Straight Party Guy

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Straight Party GuyI’m not sure how old he is, but Straightboy is in early 20s… a gradstudent who goes to the same school. He’s about my height (6’2″), builtlike a football player, medium tan, and he has a nice tattoo on his back.When I say football player I mean thick… not fat, but kind of muscular. Ithink you all can get the picture.I call him Straightboy because he still considers himself straight. WhenI’m not around, he’s fucking girls. Now that he’s had a taste of cock Idon’t think he’s as happy with pussy as he used to be, but that’s hisproblem, not mine! Whenever he texts I’m more than happy to make somethinghappen.You can probably guess how we had our first time….he was drunk, and I waseager to get in his pants because I knew he was straight. He didn’t let medo anything the first couple of times I tried, but finally he gave in!Before getting to that, guys are horny before they’re “straight.” If a guysees a way to get off and doesn’t have to worry about anyone else knowing,he’s probably interested. This is especially true when guys are involvedwith girls who don’t like to give head or only want to have sex once ortwice a week. Guys would much rather be getting some every single day. Idoubt it’s just me…Straightboy was such a guy. We’ve known each other for a long time (notgoing to say why or how, just that we have). I’m not going to talk aboutall my failed attempts at getting into his pants, since they didn’t work,and instead I’ll skip straight to success.It was a few hours after midnight on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and bothof us had been drinking a ton, as college boys tend to do. I stopped andhad sobered up, but Straightboy had kept drinking the whole night. Hewasn’t trashed, but he was still kind of drunk. Everyone else in hisapartment had either left or was passed out in a bed or on the living roomfloor (which happened quite often that year).We were talking about something just to fill the quiet, since nothing elsewas going on. Eventually he looked around the room and noticed that we werethe only ones still there and awake. I was sitting in a chair and he wassitting on a couch a few feet away.”So,” he started, “what’s it like being gay?””Pretty good for me,” I answered. “Lots of sex with lots of guys whenever Iwant it. None of the bullshit that comes with fucking a pussy..”He looked intrigued, taking a long drink of the Jack and coke he hadsitting in front of him. “Sounds awesome, man. I wish girls would chill thefuck out about sex and give it up more often.”I saw my chance, letting out a laugh and smiling. “Even if they did, theyaren’t as good at giving head. And a guy’s ass is a lot tighter than agirl’s pussy. So I guess you’d still be missing out! Guys are just a lotbetter when it comes to sex.”A few moments of silence passed before he opened his mouth again. “I’vealways thought you were cool because you don’t try to act like agirl. You’re a cool guy who just likes sex with other guys.””Yeah, that’s me. We’re basically the same aside from who we fuck.”He took another hit of his drink. “Yeah, man. Hey… have you ever imagineddoing anything with me?””Yeah, you’re a hot guy,” I answered honestly without any hesitation. Iknew where this was going.He seemed surprised that I had said it right away, but he didn’t look angryor unhappy.”Thanks, I guess. You’re so lucky that you like guys, man. Sometimes I wishI didn’t have to put up with all the chick shit.”I saw my chance there, and I was going to take it! “Have you ever trieddoing anything with a guy?””No, I’m not gay.”I stood up, his eyes following bahis siteleri me off the chair and to the couch, where Isat down right beside him.”Do you want to know what it’s like?” I asked with a grin.He looked extremely uncertain, but his cock was growing in his pants. Iknew he wanted it, and I knew I was going to get it.”You can’t tell anyone, man.” He looked around, remembering the people whowere sleeping on the floor. “Shit, we should go somewhere else.”I put my hand on his cock, stroking it through his shorts. “They’re outcold. Don’t worry, no one’s going to see.”I pushed my head toward his, but he tilted away from me. “No kissing,man. Just suck my dick.””Sorry,” I mumbled, sad that he didn’t want to kiss me. I’ll neverunderstand why some guys are Ok with getting sucked or even getting fuckedbut not Ok with kissing another guy.I unzipped his shorts, pulling them down enough to expose his cock, whichwas now rock hard. I always imagined he would have a huge cock, but it waspretty average. About 6.5″ long and a little above averagethickness… which looks kind of small on a guy who’s 6’2″. I’m not a sizequeen though, it was plenty for me–I was more than happy to be there.I pushed my head into his lap, licked