She Loves Getting Into Trouble Ch.1

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AUTHOR’S NOTE – this is my first piece of writing for this site so any feedback is strongly appreciated. In fact, I don’t even mind hate as long as you tell me what’s actually wrong with my story so I can work on it… Don’t just hate for the sake of it please.

I couldn’t really think of a category for this piece so I just chose Erotic Couplings due to only straight action.

I hope this text will please you guys so without further ado, let the story begin!


Jane had only be on the road for 10 minutes when she hear the unmistakable sound of police sirens. She took a look at her rear view mirror and sure enough, there was a set of police lights flashing behind her.

“Fuck! Not this again,” Jane had made a few offenses before and she was on her last 2 points on her license.

Jane was on her way to Audrey’s House, her best friend, straight from her day spent at Uni. She was in a hurry due to the fact today was her friend’s birthday. Her mind was filled with thoughts of what they were going to do together before all her other friends arrived later in the day. She had bought Audrey those leather boots she’s always wanted. But now her thoughts diverted to that police car trailing her. Both cars were the only ones Jane could see for miles on the long sunny road.

Jane pulled over her twentieth birthday present, a beautiful black Eldorado Cadillac with an open roof. Her hair finally settled down after dragging behind her from the wind as she was driving. She heard the sound of gravel shifting as the car behind her came to a stop.

She looked in her mirrors and saw a man getting out of the police car and making his way to hers.

“Shit!Shit! Shit!Shit!”

“Hello miss,” the tall officer greeted, “do you know why I pulled you over?”

“I’m afraid not sir.” Replied Jane while she was scrambling through her purse anticipating the officer’s next question.

“Can I see your papers please?”

Jane guessed right, she handed the officer the driving license she found in her bag. As the officer was examining her papers, Jane couldn’t help but examine the man’s build and looks. He was quite handsome, early 30s, tall, only a little more muscly than the average man. She was starting to wander how she could get out of the situation when the man stopped her trail of thoughts.

“Miss, you were speeding, which is the reason I had to pull you over. As I’m sure you’re aware this means all the points on your license are gone,” informed the officer.

Fuck! Her parents were going to kill her and probably take her car away. Not to mention the fact she wouldn’t be able to drive anything without a license. But most of all she was going to miss Audrey’s celebration.

Jane quickly thought of what to do. Suddenly it hit her, the man standing there was just like any other man, she knew she could get away with it. Jane was a tallish brunette with a body that would make any man aroused. She was slim, her skin quite pale with a few light freckles on her face and shoulders, boasting 36 C breasts and to top it off; long legs and a shapely ass.

“Sir, there has to be a way… I mean surely I can do something?” Jane suggested as she opened the door of her car and swung her legs from underneath the steering wheel to out of the car to sit facing the officer.

“Sorry, miss, you’ll have to come into my car and follow me to the station.”

“No, no please!” Jane leaned forwards to show her cleavage, in her tank top, to the officer.

“Erm… No mam, you erm… you’ll have to come with me.”

Jane realised she succeeded when she heard the man’s hesitating tone. She shifted in her seat a little toward the officer and moved her elbows at her sides to drag her tank top down a little in a subtle manner. Jane was confident with her plan. She knew she was attractive and she knew she was great in bed. She had had a couple of boyfriends already and had sex with them quite regularly while they were dating.

“Miss, you can’t… Do this… Please stop… I…I,” the bahçelievler escort officer started.

Jane swiftly moved her right hand to rest against the man’s trousers where is crotch was.

“You? You what?” She winked at the helpless man standing in front of her.

She could feel his member growing and pressing against her hand as she stared into his eyes. She rubbed her hand against it slowly and kept her gaze up at him. The man’s eyes were wide open in shock and his mouth was half open.

“Are you sure there isn’t some way we can deal with this situation?” She teased.

She rubbed against him a little more before moving her other hand up to him and then started working on his belt buckle with both hands. Jane was loving this, she’d not had any action in a little over a month since she broke up with her last boyfriend.

“No miss, I can’t… I’m …I,” opposed the man again.

“Shhhhh. I just want to do this and I know you want it too.” Said Jane as she finished undoing the belt buckle she was working on.

Jane then slowly unzipped the fly and then slowly pulled the man’s trousers down to his knees.

“Let me take care of you,” she rubbed the man again, this time against his briefs.

Then, to the officer’s surprise, she leant forward and pressed her cute little mouth to his raging erection. The officer started felling a warm wet sensation against the tip of his cock when Jane yanked down his pants to meet his trousers by his ankles.

