coming to my apartment? You can take my bed and I can take the couch.” Laura looked at him and smiled,

“I will take the couch.” Fabian pulled out of the station speeding down the highway. A million thoughts were spinning in her mind. On one hand, she wanted to fuck this guy but on the other, she was a little afraid of him, she didn’t even know him and she was going to sleep in his apartment! After awhile they took an exit passing through the main street of a sleepy little town with minimal lighting and ended up at a mid-priced apartment building. She left the car and waited for Fabian on the driver’s side. He stepped out of the vehicle. Standing up he was tall and exactly the build she guessed when she first met him. She needed to touch him. “Listen Fabian,” she spoke with new confidence. “I want to thank you so much for all of this.” She grabbed his arms and a wave of heat sprang in-between them. He felt so firm and strong. He gave her the priceless smile and said,

“Laura, you are incredibly beautiful. I thought you should know that.” Laura smiled and they walked together near the entrance of the apartment. He fumbled with the keys while Laura pressed her breasts up to his body pretending to shiver a bit. In reality, she was so hot inside and out, she thought she would explode. He opened the door and they entered the apartment. It was fairly normal eryaman escort except trimmed with some décor that appeared to be Spanish or Latin American. She closed the door and turned around. Fabian was staring at her with wide eyes. Aware of this, Laura gracefully kicked off her high heels and asked for the bathroom. Fabian pointed and aware of his eyes still on her, she walked to the bathroom just slightly switching her hips, drawing attention to her cute little ass.

She looked at herself in the mirror, a little horrified. Her hair was tousled and her makeup had entirely vanished Her cheeks and lips were slightly rosy from the October air. She splashed some water on her face trying to get the tiny smudges of dirt off. She smoothed her hair and put it up into a girlish ponytail. Her white blouse was wrinkled and in the light, you can make out where the light pink bra met her cleavage. She unbuttoned the blouse a bit to reveal some of it and swiveled around, making sure her ass and legs were appealing.

She left the bathroom and met Fabian in the little kitchen who was pouring two glasses of red wine. They sipped their glasses never taking their eyes off one another. Not having eaten all day, the wine went straight to her head and she felt flushed. She put the glass down and grabbed Fabian’s belt buckle. He looked at her and touched her chin lovingly. She grabbed his hand and grazed it over her face and neck. He bent down and began softly kissing her tender pink lips while caressing the nape of her neck. She extended her tongue into his mouth, licked his lips and tasted his hot, sweet saliva. She felt her pussy getting slippery wet and her nipples fully erect. Fabian began to take charge of her knowing now that she would do anything to him. He unbuttoned the rest of her blouse gazing into her eyes. He revealed the tight, firm breasts neatly placed in her light pink bra. He unhooked the back, meeting her flushed gaze with anticipation. Her nipples were fully erect, goose bumps trailed around the two sculpted mounds and he met them with his lips, gently and yet firmly sucking at one while grazing the other with his index finger and thumb.

Laura gave a little whimper of pleasure and fell to her knees on the kitchen floor, her back arched and head back. She had never felt this good in her life, never felt this type of searing desire. Fabian turned her around and unzipped the back of her skirt. Her matching g-string was slipped off by Fabian’s long, elegant fingers and he took off his shirt while laying her down so her back was on the tiled, cool kitchen floor. He slowly spread her creamy muscular legs revealing her little treasure in-between. He made his way down to her pussy, caressing her thighs as he went. She had a small trail of hair leading Fabian down to the entrance of the flowery pink folds. A smell of almonds wafted into his nose as he bent down and met his tongue with her clitoris. A shockwave of unexpected pleasure sent her body into a tense posture, her back arched and legs shaking slightly.

Laura thought her body was dying. These experiences felt so good; they were almost painful. With every suck and lick of her glistening wet pussy, Laura nearly begged Fabian to stop. The sensation was overwhelming but her voice and body were trapped and even if she wanted to scream, she simply could not. At last Fabian drew away from her legs and although her body relaxed, her insides were craving the penetration she had lacked for so long. She got up onto her knees and took back the belt buckle that started this ordeal. She undid the buckle and slipped down the pants revealing black boxer shorts with a pattern of little red chilies that was only interrupted by the huge bulge. She quickly slipped down the boxers and stared at the large, fully erect cock. His area was clean-shaven and he was uncircumcised. Her pussy gave a quick contraction and she greedily grabbed his tool shoving it into her mouth like a lollipop. Nearly choking while approaching the base of his cock, she kept stroking it while sucking in and out, grabbing it with her lips and pushing it to the back of her throat and then forcefully pulling it back out, leaving a trail of saliva on the shaft as she backed away. She continued this, sometimes gently giving his balls a stroke or moving her lips and tongue there.