along his cock up to the head. Ilooked up, seeing that he was staring intently at me, a blank, amazed lookon his face. I took his cock into my mouth, using all the tricks I knewwith my tongue and started to suck softly.The moans started escaping from him. He put his hands on my head, feelingit bob up and down on his cock. I sucked harded and took more of his lengthinto my mouth, swallowing it down to the base. He moaned even louder,pushing my head down on his cock.”Shit,” he moaned. “This is the best blowjob I’ve ever had, man.”I pulled off his cock, shooting him a smile before I went back to work,experimenting with different ways of making him moan. He seemed to reallylike the hard sucking, so I switched to only doing that, listening to himmoan as I bobbed up and down sucking on his cock with full force.I slid my hands up underneath his shirt, feeling his abs and pec as I keptup my work on his cock. I started pinching his nipples hoping to get himeven more into what we were doing, but he didn’t seem to respond. I justslid around his abs and pecs instead, feeling his body as I sucked.”Wait,” he ordered, grabbing my head with his hands. “I’m going to cum ifyou keep going.””Don’t you want to cum?” I asked from his lap.”Yeah, but not yet.”He looked to my crotch, seeing that my cock was rock hard. Keep in mind howbig it is… it’s even more noticable than most hard cocks are.”Take your shorts off,” he ordered.I moved so that I was sitting beside him again, pulling my shorts down andlifting my legs so I could slide them completely off. I was wearing a pairof white Abercrombie briefs (supersoft if you’ve never felt a pair!), so myhard cock was even more visible than it had been through my shorts. It waspulsing, lifting up and down with my heartbeat.”Take the underwear off too,” Straightboy said in a kind of whisper, as ifhe couldn’t believe he was asking.I complied instantly, pulling the briefs off and tossing them with myshorts. My dick was in full view, looking eager for attention.”You’re fucking huge, man!” he gasped with disbelief. “Fucking donkey cock!Holy shit!”I just grinned, stroking it with my hand. “Glad you like it.”He gave me a really intense stare, just looking into my face and not sayinganything. Without another word he pushed my hand away and started workingmy cock with his, carefully sliding it canlı bahis up and down my shaft. He lookedfascinated, and I could feel his heart beating incredibly fast through hishand.”You can try sucking me if you want,” I suggested softly. I wasn’t sure ifhe would or not, but at this rate his mouth was going to be on my cockpretty soon.”I need to finish my drink.” He pulled his hand off, grabbing his cup andfinishing off his Jack and coke with a few more big gulps. “Ok.”He moved his head to my lap just as I had done to him, and I felt his lipsaround my cock. Then I felt his teeth. Ok, now I knew he probably reallyhadn’t done this before, or if he had it must have been a long time ago.I pulled his head off and told him how to handle his teeth. I also gave hima few tips on how to suck well. He learned pretty quickly, and however wellhe was doing it always feels amazing to have a straight guy sliding yourcock down his throat. He couldn’t fit much of it in his mouth, but I wasn’tcomplaining… he’d have plenty of future chances to learn, hopefully!He sucked me for about 5 minutes, experimenting with his mouth and tryingto get moans and groans out of me. He had improved 200% in the 5 minutes,and now he was sucking pretty well, flicking his tongue against my head andpushing a couple of more inches in and out of his mouth each stroke.I grinned when I caught a glimpse of someone sleeping on the floor. I wasso into Straightboy that I had forgotten there were other people there!Everyone was still sound asleep though, and I didn’t care if they woke upor not. I didn’t mind having people witness Straightboy sucking my dick atall. I won’t lead you on–no one woke up, unfortunately.He pulled his mouth off and came back up, jerking my spit-slick dick in hishand. “Hey, man…” he trailed off. “I want you to fuck me.”I was certain he had said “I want to fuck you,” but no, I had heard himcorrectly. “What?” I asked anyway.”No offense, man. I’m sure your ass is nice, but I’ve fucked plenty ofpussy and I’ve had more than one chick let me fuck her in the ass. I’vealready done that shit.”It made sense, but I was still surprised. “You sure? It’s going to hurt atfirst.” I wasn’t going to lie to him. If this was his first time withanything more than a finger, I knew my cock was going to tear him up.”Just fuck me. I want to feel what it’s like.” Straightboy stood up andwalked to his room, returning with a bottle of lube. It was water and notsilicon so it wasn’t going to work too well, but it would be better thannothing. He handed the