Saints Row Gangsta- Tomisha Jackson part 1

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Saints Row Gangsta- Tomisha Jackson part 1Saints Row- Tomisha JacksonBy lilguy [email protected] man meets Saints Rows toughest Gangsta at a bank RobberyBase on a character I created in Saints Row 2 Tomisa Jackson just click next to see her other pics Reynolds was a bank clerk. He recently move there from moving out of his parents house after years of avoiding danger and having women avoid him. He was a skinny black man with a boyish dorky poindexter look. He was a poster boy for dorks, a comic book geek, film geek, dungeon and dragon and warcraft player.He moved to Saints Row cause he heard it clean up when Ultor came. It was advertise as place of change. He was wrong of course. They basically just took a pile of shit and put some sprinkles on it and called it progress. But he already put his money in the move and had no place else to go. Hell the Ultor police force were pretty close to the gangs itself. Abusing their power ever change they got. Most of them were total asshole. He was working behind the counter. The place had 6 ULTOR guards. They were armed to the fullest. They were decked out in body armor. They were also some undercover. The bank also had secret alarms everywhere, and plenty of hidden camera, metal detectors and x-ray scanners. So at least he felt safe. A person would have to be a mad man try to rob this bank. It would be suicide.Suddenly he heard a sound like a firework about to go off. The guards turn around. A missile came flying through the glass. It hit the ground sending them flying across the room. 3 guard were sent flying in the explosion.“Fall back…fall back” One of the guards SaidA purple Hummer slammed into the bank taking out one of the guards. Two guard were getting up. Out came a woman from his most scariest nightmares, and his wettest dreams. She was black and sexy as hell. She was covered with tattoos. He notice this cause the woman wore nothing but a skin tight Bra and G string, to show off her thick breast juicy brown tits. Her ass would be describe by brother as GOD DAMM. It was thick and juicy and could out shake most strippers in the city. He saw her on the news. She was TOMISHA JACKSON. Leader of the new Saints of Saints Row. Tomisa was the most dangerous criminal in American. Derange, a nymphomaniac, sociopath with her own strict code of honor and a take no shit attitude. She looked beauty. A epiphany of a hot gangster bitch. Her hair was blond and lips thick and juicy. She had an athletic body and smooth skin that made her a perfect femme fatale.On her chest was a tattoo of a giant cross with rays of light coming out of it. A symbols of the Saints. On her stomach was a face of a wolf. Symbols of one of the gangs she single handedly wiped out in one of her bloody gang wars. She would get a tattoo ever time she killed off a gang. One her back was a woman with a Samurai Sword. The woman had an open shirt and was busty with a wicked smile on her face. She killed that Japan gangs, and tricked out one of the lead hit men, making him a whore for her gangster women. The videos were posted all over the net, violating the ounce great killer with Strapon. Eddy like to say the public was outrage and disgusted but it basically closed down YouTube for a while due to many hits. He was ashamed to say he masturbated to it imagining he was one of those guys. Now she was standing her today. Holding a ridiculously large gun, in big black leather boots. She was an intimidating figure standing about 6.2 in height.Her arms flexed as she held the gun. Her arms were covered in all sorts of exotic tattoos, that wrapped around her arms up to the her shoulders and the back of them.One of the guards on the ground got up and went for his gun. She caught him with an elbow to the face. She grabbed his gun wrist and twisted in. She head butted him in the nose drawing blood and kicked him in the balls. He was knocked back. She pointed her gun and clocked it. She shot him in chest armor. Even with the armor being this close sent him flying into the wall knocking him out.The last guard was on the floor. His gun was down. He pulled out a knife.“Oh we got ourselves a mother fucking Samurai” Tomisa laughed.“Enough to cut Ghetto Bitch”She dropped the gun and let him come. He went to stab her. She stopped it by stopping the knife between two of her open palms trapping it. She grabbed it, tossing the knife into the wall. More purple cars stood in front of the bank. Women in shirt skirt came out to guard Tomisa from any incoming cops.“Come on Sucka” She SaidThe guard swung. She dodged it. She caught him with a right hook making her pendik escort breast bounced as she moved. He staggered.