Sarah and Kimberly

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Sarah and KimberlyThe sun was taking its time coming up as Sarah dashed from my car to knock on Kimberly’s door. The waiting was over; our holiday was here and we were making a good early start. Sarah had invited Kimberly to come and spend a week in Yorkshire with us and she was now as excited as we were.Regrettably her sister Frankie had decided not to come. I had spent some time with her and fucked her a couple of times since I invited her but she has as I always expected found a lad of her own age and was now spending time with him. I wished her well and she knows that she is always welcome at my house if things don’t work out or even if they do. Kimberly’s mum came out to the car to see her daughter off and I suspect get a look at me. We had never met which is a pity really; I can see where Frankie gets her good looks. She is a slim woman and wore a jumper with tight fitting jeans; I would have gladly taken her with us to Yorkshire. “Hi, I’m Carol” she said “Rick” I said holding my hand out. “I just want to thank you for taking Kimberly with you; she has talked about nothing else for weeks” “That’s OK I said, she will be good company for Sarah; I reckon they will have a good time. It’s a nice part of the country. I should be able to leave them to their own devices for some of the time. I have my paint brushes in the car and a book or two”. “What sort of things do you paint?” “Landscapes mainly; in watercolour but I have my pastels with me so if I can get either of these two to sit still long enough I might get to try and do a portrait”. “Well, nice meeting you; hope you all have a good time” she said as the girls arrived with Kimberly’s suitcase “And Kimberly, you behave yourself”. “I’m sure she’ll be fine” I said and went round to re-arrange the boot so that I could fit the additional luggage in it.Kimberly is slightly older than Sarah but does seem to be a little bit on the shy side. She has straight blonde hair which comes down past her shoulders and I couldn’t help noticing that she has much bigger breasts. “Hi Kimberly” I said as I got into the car; “Hi Mr Jackson” she said “Are we all set” I enthused “then lets hit the road” I continued despite the lack of any response from the back seats.Our home for the next week would be a barn conversion in North Yorkshire. We had chosen one that was fairly remote and excitement grew as we pulled off the main road and started heading down the track across a field to what looked fairly rustic. The incline was quite steep and I was a little concerned that we might not make it back up.I pulled up outside the cottage alongside a vehicle that was a little more suitable for the terrain. The owner Mrs Slaidburn met us. She gave us the keys and a tour of the property including how to operate the oil fired heating system should we need it. The girls wasted no time in exploring the immediate surroundings; happily reporting back that there was a river flowing past the property just a dozen or so yards away. Mrs Slaidburn pointed out that the level of the water might rise if we have heavy rain but it has never reached the cottage yet.Having handed over the property Mrs Slaidburn got into her 4×4 pickup and headed off up the hill. I could see the farmhouse she was heading to a couple of fields’ away. I only hope my car eats up the hill the way hers did.“What do you think then girls?” they both gave approving gestures and nods. We unloaded the car relieving it of our luggage and the victuals we had picked up from the supermarket in Whitby on the way. After a couple of false starts I work out how to operate the cooker and started heat the oven to accept the pizzas that we had decided to have for dinner. I put together a simple salad to accompany them. To be honest we ate very little salad.We decided that we would not go anywhere on the Sunday and would just chill. The weather was kind and got quite warm in the afternoon. I was doing some sketches and the girls chose to take advantage of the close proximity of the river. I felt a twitching in my shorts as they skipped passed me in their skimpy bikinis. I was very impressed with Kimberly; her breasts seemed to be much bigger than the top she was wearing. I was drawn to the water’s edge and sat watching them splashing around having many thoughts that I should have left at home. I decided that it might be best if I went back to the house and took a shower.Living on one’s own gets one into the habit of not locking the bathroom door when you go in. It should have come as no surprise therefore when Sarah joined me in the bathroom. “You gotta start locking the bathroom door behind you Dad” she said as she sat down on the toilet; “I could have been Kimberly; she would have had kittens if she had come in and found you in here”. “Yeah, sorry baby; I’ll remember next time. Did you two have fun in the river?” “Yeah it was good, not very deep but there was a section where we could swim; you’ll have to come in with us next time”. She got up and flushed the toilet and came over to the shower. She opened the door and put her foot in; “Cut my toe though; look” “You’ll need to put a plaster on that, I think I saw some in one of the drawers in the kitchen. You want this shower I’ve finished now?” “Yes OK” she said slipping out of her bikini. “You wanna wash my back?” “I shouldn’t really, what if Kimberly comes in?” “Oh she was having a lie down when I left her”. It’ll only take a minute; you’ll be in an out in no time”. We swapped places in the shower and I grabbed the gel. I poured some gel onto her shoulders and started to build up a head of lather spreading it over her back and down to her ass. I lingered on her buttocks squeezing and massaging her cheeks. I knew I should have just got out of the shower. My cock stirred and started to get hard; I couldn’t help it; I moved a little too close to Sarah and my cock brushed against her ass, “Oh daddy; what is that you are poking me with?” she said teasingly; “sorry baby” I said. “Don’t be sorry” she said and turned round gripping my cock with both hands and stroking it. She got down on her knees and looked at my cock. “I’ve missed you” she said “but now I’ve got you and I’m going to eat you” She started to lick my glans then pushed her lips around the head and started to take my cock into her mouth. I had missed her mouth too; I should be stopping her but she was just too good; she is so much better at this than her mother is. I put my hand on her head and gently eased it forward