Scally boy memories part 2,or 3,can’t rememb

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Scally boy memories part 2,or 3,can’t remembSo yeah,me & me new mate are sat side by side on the sofa just enjoying our ciggies & slurping from our cans.One thing which really sets me off is that smell which only 2 boned up blokes can produce…sweaty,spunky & HOT.His smooth chest is rising sharply from his recent exertions,” Fuckin’ hell mate,that was soddin’ ACE,I mean it.If me lass wasn’t so effin’ little-miss-perfect then she’d eat me shiiter out like wot you just done”.I smile to myself…another arsehole well satisfied,lol.I reach out & wrap me fist round his knob,rubbing me thumb over his slimy,gummy bell-end to scoop us his gunk,”No worries,pal.Her loss,my gain,innit”.His knob’s swelling in me fist but I don’t wanna get him going too much coz I want his hot piss so I crack open another can & hand it over.He doesn’t refuse…just as I hoped…& guzzles most of it down in one,letting out a huge belch,nice one.I ask him to describe his lass knowing that by now his bladder is filling up nicely & with his knob on the stonk he’ll be needing a piss pretty soon & like most blokes pissing through a stiffie it intensifies the stream! See,always have a plan,hahaha.Hegrins at me,” Fuck mate…she is well lush,yeah.She got a BIG pair of titties,& bahis siteleri canlı her nipples are like fuckin’ bullets…loves it when I twist ’em & chew on ’em,gets her well wet”Lovely-jubbly,as Del Boy would say.He’s on the rise,knob twitching & bouncing against his thigh.He takes a pull on his ciggie,head back & exhales a stream of smoke,sighing,” And her twat…oh mate,it’s like fucking a 12 year old.Not a single fuckin’ hair on it,puffy little vag’ she’s got…& when I got a couple of fingers buried deep in her she squirms & groans & shoves her hips down on me hand”Good,good,he’s getting there.His hefty uncut cock’s well on the rise now,& yes,pre-jizz is dribbling out of his slit.I pick me can up & tap it against his indicating he’s ready for another lager…devious fucker I am!” Ah mate in a minute yeh,I need a slash badly”.And BINGO…the old magic has worked,hahahaha.So I stand up & says we may as well have a piss together coz I need one too.He looks at me for a few seconds & then grins,” Yeah mate no problemo,I aint shy & besides you’ve had me knob in yer mouth so it aint like you aint seen it,innit”.And AGAIN…BINGO! Leading the way down the hall I stand aside at the bathroom door,”After you mate”.We stand next to canlı casino siteleri each other,thighs touching & we point ‘percy at the porcelain’ After that initial second or so he skins his knob skin back…oh that delicious ripe smell…& lets go with a steady golden stream & as suspected,a pretty thick stream it was too.”Aaaaaaaagh…FUCK,I needed this mate,too many lagers”.He was looking down at his spewing knob like he was well proud of how much & how powerfully he was letting go.”Yeah mate,looks like it…pure fuckin’ lager by now,bet it tastes like it an’ all”He turns his head to face me,still gushing,& sneers,” Fuck mate,I reckon it does…why don’t ya give it a taste,see if it does”OH JOY,hahahaha.He points his stream at me & pisses all down me leg! Oh fuck,I’m gonna enjoy this!I slide me hand over me soaking leg & put the sodden hand to me lips.Mmmmm,well nice,I thought,as I stuck me tongue out & made a big show of slurping along me pissy palm.” Ah ya filthy fucker tasting me piss…ya want more dontchya?”Well not wanting to disappoint I parked me arse on the toilet seat & put me lips round his slimey pissy bell-end.The flow ceased…damnit…but hang on,yup,here it comes…a HOT gush of pissy lager flooded me mouth! casino oyna Shit,I had to chug it down as quick as I could so I didn’t lose any.” FUCK…IN’ HELL mate,yer doin’ it,yer soddin’ well swallowing me piss.Ah ya dirty fuccker”.Chugging away prevented me from responding but I recloned the fact that I was still locked on his hot ripe bell-end probably was sufficient evidence to prove that,yeah,I was swallowing his piss.He took hold of me head.” Fuck yeah,dat’s a good little queer slut….drink me fuckin’ scally piss”.Oh christ,he’s off again,with the ‘dirty’ verbal,haha.Not that I was too bothered,I was drinking his stream of the golden liquid…s’all that mattered.But like all good things….his stream slowed to a dribble & he slid his knob out of me mouth though not before I flicked me tongue over his piss-slit just to catch any spare drops.” Mate,yer one dirty fucker aintchya? Tell ya wot tho’ if me bird was as filthy as you then I’d be getting all this on tap 24/7″.I smiled,or rather grinned,up at me & said,” Any time,pal…any fuckin’ time,ya know where me mouth is”.He grinned & gave a loud belch…charming,lol…then said something about needing to get off coz he had stuff to do.Yeah right…he wanted to get home & stuff that big hairy uncut pisser up his lasses cunt is what he meant.But I’d had me fun & I strongly suspected he’d be back for another sess’…& he sure did come back again,& again,& again! He became as big a freak as me! That’s ma boy…hahaha.As usual,comments welcome.

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