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Sex is on the rise in retirement communities- My rMen over 50 are having more sex than people of their age group in decades past because of the availability of ED d**gs like Viagra and Cialis. Bucking an expected natural decrease with age, the amount of sex healthy men have has actually increased after age 60 by as much as three times. Contributors for this are more time and energy after retirement, a relaxing of taboos they grew up with, and an increasing ratio of women over men of the same age.This is reflected not only in ED d**g consumption, and sexual device sales, but in an alarming spike in STDs for that age group. is an experience I had visiting a retirement community several days last month. Helping parents move into Lady Lake, FL, and ended up hooking up with a guy there who blew my misconceptions about sex and age. True story so may not be so exciting for some readers. No 10 foot cocks or balloon sized boobs- just some real masturbation between two average people, one old and one young.During the first after I arrived to FL I browsed Craig List for someone to masturbate with like. I needed help ejaculating hard and that always does it for me. I discovered more sexual encounter ads than I had ever seen in one area before, yet it was a retirement community. So many older men advertising. Anything you can think of going on there- many were regular repeating things you would not think of for that age group. Not just casual hetero hook ups but requests and offerings for daily masturbation buddies, masturbation parties, circle jerks, oral favors and such. Some wrote how it was their hobby or they enjoy it multiple times a day and were looking for likeminded guys to share with.*** Some Interesting Background ***Now you may have heard about the spike in STDs in the 60+ age group, especially at adult communities. After many years of falling with age, sex has actually risen sharply for this generation in just the last decade, especially after retirement. For many men, sex has rising far beyond what they enjoyed even in their youth.According to much literature on the subject, this has been due to several factors. For example, more time and energy for sex, a huge consumption of ED d**gs, and a high ratio of women to men have been blamed. As important has been the relaxing of the sexual taboos that had kept so many of these men from indulging in a more sexual lifestyle when they were younger. So many see this as just catching up and justify even some rather extreme practices. Of course, The Internet has enabled like-minded men to establish social groups to support and share this lifestyle.Like the stars aligning, this all culminated in more sex, experimentation, masturbation, and a huge demand for sexual enhancement devices. That also explains why STDs in this group had increased. Older men actually accounted for the fastest growing customer base for masturbation sleeves and penis pumps over the last decade- not the younger men who you would expect. Of course, younger men already had a strong demand and that remained steady ;o)********************************Anyway, back to the story. I didn’t know all this until I visited illegal bahis siteleri and learned it for myself. I was browsing Craig’s List, looking for someone to masturbate with. I came across this ad from a guy named Bill. Bill was 75 but still very sexually active:”70+ gentlemen but very fit and with strong libido. Looking for younger guy,20s or 30s, with open mind to share mutual satisfaction on Wednesdays andto see what comes up. Lunch time or early afternoons are best. I am straightand prefer straight but am open minded and willing if you are.”We got together around noon that Wednesday in a park and we talked. He was fit, hair peppered, an inch taller than me. Did not look his age at all. Maybe late 50s or 60 at most. We sat on a bench off the pathway. He explained that his wife had passed away 10 years before and that left him having to sexually satisfy himself. He loved her very much and so could not see himself in another relationship. Like so many men there, he wanted to honor her memory and remain loyal. So he just was just looking for superficial fun and sexual release. She was so satisfying he said, although they only screwed a couple times a month, it was enough. After she was gone, he found he had to masturbate more and more often to stay as satisfied as he had been with her. He found he was eventually masturbating every day to stay as satisfied- she was that satisfying he said. That got dull pretty quick so he bought a fleshlight, then a penis pump, and then started masturbating with other guys. He found mutual masturbation exciting and it helped him stick to his daily routine and ejaculate stronger.Like the friends he had met through this, he decided to make it a regular thing, like a hobby. “I discovered after my wife passed away that I really enjoy the feeling of my erection and having it stroked. It was very fulfilling for me, comforting. Also, I love ejaculating and have always wanted to do that more since I can remember. I couldn’t think of any reason holding me back. I had all this time on my hands, why not put my cock into my hands too so I started masturbating several times a week”, he laughed then continued. “Oh, I used to have sex a lot when I was in my 20s but all that changed as I got married and into my career.” He wiped his brow and started rubbing his crotch slowly. “All my life I had abstained too much from this pleasure so I feel I should enjoy as much as I can while I still can.” He paused and I nodded in agreement an asked how that went. “Well, after doing this for a while, my need to ejaculate just went through the roof. The pleasure I started getting out of my ejaculations and the urge for them just became so enormous. I found on the web many groups and clubs for this kinda thing. Times have changed you know.” I agreed times had certainly changed, “Yeah, clubs everywhere, real common” I said. He smiled, “I happened across several guys on-line like myself and started masturbating with them. It’s really been good for me so far.”“I told my doctor about my new lifestyle and a need for harder erections. He was a young doctor but very supportive. He quietly confided in me that he enjoys mutual masturbation also but can’t tell his wife about it. Said he sees many men like myself nowadays and generally prescribes one particular ER d**g that enables them to perform daily whenever perabet giriş they need to. He had me drop my pants and stroke myself into an erection so he could inspect. He had me keep stroking until I was as hard as I could get. He then took over and squeezed every so often to gauge my hardness. He agreed I should be harder. He said he was especially concerned about my ability to keep an erection long enough to ejaculate and so he asked if I would continue masturbating for him. I happily obliged. He gripped me with his hand, to gauge my hardness of course, while I moved it up and down my shaft. He rubbed his finger on the head and around the hole to gauge the amount and quality of my pre-cum. ‘You’re doing great” he said, “I see why you need this so much.’ I ejaculated strong and full for him with his help of hand gripped firmly around my shaft. ‘You have an excellent ejaculation but I can see you have room to improve if you work on it hard enough. He concluded that I would definitely benefit from the d**g and prescribed it to me. He encouraged me to pursue my hobby with both hands and keep him updated on my progress.” We both chuckled. “Doctors these days are much different than in my day” he said.I could easily see a bulge forming in his crotch since through light nylon running pants. He rubbed and adjusted it and smiled. “It has been good for you”, I quipped. I asked him if he used ER d**gs to keep it up that much and he said he started taking Cialis for Daily Use as soon as it came out. “They don’t call it that for nothing ya know.” So many men like him were taking the full dose every day since they liked having sex every day but that was unsafe. The company responded for this growing demand by changing providing a modified, time-release dosage. After that, men were able to have sex every day, anytime opportunity or interest arose.” I agreed that he needed it and responded that I thought it was a good thing and they deserve to have their cocks stroked and cum all day long after all his generation has done for us. His budge had grown into a tall, well defined erection by this time and was creating a wet spot on the tip. He looked around to be sure no one was nearby then revealed his erection so he could wipe it dry. He pressed his fingers on the base and slowly stroked upward to the head to push out his juice. His juice covered the head and started running down his shaft before he caught it with a towel. I complimented his cock and said it made him look 20 years younger, “If I had a cock that nice, I can understand why I would need to work on it every day.” He laughed and put it back in his pants.I told him a little about myself and my needs. We clicked so he asked me over to his place which ended up being just a 5 minute walk down the path. When we got inside he took his clothes off, walked around stroking his erection like it was a normal, casual, everyday thing, and offered me some wine. We sat sipping the wine and he managed to hold a straight conversation with me, all the while he was naked and stroking his cock and making pre-cum run down his shaft. His erection was very tall, maybe 8 inches, and so hard and full. He joked that was the ED medicine working. I could tell this was such a normal thing for him and he felt at home like this. The conversation slowly floated over to our cocks. I perabet güvenilir mi slipped off my shorts and stroked my erection till it was as almost as tall and hard as his, although I did not have the advantage of his medicine.He asked me if I wanted a pill and I turned him down. “Bad experience”, I said. “I took one once and it got so hard and would not come down. My friend and I had to keep massaging it for hours to keep the blood flowing or I would have had to call 911. Felt good and ejaculated loads but was scary.” We laughed and he reached over and started stroking my erection and rubbing the head. He sat next to me and we gently stroked each other’s cock while we continued talking about them. He talked about each weekday buddy and how their cocks were all so different. Some of them get together themselves on other days so it was really more like a club. I was surprised to hear that two were around my age, had wives- had regular intercourse with their wives throughout the week yet still managed to enjoy mutual masturbation every day like Bill did. Bill laughed at my amazement and said they would do it more but they are still working. He thought out loud how much they are going to enjoy their retirement once they have more time to dedicate to their cocks- he envied them. I agreed.By this time Bill’s face became flush and I could feel his erection pulsing in my hands. He paused in mid-sentence and his eyes rolled back showing the whites. His cock become so hard, veins popped out and head engorged and plump and turned deep red/purple. It was amazing to see, even at his age. His body twitched and shook a little. He laid back and grabbed his own ass while I started pumping harder and rubbing his plump head. Ample white cum oozed out of his hole and ran down his shaft and my hand. He spoke and said “I think I’m about to cum… yeah I can feel it rising now…”. Was funny to me since I thought he was already cumming. Then the flow lifted into the air, rising and falling with the pulses of his ejaculation like thick white rope. So much cum he needed to shoot out. I understood him now.I complimented him and helped clean up. I leaned back and he masturbated me till I ejaculated. I ejaculated a lot also but not near what he had. Felt good though after getting so excited watching him do it so well. “Too bad you don’t live around here because I’d love to make this a regular thing. You’re really good at this“, he said. I kept stroking my cum out, “Thanks, that’s nice of you to say. I really liked masturbating with you and I’ll be thinking about this a lot. I wish you all the best in finding a Wednesday buddy. You deserve it.”We ate lunch after that and let me stroke him some more till he was hard again. “Wow! That ED medicine really works cause I don’t think I could get hard yet.” We kept talking and I kept stroking. He handed me his fleshlight to help him out. After some more pumping, that old man started shaking again. I removed the fleshlight and used my hand to I could watch. That old cock ejaculated another time, only 90 minutes after the first one. Less cum, maybe a couple teaspoon fulls shot out but it still managed to be enough to ejaculate strong and up into the air. “I think once a day may not be enough for you” I told him. “You are wise beyond your age. I do on occasion but I will more often if you promise to email me and stay in touch.” he quipped. We both laughed and parted our ways.He still masturbates with his buddies during the day but now, at night, we will masturbate together over webcam several times a week. This has given me a new appreciation and understanding of older men.

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