and back enjoying every moment.My ecstasy was cut short however, when I opened my eyes and saw Kimberly standing at the bathroom door. When she saw me look at her she turned and scurried back to her room. I pulled my cock out of Sarah’s mouth and helped her to her feet. “We’ve done it now” I said “Kimberly was watching us at the door; what is she gonna think? She must wish that she’d never come now. Young girl, comes away on holiday with her best friend and only a day in she walks in and finds her sucking her dads cock” “I’ll talk to her” Sarah said as she hung her bikini on the side of the bath and grabbed a towel. “She’ll be OK”.I was feeling a little uneasy when we sat down for dinner. Kimberly seemed unnerved by the experience of seeing me with my cock in my daughter’s mouth; indeed she and Sarah were giggling like the schoolgirls that they are for most of the meal. “I think you two should wash up” I suggested; refilling my glass with Chianti “there isn’t a lot” They agreed it was fair as I prepared the dinner so I retired to the comfy chairs. It wasn’t long before I was joined in the lounge area by the girls. We sat around chatting and looking through the various leaflets that we found stowed in one of the drawers to try and decide what to do the next day. The girls decided that they’d like to go to Goathland; the railway station there was used as Hogsmeade Station in the Harry Potter movies and we all agreed it might be a good day out. Sarah and Kimberly rummaged through the DVDs that had been supplied; criticising most of them but settled on one to watch. It wasn’t my kind of film and pretty soon I was asleep. When I woke up the girls had gone to bed so I made my way upstairs.When I arrived at my room the light was on and I was not prepared for the sight that I got when I opened the door. Sarah and Kimberly were in my bed. Both of them were naked and they were kissing; Sarah was squeezing Kimberly’s breast. As I walked into the room, Sarah turned round and smiled; “Daddy at last we’ve been waiting for you; we have warmed your bed up for you”. For a moment I just stood by the door; admiring the sight of these two gorgeous young girls enjoying each other’s bodies in my bed. They look at each other and giggled. They pushed the quilt down and slid off the bed together. They came over to me and took my hands guiding me towards the bed. “Come on don’t be shy” Kimberly teased. “I saw you with your cock in Sarah’s mouth this afternoon, I want it in my mouth now” Amazing really that shy Kimberly who had hardly said a word since we left home should stun me with words like that. I stood by the bed and allowed them to remove my clothes. The thought of Kimberly’s mouth was already getting me hard. “Wow it looks so much bigger close up” said Kimberly as she knelt down stroking my cock and taking it into her mouth. “Don’t be shocked Daddy. “Kimberly and I have been lovers for a long time now longer than you and I have. Why do you think girls are so keen on having a sleepover? We spend lots of time together naked both at my house and at Kimberly’s. No-one disturbs us because no-one suspects that young girls would do this sort of thing”. She paused and watched Kimberly, manoeuvring her way around my erection “Are you enjoying that? Do you like Kimberly sucking your cock, would you like us both to suck you”. All the time she talked I was getting harder and it even felt like I was getting bigger. Kimberly withdrew her mouth pulled back my foreskin and Sarah clamped her lips around my glans and started to suck. It was just amazing one of them would take my cock fully in their mouth and then withdraw to be immediately being replaced by the other. Each mouth slightly different but both of them truly fantastic I pulled Kimberly up onto the bed and Sarah joined her kissing her hard on the lips. I squeezed her breast and took the nipple into my mouth sucking hard. Sarah started sucking her other breast and I slid my hands down her stomach and ran my fingers through her pubic bush, over her clitoris then down between her labia. She was already wet and my fingers slid into her easily. As I probed her hairy cunt with my fingers I continued to suck and bite her nipple feeling it getting much harder in my mouth. She squealed and wriggled and I wanted to fuck her. I slid on top of her pushing her legs apart. “Are you going to fuck her Daddy? Are you going to fuck my friend? She has been after your cock all evening; ever since she saw it in my mouth; she said earlier that she wants to feel it inside her hot juicy cunt. When we were giggling at the table earlier she was rubbing her clitoris thinking about having your cock inside her. Fuck her Daddy; fuck her hard; make her feel as good as I do when you fuck me” I spread Kimberly’s labia and kissed her moist hole pushing my tongue inside her before withdrawing ready to push my cock in. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down between her pussy lips, spending time rubbing her clitoris before finally pushing onward and downwards towards Utopia. Her virginity had been claimed apparently by the handle of her sister’s hairbrush when she was younger but mine was her first cock and each thrust met with a groan every time it reached its full depth. Sarah kissed Kimberly and started to nibble her ear lobe “How do you like my Daddies cock?” she whispered as she fondled and squeezed Kimberly’s breasts. She sat up and pinched her nipples using them to shake her breasts. Kimberly was panting and moaning; “I love it” she said “its just like you said it would be”. Sarah kissed her on the lips and their tongues wrestled and danced together. Her hand came down and she started to rub her fingers over Kimberly’s clitoris occasionally slipping her fingers inside her pussy for more lubrication. It felt weird having my cock rub against Sarah’s fingers while they were inside Kimberly’s cunt and it had some effect on Kimberly too. She started thrusting her buttocks up to meet my cock and Sarah’s fingers. She started to cum and what an orgasm she seemed to have. Her body was shaking and her pussy walls were pulsating. She seemed to experience more than one wave of orgasm before she lay motionless and exhausted on the bed. I pulled my cock out of her wet throbbing cunt and Sarah grabbed it. “Wow Daddy it feels so hot; Kimberly must have a really hot pussy” “It’s like that when it comes out of your pussy baby”. “Push your cock into my ass Daddy; while its still hot. Let me feel your cock inside me with Kimberly’s hot cunt juice on it”. “I love it when