Spring Break Ch. 02: Saturday Noon

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Spring Break Ch 2

Dirk’s First-time Sex.

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I thank kenjisato for making this story much more readable and enjoyable than I could master on my own. bbcbarry9033 also deserves a mention for giving the story an initial once-over and suggested an interesting plot twist.

This story is set in a South African context. Seasons are different (Spring break is late September/early October. The academic year starts January and ends December.

‘Matric’ refers to the final year in high school, similar to senior year in the US and learners (students) turn 18 during the school year. A ball (prom) is arranged by the grade eleven learners to treat the matric group late in the year. ‘Sleep-over’ after-parties are often privately arranged, where Ball partners often indulge in sex.

This is the story of Dirk’s first sex which happened shortly before his matric final exams started and shortly after the Matric Ball.

Groups of friends who complete their matric exams often arrange a ‘freedom from school’ holiday which is commonly referred to as a ‘Rage’. Several of these independently arranged Rage events occur within a two-to-three-week window, mostly at coastal resorts.

All characters in serious sexual situations are 18 or older.


Previously: Steve and Dirk were on their way from Stellenbosch, where they study, to Tzaneen, where Dirk lives on a farm. The radio of Dirk’s red VW City Golf was not working, and to entertain themselves over the 1800 km (1200 mi) trip, they decided to tell each other stories of past sexual experiences.

In Chapter One, Steve told Dirk of his three encounters with a young lactating mother, who cuckolded her cheating husband, as revenge for his infidelity. The travelers stopped at a one-stop to refuel, take a body break and to replenish their stash of snacks and refreshments. They were ready to hit the road again.


Steve retrieved his orthopedic back support from the passenger seat and positioned it in the driver seat before he got into the car. He struggled to pull the driver seat all the way forward which Dirk left in the rear-most position to get into a comfortable driving position. Dirk was doing the opposite; he worked the passenger seat as far back as possible to free his six-foot-four body from the crammed space that Steve vacated before the stop.

Steve got the car started and into gear, while Dirk administered the food and snacks. He was eager to hear a story from Dirk’s sex life. “Your turn to tell me about the hot sex you had with a MILF!”

Dirk offered Steve a choice between soda and fruit juice to drink before he responded. “I have to disappoint you, I just had sex with girls within a year or two of my own age.”

Steve replied, “Okay, what about … you tell me …” as he picked the fruit juice, “when … you first had sex. Yeah, tell me how you lost your virginity.”

“Okay, I don’t think it will be as juicy as your hot MILF story, but let me see what I can do.” Dirk said, as he offered Steve his hamburger and the packet of fries that came along with it, to pick one. Steve picked the fries; Dirk took a bite of his own hamburger before he started.

“It happened during study break just before our final matric exams started. That would make it almost two years ago,” Dirk began to reminisce, “but let me provide some context.

“Lina, who was my first sex partner, was an intellectual introvert, and consequently had no friends. At school, she was the dux learner (top student) and an accomplished long-distance runner.

“She was short for most of her school career and had much smaller breasts than her classmates. She wasn’t bad to look at, she just faded into obscurity among her taller and well-bosomed peers. In short, she was not considered to be one of the hot, sexy girls in school.”

Steve interrupted, “I hope you are using an alias!”

“Yes, her name is fake, for what it is worth. You’ll probably recognize her, if we run into her in town, from the detail that forms part of the story.

“Well, I knew Lina from grade six when her family relocated to Tzaneen. She is the twin sister of Don, who was a good rugby player and consequently became the enemy of Jock, who was, until then, alpha-boy of the grade and the undisputed captain of the rugby team.

“Jock also hated Don and Lina for another reason. The twins’ father, James, bought the farm at the auction of our late neighbor’s estate. Jock’s father, Jack, also wanted to buy the farm and was furious when it was sold to someone else.

“Don and I immediately became friends, especially because their homestead was close to our house. We visited each other frequently and at the time Lina was more of a nuisance during my visits there, than the object of my desires.

“At school, the twins were without friends, especially after I moved to Cape Town following my parents’ divorce, and a strong bond formed between them.

“For the next four years, I was Don’s only friend, even though it was bahçelievler escort limited to my visits to Tzaneen during school holidays and long weekends.

