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Surprise in BostonI come from a big family and my brothers and sisters are all younger than I am and have k**s like I do they range in age form 9 to 30. My oldest is 30 now and I started late, as did my siblings. We all live in the area of Boston mass and central CT and southern New Hampshire. It is not out the ordinary for any of us to visit with any others or our own c***dren when we are in the area. So when my business took me to Boston from my home in CT. I wanted to see my daughters but they were not available so I called my brother to get my Nieces number so I could maybe take her to dinner on my expense account. I got the number and left a message for Heather and she called back shortly and we made plans to meet at a restaurant later. My meeting was cancelled at the last minute so I had time to kill and decided being away from home I would see and escort if I could find one available early. I am married but since my wife went through menopause she has lost all interest in sex. I masturbate a lot but found that sometimes I need the touch of a real woman so I turned to escorts every once in a while, this was one such time as I hadn’t had sex with my wife or another woman in almost three months.I couldn’t check into my hotel till later so I opted for an escort that would do an incall locally. I found one on the website I use occasionally by the name of April who looked very sexy even though she was listed as 27 years old the same age as my younger daughter I thought why not a nice young woman to entertain me. Her pictures showed a very sexy woman with very nice shaped breasts about size C and nice big areolas. Like many providers her face was blurred a bit but with her brown hair she looked very pretty and what a sexy body.I texted as were her instructions and gave her my credentials I have used from a website that does this for not only the escorts protection but the clients too as many of these woman are checked out too so you are not walking into a bust. She checked me out and within the hour she got back to me and we set up a time to meet around one o’clock that day. I was looking for a GFE and wanted an hour and a half I told her maybe more, I would decide later. She agreed and texted me her general address. I took a cab to a nice part of the Back Bay Boston and texted her when I arrived in the area she texted her house number and I went and rang the doorbell. She buzzed me in and I walked up to her second floor apartment. I had no sooner knocked on the door than it opened and a beautiful young woman stood there in front of me in a sheer lacey bra and panties in a nice shade of pale pink. As I was looking her over her face suddenly went pale and her robe, which was open to reveal her lingerie, was suddenly whipped closed. I was about to say what’s going on April when she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside and said, “what are you doing here now uncle Joe we weren’t supposed to meet up till seven tonight?” I kept my mouth shut as the realization came to me that April was in fact my niece Heather. She didn’t know yet that I was her afternoon date yet so I decided to have a little fun first. Now I should explain that the last time I saw Heather she was dressed in what I had come to know as her usual dress in my brothers house. She usually dressed in blue jeans or shorts in the summer and shirts or sweats that did everything to hide that she was a beautiful young lady. Without makeup and dressed up like she was I hadn’t recognized her until I looked closely. So I just said to her I just wanted to see her early as I wasn’t busy her dad told me where she lived. Truth was I never asked where she lived so I wouldn’t have had a clue she lived there. Well heather was looking a bit flustered as she thought her date was about to arrive and she was almost in a panic figuring out how to get rid of me. I reached in my pocket and was able to press redial and as Heathers phone rang on her table she turned white as she excused herself and told me she had to get this. She went into the other room and answered in a whisper. “Hello” I by that time had my phone out and was walking towards the room she was in and said, “I thought we had a date, are you going to keep me waiting?” I knew she didn’t know what to say and having had my fun while she was stammering her answer I opened the door and said. “Heather I know you are April!” turning towards me I thought she was going to cry, she ran to me and dropped the phone and said please don’t tell my Dad please. She still didn’t realize I was her date. So to put her at ease I said I wouldn’t tell him if you don’t tell my wife. Suddenly it dawned on her that I was her date and she just stared and said, “Why did you choose me?” I explained what had happened and that I found her pictures attractive and was very interested in spending time with April. At this point I took the envelope with the money in it and placed