you talk dirty like that” “I know” karşıyaka escort she said “that’s why I do it; sometimes I can’t even believe some of the things I say but it makes me feel really horny”. Sarah knelt on all fours with her ass pointing towards the edge of the bed. She was kneeling between Kimberly’s legs and sucked on her breasts while she waited to receive my cock. I licked her tiny asshole pushing my tongue in and then dribbled more saliva onto it before standing up to drive my cock into her. Her asshole did not resist as much as it had done the last time I fucked her. I worryingly imagined that she has maybe had another cock in there. I pushed in further and pretty soon my cock was as far as it was going. While I pushed in and out of her ass Kimberly recovered enough to turn herself round and slide underneath Sarah in the 69 position reaching up to lick her clitoris while she fondled her breasts. This had the desired effect for not only Sarah but me also. I could feel Sarah starting to cum and I quickly reached the point of no return. With no going back I pumped faster and harder into her ass until I started to shoot my semen into her. I could feel her ass spasmodically gripping my cock as she was riding her orgasm. Sarah fell forward on top of Kimberly and my cock was released from her ass. As they lay there motionless I could see my hot cum oozing out of Sarah’s ass forming a small pool between Kimberly’s breasts. I don’t know why but I ran my fingers through it gathering some up and placed it on my tongue. After leaving it there for a second or two I swallowed it. I can’t see me ever wanting to do that again.I lay down on the bed admiring the marvellous bodies of these two young girls wishing that I were young again. Sarah starting stirring and she rolled off Kimberly who seemed happy to be free again. They got some tissue and cleaned themselves up before sitting on the bed cross-legged. “That was great Daddy”. “It was truly fantastic” I said and then I started to quiz Sarah. “I seemed to get into your ass a little easier tonight, have you been letting anyone else in there” “No daddy, you are the only one who has been in my ass or my pussy. I have been using Frankie’s vibrator though.” “Frankie’s got a vibrator?” “Yes she caught us one night” “I thought you said no-one ever disturbs you” I said “That’s right, normally” Kimberly added. “It was my fault really; we normally wait until bedtime but I couldn’t wait for Sarah’s pussy. We got undressed and started to enjoy each other’s body. Frankie came in and we were naked. We were kissing and rubbing each other’s pussies and we thought that the game was up” “What did she say?” I asked, “well she started off by getting all superior like the bossy sister she is sometimes. She came over to the bed she started to touch Sarah”; “Yes” Sarah added, “it was like that night that you fucked her. “It was when I was riding your cock and she started to play with my clit and suck my nipples. Frankie pushed her fingers into my cunt and I was just so wet. We started to undress her while she did it and rubbed her pussy too she got so turned on. Pretty soon she was naked too and I got to lick her pussy just like you did. A month or two later she came in and we were just gaming on the computer. She looked disappointed that we weren’t engaged in anything sexual. She went out and came back with a vibrator; it looked huge with a rotating head that wobbled around. We laughed when we saw it but she said we would enjoy it. She was right too; she pushed it into my pussy and it was felt weird but I really liked it. She pushed it into Kimberly’s pussy too. We enjoyed it so much that Kimberly spent an age finding out where she kept it so that we could use it when she was out”.“One night I got Kimberly to push it into my ass and it felt really good”. “Maybe I should buy you girls some toys” I suggested. “That would be nice” Sarah agreed “but toys are no substitute for the real thing” I’m sure Kimberly would agree that she would much prefer to have your cock than any old vibrator”“Sarah’s right” Kimberly added. “I loved having your cock inside me and I want you to fuck me again before we go home. Maybe when we are home I could come round for a sleepover when Sarah is staying with you and you can fuck us both again” “Maybe one night I will take your cock in my ass”“I’m not entirely sure that we should be planning weekends like that. As time goes by the age difference between Kimberly and me would seem less significant but you are still my stepdaughter Sarah. And of course Kimberly, you will soon get fed up of an older man like me. Both of you are old enough now to start looking for boys of your own age. If they are decent lads and they treat you well then maybe you might let them fuck you. Only if you think they deserve it though. You know I really can’t believe what we’ve been through tonight and I can’t believe this conversation we are having either. But let’s not spoil a fantastic night, I really loved fucking both of you but I do think we should get some sleep”.It was unanimous and they and scurried under the quilt leaving a gap in the middle; “In you come Daddy” we will keep you warm tonight. I was absolutely knackered but it still took me an eternity to get to sleep.We had a good day in Goathland; we were going to get the steam train from Pickering but couldn’t find anywhere to park so I decided to drive across the moors. It was a fantastic drive. We had lunch in what is known on TV as the Aidensfield Arms and then took a drive along the coast. We called in at Whitby and visited the Abbey had a look around the shops. I took some terrific photos and then we stopped for Fish and Chips before wearily making our way back to the holiday cottage. We were pretty tired by the time we got back and after a couple of drinks we went to bed; our own separate beds. When I awoke next morning it was pouring down with rain. I called the girls but got no reply. I checked their room and it was empty. I started looking out of the windows to see if they were outside. When I looked through the utility room window I spotted them. They were stood in the river and they were naked. They weren’t kicking and splashing like that had on the first day they were embracing, kissing and fondling each other. They were stood in the water but they were actually wet from the torrent of rain. I rushed out to get them to come back in; in seconds my shirt and boxers were drenched.