“Their isolation meant that they could focus on their studies and the twins excelled in school which made matters even worse for them because Jock’s family loved to be the center of attention.

“On my return to Tzaneen at the start of my matric year, I was added to Jock’s list of enemies because I became a new threat to his position as alpha-boy and captain of the rugby team. Naturally, Don, Lina and I became a trio of Jock’s worst enemies.”

Steve asked, “Why suddenly in your matric year? Weren’t you a threat in primary school, as well?”

“No, not at all. Jock was the biggest guy in our grade throughout primary school. His father, who served on the school board, undoubtedly used his influence to propel Jock into a leadership position.

“I, on the other hand, was a mediocre boy who considered myself lucky if I could keep the reserve bench warm. In Cape Town, however, the school had a team of professional coaches who saw potential in me and refined my game. I also started to grow, getting enough body and muscle to make anyone think twice before picking a fight with me.

“When I returned to Tzaneen for my matric year, I was much bigger and stronger and also, a more talented rugby player than Jock. His father, again, abused his influence on the school board to encourage hostilities towards me, which included references by teachers to my unfaithful father and slutty stepmother.”

Steve handed the fries’ empty packet to Dirk. Dirk opened the wrapper of Steve’s hamburger and passed it on to him before he continued. “The three of us minded our own business for most of the year. Although Lina was now part of our group, I still had no romantic feelings towards her. She was almost like a sister to me.

“But things changed shortly after the winter break. We had a playoff game for third place in the rugby league against one of Pietersburg’s smaller schools. Our school ended the season below them on the log so they had home-field advantage. It was the end of the rugby season for both schools and a party was organized that would last into the night.

“Our trio minded our own business after the game as usual, but we noticed that Jock, and his girlfriend, Beth, were chatting with the opposing team’s captain and his girlfriend in a somewhat secluded part of the school grounds. Let me call them Victor and Victoria because their school had beaten us in the play-off! Jock and Victor have the same surname and are cousins according to some rumors.

“At some stage, we noticed that Victoria got up and started to walk towards the back of the pavilion. When she was some distance away, Jock got up and helped a reluctant Beth to her feet and guided her in the same direction. They were obviously following Victoria even though they tried to disguise it. After a while, Victor got up and wandered nonchalantly in the same direction. Don needed a body break and I suggested he follow Victor on his way to the restrooms.

“Lina and I were surprised to see Beth accompanying Don when he returned. Don told us that he rescued Beth from Victor while Beth poured her heart out about the situation, revealing that she wanted to end her relationship with Jock for some time because he insisted that she have sex with Victor against her will. She also discovered recently that he constantly cheated on her.

“The incident meant that Beth was added to Jock’s list of enemies and she started to hang out with us.”

Steve got curious about Beth’s rescue, but sensed that Dirk wanted to continue with his story. “Whoooow, not so fast on that one. There’s surely more behind the rescue than ‘Don rescued Beth’. So, tell me more!”

Dirk took a sip of his soda while sorting out what he knew about the ‘rescue’. “I can only tell what Don told me and what I heard through the grapevine at school.

“Don managed to evade their watch and saw Victor disappearing into one of the storage rooms at the back of the pavilion. One of Victor’s teammates started a short chat with Don in the restroom to compliment Don on his masterful defense against one of Victor’s signature moves which stopped Victor dead in his tracks during the game.

“The delay due to this chat meant that whatever happened in the storeroom had time to develop. As Don passed the door, he heard Beth crying for help. He wanted to ignore her, but decided against it when he heard Beth’s more desperate scream. When he opened the door, Victor had Beth pinned against the wall, kissing her breast and his other hand was working inside her shorts.”

Steve felt that the two young men deserved a bit of karma about the situation. “I guess that Jock and Victor weren’t impressed with the interruption.”

“Jock wasn’t bothered at all, his pants were around his ankles as he was being sucked off by Victoria who was entirely topless, showing off some nice DD breasts while working her pussy with her free hand! Jock had his eyes closed and his head was blissfully arched backwards. bahçelievler escort bayan Victor, on the other hand, was notably disturbed at the interruption, recalling Don’s physicality during the game.

“Beth used the opportunity to break free from Victor’s reduced grip and ran towards Don to hide behind him, essentially using him a shield between herself and Victor. Victor looked in Jock’s direction for support, just to see that Jock was in the throes of his orgasm, spaying his man-juice all over Victoria’s face and tits.

