Seduced by Teen Neighbour Pt. 02

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I could not sleep! Images of Beki, my 18-year-old teenage neighbour filled my head. Beki with her lips wrapped around my stiff prick. Her pushing her wonderful tits together and allowing me to slide my knob between them. Me pounding into her with a passion I hadn’t known I was capable of. Me lapping at her moist sex as she held onto my head and moaned loudly. “Lick me, daddy! So good!”. Why would an 18-year-old even look at an old man like me? OK I was still in my early 50s so didn’t like to think of myself as old, but I’m sure for someone Beki’s age this was ancient!

I would later discover that Beki and her mum had a little bet going on. After I was embarrassed at Beki’s revealing clothes at the start of the week, Beki’s mum, Julie, had jokingly said to Beki that I would resist her charms despite Beki’s claim that she could get any man she wanted. Beki loved the power she had over men (and sometimes women) and told her mum that with a bit of help she could have me in bed by the end of the week. Beki loved the thrill of the chase with men of all ages, and after getting me to reveal some of my secret porn viewing once she had succeeded in bedding me, she was looking forward to leading me on a journey of depravity and discovery.

For my part, I couldn’t believe how easily I had succumbed to temptation with Beki and, in my eyes at least, betrayed her mum’s trust. I could make excuses that she had come on to me, but I was old enough to be her father or even (though I hated to admit it) at 54 years old her grandfather at a push. I needed to be strong. I determined that this would be something I never repeated, even if the night and then following morning was etched in my memory. Even if part of me wanted nothing more than to experience again the thrill of the feel of her warm cunt around my hard cock. For the umpteenth time, my hand slipped to my penis as images of my gorgeous teenage neighbour ran through my head.

My fantasy was interrupted by a ping of a message on my phone from an unknown number.

“Hi lover, I’m still horny. What about you?”

“Who is this?” I asked, although I already knew really. Maybe it was one of these adult sex contact sites I had signed up for in moments of weakness. I knew they were mainly a scam to get money for you to talk to people who half the time were not real, and that even if I was able to connect with a real person, I would probably never have the balls to actually meet someone. Still, it was a nice fantasy in my sex starved brain to have no strings fun. I didn’t think I’d ever given my mobile number, and usually came to my senses and deleted accounts and profiles before I wasted too much money. Maybe I had been careless though…

“Do you have many sexy teenagers texting you in the middle of the night?” Asked Beki with a winky face.

“How did you get this number?”

“Mum of course” she replied, “You rang her remember?”

“Anyway, you never answered my question. Are you feeling horny?”

“Beki, I don’t think this is appropriate!”

“That didn’t bursa escort stop you fucking me last night, did it?”

“We shouldn’t have done that! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you!”

“I loved it! Did you not enjoy it?”

“Say no, say no, say no” said a small voice in the back of my brain.

“yes” I replied after a long pause as I battled with telling the truth and resisting her.

“I’m so wet for you. Is you cock nice and hard thinking about me?”

“Beki, I don’t think …” I was not even halfway through replying when another message arrived.

“Do you want to see my pussy?”

A photo message popped up showing Beki flat on her back with her hand pulling open the lips of her sex and two of her fingers dipping into her hole.

“Your turn!” she texted me after a couple of minutes.

This was so wrong, I knew I should put an end to this. Somehow though I found myself taking a selfie with my hand wrapped around my stiff prick.

My inner voice was going wild as my hand hovered over the reply button. What was I doing?!

“photo message sent.”

“I love the feel of your lips on mine, you kissing my neck then you taking one of my tits in your mouth. Is your prick throbbing? Are you stroking yourself for me, daddy?”

“Beki, you really need to stop!” I typed, although my heart was not in it.

“Then you start kissing down lower… and lower… and lower till your mouth is down there, at my sex. My wet pussy, dripping for you. Do you want to taste it? I bet you do. You want to stick out your tongue and lick up and down my crack, the slowly push your tongue in and out of my moist hole as you lap at my tight teenage cunt. Maybe you move your mouth and nibble lightly on my clit, making me moan in pleasure before you push your fingers into my secret place. I’m so wet for you baby.”

I was stroking my hard cock rapidly, lost in the world Beki was creating. This was so wrong, but I was caught up in Beki’s fantasies. God, I was going to cum.

“Stop,” came a text halting me as I was about to go over the edge. “I want you to call me.”

A message appeared in my Facebook messenger feed. Beki had sent me a friend request. In a trance, I accepted, even though part of me knew I was getting deeper and deeper under this blonde bombshell’s spell.

“Let’s have a video chat!” came the message.

This was a step too far. In truth, I’d already crossed the line, in fact as they say the line was a dot to me in my rear-view mirror. However, I couldn’t call her up.

“Or shall I go and show the video from last night to mum?” Beki texted. “Last night was a bit dark, but the ones from this morning turned out really well. I particularly like the shots where you are eating me out and you can clearly see your head buried in my pussy.”

“Why are you doing this, Beki?” I asked in confusion.