“Come on in” I shouted at them “you will get pneumonia out here in this rain” “Isn’t it wonderful” Kimberly said looking up into the falling rain. “Oh daddy you must come and join us” Sarah pleaded. They waded out of the water and grabbed at my clothes. “Come on Daddy, you have to be naked to really get the best from it” Kimberly pulled my boxers pretty much down to my knees and I gave in to them got naked too. They were right; the rain was not cold and the feel of it was invigorating. We rolled around on the wet grass and rubbed our naked bodies together. We were out there for over an hour paddling, swimming and caressing each other’s bodies. Kimberly and Sarah lay on either side of me with their legs open. I pushed two fingers into each of their cunts while I used my thumbs to stimulate their clitoral areas. I managed to get a third finger into Kimberly but Sarah took all four. They fondled their own breasts as I fingered them. They reached down; Kimberly taking my cock and stroking it Sarah cupping my balls and rolling them around in my scrotum. Kimberly was the first to reach her climax and wriggled free of my fingers rolling aside while maintaining a firm but gentle grip on my cock. Sarah took slightly longer but her cunt muscles squeezing my fingers told me that she was cumming. Kimberly by this time had dispensed with the hand job and had taken my cock in her mouth. She was sucking me for all she was worth. She briefly removed her mouth and said in a slutty voice while still stroking me “Come on” she said “Cum for me. I have never tasted cum before; I want you to cum in my mouth; and then she took my whole cock in; gagging as I slid into her throat. She pulled back sucking hard and slid him back into her throat. Pretty soon I was ejaculating into her mouth; she clamped her lips around my shaft making sure that none of my sperm escaped. She opened her mouth and showed me that she had indeed got a mouthful of creamy white semen and with a triumphant smile she swallowed it. “Fantastic” she said as my salty fluid slid down her throat but the look on her face told a different story. I reckon that she had pretty much the same thought as I did when I tasted it the other night. That might not be the last time I cum in her mouth but I figure it may be the last time that she swallows it. Suddenly we were feeling the cold and ran on tiptoes up to the house and once inside wrapped ourselves up in towels to get warm again. None of us had any problem while we were in the throes of passion but now we were happy to be inside again and dry. I stood in the utility room wrapped in my towel looking out of the window. I noticed a fisherman on the far riverbank a little way down from our stretch of river. I had not seen him earlier; not sure how long he has been there or whether he had enjoyed the free show of two nubile young girls frolicking around naked. He may of course have missed everything sheltering under the huge green umbrella that was keeping him dry; who knows?I put some boxers and a T shirt on but the girls didn’t bother getting dressed at all that day wandering around with their towel wrapped round them choosing to tease me from time to time with their naked bodies. I got my pastels out and Kimberly posed for me. I was trying to create a portrait of her for her Mum. She sat in an armchair and teasingly opened her towel revealing her gorgeous naked body. I was only trying to get a good likeness in the face but I was continually distracted by Kimberly opening her legs and masturbating. She got up and picked up the largest of my blenders then slumped back into the armchair lifted her legs over the arms of the chair and pushed it into her pussy. Eventually I was able to declare it finished and handed it to Kimberly. I’m not entirely happy with the result; indeed her mum might not see any resemblance at all, but she will never realise that when she sat for me she was completely naked and at times fingering her clitoris. I took some photographs of both Kimberly and Sarah in various poses; some of them very graphic; sometimes simulating sexual acts and sometimes just performing them. Both of them getting more aroused by me taking pictures of them As they licked each other’s pussies I switched my camera to video mode and shot some footage to watch at a later date when I am masturbating. I had absolutely no idea when I left home on Saturday morning that I was leaving to spend the week with a couple of bisexual nymphomaniacs. I was finding it tough keeping up with them.I figured that it was time to get the leaflets out again and I encouraged them to abort their antics to plan our next outing assuming that the weather would improve; not that the rain stopped us from having another really enjoyable day.The girls decided that they fancied going to a theme park. It was a toss up between Lightwater Valley and Flamingo Land with the latter winning out as it was a lot nearer to our location.We arrived not long after the park opened and not being a fan of white knuckle rides I spent a long time sat holding bags and coats watching the many pretty young females promenading past me trying to decide which ones I would like to fuck. I had absolutely dozens to choose from and I would have bedded most of them. Sarah and Kimberly stood around for hours waiting for the opportunity to spend a few precious minutes either being thrown around in all directions or being shot down a track at break neck speed. I snapped a few photographs; some of the girls I was with and a few of girls who I was not withOur lunch consisted of fast food rubbish but at least it gave me time to sit and chat with the girls. They were having fun and that’s what mattered. As much as I enjoyed fucking the nymphomaniacs I was sharing my holiday home with it was nice to see them acting more like the young girls that they are. Immediately after lunch we took a walk round and checked out some of the a****l exhibits but the girls were keen to get back on the rides. Eventually they wanted to go on the Log Flume, which I was encouraged to join them on. They had left it until late in the day so that they would not be walking around in wet clothes. They pushed me to the front of the log, which I knew would result in me getting soaked. We gently slipped around the ride until we reached the final slope accelerating down it shipping a deluge of water over our very heavily weighted bow. I got absolutely drenched but then again I suppose that’s the whole point really. Of course it meant that I was now sitting in wet shorts and T shirt; the girls however, escort karşıyaka had got away reasonably uns**thed.Eventually rides started shutting and we were