it on the table in plain view in front of her. Heather just looked at me then said, “ are you saying you want to do this with me?” I responded the only way I knew how “Heather as April you have done this with other men you don’t know right?” she nodded yes, “I am looking for the same thing and you are a beautiful young desirable woman that happens to be my niece, that is quite a turn on I must tell you but if its too weird for you I will leave and never mention any of this to anyone.” I could see her giving it a bit of thought before she spoke. “ You have always been my favorite Uncle and I did have a crush on you when I was younger, so it’s not weird. ”I then leaned down and gave April a kiss full on the lips. I coaxed her lips open and kissed her with more tongue until she began to respond. I began to embrace her removing her robe so I could once again see her in full lingerie. Heather looked at me and spoke. “Are you ok with this Uncle Joe?” to which I replied I have a date with April to have some adult fun that we both agreed to. I am no ones uncle until dinnertime. Is that ok with you? I assume you escort for the extra money? I expect this isn’t your first time?” She nodded and I could still see the shy niece I had known all these years but in that second she put that aside and kissed me like I was her long lost lover.I kissed her like I wanted her to kiss me, and she responded back and as soon as I had her robe off. Now seeing her sheer bra with her nipples clearly visible I could feel my cock begin to swell. At this point Heather was put away and April took over. She reached up and loosened my tie and kissed me and began to remove my clothes. She stood as she did this and taking my tie she pulled to have me follow her into her bedroom. Standing there with her bed behind her she removed my shirt and tie and placed them on a chair nearby, then she unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor. I stepped from them and April turned me around and pushed me so I sat down on the edge of the bed. Here I was staring at my lingerie clad Niece in my boxer shorts and socks while she smiled at me and reached around to unclasp her bra. She put her arm in front of her breasts as it fell from her shoulders covering her breasts from my view before flipping the bra to the chair over my pants and shirt. Then she reached out for my hand uncovering her perky breasts with nipples that were now getting stiff. I placed my hand in hers as she used it to pull herself onto my lap with her breasts over my face. I sucked one nipple in my mouth while my hands caressed whatever I could reach. I sucked one then the other while she mewed appreciatively. I felt each nipple harden as I sucked them in my mouth then sucked on the other. Her moans were getting louder and by now my cock was stiff and uncomfortable wedged in my underwear with April sitting on my lap. She was well aware and soon slid off my lap onto the floor and she reached to my waist and slid my boxers off while I lifted my butt to assist her. My cock is seven inches long when erect but I am really wide so I have had trouble sometimes. April looked at my erect penis and grasped it gently unable to get her fingers all the way around it she used both hands and gently stroked it before kissing the tip gently. My cock responded by spewing a huge dollop of precum which she used to stroke me a few times before opening her mouth and flicking her tongue over the tip licking up any excess precum as more continued to flow now more freely. She next enveloped my cock with her mouth. She took in the tip at first and then swallowed as much as she could before almost choking. Being wide made it hard for her to get much of it in her mouth but it felt oh so good as I could feel the elazığ escort precum flow so much more than I have ever had before. I think the taboo nature of the whole scenario was turning me on so much more that I had been in a while. My cock was throbbing, I was so hard and it felt as a faucet was turned on as my cock just kept leaking. April was doing a great job and even though she wasn’t able to deep throat me I was very close to cumming. I told her I was close and she stared up at me with those pleading eyes as if to say go ahead. I wanted to cum deep in her pussy so I pulled her gently up so she was standing as I hooked the sides of those sheer panties and pulled them down to reveal her bare pussy. Her lips were clearly swollen a bit and you could see she was getting wet. I could smell her musky scent as I pulled her close to me so I could kiss her pussy mound. I could feel that she didn’t shave she must have had a Brazilian wax. There was no trace of hair or stubble at all.At this point I looked up at her and pulled her face to mine for a deep soul kiss. I held her to me as I leaned back and we ended up lying on the bed. Still kissing I wrapped my hands around her waist to hold this beauty tight. The kiss lasted a while as my hands caressed her back and