Sweet Dreams Pt. 02

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At the end of Chapter 1, my sister Diana slipped into bed with me in the middle of the night. She had been drinking heavily at a party earlier in the evening. I thought she might be sleepwalking. When she proceeded to suck my cock and then climb on top of me and slip it into her pussy, I had difficulty believing she was asleep. I probably shouldn’t have cum inside her, but I did.

Afterwards, I didn’t know what to say or do. Should I hold her? Should I pretend like nothing happened? Was she awake or sleepwalking? I never got any answers. Diana slipped out of bed, went into the shared bathroom, and never returned. One nagging thought kept me awake though. Was Diana on the pill? Could I have gotten her pregnant? I would have to wait until the next day for answers.

Chapter 2

Diana was still in bed when I finally came down for breakfast. Mom asked about the party the previous night. I assured her that we had fun and that Diana behaved herself. I didn’t tell Mom she was three sheets to the wind when we got home, and I certainly didn’t tell her we had fucked. After breakfast, everyone disappeared, some to the beach, some to the waterpark, and some to go shopping. I was still in the kitchen when Diana finally emerged.

“Hey, Nick. Where is everyone? I guess I slept in longer than usual.”

“They all went in different directions,” I replied. “Did you enjoy the party last night?”

“It was fun, but I had a little too much to drink. I was out cold as soon as I hit the bed. I can’t believe I slept so long.”

“And you didn’t wake up at all?” I asked. “Not even to go pee?”

“I think I might have gotten up once,” Diana answered, “But I really don’t remember much. Why? Did I wake you?”

This was the second time Diana claimed ignorance after we fucked. Besides last night, we had fucked in the motel room on our way to the beach with Mom and Dad in the other bed. She denied that as well. She was either lying through her teeth, or she really didn’t remember. To make matters worse, she had claimed she was still a virgin after the motel incident.

“No, but I did have some vivid dreams. Hey, I have a question. Are you on the pill?”

“What kind of question is that? It’s none of your business. Besides, I already told you I was a virgin and I plan to remain that way, at least for now. Why would I need to be on the pill?”

“I’m just worried about you after last night, sis. You were pretty drunk. It would have been easy for someone to take advantage of you. You could black out and not even remember losing your virginity.”

“That’s crazy,” Diana replied, shaking her head. “Believe me, I would know if someone took my virginity. Besides, that’s not going to happen. I can handle myself when I drink. Now if you don’t have any more stupid questions, I’m going to change and head down to the beach.”

Diana grabbed a cinnamon bun and headed back to her room. I realized she never actually answered my question about the pill, only that she didn’t need to be on it. That didn’t give me a lot of comfort, but it did indicate that she was clueless about what had happened last night, if it happened. I was beginning to wonder if I was the one dreaming.

I changed into my swimsuit and followed Diana, watching her exposed ass cheeks sway back and forth against the tiny white bikini she was wearing. She saw the gang from last night’s party and made a beeline towards them, waving as she got closer. They motioned me to join them as well.

Diana continued her teasing behavior from the previous night, soliciting volunteers to douse suntan lotion on her topless back. They took turns ensuring not only her back, but also her exposed ass cheeks were protected from the sun. I listened to her’ oohs and aahs’ and cautionary ‘carefuls’ when the fingers wandered a little too close to paradise. Diana finally fastened her top, rolled over, and sat up on the towel.

“I have to pee. Anyone up for a swim?”

Her admirers followed her into the ocean. As soon as the water was most of the way up her thighs, Diana squatted down and peed. The look on her face was one of pure ecstasy. When she was finished, she giggled and stood with her feet shoulder width apart. I’m sure it was just salt water that streamed down her thighs and dripped from her crotch, but the effect on those watching was highly arousing, me included.

After that she was hoisted up on the shoulders of different guys to play chicken. One tall boy chest deep in water removed his swim trunks and held them in the air. Not to be outdone, Diana took off her top and held it up in neck-deep in water. One of the boys snuck up behind her and stole it. When she tried to get it back, he threw her top to someone else.