invited by the staff to exit the park and leave. Wearily we obliged and headed for the car. When I got in the car I put a folded up blanket underneath me so as not to get the seat wet. “Are you really that wet” Sarah asked. “Yes” I said “feel them”. She grabbed a handful of my shorts and squeezed them. “Wow they are wet; you can’t sit in them; take them off” she said. I lifted my ass and slid my shorts off slipping them onto the floor well in front of Sarah. She reached over and grabbed my boxers. “They are wet too; you need to take them off as well” “I can’t drive home with nothing on”. I said, “Who is going to see you?” Sarah scolded, “Get em off” “Off, off, off, off” the two girls chanted in harmony until I slid my pants down and placed them with my shorts. “I hope we don’t get stuck in traffic” I said. “Oh stop worrying” Sarah said “Look at your cock it’s tucked down between your legs and it looks so small today” “Yeah but it just feels weird driving around with my dick out”As it was we were stuck in a cavalcade making its way to the exit and I prayed that there would be no traffic marshals about. Fortunately we were soon on the open road and heading back. Just then Sarah received a text; “oh wow I got a signal,” she said “network coverage had not been that great since we arrived. Sarah turned round and looked at Kimberly. They seemed to be talking without actually saying anything but giggling quite loudly. Sarah turned round and faced the front and I was suddenly aware of her arm reaching across and sliding over my thigh stroking my cock. “What are you doing” I said “I’m driving” “I know” she said. “Look your cock likes my touch; he is getting hard again; oh yes nice and hard; if I didn’t have this seat belt on I would come over there and suck it” It felt so good and I was really struggling to concentrate on the road.Why is there never a lay-by when you want one? It seemed like an eternity before I finally found one; a beautiful sign with large P on it showing me that I only had 1 mile to go. Then it was half a mile away and I couldn’t wait to get there. Fortunately I was blessed further when we arrived at the lay-by and found that there were no other vehicles using it. I pulled in, screeched to a halt; switched off the engine and ordered Sarah to get out of her seat belt and suck it. She got straight on it and quickly sucked my cock; it was so good that I was soon shooting my load into her mouth. She must have swallowed it because she spoke immediately “Fuck, Daddy that was quick”. “I know baby it was just fantastic” Suddenly we were aware of sounds coming from the back seat; Kimberly was masturbating. It later transpired that Kimberly had sent Sarah the text daring her to stroke my cock and when she did Kimberly started working her clitoris. “Someone else is having a good time too” I said and put the car into first gear. “Wait a minute Daddy, I’m getting in the back” She opened the back door sat down and wriggled out of her Jeans and panties; dropping them on the front seat slamming the door behind her. I looked in my mirror and watched her slide over to Kimberly then pulled out of the lay-by and headed back to the cottage; never quite knowing what was going on behind me but loving the sounds they were making. By the time I pulled off the road onto the track leading to our cottage the sounds had died down and both of my lovely girls were asleep.I pulled up outside the cottage. I gathered up my shorts, boxers and Sarah’s clothes and made my way to the cottage slinging the sopping items into the sink in the utility room before going back to the car to get the girls. I opened the door and Sarah stirred. She looked around and shook Kimberly. “We’re home” she said. Kimberly rubbed her eyes and looked out of the window before pushing her door open, stepping out and hitching her jeans up to cover her modesty. Sarah swung her legs round to face me and reached round to the front seat for her jeans. “They are in the cottage” I said. “Look at you” she said grinning “standing there showing everything you’ve got; do you have no shame? Exposing yourself to two young girls like that” It was wrong I know but I did have no shame. In defiance I removed my shirt and stood there completely naked before going back to the house. We had pies in the fridge and I put them with some chips into the oven for dinner. We had eaten rubbish all day so why change; and of course we are on holiday. The girls sat chatting about the ups and downs of the day (pardon the pun). I got a beer and sat down in the armchair that Kimberly had posed in yesterday. I scrolled through the pics and videos on my camera before booting my laptop; downloading everything and deleting it from the memory card.After dinner I put on the TV to find out what the weather was doing the next day. It was probably going to be lousy but they forecast bright sunshine and temperatures higher than we had experienced thus far this week. Sarah suggested we go to the seaside and Kimberly like the idea which meant I was outvoted anyway. Amazingly the weather forecaster was right; it was absolutely sweltering by the time we arrived in Scarborough. The girls laid their towels down on the sand near the sea wall and slipped out of their clothes revealing their skimpy bikinis. They sat down and started coating their white flesh with suntan lotion. I sat with my back against the wall watching them rubbing the lotion into their bodies. I tipped my hat using the brim to shield my eyes from the bright sunshine and watched with interest as they massaged the lotion into their breasts. After a while I closed my eyes; just listening to the sounds of the sea, of c***dren playing and every few minutes the same damn music blasting out from a fairground ride just yards from where we were sitting. Eventually I got used to it and was able to dismiss it enough to doze off.When I opened my eyes Sarah and Kimberly had attracted the attention of a couple of lads and the four of them appeared to be getting on well. This is how it should be I thought whilst still keeping my eye closely on the one sat next to Sarah. I know I had suggested that they should be looking for some male company of their own age but it is still difficult to sit by while some young lad starts making a play for your little girl. Especially, when you know exactly what he is after. I did, however, consider that it was a little late in the holiday for anything serious to happen. Still I was surplus to requirements for the time being so I stood up; then sat back down again on the wall