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SELLING MY CRAZY COUSINBlond hair going toward grey and dull lack-luster eyes were the first things that everyone noticed about her. She stands 5’ 3” if she would ever stand up straight and her skin was showing the result of years of neglect. At 135 pounds she’s not too bad, but her waist needed trimming and tightening and her tits were already sagging more than they should have.Rachael is my cousin. We grew up in the New Jersey shore area. She was only 3 years younger than me so we played together at times and not at other times. I remember her when she had a sweet smile and nice figure. She was the envy of many of the girls in our small school and turned the boys’ heads as she walked by.Then I got a job offer and moved West. I bounced around in the oil fields of the southwestern US for several years going through one wife, two k**s and several jobs. I finally ended up with my own small business in the Houston area and a new wife.I knew that Rachael had turned to d**gs and booze. The d**gs were prescription stuff, mostly pain killers, that she had addicted herself too. No hard stuff and none of the i*****l shit or dope. The booze was mostly cheap wine, but she would drink anything that was available if nobody was looking.Over the past several years crazy cousin Rachael would call me at all hours of the day and night to whine and cry about one thing or another. She was divorced (again), her k**s didn’t want to see her, she needed money (I never sent her any) or her employer was such an asshole. She had been thrown out of every relative’s home on ‘the shore’ several times and had used up any and all ‘good will’ and family ties that she had. In desperation my father had called last Fall and asked if she could come out here to ‘get straightened out’? I discussed it with my wife of 15 months and we decided she could come but she had to get herself out here. I will be the first to admit that I never thought she could do that since she would spend every dime she had on meds and wine, but she arrived one day in November with less than 24 hours notice.Rachael seemed to be making some progress the first couple of weeks she was with us. My wife and I were both pleased and we actually had thoughts of her recovering and becoming a useful citizen again. Then Monica, my wife, had to leave for Philly for a week-long conference with two of her bosses. That left Rachael home alone with me.I told her that I expected her to help around the house now that Monica was gone and she should do the cleaning and cooking. I came home from work that night to find the place a mess and she was sitting on her ass watching TV. I told her to get her ass in the kitchen and make us some dinner to which she told me to go to hell ! Well I lost it. I chewed her out and called her a few names. I also told her that if she didn’t want to help around the house she could get out and find someplace else to live. Rachael started crying and ran into her room slamming her door while I sat down on the couch with a beer and a headache. An hour later I heard the back door slam and knew she had left. I figured she had gone for a walk to cool down.I woke up in front of the TV about a quarter after 2. There had been a knock on the door so I got up and went to answer it. Two rather large dudes were there. Between them was my drunken cousin who couldn’t stand up or talk. It seems that she had walked down to the local brew house and gotten several patrons to buy her enough drinks to get thoroughly wasted. Then she had taken a few hits off of someone’s toke and ended the night by snorting a row or two and chasing it with another beer. The bouncer had been watching out for her and when they closed, he and another friend had loaded her up and brought her home safely. I thanked them and put Rachael’s arm over my shoulder as I closed the door. I half led and half carried her down the hall and let her flop on her bed before I went back to the kitchen to get another beer. What was I going to do? I knew that if she had fallen off the wagon this far she probably wouldn’t go back on it so now I had to decide what to do with her.I walked down the hall and stood staring in her doorway. Her mouth was partially open and her chest was moving slightly with each breath but there was no other sign of life. I set my beer on the table and reached down to remove her shoes. Then I decided that she would be more comfortable without her clothes on if she was going to sleep in the bed. I was taking off her rumpled blouse and jeans when I got an idea. Hell, she was so sauced she wouldn’t feel or remember anything so I decided to get a look at her tits. I rolled her over and unhooked her bra sliding the straps down off of her shoulders. Then I rolled her back and lifted the bra off. Her tits did sag some but they weren’t too bad