Sissy discovers (Part 4)

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Sissy discovers (Part 4)the continuing original story of a young girl finding herself****************************A day in the sunBreakfast was filled with the usual mumbles of ‘good morning” and banging of pots, sizzling bacon and gurgle of juice being poured into tumblers. Sissy and Brad avoided looks at each other at first, and then Sissy sat down across from him at the table and patted him on the head saying, “what’s the matter grumpy?” in an exaggerated baby voice. “Nothin’ – hand me that fruit will ya?” He replied and gave her a grin. She relaxed then seeing he was going to be OK and not “weird-out” on her. She was a only a little less weirded-out herself as she looked at her mom and dad rustling around in the kitchen and remembering seeing them locked in each others arms just last night…..mmmm everyone in the room has a sexual secrete this morning – how strange she thought. Sissy then realized her mom was talking to her now – “so then we’re going into the village to shop for some stuff for the house and pick up groceries for the week. Brad has already said he wants to go – what about you?“Nah – I’ll stay here,” Sissy replied. I was thinking of calling Lisa – see if she wants to come over. They are up here this week too.”She looks at Brad who rolls his eyes and give her “a why do you want to do that?” look. Lisa is an old and new friend. Brad is right that Lisa is really Sissy’s friend. She was in Sissy’s dance classes when she was 12 and they were best buddies for a year or so, until they changed dance studios and they drifted apart in different high schools. Then after years apart, last summer she ran into her here at the lake. It was a long-lost girlfriend reunion. They ended up hanging out a bunch sun bathing and going to a dance and talking about boys. Sissy liked her a lot, even though they were a bit different in personality. Compared to Lisa, who cusses like a sailor and had a real appetite for sex, Sissy is a wallflower. After last night Sissy was thinking maybe they had a few more things in common after all. After the rest of the family left for the village, Sissy called and arranged for Lisa to come over to hang out and sunbathe on the dock. The dock was a good size. It has a large area for a group to sit out and look at the lake and a covered boat house for the pontoon boat, and a storeroom at one end. The pontoon boat is a nice size itself and dad had pulled it out from the boathouse so the k**s could sit in it in the sun. Sissy spread out a towel on the dock and sat down to wait for Lisa. Lisa was a contradiction in appearance and attitude. Her body had not changed much since she was 14 in that she was skinny, had small breasts and a very little ass. Her hair was longer and she grew taller by a few inches so at 18 she was still a little boyish looking in the body, but had a very pretty face with striking large blue eyes and straight blonde hair that went down her back. She looked like she was still a k**, until she opens her mouth and says something. Her voice was rich and deeper than expected and the things she said were not what you hear from a k** at all.A buzzing sound of a jet ski grew louder as the blond pointed it toward the dock. As it bumped against the pilings she gracefully leaped onto the dock with a rope in hand and tied off the bobbing boat. “Hey girl!” she cried and walked over to give Sissy a hug throwing her towel onto a chair. Dressed in cut-offs and a white bikini suit top she pealed off the shorts and sat down next to her friend. “How the fuck are you?” She grinned. “I could use a beer already, got anything to drink ‘round this place?” Sissy had planned for this and tossed her a can of beer from a cooler. “Fuck’n ay, that’s good” taking a long drag form the can. “Damn your looking even hotter than last year – you must be getting a lot of good looking boys chasing your sweet pussy baby” , while giving Sissy an exaggerated look from head to toe while pausing for effect at the predictable places. Sissy actually blushes from this attention. She is a good deal more reserved than Lisa, and she wonders how Lisa got this way. One of the reasons they had lost touch was that Lisa had gone to a private prep-school while Sissy went to public school. Lisa’s parents were quite wealthy and she never got use to hearing the filthy talk come from such a petite innocent well educated frame. “Umm yeah…… well I’m not dating Ben anymore. He went to his school early this summer… and well we decided to date other people.” “That fuck-nut.” That is such a cop out – you are so out of his league anyway, he is making a mistake of a lifetime.” “He is going to regret that and come crawling back with his little tiny dick in his hand begging to you to let him eat your pussy.” “ Don’t you do it!” she said as if this was really happening and not her fantasy she just made up to make Sissy feel better. They both let out a big laugh. “Hey let’s lay out in the boat “ Lisa points to the pontoon boat. “I want to take my top off and get rid of this tan line. I got a new sundress and this line