ass. When we broke the kiss I could see my niece now as a very desirable woman who was really getting into this. We both moved up completely onto the bed so my feet were no longer on the ground and kissed again while I continued to caress her smooth skin. The roundness of her smooth butt fit perfectly in my hand as I ran my hands from the small of her back over one cheek then the other before sliding back up to her shoulder. This went on for a few minutes before she reached down to grasp my still very stiff and leaking cock. April moved to begin sucking me again, while I loved the idea I told her that I wanted her pussy on my face while she did that. She positioned herself above my face and I got my first look at her bald pussy with her lips parted slightly when she lower her pink lips to my waiting tongue! My first taste was so sweet and I discovered she must have been turned on as I was her scent though not strong was clearly musky and I could see the moistness on her whole pussy before my tongue even touched her cunt. When my tongue gently parted her pussy lips and I ran it up and down I could now feel and taste her wetness. I ran my tongue over the outside of her pussy and traced the inside with my tongue carefully avoiding her clit for now. I delved inside her pussy and all over her lips that by now were leaking almost as much as my cock by now she had the tip fully in her mouth. Both her hands surrounded my cock as she slowly sucked and licked while stroking it up and down slowly. You would have thought she was pumping my cock for the precum that was coming out like I have never felt before. My hands held her firm ass as I continued to tease her by slowly licking her all over except her clit. I could feel the almost imperceptible movement of her trying to get my tongue onto her clit. I continued licking with an occasionally brushing lightly and quickly over her clit. Each time I did this she would moan and I could tell she wanted more as her movements became more insistent. My face was soaked as now her pussy was leaking over my face and her nectar tasted so sweet as I began my onslaught my tongue circled her clit lightly. April visibly jumped as my tongue pressure on her clit got more and more directly on her button. By now my cock was so hard it hurt I needed to cum so bad so I decided if I was going to cum then so be it and I went for it. I put more and more direct pressure on her clit and my tongue was moving faster and faster. Well April was moaning a lot now and her cunt was soaking my face as I could feel her tensing a bit as I continued licking. She was so consumed by what my tongue was doing to her pussy that now she was no longer sucking me but her hand was squeezing my cock, which had the effect of at least stopping my ascent to orgasm for the moment. My precum flow slowed too for the moment. I could feel her breath quicken as my tongue worked her clit. Her moaning was accentuated with an oh god or a fuck as I continued licking her clit. Soon April was moaning, “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh fuck oh fuck” as I felt her pussy unleash a flood of her sweet nectar and I could feel her muscle of her ass contract as I brought her to orgasm. My licking slowed but didn’t stop as I kept licking through her orgasm only stopping when I felt her move off my face. She quickly got up and turned around lying on top of me and kissing me and inserting her tongue in my mouth as she kissed me with wild abandon. As wet as I was she didn’t seem to mind as I felt her move to straddle me while kissing with a passion that was unexpected but most welcome. April by now had straddled me and with a free hand grasped my cock and was sliding the cockhead up and down her very slick slit. My cock had begun leaking again as she sat slowly upon my stiffy. It was a few seconds before I realized she had done this without a condom. I broke the kiss while my cock was only halfway in her pussy and said “don’t we need a condom” She replied “Joe if you were anyone else you would but I want to feel you in me without anything if that’s ok with you, after the orgasm you just gave me I need you in me now!” I let her continue to slide her pussy slowly over my cock. She was very very wet but my cock being wide she had to take time to let her pussy adjust to my girth. She was steadily sinking down onto my cock and I could feel how tight she was as I hit bottom. She broke our kiss and sat up a bit giving me a chance to caress her beautiful tits with the nipples that were rock hard now. I felt her firm breasts gently rubbing and pinching her nipples as she moaned and began to ride me. As her cunt slowly moved up and down on my cock I knew I wouldn’t last long. Her exquisite breasts and tight wet pussy brought me to the brink in no time and she was still going slowly. I told her I was going to cum so and she said anytime just let go. So after only a few minutes of slowly sliding in and out of her cunt I began to cum and I