Groaning, he pulled her away and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. He once again revealed her sweet soft pussy but this time, he shoved his cock into her, not gently or slowly as he once had been but pushing into her etimesgut bayan escort hard enough that she gave a sharp cry. Her pussy was so tight from years of abstinence that she recalled her virginity. Fabian’s dick felt like it was splitting her in half and each time he slammed his cock back inside her, a bolt of lightning struck her right between the legs. She often wanted him to stop but the pain was something that felt so good and true she couldn’t force herself to end it. He lifted her back up again and turned her over so her stomach was on the counter with her legs hanging off the edge. He grabbed her legs at his sides and gently pushed his cock back inside her from the back. She began to play with her own clit, rubbing it against the marble countertop.

He pulled her up and carried her with her legs around his waist. He pinned her up against the refrigerator and their lips met again. He was far gentler this time and Laura could feel herself preparing to come. As he pushed his cock further up into her pussy, her whimpering grew louder. She was so wet that the juices were flowing out of her hole and all over his cock, dripping down his balls. Her nipples burned as he nibbled on them and her moaning grew louder. The long forgotten wave of orgasm approached her and Fabian joined her in moaning, as his cock was so swollen and hard that he was going to explode any second. He rubbed against her clit firmly thrusting his cock into her deeper and harder. Laura’s eyes rolled in the back of her head. The wave of pain she was feeling transformed into an electric surge through her whole body and in a wave of ecstasy coupled with the long drawn moan from deep in her chest, she squirted her come all over his huge shaft. Her pussy pulsated and she felt the surge again and again until it slowly grew weaker.

Her body limped a bit but Fabian wasn’t finished. He carried her back to the counter thrusting into her from the back. Knowing that she came so hard, he began to shove his dick into her rapidly and forcefully. Her ass cheeks wriggled and smacked together as he pulled in and out of her. Her vaginal lips were still wet but her pussy was dark pink with soreness. His penis throbbed and swelled as he thought about how pathetic and little she looked on the side of the road and how bad he wanted to fuck her right there in his truck. In a wave of explosion, he erupted inside of her at first and then pulled out, his come spraying all over her flowery folds and onto her tight little asshole that puckered as it glistened with his semen. He held onto his cock still stroking it hard and came onto her back and thighs as well, the juices dripping off of her body in little beads as she panted for air on the countertop. He eased his stroking and Laura turned around towards him smiling. Laura had not felt this good in her whole life.

Still sweating and now sore, she climbed off of the countertop and headed for the bathroom in the nude. She turned on the shower and allowed the hot steam to soak into her aching body. She was so tired now; it must be nearing 3:00am. She got out, found a towel and headed for Fabian’s room. He jumped into the shower after her and she quickly drifted to sleep on the top of his bed, still wrapped in a canary yellow towel. When she woke up the next morning, the sun had fully risen. Still in the towel, she picked up all of her clothing from the kitchen and redressed in the bathroom. Fabian was not home. The clock read 10:00am. The pot of coffee was still on and she found his house phone. Near the phone she noticed a note, “Dear Laura, I had to go to work but I enjoyed our night together. I already phoned a tow service and took your keys so they could bring it to the mechanic, hope you don’t mind. You will find the business card on the fridge, I left some money for a taxi, and the car should be fixed by the time you wake up. Much love, Fabian” Smiling but a little worried, Laura called a taxi, pocketing the business card but leaving the money. She wasn’t taking any money from Fabian, not after what they did last night. She did not want to involve herself with anyone and besides, he was really too young for her. At the mechanic she found her car fixed and ready and began the drive home. As she pulled into her driveway, she realized she did not have Fabian’s phone number nor did she really remember exactly where he lived. She considered going over to the hospital to thank him personally but she felt a knot growing in her stomach. She did not want to face the fact that he might be interested in a relationship but she did not want to be rude either. Once at home, she phoned a florist near his hospital and sent him a bouquet that read, “Dear Fabian, thank you for everything. Sincerely, Laura” hoping it would reach him before he headed home for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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