has got to go.” Sissy got the reason canlı bahis for the boat – you can lie on the floor and no one can see you from the house or the lake. They grab the stuff and climb into the boat and stretch out. Lisa now has long dancer legs and she rubs baby oil onto her toned smooth calves and thighs. Her hair is quickly swept up into a pony-tail and she unties her top and pulls it off. “What about you? Want to have tan lines, and mess up your chances at love?” she quips. Sissy always feels bolder with Lisa and tugs the string at her back and slides off her top. They both are spreading lotion on, and Lisa says, “you better put some screen on those babies – they are a little white.” She rubs oil onto her own small breasts, but Sissy can see they are nearly as dark as her arms. She notices there are not any tan lines from the suit either. Lisa lies down and begins on her usual topics. “So I met this boy with a killer body at the pool late last year, Tim. He was built like a house, and very sexy in a shy way.” “After a week I finally got his dick out to play and what a disappointment! It was small and he was uncircumcised… eeewww – I hate that.” “I was all ready to give him a blow job – and I mean he was ready too.” “I had been teasing him all day and then we snuck over to the pump shed….ha ha funny name huh? Get it… pump-shed?”“Yeah well, I pulled down his shorts and found out why I did not see a bulge in his pants – no dick to make a bulge. And he had all this extra skin – I mean it can’t be healthy – and I sure as hell was not going to put that in my mouth.” She continues with her story barely taking any pause to breathe, “So I gave him a hand job. He was so hot it only took only a few minutes, and he did have big balls. I mean he let out a fucking shit-load of cum baby! But I was not going to get that little wiener in my mouth even as much as I love to suck a cock. You know what I mean?This kind of talk flows out of Lisa like a river, and Sissy can listen with the occasional uh huh and yep, and oh my god, for a while. Then she pauses and asks Sissy for some dish. Tell me a story about your best hand job. This catches Sissy off guard, and she has to laugh inside because she has a good one from last night, but she can’t think how to hide who it was with. “Umm well I know about getting someone hot and bothered first…. I gave this boy a hand job after watching some other people have sex. And he ….”“Wait a minute” – Lisa stops her. “You were watching porn? Or you mean you really saw somebody fucking in front of you?” Sissy is surprised at how she picked up on that and realized she would have to be more careful.“Porn, we were watching porn at his parent’s house, and he had gotten this huge boner. I was all wet too, and his cock was a giant!!! But I did not want to give him a blow job or you know, screw him…. We wanted to take it slower you know?” “Yeah porn helps that” Lisa laughs…. “So?” “Yeah OK so he was so worked up that I bet I pulled on his cock only about six times before he shot a load all over my tits. But his dick was beautiful and long. Up to here – holding her arm out and marking a spot with her finger. Damn said Lisa – “just once I’d like to get a giant dick in me. I seem destined to find tinny dick boys” ‘It is these tits you know,” she says looking down at her chest. They both look at her small but shapely tits. “My lemons can’t catch the big dicks” They both let out a laugh. They are about the size of lemons cut in half. Well large lemons with the puffy nipples. Lisa looks over at Sissy’s chest. “You’ve got g****fruit baby – you can catch a big cock with those.”“Damn your lucky” I can’t even imagine what I’d do with those, probably play with them all the time… he he “ she giggles and reaches out and give Sissy’s boob a tender squeeze. Sissy watches her do this with out flinching or moving away. A tingle runs down her spine and she notices she is a little itchy in her crotch from al this sex talk. They are on their fourth beer and a little buzz is working on them in the heat also. Lisa turns and sits up to peer over the seats in the boat. No one is around the house or on the lake in their little cove. “I’m hot – let’s jump in.” But before she gets up she rolls on her back and slides off her white bikini bottoms. “Going to skinny-dip baby!!! “She gets up on her knees and opens the gate on the side of the pontoon railing and jumps in the lake. Sissy knows that she took the bottoms off because the lake will stain white swim suits. She has ruined some before. She has on a dark blue – and decides not to take off her bottoms and follows Lisa in. The water is not cold near the surface, and she kicks up out of the cool layer a few feet under to pop up next to Lisa treading water. They push their hair back and Lisa moves closer to Sissy, and they tread water looking at the lake in silence for a few moments. The water is quite in the cove and an osprey circles overhead, it is peaceful. Lisa breaks the calm “ Shit fuck, damn-it-all-to-hell!” As she tilts her head back and blinks one eye in the way people with bahis siteleri misbehaving contact lenses do. She moves over to