“Beth pulled her bra and blouse back over her breasts from the safety behind Don’s back and, when Jock finally came to his senses, told him that it was the end of their relationship. Jock countered that she had nothing to complain about because she agreed to swap partners and that she entered the room voluntarily.

“Don could see that Beth was ready for the fight, and took Beth’s elbow and guided her out of the room. To calm her down, he told her that she could join our group and that we would protect her. Jock, Victor, and Victoria emerged about an hour later from the storeroom, and Beth said that it was likely that they DP’d or spit-roasted Victoria because Jock had warned Beth that something like that might happen to her as well.

“Not long after this, Beth ‘thanked’ Don privately for saving her, whereafter, they became a couple, having sex regularly.

“Up to this point, the three of us were mostly unaware of the sexual activity of our classmates and the lack of sex partners hadn’t really bothered any of us. I guess all three of us were virgins, that is, until Beth ‘thanked’ Don.

Steve was shocked. “You’re lying, right? Don’t tell me that your first fuck was with a virgin!”

“Yep, we both were virgins.”

“Lucky you. I wish I could fuck a virgin. If only once. You know, I had sex with a few girls, but none of them was a virgin. I had been the ‘second’ for a girl or two, but I was never any girl’s first! It is one of my greatest fantasies and right at the top of my bucket list.”

Dirk took a sip of his soda before he continued. “Don started to tell me of the sex and the wonderful feelings he experienced when his dick plunged into Beth’s wet, hot pussy. He would brag about getting a blowjob and the wonderful feeling of coming inside a cunt. Naturally, I started to develop sexual urges, resulting in romantic feelings towards Lina. It only got worse when Don revealed to me that Lina had hinted to him, that she was also romantically attracted to me.

“Lina later confided to me that her feelings towards me were fueled by Beth describing how wonderful it felt when his cock drove into her pussy and how it felt when he ate her out. Don and Beth backed up their private man-to-man and woman-to-woman talks with suggestive statements in the presence of Lina and I, even suggesting that the two of us just do it.

“It worked because Lina and I started to discuss the possibility of making it happen at the Matric Ball after-party. We started to hold hands, kissed and hugged each other, but Lina didn’t allow my hands near her breasts.”

Steve found the situation strange. “You mean you two planned on a home run from first base?”

“I know it sounds silly, but you’ll understand shortly if you can be patient.

“Now, since the four of us weren’t invited to any of the other after-parties, we started to discuss our options. Lina volunteered to twist her elder sister’s arm to be away for the weekend. She succeeded to convince her and her husband to visit his parents in Pretoria for the weekend. That left their house available for the four of us, on condition that we didn’t use the main bedroom, and that we clean up any mess that we made. I bought a six-pack of condoms to be safe. Beth was on birth control so Don could go bareback.”

“I guess you planned on some swapping as well?” Steve asked, as he handed his burger wrapper to Dirk.

“Thinking back on it, I would have loved to have swapped partners because Beth was a beauty, probably the hottest girl in the school at the time. She was about five foot seven with an almost ideal hourglass shape, 38-24-36. Very athletic with well-toned muscles as expected from the captain of the hockey team. I’ll put her cup size at the upper end of B, or the lower end of C, large enough to make a nice show, but not so large that they became swinging pendulums when she ran. Brunette with a hint of red, which would probably make her hair color a dark shade of auburn.

“But swapping would have been out of the question. Beth was still shaken after her experience with Victor in Pietersburg. Also, Don and Lina are siblings, if they were into each other, then Lina wouldn’t have been a virgin by the time that we finally did it.

“But Lady Luck was against me. A day or two before the ball, I got a bad flu. I didn’t want to disappoint Lina and decided to go to the ball with her, but any thought of an after-party was out of the question; especially, if we were going to be intimate. I was also so heavily dosed with medication that I couldn’t stay awake at the ball. Lina even woke me escort bahçelievler up once or twice during the dinner and speeches.

“We were the first to leave the function because I was a zombie and wanted to get back into bed. I could see the disappointment on Lina’s face when I told her that I would not attend the after-party, even though she expected this unfortunate turn of events.”