This game went on for several minutes. Each boy held her bikini top high in the air and made her jump for it causing her tits to momentarily bounce out of the water. Then they threw it to the next guy who made her do the same thing. They tried to get her to move into shallower water, but Diana wasn’t cebeci escort willing to go that far on a crowded beach. They finally gave her the bikini top and returned to where the rest of the group was sitting.

A game of truth or dare broke out. When it was my turn, I selected “truth” and was asked how long my dick was. I said seven and a half inches to yells of “bullshit”. A peach was sliced open and one of the guys was dared to perform oral sex on it. He did a masterful job, spreading it apart with his thumbs and burying his lips and tongue into the sweet nectar. Juice was smeared across his face and dripping from his chin when he finished. He bowed to a round of applause.

It was getting near lunchtime. Diana and I said goodbye and headed back to the house. On the way, I asked her if she had enjoyed the performance with the peach.

“It was interesting,” Diana replied. “He sure looked like he knew what he was doing.”

“Really? And how would you know? Is that experience talking?”

“None of your business,” she said with a teasing twinkle in her eye. “And what about you? Is your penis really seven and a half inches long?”

“Only when it’s hard. Do you want to see?”

Diana punched me in the arm and told me to behave myself. We had arrived at the outside shower stall underneath the rental house.

“I’m going to wash off the salt water before heading in the house. I’ll leave the door open if you want to find out whether or not I was lying.”

I was not expecting Diana to take me up on my offer. I was just teasing her. After removing my trunks, I turned on the water and let it splash over my head and down my body. Then the door pushed open. Diana was standing there looking at me. Her expression was different somehow, almost as if her personality had changed. She was more confident, more daring, more adventurous. Her eyes wandered to my penis which hung limply between my legs.

“It doesn’t look so big to me,” she teased.

Not sure how to respond, I decided to up the ante.

“Show me your tits and it will,” I challenged.

Without saying a word, this version of Diana stepped into the shower stall and locked the door. She reached back and unfastened the clasp of her bikini top. It fell to the floor. I had seen her tits before, but it was either through a small camera I had hidden in her room, or when she had slipped into bed with me and it was too dark to see. They were even more spectacular up close. I felt my cock begin to grow.

“You know it’s perverted to get excited looking at your sister,” Diana teased. “I mean they’re just tits. I’m sure you’ve seen better ones looking at porn.”

Not really, I thought as my eyes drank in the majestic view. To make matters worse, Diana decided to tease me by rubbing her forefingers across the tips of the nipples, making them poke out like two erasers. My cock twitched and grew some more. It wasn’t fully erect, but it soon would be. I decided to see how far this Diana would go.

“My cock doesn’t care whether or not you are my sister any more than you’re tits care if I’m your brother, but if you really want to see it become a full grown adult, show me your pussy.”

“I knew you were a pervert,” she responded, slipping her bottoms down until they were stretched between her thighs.

My eyes feasted on the cleanly shaven mound puffing out like a ripe peach. The gash down the middle disappeared between her legs. At the top of the slit I could glimpse her clit trying to peek out from its hood. My cock finished its growth spurt and was now straining to stretch the skin around my shaft even further.

“Wow. It’s, uh, definitely big,” Diana declared. “What do you plan to do with it?”

“Do you have any suggestions?,” I asked, stepping closer. “It’s going to stay that way unless someone does something to make it shrink back to its normal size.”

“Are you asking me to do what I think you’re asking me to do?”

“No. I’ll do it. I just need you to stand there and look sexy.”

“You are a pervert. Are you actually going to jerk off right here in front of me?”

“You can always leave,” I replied.

She didn’t. I wrapped my hand around my cock and began stroking. She watched intently, then raised her fingertips to her nipples and rubbed. I noticed her clit swelling and peeking out from its hood. I moved closer. The tip of my cock was only inches from her body. Diana licked her lips. I could sense her desire.

“But if you want to help me,” I suggested, “I wouldn’t mind.”