“Because I can! Now, you going to call or not?” I didn’t realise at the time that Beki’s mum knew what a slut her stepdaughter was and in fact had already seen the video bursa escort bayan and paid up on their bet. I didn’t know until much later that not only did she know, but that Beki had already corrupted her mum and brother too into some incestuous sex. Beki knew this was something I read about and explored in my dark fantasies so she could have fun with this later. For me at this point, I had to hide everything that had happened, even though I knew that by engaging with her I was opening the door to who knows what.

Feeling compelled to call Beki, I gasped as she answered with a grin in just her bra and pants. God, she was so hot I thought, as I drooled at the sight of her scantily clad c-cup breasts and the sheerest of panties. What man could resist her really?! I told myself this as I tried to silence my conscience and was drawn deeper into Beki’s complete control.

“Steve, I’m missing you” she whispered, even though we had just been in bed together that morning.

“Are you still hard for me?” she asked.

“Beki, we shouldn’t…” I started to say.

“Show me!” she demanded as I tried to deny the inevitable.

Lost in a daze, I adjusted the camera until the lump in my boxers was clearly visible. At Beki’s instructions I peeled off my underwear and grabbed hold of my stiff member.

“Stroke it for me,” she urged me as her own hands went to her sex, and she directed her own camera to her intimate parts.

I was lost and I knew it, as I began to wank myself off for this teenage temptress.

Beki reached into her bedside cabinet and pulled out a black dildo. I had, to my shame, seen dildos like this in sex stores when I went looking for porn in the days before the internet took over like it has. I had even seen people using them in porn, but I still was not prepared for Beki to start forcing this down her throat as she looked at me.

“Hmmm, I wish this was you!” she said as she came up for air before pushing even more of the phallic object down her throat again.

“Wank yourself a bit faster!” she urged me as she pulled the dildo out of her mouth.

“Yes!” she cried as she slid the dildo back inside her fuckhole and started to just pump it in and out of her pussy.

Her hand became a blur as she slid more of the dildo into her intimate folds and it seemed to me that more and more of the fake cock was being buried inside of her.

“God, I wish this was your big cock!” she cried as she continued to shove the plastic rod into her hot snatch. I know these stories are often filled with men with huge dicks, but I can’t pretend I’m anything to write home about. Still my 5 ½ inches felt harder and bigger than it had ever been before as I looked on Beki with lust. The dildo seemed much larger than me, and I couldn’t fathom how she was pushing it so deep and so violently into her tight hole as she bucked on her bed. My own hand was a blur as I felt my own climax building.

“Just stop and watch me!” she urged me as she fucked herself with the toy. I think she knew I was escort bursa getting close and wanted to keep me on the edge.

Beki screamed in ecstasy as she rode herself to a mini orgasm whilst I just watched her on my phone. Somewhere, my rational thinking had switched off and I was just mesmerised by this teen sex goddess on my screen.

Beki still wanted more. Slowly but surely, she pulled the toy out of moist sex and I could tell it was wet with her feminine secretions. Sliding up the bed, she bent her legs over her head so I had a close-up view of her vulva and her arse hole as one of her hands slid around her private areas. She slid one of her fingers into her sweet cunt, then another before pulling them out and starting to probe her back passage with her fingers. My eyes went wider still as she sucked on the toy a bit more before beginning to rub it around her rosebud and make it nice and wet. I watched in silence as she inched the fake cock closer to her tightest hole and then past the ring of muscle around her back passage. I couldn’t tear my eyes away as I watched her shithole expand obscenely around the dildo as she pushed more of it into her depths and began to saw in and out of her rear.

“That’s it, fuck me daddy!” she screamed. Without even thinking about it, my hand had strayed back to my cock and I was rubbing it furiously as I watched my beautiful teen neighbour sodomise herself on her plastic penis.

“Maybe tomorrow, this could be you daddy!” she panted as she brought herself closer to the edge of another massive orgasm, the fake cock sliding deeper and deeper into her bum as she seemed to be leaking copious amounts of girl juice from her dripping pussy. I lost track of time as we both sped towards a sweet release, but I knew I could not last much longer.

“Come for me, daddy!” she urged me as we both approached the point of no return.

Beki was still thrusting the dildo in and out of her back passage at breath-taking speed as I spewed what felt like a gallon of cum over my hand and onto my stomach.

“Yes! I love it!” Beki screamed as she tumbled headlong into her own climax.

“What you doing tomorrow, daddy?” she asked as I sat, stunned at what had just happened. “Wanna come over and fuck me?”

“Um, I have church in the morning” I said weakly, once again feeling ashamed of my own actions.

“Cool!” she replied with not a care in the world. “I’ll tell my mum you are coming for lunch and then we can have some more sexy fun. Oh, and don’t be late, or I might be forced to put on a video instead!” she grinned evilly.

“OK,” I said meekly as I realised that I was caught with no way out. In truth, part of me was happy there was no way out, and I could use this as an excuse for indulging with sex beyond my dreams. Mind you, I had some pretty dark dreams that I had fed with some extreme porn over the years, but whatever I could come up with, Beki seemed to be determined to push further. As I switched off the screen, I tried to turn myself off and go to sleep, but now even more thoughts of sex were invading my consciousness as I thought about the day ahead.

I should have been spent and sleeping, but my hand was drawn towards my cock once again as thoughts of Beki filled my mind and my dreams.

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