soon filled her up as I felt my cum fill her pussy and the excess slid out around my cock. I hadn’t cum so powerfully or that much in a long while and as I came April leaned down to kiss me and I held her on top of me. Usually my cock will deflate after cumming and plop out of a well fucked pussy shortly after. However I remained almost fully hard and we lay like that for quite a while. It was during this time that April said something that shocked me. “I never knew sex could be so great. I have never cum like that ever. And I never have cum from being fucked before then either and certainly not from going so slow.” I didn’t know what to say so I asked her what made her begin to do this.April told me that when she was in college waiting tables she was propositioned all the time and just laughed it off preferring to tease them a bit and let them tip her better. But one day a very good looking older man told her that she would pay her 500 dollars for an hour of her time. He left the cash in addition to the tip he left and with it his business card and written on the back was the name of a local hotel with the room number on it and a time on it. Conveniently he knew she was off work at 4 pm so the time of 5 pm was enough time for her to get to the hotel. She thought for a time while she worked and said to me that he wasn’t bad looking and she might have slept with him anyway except for his age. When her shift ended she reported all her tips except the 5 crisp new one hundred dollar bills he had left. In that moment she said to herself she needed to return the money she couldn’t accept it. Well the long and short of it was she went over to the hotel and went to the room and fucked the older man as well as she knew how and left with another 200 dollars after and hour. April went on to say it was a time before she figured out how to get it to happen again and decided she wanted to weed out the riff raff so she set her price rather high so she thought. 500 dollars and hour was a lot to her and she knew what it took to earn that waiting tables. The man who first fucked her was the first one she called when she decided to go all in and since she had his business card she called and told him that when he was in town he should call her. She had by now gotten another phone to use for the business. His word of mouth alone accounted for almost all her business and she didn’t work on weekends hardly as most traveled escort elazığ to Boston during the week for business. She only advertised in a high end website, the one I found her ad in every once in a while. She had maybe one or two customers a week and sometimes none as she made enough to keep her happy and still had her waiting job because her dad wouldn’t let her off without working somewhere and being an escort was not a job he would approve of. She graduated college and got a job with a local marketing firm, which she enjoyed. She was able to travel and set her own hours sometimes so she escorted out of town a lot but charged even more there. If she was in a town for a week and she got one client that was a nice extra paycheck. She used her money to indulge herself in the lingerie I saw her in and because she didn’t want to bring attention to herself she only had at most two dates a week. Most were at a local hotel but a few like me were at her place. She went on to explain that she had been working on a huge project at her “real” job and just finished a long stint so her boss gave her a few days off so when she awoke she felt like she wanted some fun as she told me most times she enjoys sex with her clients as many were wealthy, well mannered and cared about her enough to know she was there for their pleasure and would be there if they treated her well. She went on to say it never felt like a job or work as she enjoyed sex with men who treated her well and only wanted no strings after they left and utmost secrecy. I understood that totally that’s why I had called her as I had heard of her from a trusted business associate. He did tell me she was very selective and not always available. I guess I got lucky when I saw her ad and pics as I remembered what he said about April. Then I said to her “I hope you don’t think lees of me for calling you?” she responded with “I know about what you are going through with my aunt I have heard my mom talk about it, so I understand and I guess if you are going to do this I would rather it stay in the family” with that she laughed.We talked for a while and finally my cock slipped from her pussy and with it my load of cum came dripping out onto my leg we got up and she got me a towel and went into the bathroom and I heard the shower. She peeked out the door and smiled at me and said’ “you going to join me for a nice shower?” I didn’t need to be asked twice. Who wouldn’t want to shower with a beautiful naked woman even f she was your niece.As I stepped into the bathroom I gazed upon a beauty with her hands cupped under the shower turned