Sauna With A Housewife

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The sun shone merciless down on him. There was no single cloud on the wide blue sky. Mark was lying on the veranda of his parents apartment. Easter had just passed and he was enjoying the last days of his semester break. The weather had been surprising good for this time of year and with temperatures around 25 degrees it was wonderful to be outside. People were wearing summer clothes and Mark was happy to see the girls in their revealing summer fashion again. The apartment block had been built in front of a big river and from the veranda Mark had a good view on the beach. Kids were screaming and running around, dogs were barking, and a number of people were lying in the sun. Mark put down his sunglasses and scratched his short brown hair. It was hot and he looked annoyed at the empty bottle of Coke. Time to get another one, he thought. Before he stood up he looked down on the beach. A group of girls were sitting in one corner.

“Hello there…” he mumbled and looked closer. Their eyes were covered with sunglasses but their bodies were just dressed in skimpy bikinis. Mark carefully looked around and made sure his parents were not around. Quickly he grabbed a binocular and had a quick look at the girls. Some of them had put on a t-shirt but he could clearly make out their curvy chests. One of them had only a red bikini on and was lying on her back and Mark’s view halted for a while on her but cheeks.

“Jesus…” he mumbled when he saw a pair of perfect breasts pressed back by a black Bikini. He could see them so close that he nearly thought that he could touch the for real. He stared at those girls for a while and then put the binoculars down. He was horny as hell.

“What am I doing…acting like a bloody pervert.” He muttered to himself again and stood up to get his drink.

Mark was 21 and a second year student at L. University. He had not seen his parents for over 7 months and so he decided to visit them over the Easter holidays. He had to leave his girlfriend and that was quite tough. He missed her like hell and further more he missed her in bed. For 3 weeks now he had no sexual activity and with 21 that was a pretty long time. It was nearly a new World Record for Mark.

He passed the living room and saw his parents were reading newspaper. The kitchen floor was cool and nice. He opened the fridge, grabbed the next best bottle and took it back with him to the veranda. The girls were still on the beach. For a while he stared at them and thought about the binocular but dropped that thought. Maybe he should go down there and start to chat them up…but no he wasn’t that type of guy. He was too shy and probably would have died of it before he could even say a word to those girls. He sat down and thought about the breast of that girl and his little fella twitched.

“Give me a break…” he said and took the book he was reading.

After two hours on the veranda Mark went inside. He stank of sweat and thought about going into the shower.

“Why don’t you go to the pool downstairs?” his mother told him when he passed the kitchen to his room.

With pool she meant the indoor pool downstairs in the basement which they shared with the other occupants of the apartment block.

“It’s pretty deserted nowadays.” She told him.

The other people who lived here were all quite old and often people bought these apartments here to retire. So most of the people were well over 60. Mark was the only “young” guy around here. On the one hand it was nice to be back home but on the other hand he always felt like living in perfect boredom which was surrounded with muttering old people.

“You should swim sometimes to build up your muscles.” His mother said and Mark went on.

He wasn’t interested in listening to the lectures of his mother again. Mark was once the captain of the school swimming team but since he started with the Uni sports was not on his mind anymore.

He went back to his room and thought of dipping into the cool water. So, he went and hoped that it would be deserted as his mother said.

Carefully he opened the door and looked inside. It was quite and nobody seemed to be inside. He entered the pool. It smelled of disinfecting substances and the air was hotter than outside. Sweat was on his body when he entered the inner rooms of the pool. Wood planks were put around the walls of the room. To his left was a small sauna and to his right a wooden bench. It was more like a bed than a bench. A solarium machine hang over the bed and Mark switched on the bright light.

“Nice…!” he whispered demetevler escort and threw his towel and change of clothes on the wooden bed. He switched off the light and followed the three steps down to the pool. It was a tiny pool. 10 meters in length and 6 meters wide. Two huge windows on the side of the room brought in the light. Mark went to the shower and washed the sweat off. He already had put on the tight trunks in his room. The trunks were still from the glorious days when he was swimming for his school. He still had some muscles to show but his belly looked rather normal compared to the six pack of the Diet Coke bloke.

Mark dived into the cool water and started to swim. He enjoyed being in the water again. He raced around for a long while. He timed himself with the watch on the wall and was furiously panting for breath.

Mark nearly screamed off his head in surprise when he realised somebody standing on the stairs. It was a young women in a short bath robe. She was well tanned and her brown, slim legs seemed to go one forever. Her black hair was straight and long, going up to her shoulders. Mark looked into her hazelnut brown eyes. They seemed to flicker with interest.

“Hi there.” She said. Her voice was high and comforting sounding.

“H…Hi!” Mark replied recovering from his shock. He was still breathing quite heavily from his last swim.

“I suppose that the things on the bench belong to you?” she asked him.

Mark nodded.

“Is it alright with you, if I use the Solarium and the Sauna?” she asked him.

“Sure. Go one, I just came down for a swim.” He answered.

She smiled. Mark’s heart beat did not slow down.

“Is it alright if you could take your things away?” she asked him again, after a while.

