sissy for mum and friends p5 revenge

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sissy for mum and friends p5 revengeIt was now quite late and I managed to make it home without anybody seeing me. I opened the front door to find my Auntie in the hallway. She took one look at me and burst out laughing. “It looks like you have had a fun night princess, you will have to tell me all about it tomorrow, and I’m too drunk now and need to go home” my Auntie slurred. She certainly was drunk and she staggered towards me and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and slid my hands down so they were on her arse. She pulled her head back and looked me in the eyes; “you look very sexy, we are going to have lots of fun” she said and then kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back and pushed my tongue into her mouth which she responded to. We kissed for about 30 seconds until my Auntie pulled away when she heard my Mum come out of the bathroom. “See you tomorrow” my Auntie said and then she left. My Mum heard the front door close from upstairs and shouted down “Is that you Karen? Come upstairs I have a surprise for you. Oh and bring me another glass of wine please” She also sounded very drunk, which wasn’t like her, as she very rarely drank alcohol. I had never seen her drunk before. I went into the kitchen and poured a very large glass of wine and then added a large amount of vodka from the bottle that had been hanging around from a Christmas party. I walked up stairs with the drink. My Mum came out of my bedroom closing the door behind her. She took one look at me and burst out laughing. “Oh my god what happened to you sweetie? It looks like the boys liked you at the party” she giggled. I decide I would tell my Mum almost the whole story. I tried to play it for sympathy. I left out the bits where I had willingly sucked and fucked Greg and didn’t tell her that I had been arse fucked. I made out I had been blackmailed into it. I didn’t get any sympathy though, she just laughed and laughed. “Well we better get you in the bath again and then I will show you your surprise. I still can’t believe my daughter is such a slut though” said my Mum. She led me into the bathroom and helped me out of my dress and underwear apart from my panties. “Come on panties as well” said my mum. I was reluctant to take them off firstly because I had an erection again and secondly when my Mum saw the stains she would know that I had had my arse cherry taken that night. I tentatively took them off and handed them to my mum. She took one look at them canlı bahis and then smiled at me. “I think there is part of your night you aren’t telling me isn’t there? You are such a slut, I can’t believe you let them do that to you” she said in between giggles. “I’ve never done it, does it hurt?” my Mum asked me. “God yes and it didn’t help that Ali has got such a massive cock” I said, again looking for sympathy. “I didn’t want them to Mum they made me, it’s your fault for dressing me like that” I said. “Oh no way, its your own fault you were dressed like that for being a pervert, and it sounds to me that your friends had it planned for you anyway” said my Mum “oh come give me a hug princess” said my Mum.I moved forward and hugged her, my hard on pushing into her, and I moved my hands down to rest on the top of her lovely round arse. My mum was still in her thirties and had looked after her self well. She was very slim but had a nice round slightly plump arse. She was attractive without being tarty. My friends told me that they wanked about her, and Ali especially always tried to flirt with her when they saw her. My Mum would have none of it though and told me regularly how much she disliked him. The hug lasted about a minute and then I was told to get in the bath. My Mum went to get herself more wine after finishing the drink I had got her and I bathed washing all the cum off me. I got out of the bath and dried myself off. My Mum returned and handed me a pair of white cotton panties with a pink heart on the front, pink lace trim and a pink bow on the front. I protested that I had been punished enough but she insisted and said they matched my pink nail varnish. I reluctantly put them on but as soon as I did my cock grew hard which made my Mum laugh. “See you know you like them” she slurred at me. She then put a white nighty on me with pink hearts on it, and pink and white ankle socks with lace trim and some pink fluffy slippers. She then pulled my hair into pig tails and put lipstick and a little light make up on me. “Come on princess I will show you your new room” said my Mum. She led me by the hand to my bedroom and opened the door. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Gone were my football posters and everything else that had been in there. In there place were pictures of Disney princesses and Barbie dolls. The rest of the room had a new pink colour scheme, and there was Barbie dolls and other girly k**’s toys. My mum bahis siteleri then showed me my new wardrobe of girl’s clothes and my draw full of bras and panties. She told me that all my boy clothes would be kept in her room now and I would only be allowed to wear them when I went out, but even then I would have to wear panties underneath my trousers. My mum then tucked me in to bed and kissed me goodnight. The alcohol had really taken affect and she stumbled and fell as she left my room. She left my door open behind her and I could hear her struggling to her room. After 5 minutes of silence I could hear a gentle snoring coming from my Mums room. She had passed out face down still fully clothed. I went and grabbed a glass of water and entered her room. I tried to wake her but although she stirred slightly she didn’t respond. I had taken the glass of water in as an excuse in case she did wake up. I went back to my room and grabbed my camera. It was time for a bit of revenge.My Mum was wearing a skirt that was quite short and it had a split up the back. I peeked up and saw she was wearing her red silky panties, the ones with the see through panel at the front. This got me very excited as she only used to wear her sexy undies when she was off to have sex with her ex boyfriend. My hard cock throbbed in my panties. I unzipped the skirt at the top and undid the button. It was a struggle but I slid the skirt off her. The sight off her lovely round arse in the sexy panties took my breath away. I took a couple of pictures on my camera and then rolled her over onto her back. Again she stirred slightly but carried on sleeping. I lifted the front of her panties away from her body and looked down to see a neat little landing strip of pubes. I then pulled her vest top up over her head and pulled her bra cups down under her breasts exposing her lovely tits and erect nipples. Her breasts were still in very good shape for her age. I was rubbing my very hard cock and taking pictures as I went. My original plan was just to take some compromising pictures but I couldn’t resist fondling and then sucking on my Mums lovely breasts. I had a quick peek at the size off the bra, 36d perfect. I then took my erect cock out and rubbed it on her tits and then across her face and lips, and then pushed it into her slightly open mouth. I knew I would never get another chance like this. I moved down her body and gently rubbed her pussy through her güvenilir bahis silky panties. I then pulled them aside and gently slipped my finger in to my Mums tight, warm pussy. It was surprisingly wet and I pulled my fingers out and sucked the juices off my finger. The taste was amazing and I went back in with my tongue, licking away at my Mums warm moist pussy, pushing my tongue in deeper and deeper. She stirred slightly bit didn’t wake up. I new I had to fuck her. I gave my Mum a good shake to make sure she was out of it and then pulled my cock out of my panties. I pushed her legs wide apart and took a couple more photos. I then positioned my cock at her pussy lips. I knew this was the point of no return. I thought back to everything that had happened that night and felt vindicated. I looked down at my nighty and panties and thought, yeh you deserve this Mum. I lay on top of her and pushed my 6inch cock very gently into my Mum. She didn’t really stir, and I started gently pumping in and out, gradually building up speed. After the best couple of minutes of my life I was very close to the end. I pulled out of her and finished myself off cumming all over her tits and face. I fell back on the bed feeling fantastic. Who is the bitch now I thought to myself? I took another couple of pictures of my Mum lying there covered in my jizz. I then set about covering my tracks. I grabbed a damp flannel and wiped all the spunk off my Mum and gave her pussy a wipe. Next I grabbed the vibrator out of the drawer where I had found it a few weeks before. I pushed it into my Mums pussy to get the juices on it. I pulled it out and put it into her mouth hoping to cover the taste of when my cock was in there. I then plunged it back into her pussy and took one last photo. I then left leaving my Mum naked apart from her sexy panties, with her legs apart and her sex toy inserted deep inside her. I lay in my girly bed very happy with how the night had gone. Thinking back now to the lads using me as their bitch it made me feel very horny (although my arse still hurt) and I couldn’t wait to get some more hot cock inside me and any thoughts of revenge against them had gone. I was very happy at what I had just done to my Mum. I had definitely had the last laugh there. I was also looking forward to spending some time as Karen because I had a good feeling that all the lads would be back to use me again and also I was looking forward to seeing what my Mum had in store for me, but It was good to know I had some insurance with the photos of my Mum if I needed them. I knew however that I was going to get my Auntie back, somehow I would make her regret trying to humiliate me.

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