Sissy and asks her to hold her up while she fixes the roaming contact. Lisa grabs the pontoon with one hand and puts an arm around Lisa with the other, while lifting her knee to make a “seat” for Lisa to sit on. Lisa slides on her leg, but turned so she is facing Sissy, straddling her legs around Sissy’s thigh. This surprises Sissy, who thought she would sit sideways like on the bench. She can’t help but think Lisa’s naked pussy is sitting right on her leg. She is not heavy in the water even though she does not have an ounce of fat.As Lisa works on her eye with both hands, cussing, Sissy steadies her with her free hand. Lisa wobbles on the knee and Sissy now imagines she feels Lisa’s pussy lips grinding into her leg. The girl’s faces are inches apart, and Sissy tries to concentrate on Lisa’s eye. Then she looks at the beads of water running down her smooth neck into the water and to see her friend’s soft puffy nipples just below the surface. “Oh man that hurt.” “ I don’t know why the fuck that happens sometimes, but damn it is irritating as shit!” Lisa complains, still blinking and rolling her eyes at the sky.“There I got it…..” “ You saved me” she exclaims and looking at Sissy she throws her arms around her and gives her big kiss right on the lips, and hugs her tight. Their breasts mash together and Lisa exaggeratedly makes a smacking sound as she pulls her lips away, laughing. Sissy nervously joins in. Lisa does not move to get off her leg or release her hug, and looks into her friends eyes. “Mmmmm” she says. “I haven’t been on a hot chick’s leg in a while” and her hips wiggle playfully. “That is feeling pretty fucking good”“I thought you were hoping for a big cock” offers Sissy, not sure what to do at this point. She realizes that she is not scared or put off by the naked girl on her leg, but she is also not sure that she wants to do anything about it. She has little doubt that Lisa would like to fuck her right at this moment. Lisa smiles and lifts one of her legs so it gently comes in contact with Sissy’s pubic area and says, “sure baby, always want a big cock, but I don’t have one of those now do I? You know …. love the one your with?” She grins and gives her a sultry look. Sissy starts to reply and her mouth opens a little, but stops when Lisa leans over again and gives her another kiss, but harder and more passionate sliding her tongue into her open mouth. Sissy does not resist. The shin on her pussy feels good. She is still very worked up after the past few days of sexual exploration and decides she does want more. She is tiring of rubbing her own pussy all the time….She kisses Lisa back. Lisa takes that as a sign, and starts to squirm and her pussy grinds on her leg in earnest. Lisa’s right hand comes from behind Sissy’s back and slides up onto Sissy’s full breast and softly rubs on her nipples as they kiss again. Mmmmmm she whispers into her ear. Then they both hear footsteps on the dock, and their half closed eyes shoot open in surprise. They quickly untangle and swim apart. Sissy swims around the end of the boat to peer up and she who is there. Brad calls out from the dock, “Hey s*s – are you down here?” “Yeah – in the water with Lisa” Ummmm stay up there for a minute – ok?”“Why? What’s up?’ “Just DO it Brad…. We don’t have on our suits” But as she is telling him she sees Lisa climbing out of the water onto the boat with all of her nakedness showing off to her brother… Jesus she thinks, of course…. rolling her eyes to herself. Lisa says “Hi Brad” as she leisurely picks up her towel to dry off and wraps it around her. “Want a beer?” as she hands him one out of the cooler. “Sure, thanks” he replies and sits down across from her on the boat seats trying to be cool about the pretty girl sitting across from him with just a towel wrapped over the smooth naked body he just looked at from head to toe. As Lisa starts some small talk with Brad about the summer, Sissy climbs up part way up the ladder on the dock and yells to Brad to turn away, making a joke about not wanting to harm his sexual health by letting him see his sister’s boobs…. She thinks it is clever, but mostly it is nervous overcompensation for the fact he saw much more of her last night!! They chat for a while, until Brad finishes his beer, then feeling a little out of place says he’s going up to the house and leaves the girls to themselves. “Well darling,” Lisa starts “ I was just beginning to have fun with you.” “Yeah that was feeling good – I ummm never have… you know…” Sissy stutters.Lisa finishes her sentence “fucked a girl before?”