“You are telling me,” Steve interrupted, “that all the stars were lined up to fuck Lina at the after-party, then this happened. I was wondering why your first time was not when you turned eighteen, or at least at some Matric Ball after-party!”

Dirk gave a nervous chuckle. “You should see how bad I looked in the official event photos with my red nose and it is difficult to tell if my eyes were swollen, sleepy, or teary. I had to return my rental suit by Friday, so we dressed in our ball outfits again on the Thursday and took much better photos in their garden.

“I hadn’t really appreciated Lina’s beauty at the ball due to my condition, but she looked truly beautiful during this ad-hoc photoshoot. When I left, Lina whispered in my ear ‘see what you missed out on’.

“That night, I had a raging boner which begged to be served. I imagined dipping the tip of it into Lina, driving my full length into her hot, velvety vagina. It didn’t take me long to come with an explosion that propelled sperm over my chest and onto my face; some even landed on my bed’s headboard!

“But to get back at the real story where it finally happened. The next day, Don invited me to spend the coming weekend at their house for some serious studying. We, both, were not as dedicated as Beth when it came to studies and were consequently both academic under-performers. And because Lina was a dedicated dux pupil, my plan was to ask her to explain the work if we got stuck. I arrived the Saturday morning around eight, and we soon had our math books ready to start with our nemesis, trigonometry.”

“Sneaky, man,” Steve interjected, “inviting you over to study so you could fuck his sister.”

“It could have been his plan, but his mother, Janet, was also there and Lina wasn’t. She had decided to go for a jog early on while it was still cool and to cool off afterwards in the swimming pool. She had no reason to hang out with us because she knew her work well. And swimming was a wise option since it was going to be a hot and humid day, which is normal for Tzaneen in October.

“At around ten o’clock, Don’s mother called him to get some stuff for her from the pantry’s top shelf, so she could bake us some muffins or cupcakes. An empty glass bottle fell from one of the shelves. Although Don knew he should watch out for pieces of glass when he stepped down from the kitchen steps, he nonetheless stepped on a piece of glass, which gave him a deep cut into his heel, right to the bone. Fortunately, his mother was a trained nurse and stopped the worst of the bleeding and rushed with him to the hospital. This left Lina and me alone on the farm. She had returned from her jog and was tanning in the pool area, obviously unaware of the drama with her brother.

“Once Don and his mother were on their way to the emergency room, I called Lina to help me clean up the blood. I was surprised to find her in a bikini because she normally wore a full body swimsuit because of her small breasts.”

Steve gave Dirk a knowing smile. “Ah-hah, I knew she was in on this! Why suddenly wearing a bikini on the day the two of you would be left alone after missing out at the after-party?”

“If they had made plans to get the two of us going, I don’t think they planned on Don cutting his foot badly. She also seemed upset when I called her away from the pool and she only changed her attitude when she saw her brother’s blood on the floor.”

But, Steve the detective was on a roll. “It makes sense that she was upset if she only expected you much later. I’ll bet on it, they planned it!”

“We agreed that she would clean up the kitchen area while I cleaned the pantry where the glass shards and most of the blood were. She was afraid that she would cut her soft hands and did not want to handle the glass.

“My back was turned towards the kitchen while I cleaned the pantry. Once that was done, I started to wipe the blood trail from there into the kitchen. But by that time, Lina was also almost done and we were about a meter apart. When I turned around and looked in her direction, I saw that one of the shoulder straps of her bikini had slipped off and was hanging free, but her long hair hung like a waterfall from her head and obscured my view.”

“I knew it,” Steve said, feeling like Inspector Morse, “she helped it down! For sure!”

Dirk felt uncomfortable with Steve’s conclusions and retrieved two bars of chocolate while he organized his thoughts. He handed one to Steve. “You’re probably right, but I didn’t see her doing it. I reckoned that I would have been able to have had a better view if I adjusted my position a bit and my efforts were rewarded with a nice side view of her breast and nipple. Her breast was definitely developed, but not by much. It was definitely flatter than Alta’s who is two years her junior, A-cup, maybe even AA, but the most intriguing was the deep brown areola that puffed out like a mini ginger biscuit, with a small mouthwatering nipple the size of a jelly tot on top. I was immediately drawn to it and couldn’t stop staring. It may sound silly, but that was the first real tit that I had seen since the start of my puberty.

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