for a 40 year old broad. Nice areolas and really big nipples. Since she hadn’t made a sound or moved I figured what the hell and reached out and started playing with her tits. The skin was soft and smooth as I rubbed them around. Soon I noticed her nipples were getting hard. It seemed that her body still could respond even if her drunken mind was unaware.I got bolder and bolder as I squeezed her big titties and rolled the nips between my thumb and forefinger. I finally decided I might as well see what else this package had so I reached down and slowly slid her cotton panties down and removed them too.As I had expected her crotch was a ball of ugly fur that hadn’t been trimmed in quite some time. I chuckled to myself as I got a wonderful idea. Quickly I got up and went to our bathroom. I returned with a pair of scissors and my wife’s electric razor/trimmer. I plugged in the razor and set it aside. Then I spread Rachael’s legs as far apart as they would go and stay. Just then another idea crossed my mind and I quickly ran back to my den and got our camera. I returned and took several good shots of Rachael naked on the bed. Then I took a few close-ups of her tits and finally some good shots of her hairy snatch.Setting halkalı escort the camera aside I took up the trimmer and carefully trimmed all the hair off of one side of my cousin’s pussy. I took a couple more pics and then used the trimmer to remove the hair from the other side leaving only a small patch directly above the slit. Next I switched to the razor and began to methodically shave my drunken cousin’s pubes. After about 15 minutes of moving her this way and that, I got her shaved smooth and clean. I then took several more pics of her now clean shaven pussy and the small strip of hair just above it.While I was shaving her I slipped a finger inside of her pussy and rubbed it around some. To my amazement she actually started to get wet so I slid another finger in and finally a third. I was able to get some good close-ups of my left hand working away inside of her well lubricated pussy. Again I made a quick trip to my bedroom and found my wife’s toy sack where she kept it in our closet. Throwing the sack on the bed next to Rachael, I selected one of the biggest dildos my wife had. It was about 9” long and very thick. We used it for play **** scenes but honestly I never could understand how she could handle that monster. I lubed it up and then slid that monster straight into my drunken slut of a cousin and twisted it around. A slight moan escaped her lips and her head flopped from one side to the other but she was soon out cold again.I took some more pictures. This time with that monster cock buried deep in her twat or part way out of it. I even took her hand and positioned it so that it looked like she was masturbating with that monster. Now I was ready for the next part. With that dildo buried deep in my cousin’s little pussy, I reached out and rolled her over on her stomach. I raised her hips enough to slide a thick pillow under them and then spread her legs again.Click, click as my camera got a few pics of her tight brown anal pucker. Her hand was still trapped under her and she looked like she was frigging herself happily in the pictures I took.Now I reached in the bag and got out some more lube. I selected a small butt-plug and smeared a generous portion of lube on the tip. Then, with a smile, I applied that tip to Rachael’s asshole and PUSHED ! That butt-plug popped right in her and her brown pucker closed around the base. There was the slightest hesitation in her breathing but Rachael never moved and I grabbed the camera to get shots of her with both holes filled.The excitement was too much and I quickly dropped my pants and boxers on the floor by her bed. I set the camera on the dresser and pointed it at the bed. With a little careful manipulation I got it pointed just right and set the timer. Then I quickly went over and picked up my cousin’s head. I inserted my semi-hard cock into her mouth and waited. Click! I reset the camera’s timer and did it again; this time with my dick almost all the way in her mouth and my hand holding her by the hair. Click! One more I figured. This time I lubed my cock up and reset the timer for the maximum. I grabbed Rachael’s head and started to face fuck her. When I thought the camera was about to go off I smoothly slid my entire cock deep into her throat and held it there. Click! And I had my picture. I knew that I could crop those later to take out my face and anything else I wanted others not to see so I was really happy.The face-fuck had gagged Rachael slightly but she never woke up. I started thinking about fucking my crazy cousin. I reached out again and started playing her big tits. I would squeeze them and run my fingers around the areolas watching as her nipples got hard and lots of little bumps