bottle to me taking his shirts off, pulling hisshorts all the way off and positioning himself so that his arms were downon the couch and rest of his body was sticking up.He didn’t bring or ask about a condom, which turned me on even more. Notonly was I going to fuck Straightboy, I was going to do it raw and maybeeven dump my load inside his virgin hole.I worked a lot of lube into his hole with my fingers, which had himgrunting. I wanted to rim him, but I knew he probably hadn’t prepared forthat and I wasn’t going to take any chances. After a few minutes offingering I lubed up my cock and pressed it against his hole.”That felt good, man” he called from in front of me.”Relax and don’t think about what we’re doing,” I instructed. “Push outwith your ass.”I started sliding in, forcing his football jock hole to part open and takemy cock.”Shit, you’re so big. I don’t know if I can do this.”I ignored him, sliding a few more inches in. He started to pull away, but Igrabbed his ass and forced it into my cock.”Holy fucking shit, güvenilir bahis man. We have to stop!”I slammed the last couple inches in, and he let out a massive groan.”Just relax and it’ll start feeling good. I’ll give you a few minutes toget used to me inside you.”I held my position, my jock jammed all the way in his hole. I rubbed myhands around his ass and up his back, trying to get him to relax.”Ok, it stopped hurting…” Straightboy said with some uncertainty, hisface pushed into the couch cushion.I slid my cock out a few inches and then back in, taking small strokes toopen his ass up and get him used to my cock. He started to moan with eachone, his ass still gripping my big cock tightly. It felt so good, and itfelt even better when I thought about who I was fucking and how quicklythis had all happened.I fucked him pretty softly for a few minutes, trying to give him as muchtime to adjust to the experience as I could.”That feels fucking good,” he said from the cushion.I took that as encouragement to take it up a notch, and I picked up mypace, pulling my cock out further and pushing it in harder. He respondedwith louder moans and he seemed to like it. I reached my hand around,feeling that his cock was rock hard and even dripping precum. He wasdefinately enjoying himself.”Let’s change positions,” I suggested, almost pulling my cock out of him.”No, man, just this one. Just fuck me and finish up.”I slid the whole length back inside, relishing the groan that came backfrom the cushion.”You want me to cum in your hole?” I was super excited about the prospect.”Do whatever you want, just fuck me and finish up.”Exactly what I wanted to hear. I picked up my pace to the strongest Ithought he could take, fucking him with full force, pulling my cock all theway out and shoving the whole length back inside. He moaned the loudest hehad all night, letting out a long, satisfied moan of pleasure with everystroke.I couldn’t take anymore. I wanted to keep fucking him, but my cock wasready to explode. I fucked him as hard as I could, my balls slappingagainst him with each thrust. I dug my hands into his back and fucked fullforce, feeling my orgasm start to build.”Oh fuck,” I groaned. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill yourass with my hot load!””Do it man!” he encouraged, clenching his jock ass against my cock.That put me over. I slammed into him and felt the cum squirt out of me ashard as it ever had, coating his insides with shot after shot of hot semen.I pulled my cock out of him, a trickle of cum running out after it. Hiswhole was gaping open, his whole body red..He got on his feet, turning back to sit on the couch where he had just beenplowed.”Wow. That felt really good, man. That was intense.” He looked mesmorizedby what had just happened.I sat down next to him, but he got up.”Uh… I’m going to run to the bathroom and go to bed. Thanks.”He walked away right that instant, straight to the bathroom and shuttingthe door behind him. I didn’t have a chance to say anything else. When hefinished, he walked right back to his room and didn’t even look in mydirection.I thought this might be the only time anything like this would ever happen,and I imagined that he was probably having regrets about what we justdid. I decided that he probably wouldn’t even mention it to me–he wouldjust act like nothing had happened or say he didn’t remember.I wasn’t sure what to think when I passed out on that couch, but I knewthat fucking Straightboy had been damn hot. I didn’t even get to see himcum, but that didn’t matter… I was completely satisfied and exhaustedfrom pounding his ass.Fortunately, he didn’t play any of those stupid games. Later I woulddiscover that Straightboy had enjoyed his taste of gay sex and wanted more,which I was more than happy to provide. 😉

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