to empty the san out of my trainers. I wandered around taking photographs; on the promenade there were stacks of crab and lobster pots tied up with assorted coloured line. I took lots of shots of them from various angles in colour and in sepia allowing a little bit of the artist in me to come out. I crossed the road and went into a rock shop. The range of things they make with rock these days staggered me. At the back of the shop a box of penis shaped rock caught my eye. I bought some postcards and three penises. One each for the girls and I thought I would take one back for Frankie. They are really big and heavy; I reckon they will struggle to get them in their mouths although they could wear them down a bit by working their pussies with them. I needed a drink and made my way to a bar with tables and seating outside on the street ordering myself a nice cold pint. I sat outside so that I could watch the holiday talent strolling by.A while later I got a call from Sarah. “Where are you” she asked sounding quite concerned that I had abandoned my post and left them to the mercy of the young predators. “I’m in a bar, across the street; I’m sat outside so you can’t miss me” “OK we will be over soon” she said and true to her word; 20 minutes later, they arrived at my table. “Sit down” I said “I’ll get you some drinks” and having taken their order I set off for the bar.“Where are your young men then?” I asked as I returned with their drinks secretly hoping that they had sent them packing. “Oh they had to go” Sarah said; “we got their numbers though; just in case” Kimberly added. They apparently come from Cambridge which is dangerously close to where we live so there is a chance I could be seeing more of one of them in the future . . .. Maybe!We finished our drinks, grabbed a quick burger and took a walk around the arcades, bashing crocodiles with hammers and feeding machines with coins. Sarah milked me for some money so that she and Kimberly could go and look round some of the shops. I stayed in the arcade plying a machine with 2p coins.They were gone about an hour and came back with several little carried bags. They stole some of the precious 2p coins from my pot, which ensured that I ran out much more quickly. With our supply of change exhausted I suggested that we find a pub on the way home and stop there for dinner. I got a thumb up from both of them and we made our way to the car. On the way we stopped to admire the statue of a large man sitting on a bench looking out to sea. We had not seen it on the way to the beach choosing to walk along on the sand. We all had our photo taken sitting on the bench but the girls went a little further pretending to be giving him a blow job or masturbating him. We drove out of Scarborough and into the countryside in search of a decent looking pub. We ended up at ‘The Postgate’ at Egton Bridge boasting to be in the top 10 pubs in the country that serve food. It was pretty good but more importantly saved us from cooking when we got back. It was dark when we arrived and quite eerie but as it was still warm we sat outside and had a few drinks.We woke up to the grim reality that this was our last day and we would be heading back home tomorrow. “We should think of something special to do today; make it memorable” I suggested as we sat down for our last breakfast in the cottage. “Would you be upset if we said that we wanted to stay in” Sarah replied. “No not all” I said, “we can do whatever you want”. “Well Kimberly and I have got an idea at the moment and we would like to run it by you later”, Sarah said. “We still have a little work to do on it; but if it works out then we think you might like it” Kimberly added. “I am intrigued” I murmured rubbing my chin. “Staying in it is then”. “Oh yes” Sarah said, “Can you make sure that the battery is charged in your camera? We might want to take some pictures or video later” “OK” I said. After breakfast we got cleared away and the girls went upstairs. I could hear them moving around and I could hear voices but they were not loud enough for me to catch what they were saying.I went into the utility room and found my shorts still in the sink; still sopping wet. I should have hung them up, I have to pack em later. I took them outside and hung them on some fencing so that they could take advantage of the sun and then took a stroll down to the river. I looked across at where the angler had been the other day. I bent down and started contorting my body and rolling about trying to work out how much he might have seen. I figured he could have seen everythingI went and got my art stuff; picked up a bottle of wine and was just about to go outside when I remembered that I needed to check my camera battery. It was two thirds full but I plugged it into the charger anyway. I went outside and sat by the house creating a landscape study of our section of river. It will bring back fond memories I thought although I resisted the temptation to add naked schoolgirls.Several hours passed and the painting went well. I decided not to mess with it any further and went inside. I needed another bottle anyway. I checked what we had left in the fridge and started putting something together for lunch. I called the girls down. “How is your project going?” I asked. “Nearly there” they said almost together. Just a couple of things left to do. They were either very hungry or eager to get back because lunch was consumed on no time at all and I was left on my own downstairs again.I got cleared away and sat in the armchair. I noticed that I had a green light on my charger so unplugged it and slotted the battery back into my camera. I put the TV on and started watching a cooking programme and then an antique road trip. Catherine Southon was one of the experts. I do like her. I heard the water running upstairs and assumed the girls were having a shower. Sarah came down with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her telling me that they had run me a bath and it was ready to get in. “Oh right, OK, thank you” I said and made my way upstairs. I stripped off and got in. Sarah came into the bathroom and said you have a long soak; we’ll tell you when you can get out. Oh, did you bring your tripod with you?” “You didn’t tell me I needed it I thought I was just having a bath” “Very funny Dad, did you bring it on holiday?” “Sorry, karşıyaka escort bayan couldn’t resist it. I think so it’ll be in the boot of the car if I did; the keys are on the hook in the kitchen”. I was in the bath for about forty minutes when the bathroom door