Slavegirl Island 4.2

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Slavegirl Island 4.2Chapter Four (Part Two)PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF PATINA GOMEZJason and I took a leisurely lunch on the wide patio at the rear of Bianca`s mansion. We were shielded from the heat of the sun by a large umbrella. Bucks Fizz made an agreeable start to the meal. I was rather in the mood to get a little drunk. Jason had fucked me so marvellously, especially the last time over the side of the bed. I made myself imagine I really was a slave-girl…and it did a lot for me. Needless to say, however, I was thankful to come back to reality.To remain a slave.Despite the warmth, I shuddered.About the patio the naked slave serving-girls, flittered to and fro. Servile, respectfully, obsequious. A snap of one`s fingers could bring one of them hurrying to you.Power.On Bianca`s Island one positively wallowed in it.„We might a swim after lunch,“ suggested Jason.„Nice idea…“„Then we could look in on one of the training sessions. They start at 3 pm, I believe.“„Another nice idea. I like watching newcomers being taught to behave.“Jason grinned.„Yes, it is rather fun“. He lokked musingly into the distance.„I`m constantly amazed there aren`t more suicides here.“I raised my eyebrows.„Don`t you know then?“„Know what?“„It`s not possible for them to do it. Initially, they are all brain-washed. Makes the whole thing an impossibility.“„Good Lord…one has to hand it to Bianca!“„Yes, indeed. And what`s more, they are brain-washed into not harming a guest in any way.“„Remarkable!“„Well, it makes sense. Otherwise, if you`ve got your cock in a girl`s mouth, she might take a most painful bite.“„Ouch! I`d never tought of that.“„Well, now you know you`re safe from such indelicacies. And none of these little darlings has an easy way out. No use of the `bare bodkin´in Bianca`s Island.“I patted the rather plump bottom of the slave who was serving me smoked salmon.„Correct girl?“ I enquired.„Quite correct, Miss,“ she answered respectfully.I noticed Jason fondling the girl`s bottom while she was serving him. This was quite customary and didn`t concern me in the last. A slave is only a slave and there for use. I would no more be concerned about Jason fucking a slave than if he were having a wank. After all, one has to put things into perspective.In the far corner of the patio, I saw Bianca having a jolly party with three or four butch lesbians, all American by the look of them. Loaded with loot and lust. I reckoned there would be plenty of slave mouths zealously at work a little later on!Jason and i both had brandy and black coffee…and I was beginning to feel a little light headed. But supremely relaxed. Later we swam briefly in leisurely fashion, both naked, then lay by the pool on loungers. Soon, rather understandably, we were fast asleep.Jason was lovingly flipping one of my nipple. I awoke.„It`s almost four o`clock,“ he said. „Still want to see a Training Session?“„I guess so,“ I answered. I stretched, stood up and put on my cool, lightweight trouser suit. Jason donned shirt and slacks. He was looking tanned and very handsome and it ocurrect to me that, it I were really a slave-girl, I would not mind at all being sent to him. Certainly far, far preferable to that Goran! But then, slave-girls can`t be choosers.We made our to the large prison-like block, which was known as Slave-Quarters. Here all the girls were housed in cells when not on duty. Here, also, they were trained. And punished. Which was quite frequently. Just looking at the tall, square building of white stone, with its rows of barred windows, sent a chill of terror through me. So what did it do for a slave-girl? Did I say chill of terror? Perhaps thrill of terror would have been more appropriate. It`s lovely to be on the outside looking in.An Overseer was on duty at the entrance to the quarters. He was short, well-muscled and of Arab appearance. Probably an Arab, for Bianca`s Guards, Trainers and Overseers came from all parts of the world.The man bowed as we approached. He was garbed as were all such male servants of Bianca…being naked but for a tight-fitting white leather pouch about his genitalia.„Good afternoon, Maàm…Sir. May i help you?“„Thought we might look in on a Training Session.,“ said Jason.„Of course, Sir. Whatever you wish. Please follow me.