Mark was embarrassed. He jumped out of the pool and climbed up the stairs. The water was running down his body. She was a bit smaller than him and her head went up to his chin.

“Thanks.” She said when Mark came up to her. “I am really Sorry to disturb you.”

“No problem at all. It gives me a break.” He said and smiled.

She smiled back and Mark had to admit that she was an attractive woman.

“My name is Isabel.” She introduced herself.

“Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Mark McRyan.”

Isabel told him that she just moved up with her husband to this place. As it seemed to be a nice place for him to retire. Mark listened to her and just could not keep his eyes from her. He removed his clothes from the bench and they kept talking about the apartment and himself for a while.

“Well, time to get some tan.” She said and removed the belt of her bathrobe.

Mark was a bit shocked and embarrassed at first but realised that she wore a black bikini under it. It reminded him of the girl on the beach. But compared to Isabel that girl was still a girl. Isabel looked like something out of Vogue or Elle. She was slim and her breasts were impossible to ignore. They were perfectly formed and he stared into the cleavage. Quickly he looked away when she was folded the bathrobe.

“Could you put it with your things on the bench next to the pool please?” she asked him.

“Sure.” Mark muttered and took it into his arms. It was soft and still warm from her body heat. The trunks were getting tighter.

“Well, enjoy it.” He said and went down to the pool.

After he put the clothes away he jumped into the pool to cool him down again. Isabel made him horny again. Now, he could not concentrate on the swimming anymore. Thoughts of being naked with her in the water came across his mind. He was dreaming and swimming slowly in the water. He had the desperate desire to jerk off. He was so pumped up with desire that he could not think straight anymore.

After another half a hour he thought of leaving but could not go. Something was holding him back. Something was wishing for a wonder to happen. But another 15 minutes passed and he was calm again. He went out of the water washed his hair and body under the shower, grabbed the towel and was on his way, when Isabel called his name.

She was standing in her bikini on the top of the stairs again. He looked at her and his little friend fired automatically up. Just calm down Mark, he thought. But how could anyone calm down in front of such a women. She was the dream of everyone. He could not believe that she was married to a man who was retiring.

“Would you like to join me in the Sauna?” she asked him and Mark thought he was dreaming.

Making sure that he did not look like jumping dikmen escort like a horny teenager on her offer he hesitated a bit.

“Please Mark. Otherwise it’s always so boring.” She said.

So what could he say other than yes.

He left his things behind and followed her back to the room again. Mark stared at her wiggling butt cheeks. She seemed to have taken a shower as her body was wet. He wondered why he didn’t realise it. The bikini panties were sticking to her brown tanned body and the view of her ass raised the temperature in the room. She opened the heavy wooden door to the Sauna. Her breasts shook with the movement.

Mark sighed when he felt the hot air of the sauna. He didn’t like it very much. He always got a feeling of claustrophobia in those little windowless rooms. He always thought what would happen if the door would not open anymore. Today, however was a different story.

The sauna had three different wooden banks. One on the top for the crazy ones among the sauna fanatics. They sat down on the middle bank. Isabel stroked her hair back and sighed. She leaned her head and back against the wall of the room. Mark did the same. After a while they started to talk. Isabel asked him about how the student life was and she told him about her former job. She was a secretary for a boss of a famous company. At the end she ended up with him. She tried to sound happy but Mark could hear a slight disappointing tone in her story. The temperature rose and Mark was again covered in sweat. His hair was nearly dry and he longed for a drink.

“You look so tense Mark.” She said.

“I’m fighting a loosing battle against the heat.” He explained her.

“Come on lie down. I give you a little massage.” She said.

“Massage?!” Mark nearly choked.

“Lie down and relax. I am really good at this.”

“I’m sure you are…but you don’t have to.”

She pressed him down and laughed. She sat down on his ass and began to rub his neck and shoulder.

“As I said, you are really tense here.”

Mark couldn’t believe what was happening. He could feel her ass cheeks on his own bum. She was really good at the massage. It felt so good that he got goose bumps. Isabels hands moved up and down his shoulder and she didn’t seem to care if she got sticky fingers of his sweat. Mark soon forgot the heat of the sauna and enjoyed her soothing hands. Every time she moved her buttocks moved on his and Marks dick was getting harder and harder.

“Should I massage you?” he asked boldly.

“You would do that for me?” she asked.


They changed their position. She lay on her belly and Mark looked down on her butt.

Oh my God…he said and spread his legs and sat down on her. He felt her soft skin on his thighs.

“I hope I’m not to heavy for you.” He asked her.

“No…” she sighed, when his hands rubbed her neck.

“That’s aaah really nice Mark.” She whispered.

The touch on her skin aroused him and he glided his finger down her back. He touched her slowly and teased her. He felt how goose bumps build up on her skin surface. The sweat made her skin slippery but he enjoyed it. It made the touch feel more sensual and erotic.

“Ooh Mark…” she said in a sweet voice again. His hands massaged her shoulders and his fingers glided down the skin to her back.