“Come on come and get me you…can do it” She teasedShe caught her him with another right as he staggered toward her, and then a left. He was a few feet away from her now. Tomisa ran and gave him a flying kick. She got on top of him straddling him. She started punching him. Eddy got a view of her fantastic back and ass as the poor guard arm shook around. She was beating him to a pulp.“NEXT time…STAY DOWN..YOU PUNK ASS MOTHER FUCKER!!!”She got up and stood over him. She notice Eddy in one of the mirrors on the by the ceiling. She turn around and pointed the still ridiculous large gun at him.“Were you checking out my ass mother fucker” She SaidShe had a cool smooth voice, like a female Jazz singer.“I…ummm” Eddy SaidShe walked toward him and got closer and gave him a sneer.“Don’t you know that’s objectification of women. Objectifying women is what lead teens to anorexic, over eating, suicide and teen pregnancy. Do you have ANY idea how your sexual degrading of the female form do to a young bitches self esteem…well DO you mother FUCKER!!”“I didn’t think”“No You didn’t mother fucker. A bitches can’t go out today and express herself without some perverted trying to set the women movement back by treating their bodies as a sexual plaything. MOTHER FUCKER I should cap your ass right now”“Please don’t kill me” He criedShe then change her expression to a smile“Man I’m just fucking with you. Why you think I wear this shit if I didn’t want someone to check out my ass. Damm if a bitches find she want to show out.”Her gang were entering the bank, telling people to open the safe and clean out the bank.“Look at you…all scared and shit. Piss your pants and everything. You scared?”“Yes…extremely”“Your dick still hard aint it” She SaidHe was shaking like a leaf. What was this crazy bitch getting at.“Well Answer the nice girl with the BIG ASS gun pointed at your face. Is your DICK HARD negro. This aint no hard quiz question I’m asking”“Yes….yes” He SaidShe saw through the mirrors, few of the uncover cops get up for their guns“Pardon me” She SaidShe fires a long blast of fire into them. Bullets were coming 100 at a time ripping through the pillars. Eddy ducked to the ground. She kicked the door open to Eddy counter. She lifted Eddy to his feet by his hair.“Show me” She Said“But all these people…”“They seen me blast a Hole through some dude…your dick aint going to scare them any worst”He took out his cock. It was rock hard. She put the gun down and grabbed it between her hands be began stroking it. It felt so good. Better then anything her felt. She was an expert, playing his cock like a find instrument. Tomisa knew about pressure point by training with some Yakuzza in a dojo. He was in heaven, being pulled close to the edge.“Normally a bitch like me, don’t fuck with anything under a foot. But I make an acceptation with you. I know one of those mother fuckers pulled the silent alarm. That why you going to be my little hostage. After a while I may wrecked enough shit where the cops will fire at me Hostage or no. But you will get me through the door”She kissed him, sucking on his tongue and pushing her inside him. Her lips were soft and juicy, she tasted like smokes, beer, and candy. His pants dropped and she grabbed his ass. Her moan, his body shaking. Tomisa squeezed his taint.“Ohhh fuck” He SaidShe tore open his shirt and started licking his nipples. Tomisa smiled at him and gave her hand a long lick. She gripped his dick hard and stroked it faster.“First time a girl ever did this to your dick”“Yes”“Figure…you one of them KINKY geek mother fuckers. Probably want to wear a leather mask..and have some German bitch shoved her foot up your ass. You probably bust a nut just thinking about this Gangsta ass. You couldn’t hande this pussy bitch. But that ok…got some BIG DICK MOTHER FUCKERS do that on a regular basis. See like bitches like you..cause you tend to eat the best pussy, cause your eager and willing to be trained. Sometime you want to be fuck senseless, and sometime you want to fuck some bitch senseless. Be the one doing the plugging. That me most of the time. My gangster guys my Dinner…you my Desert with a big ass Cherry on top”He came harder then he came before. It spewed out like a gusher“Damm much of how more stuff pent up in there then Fort knocks”She licked her hand slowly“Just as I thought sweet as sugar. Your going to give a bitch a Cavity. Take your punk ass clothes of. We about to roll”He quickly took off his clothes. She laughed“Remind me to rob a burger place next, to get your skinny as a sandwich” She teased.She dragged him outside. Cops were surrounding the place. A kartal escort helicopter hover over the bank.