“We followed the man down a cool, stone-flagged corridor. Then into a small kind of entrance hall that contained a desk, behind which sat another Overseer.„Keys to Block D, please, Kirk.“ sid our guide.The man at the desk turned and took down some heavy keys from the array which hung from the wall. He tossed them on to the desk. „Cells three, four and five are in use,“ he said as we followed our guide towards a grilled gate. „Thanks…“The gate was unlocked and swung open. We passed an iron door. Number one. Then another, Number 2. Then we came to Number 3.„This do you?“ asked the guard.„We can start here,“ I said. The guard put in the key and unlocked the iron door. Jason and I went in, ushered by the guard, who then closed the door and left us. The Training Room was like many I had been in before. About twenty feet square, bleak and barely furnished. Running across the centre of the room were half a dozen red rubber mats. On one of these a nakes slave-girl knelt with hindquarters raised high, nose down, thights splayed. The obligatory posture of submission. To the right, in a leathern armchair sat a female Overseer, who held a long canlı bahis slim, ivory training switch across her knees. The Overseer was familiar garbed…black leather leotard, black thigh-length boots. She smiled in a friendly way as we entered. The only other occupant of the Training Room was a male Trainer. He was bollock naked and had skin of an attractive light coffee colour. He was lounging negligently against the far wall, looking slightly bored.„Good afternoon,“ said the female Overseer. „It`s Miss Gomez, isn`t it?“„Thats right,“ I answered. „This is Mr Jason Belmont.“„We have already met,“ smiled the Overseer. „You may, or may not, remember that my name is Juliette Gremorne.“„Yes, I remember you,“ said Jason, smiling at the woman. She had a splendid figure but I knew Jason had no chance with her. She was certainly 100% lesbian. On the other hand, I reflected, this Miss Juliette and I might have every chance!„You have come to study a little training?“ asked Miss Juliette.„Mmmm…something like that,“ nodded Jason.„This creature,“ said Miss Juliette, pointing with her switch, „is towards the end of her second week of her training.“ I noted the numerous thin stripes across the upthrust hindquarters. So familiar. Also I noted that the slave was quivering without cessation. Infinitesimally but positively. Like a plucked bow-string. The awful tension within her being was like a living thing.„Her name is Diana,“ said Miss Juliette, „and she has been a little more reluctant than those in her group to adapt to the slave postures demanded of her. That is why she is undergoing a little extra training.“„I see…“ Miss Juliette smiled at me.„As you can see,“ she went on, „ the girl is quite well positioned at the moment. Backside high, sex well displayed.I saw this Diana give a violent shudder, yet still maintain her humiliating posture. To have newcomers in the room to observe her must have been a terrible ordeal. An additional ordeal.„I should state,“ continued Miss Juliette, „that Diana has been caned every day since her training startet. For disobedience or bad performance and so on. More usually she has been caned twice at day. We started with twelve strokes, moved on to eighteen, and ended up with twenty four. I think we can say we are getting through to her.“. Miss Juliette smiled pleasantly. „So far today, Diana has avoided a caning. Nothing at the midday session. She is hoping, I am quite sure, to avoid a caning at the evening session. In short, this girl is trying VERY HARD!“I gazed upon the highly upthrust hindquarters and wondered, yet again, what it must be like for a young woman to have to abase herself in this way. Oh how hideous! Yet, for me, so exciting. I realised the girl was sobbing. Well, what girl wouldn`t have been sobbing?„Daniel,“ said Miss Juliette, „what do you think of this cunt?“The lithe handsome, coffee-coloured male pushed himself negligently off the wall and walked around so that he could observed the kneeling girl.„Not bad,“ he said, after a few moments. „Quite neat, I suppose.“„Would you like to put your prick into it?“Daniel shrugged. „Possibly,“ he replied. Diana shuddered and shuddered in horror. Yet still held her posture.„I think you`re getting a bit blase, Daniel…“„Oh, not really, Miss,“ But I do see a lot of cunt around here.