Jane raised her hands to the top of his thighs and started to scratch him lightly down his thighs with her nails. She took his erection in her hand and squeezed it a little and felt it jerk a little in return. Jane looked into the man’s gaze again and licked her lips suggestively and let out a little “mmmm.”

Jane slowly her head forwards ever so slowly while keeping her gaze into the man’s eyes. The officer’s senses were going crazy as he was starring at that cute girl sitting in her car, time seemed to slow down as he watched her face get even nearer his bare cock which was pointing straight at her slightly opened mouth. He couldn’t believe this girl was about to please him orally and maybe even sexually, he thought. That surely wasn’t what he anticipated when he woke up that morning, or when he put on his uniform and certainly not when he walked over to her car. He just couldn’t believe this hot woman was willing to please him sexually, he felt as though he was elated. All thoughts of this being wrong and unprofessional, or even of being caught in the act, had completely disappeared.

As his mind was filled with these thoughts, he realised the girl’s face was just about an inch away from the tip of his dick. Just before he could beg her to reach it, Jane stuck her tongue out of her mouth and licked lightly under his swollen head.

The officer’s mind went crazy.

Jane started swirling her tongue slowly around the erect cock right in front of her. She absolutely adored the feeling against her tongue. Jane gave the swollen head a kiss before licking her way down to the officer’s balls as he let out a long moan. She sucked and licked each one until they were completely drenched in her saliva. Once she was satisfied with how she treated the man’s balls she drew her attention back to his hard member and slowly started sucking him, getting a little quicker after every back and forth movement of her head. She couldn’t help herself but let out a few soft moans which only increased the officer’s pleasure because of the vibrations he could feel from her mouth.

“Miss … mmmm … we can’t do this here … someone could see us!”

“I guess you’we wight,” Jane said with his cock still in her mouth.

She took him out of her mouth then stood up, opened the back door of her car, grabbed the officer by the waist and shoved him on the back seats.

“Holy shit, you really know what you want don’t you!” Stated the officer.

“Yup, I want to make you feel like never before… And get balgat escort some pleasure out of it too!” She winked at him and then kneeled on the back seat above the man’s thighs before seductively taking off her tank top.

” Right now I want this,” she added motioning her head towards his cock.

Jane took him in her mouth as far as she could and then drew her tongue out to lick the little remaining bit of his shaft that wasn’t in her mouth. When she brought her head back she started licking his head again and she felt the taste of precum on her tongue. Jane absolutely loved the taste of cum and this little preview only made her more desperate for it. She started bobbing her head up and down to the officer’s satisfaction.

The officer brought one of his hands to her hair and grabbed it into a messy sort of pony tail and decided to try to fuck this hot girl’s mouth a little. He reckoned that since she was trying to please him to get out of trouble, he’d be able to do pretty much anything he liked.

“Gack, gack, gack, gack,” Jane’s throat was being rammed by the officer’s long cock and she loved it.

The throat-fucking made Jane salivate lots more and her saliva was quickly glistening all over the officer’s dick making this whole blow-job much more enjoyable for both partners.

The officer kept the regular speed of his ramming until he suddenly brought her face down completely until her nose was poking his belly and his cock at burst through the start of her throat and further. Jane made swallowing motions within her neck to massage the head of his cock. An action that made the officer’s legs stiffen under Jane’s body.

With one quick motion the officer dragged her head off his member and sat up to kiss Jane passionately and unhook her bra simultaneously. He then somehow managed to switch their positions so that Jane was on her back and he was on top of her. He leant over her breasts and started flicking at her nipples with his tongue before taking her right one in his mouth and grabbing her left breast in his hand and massaging it.

“Oooooh my god that feels so good!” Moaned Jane, “Suck the other one too.”

The officer obeyed. After licking both her tits a while and breathing in her sweet smell he made a trail of kisses down her abdomen and then slowly pulled Jane’s mini skirt off and then buried his face against her pussy through her panties; they were quite thin and black, nothing fancy but still ridiculously sexy on this woman. He inhaled strongly, before pulling those off too.

He licked her slit up and down slowly.

“Aaaaaaaaah! Lick me harder baby!” begged Jane.

She squeezed her thighs against his head and put one of her hands on top of it to press him harder into her pussy while played with her tits with the other hand.