opened. It was Sarah but she didn’t come in and jut spoke from behind the door you can get out now. Get yourself dry but don’t get dressed just put your bathrobe on. You need to go downstairs and sit in the armchair in front of your camera and tripod; we will be down shortly.I did as I was told and waited for Sarah and Kimberly to arrive and what a sight when they did. Oh my word. They were wearing make-up and had arranged their hair so that they were looking really glamorous. Sarah was wearing a black mini dress; Kimberly was wearing a similar dress in dark green. They were both wearing shoes with pretty high heels, which showed their legs off to perfection. They look just like glamour models and certainly much older than they actually are.Sarah came over and undid my robe and opened it exposing my naked body. “It’s best to watch this naked,” she said. Kimberly pressed the button on the camera to start a video recording. They stepped onto their cue marks in front of me clutching their prompt sheets introduction followed on cue by Kimberly. “Welcome to Naked News Travel”; “I’m Sarah Jackson”; and I’m Kimberly Curtis” Sarah started:“Today on Naked News Travel we are going to tell you about where to stay and the fun you can have in North Yorkshire”. As she spoke she pulled down the flimsy straps of her dress and began to slide it down her slim body allowing it to drop to the floor. She stood there in bra and panties seductively looking into my eyes.Kimberly started removing her dress as she said:“There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in North Yorkshire and lots of things you can do, whether you choose to go out for the day or just take advantage of the facilities in your hotel or cottage.” Kimberly was in bra and panties and she too was fucking me with her eyes.Sarah started removing her bra: As she started to speak she cupped her loose bra in front of her breasts teasingly before allowing it to fall to the floor“The cottage we are in here is a barn conversion located in the North Yorkshire Moor National Park between the villages of Cockayne and Hutton-le-Hole. It offers picturesque views of unspoiled countryside in every direction.” She suggestively overemphasised the ‘Cock’ and ‘Hole’ parts of the namesKimberly reached behind and unclipped her bra releasing her large breasts:“This property is well equipped; sleeps a family of four easily and the master bedroom boasts a king-sized bed, which is big enough for a man to have his cock sucked by two girls before he fucks his stepdaughter’s best friend and then her own tight ass”.Sarah slipped her fingers into her panties and wriggled her hips as she slid them down her legs to the floor. My cock was rigid. She continued: “There is a river nearby where you can fish for trout and peer through the pouring rain from your hideout at two schoolgirls licking each other’s pussies and then getting finger fucked by the stepfather. On the day we were there the best friend got to taste and swallow her first hot cum.”Kimberly; started taunting me with her panties as she slowly lowered them to her knees and released them. This left them wearing just their heeled shoes that made them taller and made their legs look fantastic.“There are many wonderful places you can visit such as Goathland, historical Whitby or enjoy the sunshine on the beach in Scarborough. There are several theme parks available for c***dren of all ages. The best park though is the lay-by where you can stop and suck your stepdad’s cock on the way home.”Sarah started talking again;Sadly though; all good holidays must come to an end so sadly has ours.Kimberly addedBut we still have a few hours left before we leave. Plenty of times for a lap dance and for sucking cock.Sarah finalised with:And then the man can give his stepdaughter the best fuck she has ever had and the best friend might just get his cock in her ass.For Naked News Travel I’m Sarah JacksonAnd I’m Kimberly Curtis.Sarah turned round and pressed the play button on the CD player. The music was one that I recognised from my car. It was one that I first heard when I was watching a Fiona Cooper video. I tracked it down using Shazam and downloaded it. Sarah had found it amusing when she said that she liked it and I told her that it was music from a porn film. It was perfect for this situation though. That was brilliant I said; but they said nothing putting their fingers up their mouths indicating that I should not talk then slowly walked towards me fondling and squeezing their breasts. Their hips were gyrating as they moved in time with the music and they were both wearing smouldering come and fuck me looks on their faces. As they reached me I stretched my arm our to caress; I was immediately slapped “You are not allowed to touch” Sarah scolded. They were writhing around in front of me dancing beautifully and seductively to the rhythm of the music. They turned to face each other fondling each other’s breasts; kissing and swaying together. They came round either side of the armchair and leaned across me kissing each other passionately. Their breasts were right by my face and I could see that their nipples were as hard as my cock almost. I watched as they tongued each other. I so wanted to reach up and fondle them but resisted avoiding being chastised again. They came round to the front always swaying and moving with the music. They turned away from me each straddling a leg pointing their ass towards me then lowering themselves onto my knees rubbing their pussies against my legs. I took this to mean that I could now touch so I started to squeeze their soft ass cheeks. They pushed their ass towards my hands encouraging me to squeeze harderKimberly stood up and turned round climbing up on the chair with her feet either side of me. She leaned forward and squatted down pressing her pussy towards my waiting mouth. I reached up and fondled her breasts and started to lick her clitoris. I was immediately aware of Sarah’s lips and tongue working on my cock. She was cupping and squeezing my balls and pushing down hard taking my cock fully into her mouth. It is hard to believe that one so young could become so adept at sucking cock. I moved my hands round to Kimberly’s ass pushing her towards my mouth so that I could press harder on her clitoris. I was trying so desperately to give Kimberly the cunt licking of a lifetime but the feeling of my cock in Sarah’s mouth and not wanting to cum just yet was making it difficult.Sarah got up and turned round pressing the head of my cock with her pussy lips and then