“I was well aware this conversation was designed to denigrate this new slave even further. She had to maintain this blatant posture and be talked of rather as if she were an a****l.„What about her asshole then, Daniel?“„Not bad,“ came the reply. „Again, quite neat.“Miss Juliette stood up and took two strides across the room. She tapped her slim switch across Diana`s quivering nates. The girl flinched violently. „Have you ever been bum-fucked, girl?“ asked Miss Juliette.A great heaving sob came from the kneeling woman. „Oooooh…aaah…ohhh…no…NO…NOOOO…Miss…“ came the response.„Well…it won`t be long before you are.“Diana, weeping collapsed to the floor.Miss Juliette lashes her switch across the shuddering nates. „Get that arse up, girl…up…I say…up high…right now…or I`ll have you over the Punishment Block this evening. Like another twenty four strokes, would you?“Diana`s bottom came thrusting up in almost frantic haste, her tighs splaying as wide as possible. Oh, yes…oh, yes…this one was definitely learning! „Position number 3,“ snapped Miss Juliette.At once, Diana knelt erect, placinh her hands on top of her head, pulling back her shoulders and pushing out her excellent breasts in a pronounced fashion. Miss Juliette walked around and nodded her head. „Better,“ she said. Then she tapped the soft breasts with the tip of her switch. Involuntarily, Diana gasped and recoiled. „This has obviously taught you.“ The girl thrust out her breasts to the maximum again. I could only assume she had a number of breast-canings in order to make her perform in this fashion. „Like to have a feel, Daniel?“ asked Miss Juliette.The Overseer shrugged. „Why not?“ he said casually. Diana cringed as he advanced towards her. Then, making some tremendous effort of will, she thrust her lush orbs toward him. That was obviously something preferable to do than feel the switch across them. Or, worse, a cane. Still lacking indifference, Daniel, squeezed and fondled the breast flesh. Diana shuddered and moaned but managed to keep herself presented.„How about you, Mr. Belmont?“ bahis siteleri asked Miss Juliette.„Oh no, I shan`t bother,“ replied Jason. I was proud of him. It would inded be wounding for this girl to have her proffered breats rejected…especially in view of the tremendous effort she was making to keep them presented.„How long will she stay on postures?“ I asked.„About another couple of days, I reckon. To get her spot on. Position Number 2, slave.“Diana sprang to her feet, straddled her tighs wide and bent over to touched her toes.„Better,“ saif Miss Juliette, sawing the switch across the girl`s flinching nates. She smiled at me.„Does she give you the impression she is trying to avoid a caning thids evening?“„She certainly is,“ I replied. In view of some of the canings I`d seen handed out, that was not surprising! „Whats the next stage?“„Cock training,“ said Miss Juliette casually. „Kissing, licking and finally sucking.“ There came a shuddering moan from Diana. The switch bit into her taut buttocks and she squealed. „Keep your legs straight, girl.“ Another smile at me. „Most of them don`t take very kindly to that…and I don`t imagine Diana will, either.“„How long are they on cock training?“ I asked.„Ten days at least. More likely two weeks. It`s a most important part of training.“Jason grinned. „I guess so,“ he said.„There`s a two hour session in the morning and a tree hour one in the afternoon. Any reluctance or disobedience es dealt with at the morning punishment session. That`s at 12:30, you will remember. Then, of course, there`s the evening punishment session at 6:30, which is usually well attended by girls at this stage of their training.“„Five hours a day with a cock,“ murmured Jason. „My, my, no wonder they learn zo suck well.“„By the time we`re satisfied with them,“ said Miss Juliette, „you won`t get a better blow-job anywhere.“„I`m inclined to agree,“ said jason. „I´ve had quite a few.“„Shall we move on?“ I suggested. „Thank you, Miss Juliette.“„It`s been a pleasure.“ He switch was still sawing menacingly. We went along to the next room where, since we had no key, we rang the buzzer.This was Training Room Number 4. The door was opened by an attractive looking Negress wearing a white leotard and half-length white boots. She was of the same kind of coffee colour as the Negro in the previous room. It is a shade which rather appeals to me. She smiled.