slightly away from me so I could see her wonderful curves. Nice pear shaped ass large enough to give her hips some shape but small enough to be perfectly proportioned to her body. The water ran out of her hands and across her breast that I could see from her somewhat sideways view. I was in awe of her beauty, she was a young woman but in that image which I would never forget she was like a beautiful painting standing in the shower naked with the water cascading over her flawless body. When she turned to me her smile coaxed me into the shower. My arms went around her waist as I pulled her ass closer to my now hardening cock. Her head turned and my mouth and hers kissed, this one was sensuous and I didn’t look at this woman like my niece anymore. I saw a woman who I wanted to make love to over and over. Though I have only felt this way about one other woman but it was different, as I didn’t want anything more than that.We took turns washing each other and I spent a long time washing and caressing those perfect size C breasts making her nipples harden and running my soapy hands over perfect ass. I have never enjoyed a shower so much especially when she gently washed my cock and balls. Throughout I was between half hard and fully stiff in the shower but as soon as she began to wash my cock I was stiff as a board. She stroked me gently but it was so sexy seeing her do that I was beginning to leak precum again. That’s when she rinsed my cock off and got on her knees and sucked me into her mouth. Now I am good for maybe one pop a day at my age I was thankful for that but here she had me ready to blow again and all I could do was moan my appreciation as the stroked and took more of me in her mouth and went a little faster each time. She still couldn’t get much of me in her mouth but with her two hands wrapped around the lower half and her mouth enveloping the tip she soon had me ready to cum. I warned her to which she increased her pressure and speed and in a minute I was cumming in her mouth. Not just a little either I came almost as much as I had when I filled her cunt and she started to choke a little as I finished. She smiled at me as she stood up with her lips slightly parted I could see my load of white cream on her tongue before she closed her mouth and swallowed. She opened her mouth to kiss me and though I could faintly taste my cum on her tongue clearly she had ingested it all. My cock was spent but I was still turned on by this beauty.Just the simple act of showering and drying each other was so sensual I was enamored for the moment. As we sat on her bed and finished drying was began talking.I told her how I had never gone to an escort or cheated on my wife until she had gone through menopause. I also told her I had only been with three other women, as I had not been doing it that long. I went on to tell her that I had trouble recognizing the niece I had known for so many years as she had grown into a beautiful woman that she didn’t show the rest of the family.She told me when she is home my brother wanted to keep her as his little girl so she dressed down like I knew her without makeup and in clothes that didn’t flatter her figure. She had grown up but in deference to her dad she didn’t flaunt her sexuality. She was a gorgeous woman without makeup and naked or in her lingerie. But just simply putting on some older non-flattering clothes you could see the beauty if you looked which as my niece I never did. I just had never recognized it until now.Heather went on to tell me that she had worked as an escort since the chance meeting in college and had a real job the whole time. She also went on to tell me she was very selective and only saw clients she knew or new ones that had the credentials from the website I had. She also said this was so spur of the moment for her to do today but she had woken up very horny and she had always enjoyed sex with her clients. She said her clients were all older men who got enjoyment making sure she had fun too. She had hoped I would have scratched her itch and she assured me I had. We talked about what else she was doing in her life and then I asked her, how does this change our relationship?Her answer kind of stunned me. She went on to explain she felt closeness to me she never thought she would. She hoped I felt the same. She felt we had shared a huge secret and felt good about doing that with me and felt relief that she could share it with someone she truly trusts. She then told me though she was surprised I was the one at her door now she was glad it was I. She was tired of hiding this part of her life even her female friends didn’t know about it, now I was the only one and she had an enormous sense of relief. Like now that someone she knew and trusted knew she didn’t have to tell anyone else. I was flattered she felt that way and kissed her on her cheek and held her close on the bed with only a towel between us.I glanced at the clock and realized I had been here for three hours. I