She sighed deeply. Mark’s dick was rock hard and he could not avoid that it touched her lower back when he stretched out his fingers to massage her shoulders. Mark had to control that lust did not overcame him. He wanted to lick her back and strike his dick into her. He looked into the reddened face of Isabel. Her eyes were closed but he could see that she also enjoyed it. Suddenly her fingers appeared and loosened up the two straps which were holding her bikini top.

“Stroke my back Mark.” She said her lustful eyes looking back into his eyes.

He nodded and dug his finger deep into the flesh of Isabel, hearing how she moaned with pleasure. He was horny and with uncontrollable lust he touched the soft sides of her squashed breast. He was getting bolder by the minute and circled his ass on hers. His dick nearly burst open the trunk of his. Isabel felt how his hard little friend pressed against her lower back.

“Thank you Mark…I think I had enough.” She said and tried to sit up.

“You’re sure?” he asked a little disappointed.

She nodded and he let her go. For a second he wanted to crush her down and forcing his dick down her pussy which was certainly wet by now.

She covered ankara escort her breast with the bikini top and tried to put the strings back together on her back. But after a while she let her hands loose and Mark stared into two 90cm Breasts. The nipples were a touch dark but they stuck out. She must have been quite horny as well.

Her face was red of the heat and the desire. Her eyes looked into his.

“Come on Baby.” She said, slung a hand around his neck and pulled his face between her breasts.

At that moment Mark exploded. For 3 weeks he waited and now this woman wanted him. It was strange and at the same time exciting. Carefully he licked one of her nipples. The sweat made it salty but he loved it. He sucked and the sound of it filled the room. She winced when he bit her nipple lustful. He could feel her hand touching his dick through the fabric of his trunks. They were both sitting close to each other. Their hands explored every part of their partners body. Mark loved her breasts. All fingers of his hands massaged her tits and nipples. They were hot, soft and slippery. They kissed and their tongues mingled. Quickly he stood up and took off his trunks. His 10 inch cock sprang out. He could see the excitement in Isabels eyes. Mark ripped her panties to her ankle. She had trimmed her pubic hair. Mark could not wait and wanted to ram his dick into her but she begged him to wait.

“No need to hurry baby…we have all the time we need.” Isabel said. She was breathing heavily.

Her hands took his pulsating stiff dick and rubbed it. His fingers fumbled around her vagina and as soon as he found her wet opening, three of his fingers were sucked in. Both nearly came to a climax. Mark moved quickly his fingers in and out of her love hole. With his free left hand he grabbed one of her ass cheeks and squeezed it. He loved the touch of it.

“I love you…” said Mark gasping for air.

The air was hot and burned in the nose but both could not stop at this point.

“Haaa…come here.” She whispered and tried to get him on the bench.

But he didn’t want to. He took her body by her small waist and turned it. She hold her arms on the top bench and he spread her legs. Her ass was so sweet that he licked it. Her pussy was wet and dripping by now. He held his dick and forced it deep into her hot pussy. She screamed out in pleasure.

“Aahhh, God you are a tight pussy Isabel.” He said.

She turned her head and saw how the last inch of his cock vanished into her hole. She could feel the hot swinging prick in her. The first move back was wonderful. She was tight and her muscles grabbed after his dick. She moaned and mumbled something he could not hear. His hips moved faster with each stroke and with each stroke a new wave of pleasure hit him.

“Come on Baby…I want to feel you.” She said.

Mark panted for air and he moaned as well. The sound of his ball slapping against her ass cheek filled the room. The sweat and the pre cum made it easy to slide in and out of her. Sweat was dripping down his chin.

He stepped up a gear and moved his hips faster. Like some wild beast he thrust his dick into her hole. Isabel was moving her hips with him now. Both were on the verge of ecstasy.

“I’m coming Isabel. My balls are shrivelling together…” he called out.

“You have to get it out Mark…” she said.

He wanted to shoot his load into her. He continued to push several strokes into her.

Something tightened his dick and strangled it wildly. Cum was dripping down Isabels pussy.

“GOD…AA, AAA” she screamed loudly and came like a waterfall.

That gave Mark the rest. He pulled his wet dick out of her and with a loud scream of pleasure he shot his cum on the back of Isabel. It was his savings of 3 weeks none sexual activity. Another shudder came over him and he shot a massive load again on to her.

Isabel turned around. Her black hair was hanging on her sweaty face. She dipped a finger into her pussy and forced it into Marks mouth. He gave her some of his.

“You were wonderful…” she said after they calmed down.

“It was great…I still can’t believe that we did it.” Mark replied.

“So you want some more?” she asked him and smiled.

“I would lie if I would say no.”

“Come on…lets have a shower.”

“But people could see us through the window.” He said.

“So? Let them see us.”

“What about your husband?” Mark asked in a frantic voice.

“He takes a nap…come on Mark. I want you.” She said and took his limp dick into her hand.

Isabel knelt down and sucked on it with pleasure. It was the first time Mark had a blowjob. It felt great. He felt how his dick grew in the mouth of her. He took her head and pushed it deeper into her.

This is just great he thought. It was going to be a fruitful vacation over all.

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