„Welcome back, Miss Gomez,“ she said.„Hello, Kittie, nice to see you again.“ I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Twice we had most satisfying get-togethers in my apartment. Another one might well be imminent, I thought.„This is Mr. Jason Belmont, an old friend of mine.“„I?ve seen him araound,“ said Kittie. „Do come in.“ Just as Miss Juliette had done, she carried one of those long, slim switches in her hand.There were six people in the room apart from Kittie…four slave-girls and two Trainers. Two of the girls were standing, backs to one wall, hands on top of her head. Both were red-eyed with tear-streaked cheeks. The two Trainers, one black, one white, sat a few feet apart on a leather topped trestle bench. Between the splayed tighs of each, knelt a slave-girl, head down and busily at work. Each Trainer was in erection, but the girls weren`t dealing with that. „Come on…come on…chase those balls, girls,“ said Kittie. „Let me see some real enthusiasm…“These two girls were fervently kissing the balls of the two Trainers which, under their efforts, swung from side to side which caused the need to `chase´ as Kittie put it. The two heads, one dark, one light, swung from side to side. „Early stages of training,“ explained Kittie. „They spend two or three days on the balls, kissing and licking, then move on to cock licking. Finally, of course, to actual cock-sucking.“ The two Trainers sat impassively. If they were enjoying what was going on you would never have known. It was pretty evident to me that, apart from having received numerous stinging cuts from Kittie`s switch, both girls had been caned at the 12:30 Punishment Session. A dozen fresh, bright weals crossed and crossed both sets of buttock cheeks. Doubtless to encourage them to show some of the enthusiasm Kittie demanded. Well, now they certainly seemed to be doing that!„Stop!“The two girls stopped, shaking with a mixture of dread and effort. One head drooped and its owner was instantly rewarded with a cut from Kittie`s switch. A squeal, a squirmed of the bottom.„How dare you remove your mouth from your Master`s balls until you get an order, slave! That?s not the first time you`ve done it. I won`t warn you again…just take plenty of skin of your backside!“ Need I say that the girl`s mouth was now firmly back in position. Both girls were uttering shuddering little sobs. Well, they could not have been finding this knew kind of enforced activity too pleasant.„Stand!“ They stood, swaying. „Position against the wall.“ They stumbled to the wall. „Maria and Jenny…come out here.“ The two other girls came forward, features beginning to crumble. I noticed, as they turned, they too had a lunchtime caning. „Now girls,“ said Kittie, „a slight change of tactics. This time, you do not kiss the balls of your Master, you lick them. And you lick them lovingly and lavishly. Do I make myself clear?“„Y-Yes…uuurff…y-yes…Miss…“ came two croaking replies. Tears were beginning to fall again, bodies beginning to tremble with güvenilir bahis sick dread and revulsion.„Any lack of enthusiasm and you`ll feel willow tonight.“ She looked at the seated Negro. „Look at those biceps, Maria…Banjo`s big and strong, eh, and he canes real hard. I think I`ll get him to give it to you. You like caning young white girls, don`t you, Banjo?“„Sure as Hell do, Miss!“ The Negro grinned hugely. His cock was massive and rock solid. It must have been a terrifiyng sight of the girl before him.„Right, down you go, slaves…and let`s see those tongues hard at work.“Down they went, sobbing and moaning, but it was amazing to watch their enthusiasm. They tongued and laved with frantic zeal and, if one had not known, one would have got the impression that they were actually enjoying what they were doing. Instead, needless to say, being quite nauseated by it.Kittie smiled at us. „Not bad for starters, es?“ she said.„Not bad at all,“ I agreed. „I really don`t know how you do it.“Supercilliously, Kittie pointed to the weal-striped buttocks.“ There lies the secret,“ she explained. „Once you`ve had a few good canings on Bianca`s Island, you begin to change your mind about what you can and cannot do.