pushed down impaling herself. She pushed all the way down; my cock was completely inside her; she moaned and sat rocking in a circular motion. As she rotated around she fingered her clitoris and almost immediately she started cumming. I loved the feeling of her cunt on my cock as she rode her orgasm. Sarah raised herself; freeing my cock; turning to put her arms around Kimberly cupping her breasts and kissing her neck. “Your turn baby” she said. “I got a hard cock waiting for you” Kimberly slid down and my cock brushed across her pussy lips. She kissed me and said “I love your tongue on my clit but now I need your cock inside me” She pressed her pussy hard against my cock until I started to enter her. She was warm and wet and my cock slid into her easily. She started to ride me getting more and more verbal as she did. Her breasts were bouncing up and down; I took one in each hand drawing them together and sucking her nipples. They got so hard and I turned them in to face each other allowing me to suck both nipples at the same time. Her head rolled back and I could see that she was enjoying it. I was too; Sarah was behind Kimberly stimulating her from behind and pushed a finger into her ass; then another. Kimberly was thrashing about and then screamed NOW! Now I am ready for you to push your cock in my ass. She raised herself off my cock and turned round to face Sarah.Kimberly pushed her fingers into her own cunt and used her wetness on her asshole. She lowered herself slowly taking my cock in her hand guiding it towards her tiny hole. She pushed down and I started to enter her. My cock felt so sensitive that I considered I might cum. She pushed down slowly and her ass enveloped my cock. Oh my god it was good. She pressed down and withdrew then pushed down again; her ass was so tight and the feeling was so fucking gorgeous I only lasted a short time before I was shooting my load into her ass. The pressure eased as my semen lubricated her inner walls but her ass still held a tight grip on my cock even with its deflation following my ejaculation. Sarah came in close to me; “have you come in Kimberly’s ass you naughty boy?” she asked. “I have” I admitted. “Then I think we need to finish Kimberly off she said. I got out of the chair and we sat Kimberly in it with her legs d****d over the arms exposing her wet cunt. I pushed several fingers into her cunt while I licked her clitoris. Sarah massaged her breasts and kissed her hard. I started to push more fingers into her and she squealed each time I stretched her but she kept begging me to stretch her more. I tried pushing my whole hand in but it wouldn’t go. “Its no good baby, I cant get my hand in” I said and Sarah joined me between Kimberly’s legs. Sarah started to push with her fingers eventually easing her hand more and more into Kimberly until she was fully inside. It looked like she was in way past her wrist. Kimberly was sat with her head resting against the back of the armchair and her mouth was open as she enjoyed the fisting that Sarah was giving her. I couldn’t resist; in one mad impulse I straddled her kneeling on the arms of the chair and pushed my cock into her open mouth. Her lips closed around my glans and I pushed further in. Her mouth accepted me willingly; sucking hard. Sarah nibbled and licked her clitoris while she pumped with her fist. Kimberly started to cum and I withdrew my cock masturbating wildly to finish what I had started with Kimberly. In no time at all the sight of Kimberly thrashing her way through her orgasm had me shooting my sperm over her lower neck and breasts. My knees started to shake on the arms of the chair and I had to jump off.Sarah pulled her hand from Kimberly’s swollen pussy and sat down on the floor. I moved around behind her and wrapped my arms and legs around her holding her tight and kissing her head in a fatherly manner. “Are you all right Kimberly?” Sarah asked, as we looked at her exhausted body flaked out in the chair. “I’m fine” murmured Kimberly “I have had hard cock in all of my holes and I feel great. “And Sarah I can’t wait until our next sleepover so you can fist me again”“Thank you girls I think you have made sure that we have had a memorable last day,” I said. “How do you too know about Naked News?” “From my dad” Kimberly said. “Why did he tell you about that” “Well he didn’t really. One day he said to Frankie that he should have named her Katherine. He said that she would have had the same name as his favourite newsreader Katherine Curtiss”. So why didn’t he named you Katherine?” “Mum said it wouldn’t have been appropriate, it was only when we looked her up on the Internet that we understood her concerns. We found that she is an anchor on Naked News. We watched a few videos of Naked News and that gave us the idea for today”.” Sarah turned to me “Did you like it Daddy? Did it turn you on watching us stripping for you? Your cock got so hard; you really like Kimberly’s breasts don’t you; I know why; I love them too”. “I love both of you” I said “this is the best holiday I have ever had or ever will have I suspect. Go and stand by the sideboard in just your shoes and let me take some photos; you look so gorgeous”. My camera was dead so I had to take them with my phone. Took a few sitting and a couple of open leg shots too, nice close ups of their beautiful pussies. I was getting turned on again but we needed to get cleaned up.That night we all slept together in my bed for one last time. I lay in the middle with my girls in my arms and we cuddled until sleep took us. I had set my alarm to go off early. We had to vacate the cottage by 10:00 and we needed to get sorted. We put the kettle on for tea and toasted the last few slices of bread making as little washing up as possible. With the car loaded we each in turn made a sweep of the cottage to make sure that (a) we had not left anything behind and (b) we had cleared up any tell tale signs of a week of sucking and fucking.I turned on the engine; swung the car round and we headed out of the field for the final time. We stopped in a lay by to grab a bacon butty from a snack bar and then we started heading south. The girls were quiet in the back and I saw in my mirror that they were catching up on sleep; having been roused very early this morning. I flicked through the CD player until I reached the ‘Alchemy’ disk and amused myself thinking of the girls dancing to it the night before, considering how two horny seductresses could look so angelic when they are asleep.

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