appeared on the areolas. She moaned happily in her drunken stupor but then rolled over on her tummy and trapped my hand beneath her.Now I had a plan. I got up and went to the phone in our bedroom. It took about ten minutes to call both of my buddies from the Club. I walked over to the front door and made sure it was unlocked and then headed into the kitchen to find the open bottle of gin we had left. With that in hand I returned to Rachael’s room and found her exactly as I had left her.Quickly I removed the butt-plug from her ass and then the dildo from her wet cunt. I cleaned the toys and put them away. I rolled Rachael over on her back and got her to sit up with my help. I gave her the bottle of gin and watched as she took two large swigs off of it. Well, actually I helped her to take those swigs. She was so inebriated that she couldn’t hold the bottle but she drank once it was placed at her lips. With the bottle almost empty (it had only been about 1/4 full), I hid it and laid my sodden cousin back down. She immediately passed out again and I left the room. I went back to my room and got my wife’s digital movie camera and set it up on the dresser with a perfect view of Rachael on the bed.The doorbell never rang. John and Dave both arrived minutes apart wanting to know what was so important that they had to get up and leave home at 3 AM. When I told them their eyes got wide and their smiles got even wider. Both guys immediately pulled out their wallets and gave me $100 each. I then told them to get undressed and follow me to Rachael’s room where my crazy cousin was snoring away fitfully.Dave walked over to the side of the bed and tried to talk to her. No response. Then he tried shaking her and still nothing. Quietly I reached out and started the movie camera where it was sitting. Finally Dave reached down and grabbed one of her big soft melons in his hand and started to knead it while his fingers twisted the nipple. Still no response from Rachael as her head flopped over to one side. This gave Dave the idea to face-fuck my crazy cousin so he slid up and turned slightly to push the head of his cock in between her lips. After only a second or two Rachael started to softly suck on the head of his erect cock and allow him olgun escort to slide more and more of it into her waiting mouth. Dave was in heaven as he grabbed her head and started to push his member deeper into her mouth. He was moving it faster and faster until it was obvious to John and I that he was about to cum. He then pushed the remainder of his cock all the way down her throat and shot his load directly into her tummy.When Dave had finished and pulled out of poor Rachael’s lips, she coughed a bit and fell back on the pillow sound asleep. This woman must have been used like this many times before because being face-fucked hard and taking a load of man-cream down her throat never even woke her.Now it was John’s turn. Dave and I watched as John got on the bed and spread Rachael’s legs. He began to finger her pussy real good but she was too drunk to even get wet. I offered him a tube of lube but he declined saying he liked them tight and dry. Then John lifted Rachael’s legs high off the bed. He slid her ankles over his shoulders and lined his long throbbing cock up with the entrance to her love canal. After rubbing the head back and forth several times John stopped. Then with one mighty shove he buried his member all the way into my poor cousin’s dry hot quim.Rachael’s eyes sprang open for an instant as John hit bottom and began to move from side to side in her hot box, but almost immediately her eyes closed again and she was gone. John began to push in and out of Rachael. She had been dry at first but body responded even if her mind couldn’t and soon we were hearing wet squishing sounds as John drove his rod in and out of Rachael’s pussy.This was just too good to miss so I grabbed the camera and started snapping shots as John worked on my cousin’s box. He was grabbing and squeezing her titties. Click.! Then he was pile-driving her pussy. His tool would come completely out and then drive back into her with such force that I was sure the headboard was going to break against the wall. Click.! Click.! Now John was using her like a madman. His hips were almost a blur as he drove his hard cock in and out of her tunnel. Every thrust seemed harder and deeper than the last.Finally John couldn’t hold out any longer. The huge grimace on his face told that he was trying not to cum and to wait, but his body had waited long enough. With a gutteral growl John slammed into poor Rachael’s sloppy wet cunt one final time and unloaded his man-seed deep into her wet cunt. He continued to shake and growl while he shot stream after stream of his hot goo into Rachael. When he had finally finished he collapsed on her chest and rolled to one side too tired to