“Maria and Jennie kept at it for a good ten minutes. There was just a few little flips of the switch and some warning words. Quite suffizient, then the two were dismissed and the other two trainees, Rosina and Theresa, were called back to perform the same sort of functions. They did it with similar unstinted application. I have to admit I was impressed.But, on the other hand, I always am impressed by life on Bianca`s Island.„Don`t these guys ever get a rest?“ enquired Jason. Kittie smiled.„I expectthey`d like a breather after these two have finished.“„Plenty of stamina,“ said jason admiringly.„Practice and experience.“ replied Kittie. „You`d be amazed by how long a good Trainer can keep an erection going.“„What`s the next stage?“ I asked.„Actual licking of the cock. We`ll start on that tomorrow. They lick from the root to the knob. Then they lick the knob all over. But they don`t take it into the mouth. This goes on for two or three days, depending on progress. Only after that do we get down to actual sucking.“„Get any trouble there?“ I asked.„Sure,“ smiled Kittie. „A lot of them don`t like a load of spunk down their gullet. But, in the end, they have to take it. Believe me. After a while, it becomes as simple and natural as taking afternoon tea.“ I couldn`t help laughing. I could scarcely think of two activities more far apart!„Shall we take a peek into the next Training Room?“ asked Jason.„Why not?“ I replied. I kissed and hugged Kittie. „Hope to see you soon.“ „Me too,“ she smiled.As we left the room the sound of enthusiastically laving tongues was loud.The door of the next Training Room was opened by a woman who was unfamiliar to me. She was about fourty years old, sour-faced and with a really hefty body on her. A rather unpleasant sight, in my opinion. „Oh yes? Guests?“ she enquired in a rather querulous voice. She could have been either German or Hungarian. „Correct,“ said Jason. „On a little tour.“„Please to come in,“ said the woman. „My name is Voyshaya. I have not been here long, but I am liking the work.“ Seventy years ago, I thought, she would surely have been a guard in a female Concentration Camp. We entered the room. It was almost an exact replica of the one we had just left. Two slaves stood submissively waiting, two were kneeling down between the tighs of white Trainers. Each of these girls held a prick in her mouth, taking in perhaps half of its length. But each head was motionless. The look of horror and revulsion in their bulging eyes was quite something. „We are on the second day of cock-sucking training,“ explayned Voyasha politely. „They do not like it, yet they do it all the same. Take oin more,“ she ordered with sudden harshness. Two head lowered about an inch and some more thick prick was absorbed. One of the girls seemed to be a half choking. The naked buttocks presented to Jason and myself where even more weal striped than those we had observed in the previous cell. I reckon each of these girls had received at least eighteen strokes at the 12:30 Punishment Session. But then, cock-sucking is even less attractive that cock licking or ball kissing, is it not? „Mouths up to the knob. The knob only,“ ordered Voyasha. The heads were raised with some relief, or so it seemed to me. „Now suck…and suck strongly!“Two mouths went almost frantically to work. Voyasha looked on with considerable satisfaction.„Not so fast,“ she rapped out. „I want strength…not speed.“ She looked at the two Trainers. „All right, boys?“ she asked.„Fine,“ said one. But I think I`m getting to the end. Have to let go soon.“Voyasha shrugged. „Ah well,“ she said rather contemptuously, „but I suppose it`s about time we called a halt. OK boys, wrap it up.“Each Trainer now seized the head of the girl servicing him and began to pump it up and down. There were choking and retching sounds. Eyes bulged even more wildly.„Suck…suck…keep…sucking!“ bellowed Voyasha. The unfortunates did just that.Faster and faster moved the jerking heads.There were whinniying sounds of horror. The Trainers were beginning to grunt with mounting pleasure.Flanks trembled…thighs twitched…Then two more or less simultaneously eruptions came.How desperately the girls tried to escape this revolting conclusion. No way…What they didn`t get down the throath, they got splashed over their faces or breasts.The fate of a slave-girl…Voyasha smiled broadly. „Not good enough!“ she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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