The officer lapped at her pussy hard and sucked at her hard clit until he felt the area around his mouth get drenched. He decided to take one last dip to her entry and stuff his tongue in and move it about quickly and hard. He then broke free from his prison of thighs. The officer took his shirt off and then grabbed Jane’s legs and pulled them up in the air against his shoulders either side of his head. He grabbed her thighs hard, with one arm wrapped around them, to pull them up to lift her pelvis to the height of his cock. With his other arm he grabbed his cock and moved it towards Jane’s slit, he started rubbing his cock up and down it.

“Pleeeeeease… Please officer, please put it deep inside me!” moaned Jane as her legs were trembling with pleasure and anticipation.

After a little more teasing, even the officer couldn’t resist the temptation. He dived his cock deep inside her drenched pussy and he was overwhelmed with a sensation of ecstasy. This girl’s pussy was so warm and tight. He felt her walls rub along his sensitive cock as he drove his cock inside her fully. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long with a pussy this magnificent trapping his cock. Knowing this, he decided he would ankara escort give her the best pleasure out of it and started to pump into her pussy faster and faster.

“OoooooooOoooO… oooOoooOoooh!” Jane’s moans were being affected by the her body being shaken by the officer’s body thumping against her ass and thighs.

The officer kept going as hard as he could trying to concentrate on her beautiful face rather than the incredible sensation of his cock inside her pussy, or even the thought of it. Jane noticed the man’s muscles twitching and tensing harder and his eyelids shut tight over his eyes and realised what was soon to happen… Her favourite part; he was going to cum soon.

” You’re gonna cum for me? Please do I love it… Please cum on my face, I beg you!” begged Jane.

The officer took that opportunity and let go of her legs and pulled out of her. He shuffled so that he was kneeling over her chest with his knees on either side. Jane grabbed his rock-hard cock and started jerking it off rapidly, clearly to the officer’s delight as he let out a long loud moan.

“Ahhhhhhh! Oh my GOD!” screamed Jane.

As Jane was concentrating on jerking the officer off, he decided to lean back and to plunge two fingers in her pussy and push his ring finger in her asshole. Jane adored this man for taking such bold initiative and jerked him off even harder and beg him for his cock just to make him feel even better as he was satisfying her orifices tremendously.

“Please sir, please cum for your little whore, I want it all, please, cover me with it.”

Those words threw the officer over the edge in no time. As Jane was starting to cum from his intense fingering of her asshole and pussy, she shut her eyelids tight and was overwhelmed by the pleasure. However she was brought back to reality when a stream of cum hit her cheek.

She opened her eyes wide and saw more jets of the white liquid towards her face. Jane opened her mouth welcomingly to the man and drew his cock nearer her mouth to receive some cum in her mouth. Oh how she loved the taste of cum, and his was no exception. Most of it made its way to her tongue but some it her lips and the area just above as well as a few more spurts on both her cheeks.

As the officer finished his orgasm, all his muscles relaxed and he slightly dipped his still hard cock towards her face. Jane took his present and cleaned it with her tongue and sucked on it a little. She withdrew with a “Pop” sound which made the officer jerk from the sensation in the head of his cock.

He stood back up off her and let out a sigh of pleasure. Jane sat up and stared at the officer in the eyes while licking some cum off her lips to give him a last little show.

” Am I OK to go now Mr Officer? I’ve been a good girl haven’t I?”

“Hell yes you’re free to go, that was amazing! I’ve never had sex this great,” said the officer as he grabbed his things and started walking back to his car.

“Hey I never got your name!”

“What’s it matter?” He asked.

“Eh… I guess it doesn’t, makes it more special I guess,” she winked at him. “I’ve never fucked an anonymous stranger before…”


The officer waved goodbye as he sat in his car and drove off. Jane watched his car drive away and licked the little amount of cum remaining on her face with the help of her finger. She then shoved a couple of fingers up her pussy and drew them to her mouth to taste her own cum; a thing she loved to do after sex. Something made it feel special, maybe the thought that a man’s swollen cock had just penetrated her and mixed with her juices. She didn’t care really, she just liked the taste of her own cum.

Before putting on any clothes back on she picked her cell phone and rung Audrey.

“… Hey Audrey… Yeh don’t worry I’ll be there soon… I HAVE to tell you what just happened when I see you!” She hung up.

She just put on her skirt and tank top on, her nipples were showing through her top but she didn’t care, her and Audrey were too close to care. Then she drove off…


WELL, I hope you liked that! 🙂 As I said this is my first story so any comments would be hugely appreciated.

I intend this to be series about more occasions where Jane gets in trouble so any ideas would be great!

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