get up and off of her.Now it was my turn. One look at Rachael’s sloppy dripping cunt and I knew I didn’t want to go there. Not that I’m a prude but I didn’t see that it was going to be very tight or much fun in its present condition. I had already face-fucked her once so that wasn’t high on my list but there was one place that nobody had been yet. I got John and Dave to help me roll Rachael over and position her on the bed with a large pillow under her tummy. Then I climbed up on the bed pushing her knees apart as I moved and took my hard throbbing cock in my hand. Watching Rachael get her face and pussy fucked had gotten my dick as hard as Chinese arithmetic and I knew just where I was going to go with it.The butt-plug I had used on her earlier was quite small, but my fully erect dick was just over 7 1/2″ long and almost 2″ across. I lined this up with her tight brown puckered hole and set the tip at the entrance. There was a tiny bit of lube left from my earlier efforts so I elected to not use any more. Just as I started to shove the head of my member into her tight butt I heard, Click.! and turned to see Dave with my camera in his hands. The video camera was still sitting on the dresser and I noted that both of the guys were carefully not getting in between that video camera and the action. I smiled as I pushed slightly further and felt a satisfying pop as the head of my cock slid past her spinchter and entered her nether region.Rachael was moaning now and trying to move about some. I guess that forcing myself into her tight ass created enough pain to even get past her drunkenness. Maybe some of the d**gs were wearing off too, I don’t know.”You Bitch.!” I said, ‘you want to treat me like scum in my own house?”. “Take this.!” and I drove my entire length deep into her bowels.Her mouth came open and her head came up as Rachael tried to scream while I held myself fully engulfed in her hot brown hole. Before she could do much of anything I grabbed a handful of her mousy blond hair and pulled back hard. Her eyes fluttered open and her mouth opened and closed several times. I told John to grab the bottle of gin and he poured about a double shot directly into her mouth and made her swallow it. That was enough to send her senses reeling again. Her eyes glazed over and slowly closed. As soon as her eyes closed again I released her hair and immediately started to friction in and out of her tight backdoor. I grabbed her hips to give myself more leverage as I slowly at first and then faster, drove myself to the hilt in her tight little ass. I enjoyed the raw pleasure of forcing myself deep into her depths and then pulling my love-sword back for another stroke. I could feel her hot tight ass trying to push me out and that only made it better for me as I ravished my cousin’s virgin asshole.Yeah, virgin asshole. didn’t I mention it? Several times in our conversations my dear cousin had said that her anal virginity was one of the problems between her and her ex. Seems he wanted to push his poker into her butt and she would have none of it. “My ass is exit only.!” was her favorite saying. “No man is going to EVER do that to me.!” Guess what cuz? You ain’t virgin there anymore.My pleasure was really mounting at şişli escort the thought of having this anal virgin and dumping my load deep in her bowels. As I frictioned in and out of Rachael’s butt I started to notice that it was loosening up and there was definitely some lubrication there too. OI also noticed that my dear cousin was starting to hump back against me each time I drove my manhood into her tight rectum. Soon she was squirming around and I could feel her muscles inside as she actively tightened and loosened herself to take even more of my rock-hard shaft as it violated her tender ass. Holy Crap.! She liked it.! She may have been drunk and stoned but her body was responding and she was starting to really get into this ass-fucking thing.By now I had been plowing her furrow for a good ten minutes straight. The earlier face-fuck had taken the edge off of my need but it was returning quickly. When Rachael raised her head on her own, my buddy John, now fully recovered, grabbed her hair and stuffed his semi-flaccid man-meat into her mouth. The little bitch closed her mouth around his tool and immediately began to suck on his rod getting him hard again in no time at all.I continued to drive my hard cock deep into her rectum and John was getting a blowjob so poor Dave decided to join in too. He reached under Rachael’s chest and grabbed her big floppy boob with his left hand and started to really squeeze and knead her tit-flesh. His right hand wormed under her middle until it found her vulva. With a finger at the entrance, her worked his hand around massaging her mound. “She’s really wet down here…”, Dave remarked. “I think she’s really starting to get into