“Stand down.” One of the cops said “Or please try something. Will be just another Dead Ghetto trash”“You guys PUBLIC relation skills are always impressive” Tomisa laughed “Make a girl feel all welcome. Really you mother fucker should write greeting cards”She held Eddy from behind by the neck. She was using him as human shield“Wouldn’t step in the bank mother fuckers. My women got guns on everyone in there”One of her henchwomen notice a sniper in a helicopter with a laser scope pointed at her. The girl took out a missile launcher and fired. The helicopter went up into flames, spinning around in the air, before crashing down to the ground below. Cops ran for cover as metals pieces and fire flew everywhere. The propeller spun down the street cutting anything in its path. News Vans were slice in half. It was pure pandemoniumShe went back into the bank“Sorry bitch. Don’t need you struggling when I make my escape”She decked Eddy knocking him out.He woke up Later in some penthouse. He saw a giant plasma screen TV, and behind as window with a view overlooking the city. It was night time. The lights from the city was flashing. How long has he been out he thought. Then he notice what was on the TV. There was new Footage of Tomisa escape They were speeding off the bridge going in and out of traffic.. He could see himself in the Passenger Side of the Car with Tomisa driving. In the Sunroof of the car was a woman with a Rocket launcher blowing up ULTOR cops cares on the bridge. 3 other women were pointing machine guns out of the window of the car shooting out of anything in it site.“How you like being a star” Tomisa SaidShe came out naked. Her breast were nice and firm showing dark nipples. They stuck out 2 inch. They looked hard. Her pussy was wet, and unshaven, dripping her love juice on the ground. She smiled holding a Vodka bottle in her hand. She drank it down, chugging.She cracked the bottle over his head knocking him down.“That a love tap honey. Just so you wont get it twisted cause your getting this pussy. You’re here for MY PLEASURE. I am going to wreck your little world bitch..and when your drain going to put my toys on and have a little fun. Your MIND and forever.”She grabbed a remote from the table and turn the TV on. The radio played some from Khia album Nasti Muzik. She straddle him, slipping his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. Her pussy gripped him tightly, squeezing his cock, sucking him deep in.She pushed him into the couch, riding his cock hard and fast. He moaned with pleasure not expecting her to be so rough. He heard splashing sounds as his cock went in and out of soaked pussy. Tomisa gripped his hair and made him look at her.“Look at me when I am fucking you PUNK ASS BITCH” She SaidIt was like a tight wet fist around his cock, lubing him up and milking him. She brought him to the edge and then gripped his balls when she didn’t want him to cum. Tears of pleasure ran down his eyes as she pressed her tits into him. She could feel her hard nipples run down his chest.“Please slow down very sensitive”SLAP“Man shut the fuck up. Yea….who own this Dick. WHO owns it.”“You do” He screamed“That right mother fucker…it all mind.”She licked his face tasting his tears.“Bitch are you crying”“No just got itchy eyes”“Your lying mother fucker. Don’t worry..mama will kiss it and make it all better”She rode faster, digging her nails into him. Her hands went around his neck and squeeze harder choking him. His cock was hard as steal as blood rushed to it. Tomisa was using him like one of her dildoes, riding him for all her worth. Her body was drench with sweat making body glisten.“Ohhhhhhh shittt cumming…you bitch ass MOTHER FUCKER!!!” Tomisa said “Damm bitch you got a girl pussy all soaking wet. You feel me nutting on your dick bitch. Feel me taking your whole cock in this wet pussy. Going to make you dick cry bitch. Going to fuck you till you cum dust”He felt her cum on his cock, splash of pussy juice soaked him making him more sensitive. His arms and legs were going limp. She kissed him deeply. His arms gave out. She untied them and let it hang. She gripped his ass and pushed him to the couch. Her legs wrapped around him squeezing him“Fuck…bitch…fuuuuuuuuuck shit. Making my pussy all tore up” She SaidShe nibbled on his neck“Ohhhh god” He moanedShe started to suck his nipples. She slowed down“You want me to be gentle” She Said “It ok if I am to much. Know this your first time.”“Yes…please”“Well that aint going to happen sucka” She laughed “Look at you getting all turn on by me sucking your nipples. Just like some Hoe. Oh believe me you WILL be a HOE. You getting tricked out. maltepe escort Know some Biker bitches that going to love you”Tomisa slapped him again. His eyes rolled in the back of his head“Shiiiit cumming again” She SaidThis time a multiple climax hit her.