So Close I can Taste It

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So Close I can Taste ItLet me ask me to imagine something. Imagine the greatest sandwich (appropriate threesome metaphor) you could possibly have… the best. You have imagined this sandwich since you can remember. Then imagine one late June you were told the sandwich does exist and that you will get it In August. Every day you think of the sandwich. The day comes, you see it, but you can only have one bite and were told that you have to wait till November to get that Sandwich. My Fiancé and I have been together for Five years (not engaged for five) and this past year she said she would be up for an ffm if I could actually find a Unicorn. Well I knew she was half counting on on me probably not find one. Well I did find one… A unicorn that made my Fiance’s jaw drop. After a whole year of swapping sex stories with this unicorn at work we worked out that we would be game for a threesome with my now former co worker who will be known as unicorn for obvious reasons. The date was set… All summer scenarios flashed through my brain. Finally on the eve of the event I have been fantasizing about since I was 12, my lovely cuddled up to me innocently and began to kiss my neck and continue downward until I was deep inside her mouth. After that wonderful blowjobj she dropped the bomb. “Are we still hanging out with the unicorn tomorrow?” “Yep” “I’m a bit nervous, I’d like to just hang out tomorrow and kind of have a date with a threesome later” Of course I was crushed but I’m not canlı bahis that much of a selfish jerk to realize how lucky I still am. So a agreed trying to look as cool and unbothered as I could. I ran that by the Unicorn who was coming back into my city the next day. To my surprise she said that seemed like a good idea. So ok, it’s time for our date. And you know everything seemed great… its going smooth my girl and unicorn seemed like they really liked each other. I got nervous and starting trying to impress the girls. Both my fiancé and unicorn were unimpressed as they like the normal me just fine. Finally our unicorn calmed me down by showing me a text that she just sent to her friend. I was instantly relaxed and confident when it read “I’m with them now, we are probably going to have a threesome sometime soon.” She touched me and said can you be normal again? I smiled and she said “can I make out with your girlfriend now? Not sure a word came out of my mouth which at this point was a face tha read fuck yeah. It didn’t matter, I didn’t need to say anything. She asked my girl the same question. Within 10 seconds my girl who has never even pecked another girl on the lips was locking lips with the unicorn embraced in each other’s arms. There never was one kiss. Just multiple make out sessions lasting 2-3 minutes each only with a pause for the two to smile, giggle, and make eye contact. I loved this moment. At most this night was going to end with one kiss between bahis siteleri the two… Now they are in a full embrace. Not one of those club girl moments or one of those beer pong moments where the girls are kissing to get attention or distract their opponents. I was no part of this but still very exciting. They looked at me after about 10 minutes. I call this girl a unicorn but the truth is she hasn’t done anything like this before. She was into me. We had a work flirt all year. However she looked at me as secondary now “we need to get to know each other more if this is going to happen” They went downstairs to the bathroom at the bar. Five ten minutes go by. Heart rate is really as high as it is after my 10 mile runs. The 3 people left at the joint are looking at me with respect and disgust as I let them go down without me. It was about them but I couldn’t wait. 21 years of this fantasy it was literally 25 feet away from me. I walked down the stairs toward the bathroom using all of my will power to not sprint full speed to the bathroom. Opening the forbidden door to the ladies room I say my girls heels and knees on the floor. blood draining from my head into my dick may be the reason I didn’t think this over. I just walked to the incredibly large stall and said can I join you. The door opened. My girls jeans around her ankles, unicorn’s dress hiked up. My jeans came off quicker than ever before with my dick now with the juice of two different girls via my girl’s güvenilir bahis mouth. Unicorn backed up still wondering what she was allowed to do. The breathing was heavier and heavier. I asked if I could make out with the unicorn… Fiancé agreed. Making out with her I could see how good of a job she did on my girl. I could only taste my girl all over unicorn’s lips. Heaven, dream come true. Nirvana… My whole body felt that shiver you get when you’re pre-cumming. I’m not sure how long it lasted before it came crashing to an end. We get the knock on the door followed by a voice “You guys having a good time?” We all looked back to see a 20 something bar tender looking at us with his shocked grin. “We are about to close” We all tried to save face and laugh it off and apologize. On my way out the man grabbed my shoulder and said “I’m sorry man, I just realized what I did” We went are respected ways. I walked Unicorn to the train happy that I got more than I was going to get. After all it couldn’t be that long till she was coming back to my city. Three, Four weeks? Wrong… Turns out I have to wait another three or four months… Late November… I’ve been going insane thinking about this. Porn is meaningless to me at this point, My Fiancé doesn’t see the big deal. She loved it but isn’t consumed the same way I am. Any advice to calm me down? I know some guys would kill for the chance at a 2 minute threesome. I’ve always been overly horny but now this is an extreme. The next four days we had sex twice a day. She couldn’t keep that up and is now taking a few days to rest up for a wedding we have this weekend. I’m hornier that I’ve been since puberty. Any ideas of how to keep focused until November?

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