Samurai Time

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Samurai Time(Reading “All-You-Can-Eat Buffet” and “Back For More” is helpful, but not required. Comments welcome.) I woke to a mass of red hair in my face. I kissed the head it belonged to, and pulled the attached body closer. Something was amiss, however. It didn’t feel like my wife’s body. This one was a little bit thinner. Then it turned over, and all the previous night returned to me. “Good morning,” Sally said. “I’m not so sure. It was morning when we went to sleep.” I looked at my phone on the nightstand. 12:01 p.m., as if to prove a point. I rolled onto my back, and pulled her head onto my chest. I’d never tell my wife, but this felt pretty good. She rolled over on top of me, and laid her head back down, with her hand next to it. Her hand was on top of my nipple, and she started playing with it gently. I got the stirring in my loins that always accompanied my nipples being played with. She must have felt it, too, because she grinned at me, and began rubbing her belly against my growing erection. She also moved her head, and took my other nipple in her mouth. By now, the growing erection was a throbbing hardon, and she continued sucking my nipple while playing with the other one. She replaced her mouth with her other hand, and slid down gently, leaving a trail of wet kisses down the center of my chest and stomach. When she reached her goal, she wasted no time putting the whole thing down her throat. She buried her nose in my jock, and worked her throat muscles around my cock. I didn’t imagine she could breathe with seven inches of meat in her throat, but it didn’t seem to matter. She took to pulling almost all the way back, and diving all the way down, fucking the back of her throat with my cock. I couldn’t take anymore, and told her I was about to cum. She went down, and held me deep in her throat while I came. She swallowed everything I had, then milked my dick, trying to get more. When I was finally completely spent, she came back up.“Now, I’m hungry,” she said, then clarified, “for food.”“I am, too, so, give me a few minutes, and I’ll go get us something.”Forgoing underwear and a shower, I got up, put on sweatpants and a t-shirt, and got in my car. After the ten minutes to get to the food section of the city, I passed on McDonald’s and Burger King, then realized I hadn’t asked her what she wanted. I decided to go get what I wanted, and hope she was too hungry to argue. I pulled into Samurai Time to get some teriyaki. Standing at the counter, I was looking at the menu board, and not paying a whole lot of attention to anything else. The person at the counter had walked up from canlı bahis the back, and was trying to get my attention.“Can I help you, sir?”Not yet, thank you. I don’t know what I…” I recognized the voice, and looked down. It was Hannah! She smiled broadly upon recognizing me.“Oh, hey,” I said, a bit nervously, not knowing how she regarded the last time we saw each other. “What can I…get you?” she asked, with just a hint of innuendo. I looked around, to see if anyone else had picked up on it. No one seemed to, so I relaxed a bit. “I’ll take one Beef Teriyaki, and one Chicken Teriyaki – the lunch specials.”“Anything to drink?” There was that innuendo again. “Not right now, thanks,” I replied, tossing a little innuendo back her way. She gave me the total, and I swiped my card to pay for it. I was told it would be ready in ten minutes, and sat down to wait. Shortly afterward, I heard a cell phone ringing, and saw Hannah pull hers from her pocket to look at it. She tapped the screen to answer it, and walked from behind the counter into the lobby. Her end of the conversation sounded like something inconvenient was going on. “Hey.” “What?” “Until when?” “Really?” “*sigh* Well, I’m not gonna wait that long. I’ll figure something else out.” “Alright, bye.”She sighed again in exasperation, put her phone back in her pocket, and looked around. I called her over to where I was sitting. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “My ride has to work late. They won’t be here until six. I’ve already been here since five a.m., and I wanna go home! It’s an hour walk, and I’ve been on my feet all morning.” While I ordinarily didn’t like this much complaining, this wasn’t an ordinary woman, or ordinary circumstances. Time to swing into action. “An hour walk? That has to be a fifteen-minute drive, at most. Do you want me to give you a ride home?”“That’d be awesome, thank you. I know it can’t be convenient, since you just picked food up. I’ll find a way to make it up to you.” There goes that innuendo, again. I waited for my food, and for her to clock out; we walked out to my car and got in. After buckling our seat belts, I started the car, and we left.She directed me, and after about ten minutes, we arrived at her house. “Do you want to come in?” she asked. “I know it’s not the best idea, but you could always pop your food in the microwave for a few minutes.” It didn’t sound like a bad idea, so we went in.