started to tell her I overstepped the arrangement and was sorry I took advantage of our relationship. Heather to her credit said when I have fun like we both did its not about the time spent but the experience and she didn’t care about the money with me as she felt it wrong to charge me. I told her I had expected to pay and that I would feel better if she took it. I kind of teased her and said if she kept the money we both had something to lose if our secret got out, She laughed and agreed. We talked for while longer before we both realized our dinner reservations were soon. So we agreed to go from her apartment and got dressed and got a taxi to the restaurant.We had a great dinner as we were able to talk about anything and everything, Heather through April had made me so comfortable I told her things I hadn’t even told my wife. I found out Heather hadn’t had a boyfriend since college but she was happy to work on her careers, she felt she wouldn’t be escorting for much longer as she was banking most of the money she made doing that, She was careful not elazığ escort bayan to put more that she made in her “real” job in a bank account but she had purchased some stocks and bonds and other investments through a corporation that one of her clients had set up for her so she could make her assets disappear. I knew she had an older model car and her apartment though very nice was not out of character for a professional woman her age. She was so much more mature than I ever suspected, her outlook on life and the world was more like a woman who had been married for years and had a bunch of k**s. I had a new appreciation for her especially since she was able to be the little girl her dad wanted her to be for him. She knew it made him happy to think of her that way and she liked how he treated her like his princess. We had a great dinner that I didn’t want to end but soon I told her I needed to get to my hotel because I had a meeting in the morning before heading back to Connecticut.I was planning to part ways at the restaurant but Heather had other plans, she said we should share a cab to my hotel then go from there. Once we arrived at my hotel she got out and said I’ll get another later, I thought I would like to visit for a bit longer. With that I paid the cab and we walked in arm in arm. I must have been smiling hugely as I had a gorgeous woman on my arm as we walked in to the bank of elevators and went to my room.When I let Heather into my room she excused herself to go to the bathroom. In a few minutes she came out and I went in. when I finished up I washed my hands dried them and went out to a stunning sight.There lying on my bed with her legs crossed and her head propped up by her hand as she lay sideways completely naked. Her breasts were perfect on her tight body as she beckoned me to her saying, “Now I want my uncle to give me a truly amazing fuck!”How could I refuse as I stripped off my clothes my cock was expanding in my pants. By the time I dropped my underwear I was fully hard and leaking like a sieve from the tip. Heather slid over and swiftly wrapped her lips around my cock and stroked me a few times before I gently pushed her off and told her to lie down on the bed. She had her legs crossed and she looked so beautiful. I wanted to make love to her so as I crawled into bed I made her spread her legs for me. I kissed my way up her legs first one then the other until I was breathing on her perfect pussy lips. With her legs spread her lips were slightly parted and I could see her shiver when I breathed on her pussy. I kissed all around her lips and gently ran my tongue from top to bottom brushing her clit to her visible reaction. I could see her pussy begin to drip and the more I licked around her clit the wetter she got. Her moaning was getting louder and more breathy. I finally zeroed in on her clit and she was primed as I got going on her I took my hands and slid them over her legs and with each one of her breasts in my hands I began to gently pinch and rub her rock hard nipples. Her moaning told me she was going to cum soon so I alternated between fast and slow as I brought her to the brink at least three times before I let loose and made her cum. She flooded my mouth and her screams when she came must have been heard everywhere I thought. By this time I kissed my way up her body stopping only to swirl each nipple in my mouth sucking them to full erect state before kissing her neck and on to her mouth. As I kissed her open mouth and our tongues danced I could feel her hand reach down and guide my cock into her wet waiting cunt. I slid in slowly and savored every inch as her pussy enveloped my cock like a warm velvet sheath. When I was all the way in while still kissing her I began thrusting in and out with increasing speed. Heather wrapped her legs over mine pulling me in and making sure I couldn’t do anything but fuck her hard and deep! I was thrusting faster and faster as we broke our kiss her breathing