‘Um yeah, that” smiles Sissy“Well it is the best kind of fuck you can have, unless you have a big cock in you – ha ha “ Lisa quips and slides over next to Sissy and pulls her towel open so her shaved pussy is exposed, and reaches down with her hand and begins to slowly rub herself. They are sitting side by side on the boat looking out into the water with there back to the dock and house. From the house güvenilir bahis you see there backs and it looks like the girls are sitting and talking. Lisa spreads her pussy lips open with her fingers and says “look at that pretty pussy…” Sissy looks and thinks it really is pretty. It is smooth and silky with no hint of hair. And her mounds are nice and fleshy but not too puffy, and her lips are small and an even pink color. Sissy can see her clit as Lisa spreads her lips even more…. “Nice” “damn, your clit is big” she observes, not sure what else to say. And it is a big clit,, almost looking like a miniature dick. Lisa smiles and says, “yeah, I got this instead of tits…. My clit is a magic button. I always have an orgasm.” It is long enough she can bend it side to side with her finger as she says this, and it seems to grow even a little more, swelling up from the excitement. Sissy can feel her body warming up again now that the interruption has passed, and even though they are sitting out in the open, the sounds of the lake and distractions seem to fade away and a bubble that only include the two girls forms and there is a kind of personal space around the girls that isolates them form the rest of the world. Lisa takes Sissy’s hand and pulls it over to her pussy and guides her fingers onto her hard pink clit. Sissy does not resist. The flesh over it is soft and slides easily back and forth over the hard magic button. It is so large it protrudes beyond her soft mounds and is a hard pink on the end. It does look like a miniature head on a dick. She experimentally rubs it in a circle and Lisa lets out a little moan. She likes to rub her own clit like this so she continues with Lisa’s approving noises. Lisa meanwhile has moved her left hand into Sissy’s lap and is rubbing her crack rather insistently through her suit. Her suit bottom is snug and Lisa’s fingers can’t work under to get direct access to her pussy. Sissy pulls the bow knot out of the side string and the triangle of fabric slides out of the way. “Oooh pretty” Lisa coos. Sissy giggles and looks down as Lisa explores with her hand. She is wet not just from the lake, but all the sex talk and leg humping. Lisa finds her clit and circles it with her forefinger a few minutes before she slides it down the slit to her pussy opening and slips it in. She starts with easy in and out motions. Sissy is wet and very excited to have another hand hard at work on her. She is having a trouble concentrating on Lisa’s pussy but she is not complaining. She looks at Lisa’s finger disappear up to her knuckles into her pussy, first one then two slide into her. Lisa adds another as Sissy loosens up and she slides down into the seat a little so she can reach her better. Lisa’s thumb is pressing against her clit and does not give it a moments rest as the other three fingers slide in and out of her. She can feel her body begin to react to all the attention focused on her clit and a warm glow begins to form in her belly.She would love to have her suck her tits or give her another kiss, but she knows they can be seen from the house and even wonders if this is obvious what is going on now anyway. She says something to Lisa, who says ‘’ No one can see us. Feel my hand rub your hot little ass… I’m going to fuck you right here with my fingers” The nasty talk has a curious effect on Sissy and she feels a flush come over her and Lisa picks up the pace. A wave of spasms comes over her and she tries to control the bucking reflex of the warm shivers she is feeling. She hopes that from the house it looks like she is laughing and a bubble of giggles does come up out of her throat unexpectedly as her body shudders from the orgasm she is having. Lisa coos again into her ear and says “nice one baby.” Sissy looks over into her face with sleepy eyes and realizes her hand had completely stopped working Lisa’s clit. But Lisa had taken over with her free hand a while ago and was rubbing her whole pussy mound in large back and forth movements. Even so Sissy can see the skinny girl’s clit is protruding beyond lips of pussy – she stares at it as her head lolls over onto Lisa’s shoulder. Lisa is breathing harder and pulls her feet up onto the seat so her knees splayed toward the sky. Her hips are rotated up now and she is sliding her fingers into her wet opening. She mutters “ ohhhhh god damn” and she give a few shudders of her own. The girls sit for a while saying nice things about how good that felt….. slowly they get up and pull their clothes back on. A few minutes later Lisa is back on her jet ski flying off across the cove. They made plans to get together later that night over at Lisa’s lake house and watch movies. Sissy asked if Brad could come over too, and she could tell that Lisa was not all that excited about the third wheel – obviously thinking she and Sissy may want to pick up their new found relationship. But Sissy convinced her he would be fun to have over, they can play girl games with him with a few smirks and winks. Sissy was thinking that this would be a way to get her brother hooked up with someone she trusted and maybe ease the tension from the sexual thoughts she kept having about his beautiful cock. For now she was gong to go up and take a nap. The beer, sun and sex had made her very relaxed. to be continued….

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