Stranger Forced it in my Ass

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Stranger Forced it in my AssMy 4 inch dick hurt being so hard. I was fucking horny as I searched the wall of dildos. No one else in the store, I took my time finding a nice thick toy for my ass that night.They all seemed so nice but I had only a few dollars after buying some uppers.I found a 8 inch thick black dildo that had a suction cup on the bottom. I couldn’t wait to get back to my apartment and ride it all night long. I tried to fight the thoughts of wanting to have a dick in my ass. And beside one gay drunk hook up, I had only been with women until that point. My manhood’s ego begged my closeted gay thoughts to stop. They wouldn’t though. Being drunk and high made my sissy side come out even more. Fantasies of a huge guy pinning me down and using my ass and mouth made me cum so hard. I had no idea that I would finally be forced to submit into being real men’s fuck toy that night.As I paid, I made some excuse of buying the dildo for my girlfriend. The guy ringing me out just smirked, I knew he didn’t believe me. As I walked out of the store a tall Asian guy immediately came up and started to talk to me. I noticed him in the store. He didn’t spare words and asked me immediately if I was looking to have fun. My ego spoke first, I pretended to look shocked as told him I wasn’t into that. He laughed and continued to ask questions. He seemed nice. He told me he lived only a small walk away and that sarıyer escort he thought I was really sexy. His attention made me blush and I couldn’t help but start to give in. I began to answer questions a bit more honestly and he saw that he was breaking down my defenses. After a few harmless questions he just blurts out, “Do you like big dick? ” Blushing again, my defenses down, I told him I did. He grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. I couldn’t believe how big it was, I thought Asian guys were small! His dick soft had to be 6 inches. I didn’t pull my hand away and, ever so slightly, I began to massage his dick. He and I both knew he was going to fuck my ass.He didn’t say anything and began to walk to his apartment. I followed like a little bitch, looking down at my feet, humiliated that I couldn’t wait to feel his dick grown in my mouth. When we got to his place he told me to take off my clothes. His demeanor had changed, he became much more aggressive and mean. He sat on the couch and watched me strip. My eyes looked down and showed my humiliation as I got to my underwear. He rubbed his dick through his pants and I could see its outline grow. I hesitated to take off my boxers, his dick dwarfed my tiny dick. It almost looked fake, how could he be that big and I be that small? Before I could give it more thought, he ripped down my boxers and I was left fully exposed to him. With two fingers, esenyurt escort he grabbed my dick and snorted, “You couldn’t please anyone with this. He know that? Get on your knees, bitch.” Before I could even form a response he jammed his soft dick in my mouth and in my throat. I could feel it almost instantly get hard and grow. He choked me but I didn’t complain, I kept sucking. He held the back of my head as he pushed his dick in and out of my mouth. I kept gagging and choking. It only encouraged him to force it further in. He was fully hard and at least 8 inches, most of it down my throat.He talked to me like no other man ever had before. Degrading me, laughing at me, and I could feel his dick get extra hard as he made fun of my dick size. “I am gonna use your ass pussy, slut. Show you how men fuck” After a few minutes, he grabbed me by the hair and got up from the couch. Pulling his dick abruptly out of my mouth, spit down my chin, he guided me into a kneeling position face down in front of him on the couch. My ass in the air and completely at his mercy, I felt myself give in. I knew this changed me, I knew I had zero control what would happen, I knew for the very first time that I was another man’s piece of ass to conquer and use. Another notch in the headboard. Even being embarrassed, I could not help but be weirdly excited to be used like this. His dick felt enormous as he pushed it against my hole. He spit on my ass, avrupa yakası escort then rubbed my asshole with some of it. From that point, he just hurt me. He shoved it in as hard as he could. I felt myself tear as I accommodated his size. The pain took my breath away but he didn’t slow down, just worked it further and further in. He kept calling me a bitch and a slut as he forced it all the way in. When his balls finally reached mine, his dick fully in, he leaned into me and told me how tight my pussy was. He just kept it all the way in and between making me tell him that I loved it and I was a slut, he bit my back hard, leaving teeth marks that would be there for days after. Then he began to fuck me, slow, hard, then fast and hard. My body never got used to it, he just pounded me. He used me completely for his own pleasure and didn’t give a fuck if I liked it. My eyes watered as I let him abuse me. My pride and my manhood were gone. Plowing me for what felt like hours, I began to feel him speed up. Degrading me even worse now, “You are a filthy fucking slut. You are nothing but a fuck hole, bitch. Tell me you are a fucking loser slut!” As I began to degrade myself to him, I felt his grip tighten and he began to grunt. Hard thrusts and then as hard as he could, shoved it in all the way and held it there. I felt my ass fill up with his warm cum. My sissification was now complete. There was no coming back from this. He pulled out, wiped his dick on my ass, and told me to clean up and get out as he walked into the bathroom. I used my boxers to clean my ass up. Cum and bl**d poured out of my ass.I put my pants and shirt on and left, embarrassed and completely changed. I had become a slut for men. That month alone I gave my ass up to ten other men and gave head to strangers. That was 12 years ago and I have been a slut ever since…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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