now quite ragged as mine was too. She was moaning more now as I was hitting the right spots she was climbing to another orgasm as her moans and the speed of my fucking were doing it for me. I could feel my balls tighten as my cum was getting ready for launch. I slowed a bit as she screamed she was cumming and the change in speed and her exclamation took me over the edge as I came deep in her pussy. I felt as though I left a gallon of cum in her as my spasms finally stopped and I collapsed on top of her my breathing matching hers now as the exertion had gotten me sweating. I could feel this time my cock shrinking and I got off heather on my knees to get a towel. I glanced down at her wide spread legs with her pussy wide open having just expelled my cock all red and raw and wet with a thick stream of my cum running out of the deep recesses of her pussy down her labia and down her ass onto the bed spread. I watched for a moment and filed that picture in my memory. MMMM I was sated like I haven’t been in years and I couldn’t remember the last time I came three times in a day let alone had the chance to do it. I gave her the towel and she cleaned up before getting off the bed and going into the bathroom. When she came out I asked her what now because I needed to go to sleep. She just pulled back the sheets and said, “if you don’t mind I want to stay the night, I have enjoyed myself so much I don’t want it to end and I would really enjoy just sleeping next to someone I care about.”The phone rang at 6:30 am and I rolled to my side to see the beautiful face of my niece on the pillow next to me. I guess it wasn’t a dream after all and my cock now at full attention with a full bladder I knew I had to pee. Heather smiled as I got up to go to the bathroom and followed me in. As I stood at the toilet I felt her breasts on my back as she wrapped her arms around me and reached for my stiff cock. Now that she had a hold of it I was finding it more difficult to get my pee stream started. She laughed and told me she always wanted to do this, (aim a pee stream) eventually I started the stream and thankfully her aim wasn’t too bad as I emptied my bladder. After shaking my cock it had deflated a bit she slipped onto the toilet herself and let loose herself. When she did this she grabbed my softened cock and sucked it into her mouth. I got hard so fast as this beauty again turned me on fast. She looked so good with my cock in her mouth and I wished we had lots of time but I had a breakfast meeting to get to and told her. She said, that’s fine with her and when she finished she got up and leaned over the vanity and said “fuck me like this hard and fast! The harder the better I just want you to cum in me a gain”Who was I to argue I slid my cock head up and down her slit as my precum lubed her up and I slid into her very wet pussy as fast as I could. When I was balls deep Heather let out an audible grunt. I started off slamming in and out or her slick cunt to Heathers grunts and mine in unison. I was slamming her pussy in and out with a wild abandon and because of cumming three times the day before I really had to work at cumming now. I could tell Heather was turned on her pussy got wetter and in her slick canal my cock was sliding into, was gripping me tightly on every stroke. She could tell when I was close because then Heather started to tell me to give it to her and cum deep in her pussy and one thing that basically sent me over the edge was when she said “fuck my pussy hard uncle Joe, give me you cum, harder, harder dump your load deep in my cunt” That was it I thrust all the way in her pussy and felt my balls empty its load deep in her pussy! I rested for only a minute before pulling out and as she lay on the bathroom vanity I watched my cum drip out her wide open pussy and ran down her legs. It was so hot I just wanted to lick her pussy but she soon got up, turned the shower on and told me to go first, then grabbed a towel to wipe her pussy and left me alone. I showered real quick and got out and dried off to find heather dressed and calling a cab for herself from the front desk.She kissed me goodbye and whispered in my ear that she was glad it was me at her door yesterday and she would see me soon. She also thanked me for dinner and the visit. With that she was gone.The next time I saw my Niece was at her father’s house, my brother had invited us up for a cookout. We went with the whole family and I wasn’t expecting to see Heather for some reason but there she was dressed in comfortable shorts and a baggy shirt, just like I had always seen her. She bounded up to me just like she had always done and gave me a hug and kiss, very chaste with everyone watching. Her hug was a second or two longer than normal but she did that to whisper in my ear. “Happy to see you, April would love to see you again sometime” with that she released me and went about her business helping her mom.

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