“If you want to head into the kitchen, I’m going to go get out of my work clothes. I’m sure you can figure out how to use the microwave.” I headed in the direction she pointed to, and found the kitchen. The microwave bahis siteleri was simple to operate. I heated the beef teriyaki first, and, as I was preparing to put the chicken in, I heard footsteps, then Hannah’s voice. “Is it hot enough?”I turned to look in her direction. She was standing there, completely naked. “You seem surprised,” she said. “I did say I was getting out of my work clothes.” She reached her hands out to me, and I walked toward her. She pulled me into the living room, and sat me on the couch. The earlier blowjob I got seemed to have worn off, as I felt myself rising to the occasion. Hannah sat on my lap and started kissing me. We made out fiercely for a few minutes, then I moved my attentions to her neck. She arched her neck, and moaned softly. While continuing to kiss her neck, I reached down to her very large breasts, and started rubbing and stroking them. She moaned louder, so I took that as a sign to continue. My hands could hardly contain her mammoth mammaries as I palmed her nipples while squeezing her tits. I let one go, and used both hands to lift the other to my mouth. I sucked in her nipple deeply, and ran my tongue all over it. She pulled my head to her, and started grinding her hips on my lap.I reached down past her belly, and slid my finger along the folds of her pussy. She was already very wet. I brought my finger back up, and, letting her nipple go for a moment, stuck my finger in my mouth to taste it. I have loved the taste of pussy since the first time I got some (that’s a whole other story). I returned her nipple to my mouth, and slid my finger back down. I began rubbing her clit, occasionally sliding my finger deep inside. On one of these occasions, I crooked my finger, and began rubbing her g-spot. Between my mouth on her nipple, and my finger in her pussy, I had her writhing all over my lap. She decided to hop down to the floor, and got on her knees. She pulled my sweatpants partway down, freeing my cock, which was, by now, extremely hard. She took the tip in her mouth, and began licking it. I leaned forward, and started running my hands down her back. She took more and more into her mouth. She wasn’t as confident a cocksucker as Sally, but she was certainly giving it all she had. After a few more seconds, she climbed back up on my lap and settled on my cock with a satisfied moan. When it was all the way inside her, she began kissing me again. I wrapped my arms around her, and returned the kiss. As she got even more turned on, her pussy started to twitch, and I felt every single one. She started moving up and down, my cock sliding in and out güvenilir bahis of her pussy. I brought her nipple back to my mouth, and began sucking in earnest. However, I found it difficult to continue with how hard she was bouncing on me. She was moaning, all the time getting louder. After about another twenty strokes, she got up, and leaned over the arm of the couch. All she said was two words:“Fuck me.”A simple request, and one I was happy to oblige. I got up, stood behind her, lined my cock up with the entrance to her pussy, and slammed it home. She let out a groan that lasted about five seconds. I started drilling her, even harder than she was fucking me. “We didn’t get to do this, last time,” she said. “Fuck me, hard!”That was, apparently, just what the doctor ordered, as every stroke brought her closer to orgasm. She finally came, in a shower of noise and cum. She was still a squirter, and my pounding was releasing gushes of fluid as she kept cumming.I pulled out, and dropped to my knees, burying my face in her spasming twat. I closed my mouth around her entire pussy, and sucked. She came again, gushing more fluid into my mouth, which I drank down happily. I stuck my tongue in, and fucked her with it. More juice, but the flow was lessening. She looked back at me, and said, “That feels so good, but I want you inside me.”I stood back up, and slid back in. I fucked her still-hot pussy for another five minutes. I was getting close, and I let her know. “Where do you want it?”She answered me by clenching her pussy muscles. That was all it took. I started cumming deep in her pussy, just like she asked. She moaned as she felt the hot jizz hit her walls. I stayed inside until I finally deflated. I sat back down on the couch next to her, and kissed her some more. “Is that good enough?” she asked“For what?” I asked back.“I said I’d make it up to you. I just wanted to make sure that was good enough.”I chuckled. “That, and the microwave.”I stood up, pulled my pants back up, and walked back into the kitchen. I reheated both dishes, gave Hannah one last “thank you” kiss, and left. Twenty minutes later, I walked back into my house, where Sally was waiting, seated in the dining room.“What took you so long?” she asked.“There was some sort of issue at the restaurant. The food didn’t come out for almost 35 minutes., then I ran into a friend that needed a ride.” I figured a partial lie was probably better in this situation.I gave Sally the chicken teriyaki, while I grabbed the beef, and started eating. Sally looked at me with an odd expression. “This is really dry, almost like it’s been microwaved.”“I’m not sure what to tell you,” I said, trying to hide my grin. “Like I said, there was an issue at the restaurant. Maybe they had to microwave it.”“Oh well, I’m too hungry to argue,” she said, and finished eating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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