Roommate in Training Ch. 02

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She was beautiful beyond my wildest dreams, and just sitting in the same room was enough to excite me. Her low cut top allowed a generous view of her full, braless breasts every time she bent over, and I got the impression she was well aware of the display she was providing for me. It took every ounce of strength to keep my eyes above chest level. All through dinner I’d had to hide the bulge in my pants, hoping my desire wasn’t obvious. The prior day’s encounter in the yard seemed like a dream.

I remember finishing my wine and noticing it had a slightly bitter taste to it. Then things got very confused.

“You’ve been a very good boy so far,” she said, “but it’s time for doggy to learn some new tricks.” I didn’t know what she meant by doggy, but whatever she had in mind seemed fine to me.

“Stand up!” I did what I was told without hesitation, and it made her smile. I liked the fact that she approved of me.

“Don’t you know that doggies don’t wear human clothes? Take them all off.” I hardly remember undressing, but it seemed like within seconds I was feeling the cool air on my naked body, my cock stiffly at attention.

“It’s good that you show proper respect,” she said as she studied my engorged member. She shifted her chair back from the table.

“Come here!”

She spread her legs apart as she remained seated, indicating that I should stand between her naked thighs, exposed as they kilis escort were by her short skirt. The girlish scent of her body made me shiver in anticipation.

She took my naked cock in her small, soft hand and began stroking me, gently and slowly sliding her fingers from the ultrasensitive tip to the very base, over and over as she studied my face for my reaction. I was soon gasping for breath, my cock stiffer and harder than I ever remember, yet her hand continued its teasing exploration. One hand continued sliding and squeezing as the other cupped my scrotum, gently fingering my balls. She studied my length, my girth, my rigid hardness and seemed pleased.

“You understand, don’t you little doggy, that this now belongs to me. It’s mine to play with as I please. You must ask permission before you touch it, even to go to the bathroom or wash. And you must never, ever play with yourself. Even your cum belongs to me, and only I can release it. Eventually there may be some use for this thing, but for now you must learn your basic skills.”

I was moaning by the time a drop of pre-cum appeared at the head of my cock. She squeezed it out onto her finger, then tasted it with her tongue. “Not bad,” she announced as she let go of my rigid cock, causing me to groan in frustration. “Now, down on all fours!”

I did as I was told, my head now between her knees. I had a direct view escort kilis up her skirt and between her soft, smooth pale inner thighs, and she made no effort to conceal her pussy, faintly visible through her flimsy panties.

“You like being so close to my pussy, don’t you? There’s nothing more in the world you would like better than to please me, is there? And the way to please me is to please my body in whatever way I choose.”

She spread her legs wider and pulled up her skirt, fully exposing herself to me. “If you are a very good doggie I’ll give you a treat.” She began to run her fingers over the heavenly juncture of her soft thighs, studying me all the while. She was deliberately teasing me with the scent of her sex. She continued to caress herself with her fingers, deliberately stimulating herself until she was wet, making her scent that much stronger.

“You may smell me and touch me with your nose now, but nothing more.”

She spread her legs further so that I could snug my head between her thighs, feeling the warmth of her soft skin on my ears. I inhaled her musky, wet fragrance greedily, gently probing against the wetness of her panties with the tip of my nose until the fabric was soaked with her juices.

“Ooh, you are a very good doggy!” she said as she began to grind her soft, panty-covered lips against my nose. “We are going to be spending a lot of time training, kilis escort bayan I can tell!”

“Stay, now, doggie.” I did as I was told, and she stood up, her pussy now hovering above me so that I had to look up between her legs to see it. There was nothing more in the world that I wanted than to be close to that swollen, hot cleft.

“Doesn’t it feel right to be looking up at me, doggie? Doesn’t it feel right for a wet pussy to be above you while you are on all fours, an inferior little animal? You are now my little pet, and your whole purpose in life is to obey me and any other woman who commands you, to please your female masters, and to serve as our plaything. That is the purpose for which nature and the goddesses created you.”

“Because you obeyed so well in your first lesson yesterday I will now let you remove my panties, but you must do so using your lips and teeth, only.”

Using my lips, my tongue and my teeth I managed to get a hold of the little elastic bands holding the tiny triangle of fabric, then slowly work the panties down those long, smooth, muscular legs until the girl could step out of them.

“Good boy! You may taste me now, puppy.”

I felt that I had one a prize! Eagerly I brought my head back up, extending my tongue and sliding it between those wet, swollen lips, tasting her sweet nectar. I’d barely had time to savor her flavor when she pulled away, smiling indulgently. “Oh, such a nasty little boy! This was just for you to learn my taste and scent, puppy. There will be many other pussies to sample tonight, but you must know your master’s first.”

Many other pussies? If I’d had a tail it would have been wagging like crazy!

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