this.” Indeed she was. Her head was going up and down on John’s cock by itself now. About every fourth stroke down he began to push her head forcing her to swallow his entire member. This was more than poor Dave could take and he was soon shooting his second huge load. This time it was sliding down her throat and into my cousin’s poor tummy. Watching this while I continues to drive myself deep into Rachael’s ass was getting me more and more excited.Now John and Dave switched places and Rachael found herself with Dave’s cock in her mouth. John reached under my cousin and grabbed her tit with one hand and stuck a hand under her vulva just as Dave had done. But John didn’t stop there. He inserted one finger and then two into Rachael’s dripping wet cunt and started to finger her and work of her G spot. In no time at all Rachael’s body was thrashing around as best it could with Dave holding her head and me fucking her asshole. In less than two minutes I felt Rachael start to shake and I knew she was climaxing.I told the guys and they both grinned. Now I lost what little control I had left. Like a madman I drove in and out of Rachael as hard and as fast as I could. I was going faster than I can remember fucking any woman before. That hot dizzy feeling rolled around in my groin and started up my shaft. I tried to hold out as long as I could but it was too late. With a loud yell I drove my man-meat as deep into my cousin’s ass as I could possibly go and let loose spurt after spurt of hot gooey cream.At the same time Rachael was cumming again. This time she was humping up against my hard cock as I drove into her ass and then down against John’s fingers that were invading her wet cunny. This was too much for Dave too and he started to yell he was going to cum. He grabbed Rachael’s hair even tighter and forced her head all the way down onto his stiff throbbing cock as he led loose a torrent of his own cream straight down her throat.Over an hour later John, Dave and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking about what had just happened. It was now 6 AM and we were drinking coffee when Rachael appeared in the doorway. She had showered and washed her hair, dried it and put on some make-up. “Would you boys like some breakfast?” she asked. “I can make you some if you’d like.” Needless to say this blew me away. Rachael NEVER got out of bed before 10 and I had figured she was out ’til at least noon today. Then for her to be cleaned up and her hair done? What the hell was going on here?After breakfast Rachael cleared the table and washed the dishes without being told. John and Dave both said they had to get to work. I had planned on working at home today so I went to my home office and sat down at the computer. I had just gotten into my first proposal that needed reviewing when my crazy cousin came into the room with a fresh cup of coffee for me and one for her. She sat down in my lap and looked into my eyes.”Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to fuck me?” she said. “I’ve wanted that since we were k**s together back home. My ex always wanted to ‘make love’ but he would never TAKE what he wanted. I knew you were man enough to do that, even if he wasn’t.”I was totally shocked. I was expecting the ‘big scene’ with the threats and yelling. Here was my crazy cousin sitting on my lap and talking to me like an adult for the first time in a lot of years.”Well, what do you want to do now?” I asked. “Are you mad? Are you planning on telling Monica?””I was mad as hell when you did that to me. Ramming your cock in my ass HURT. But when I got into the shower and started thinking I realized just what a bitch I had been and why you were so mad. I decided that maybe we could come to an agreement that would work for both of us.”The rest of the morning was spent talking and discussing just how that agreement might work. From now on Rachael stays off d**gs completely. She can drink at home but only small amounts and only with one of us present. She will help around the house and do things to help and repay us for letting her live there. She’s enrolling in the community college part-time and has an appointment with a hair stylist to get some new color in her hair and get rid of her mousy look.John and Dave will be back this Friday night for a little more fun before Monica returns on Saturday. This time Rachael gets to keep the money. Half of it goes into a savings to pay for school and the other half will be used to get some new clothes and improve her looks.I’ve also been told that we need to find a place where we can schedule a ‘party’ for Rachael once or twice a week. I get to keep 25% of the proceeds for ‘rent’. Things are definitely looking up…………. Now how am I going to explain all of this to my wife?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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