“Ohhhhh Yea”She bit his neck leaving teeth marks. Tomisa grabbed him and tossed him down on the ground. She held his wrist down down grinding against him faster. Her saw her tits bounch and her licking her lips“Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooood” Eddy screamedHe came deep inside her. Her whole body started to shake and convulse. To his shock. Her was still hard.“Ohhhh Yea bitch…now your in trouble” She saidShe wrapped his legs around her slamming him to the wall.“Ohhh fuck” He Said“Cursing in front of a lady how rude” She teasedHis arms hung down as she was creating dents in the wall. All he could was cry in her shoulder as his balls slapped against. He was beat and exausted..taking to heights of sex he never though possible. He hung there totally broken and awestruck by this woman. Her was completely pussy whipped already. She kept him on the edge for 20 mintues.When he came it was like his whole body climax. It seem to last for minutes. He came making her pussy overflow. She dropped him down.She place a foot on his chest.“Out already. Cant get it up. Don’t worry Sugar..its other shit you can do”She open up her pussy lips and his cum flowed out like a waterfall.“Get a LICKING BITCH”She wrapped his legs tightly around his head making it hard to breath. She rode his face, slamming him to the ground. Riding him like wild Bull.“Ahhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaa” She Said “Lick that clit like a ice cream cone up and down. Mmmmm higher baby…deeper mother fucker…clean all the shit out…FASTER….shiiiiiiiit going to nut….ahhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuck” She screamedShe place her hand on the ground sweating. She came with a gusher, splashing pussy juice on his face and in his mouth. She continued mashed her gash in his face. The smell of her filled his nostrils.She got up for a second and grab herself a bottle of beer and a cigar. She stood over him, lustfull licking the edge of the bottle while fingering herself. The cigar was between her tits.“ defiantly going to make me a lot of money” She SaidShe got back on his face and rode it as she drank and blew smoke in the air.“Its ALL you can eat Sushi Tonight mother fucker!!!” Tomisa Said “Good to be THE MOTHER FUCKING QUEEN”The Song Gangster Bitch was now playing through the hotel. She could see the skyline of the city as Eddy ate her out. It was HER city.1 hour LaterShe finally stood up.“Shit…you were good. Lost track of how many times I came. Going to give you a gift mother fucker. You seem to like this ass. Going to let you get Anal. Let me go in the room for a minute. Got to get freshen up”He laid on the ground unable to move. He did dream of her ass before. Least that was something.When she came backed she came back with 14 inch lubed up black strapon. It was thick as a Soda can. He tried to go away. She laughed“AHHH NO MOTHER FUCKER..THOUGHT YOU WANTED SOME ANAL..well you going to get it. BRING YOUR ASS OVER HER”She held him down, and started pushing it in. She let the head teased his asshole.“Mmmmmm nice and tight” She SaidShe grabbed his arms and pushed it deep in. He screamed as his cock harden. She slammed it deep inside him hitting his prostate and stretching his asshole. She rammed him like a battering ram“Ohhhhhh FUCKKKKKKKKK” He cried“Yea take that shit…TAKE it”She slapped his ass leaving huge marks.“Fuck yea…baby swallow it up…shit you about to cum bitch”The stroking of her hand and fucking of his ass made him cum hard. He screamed out as she pulled his hair.“That what you get for fucking with a girl of the SAINTS” She SaidShe put him into ever position she could think of with that toy. She had his legs on the back of his head at one point as she slammed it and out. She came just from the friction and sense of power.2 hours LaterShe stood over his broken body laughing. Tomisa lifted his head up by the hair and spit on him.“You want to be my slave”“Yes….with all my being” He said weakly“Ahhh how sweet. Well you got to get some INK”She grabbed a tattoo needle and made a tattoo on his ass that “Saints Row Ho” and her Initials slightly above his ass, as a tramp stamp.“And Don’t expect for me to be that gentle next time” She Said3 Months LaterHe left the mayors office. Mayor Lisa Sharp, the new Mayor. Crooke as the cum. He was wearing a short skirt and wig. She was tossing a party from some women libs group and man hater, who love taking out their frustration on him.Tomisa was waiting.“Got my Money bitch” She SaidEddy pulled out wads of Cash from, some stuck in hard to reach places. He hopped in the car.“Love your Tomisa” He Said“Bitch shut the fuck up” She laughedShe put her hand between her legs and had him eat her pussy. With that they drove off.The End-If you like that check this out my pageor my group for created video game characters

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