I let go and waited. Diana reached down and wrapped her fingers around the hard flesh. She moved her hand up and down my shaft. I took over the job of caressing her tits and pinching her nipples. She looked into my eyes. I could see the excitement. Her hand moved faster. Then she did something totally unexpected. She bent my cock down and rubbed the head across her clit.

I didn’t know how far she was willing to go, but I was determined to find out. I slipped my hands çukurambar escort around her back and down to her ass cheeks, pulling her tighter against me. My cock slid back and forth across her pussy and clit with her hand still wrapped around the base. She moved with me as I thrust against her. My knob slid through her slimy folds and over her swollen clit. Diana was moaning and gasping desperately.

“Ooohhhh…ooooohhhh… yes… uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh…”

I bent my knees and dug my fingers into her ass cheeks, pulling her closer. She guided the tip of my cock into the opening of her pussy. I looked at Diana to see if this was what she really wanted. She stared back at me with desperate eyes and nodded her head.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

I thrust hard, plunging my cock deep into her pussy. I could feel her body shaking and knew she was on the verge of a powerful climax. I slammed into her again and again, lifting her up on her toes. Her gasps and moans became more erratic. Her fingers dug into my shoulders. Then it happened. A blood curdling scream pierced the air.


Her tight pussy quivered and twitched against my thrusting cock. I slammed her against the wall and pounded her hard and fast. I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell. I drove into her hard and deep almost lifting Diana into the air. A primeval roar escaped my lips. Spurt after spurt of hot cum poured into her pussy until it was leaking out and running down her legs.

When it was over, Diana pulled up her bottoms, picked up her top, and walked out of the shower stall without looking back. We had crossed a new line. This time, she couldn’t pretend she was sleepwalking. There was no way she could deny what we had done. And once again, I had cum in her pussy and still didn’t know if she was on the pill.

By the time I got up to the house, Diana was nowhere to be seen. Mom said she was tired and went to her room to sleep. It was just as well. I wasn’t ready to face her. I ate lunch and went back down to the beach. The party crowd was still there. We played a game of volleyball and popped a few beers.

Someone pointed out a young couple putting on quite a performance about 20 feet from where we were sitting. The guy was lying face up on a beach towel on his back kissing a girl who was straddling him. By the way her ass was moving it was obvious she was grinding her pussy against his cock through their swimsuits. Several of the guys from our group walked over to watch.

“Fuck her,” one of them shouted.

The girl, realizing she had an audience, rolled off him and sat up on her knees. Her eyes were glazed over like she was stoned. The guy on the towel looked around at his audience and shrugged his shoulders. The tip of his cock poked out from the waistband of his swim trunks. One of the guys from our group yanked it down. His hard cock bounced free. The girl looked down at it curiously.

“Suck it,” someone yelled.

“Yea, put it in your mouth,” another voice chimed in.

And, to everyone’s surprise, she leaned over and slid her lips down the length of his cock. The guy on the towel smiled and shrugged his shoulders again, but didn’t push her away. Shouts of “go, go, go” from the onlookers were loud. Finally, one of the girls in our group broke it up when she saw a lifeguard coming over to check out what was happening.

“What’s going on,” I heard a familiar voice ask.

I turned around and saw Diana. Several of her admirers immediately went over to explain about the blowjob.

“You mean right here on the beach?”

“Yep,” they replied, pointing to a spot twenty feet away. “Right there.”

“Oh my god. That’s so insane. Where are they now?”

“They left. They probably went somewhere to fuck their brains out.”

“What does that even mean? Has anyone ever lost their brain having sex?”

And that led to a less than intellectual discussion. I watched Diana to see if she was at all upset with what had happened earlier, but I couldn’t see any signs. She seemed to be her same old flirtatious self. She even looked over at me once and waved. None of this made sense. I had fucked her and cum in her pussy. She should have been furious.

Diana eventually wandered over to the lifeguard stand to flirt with him. He was ripped and maybe a few years older than Diana. He was putting the moves on her and she clearly welcomed it. As dinnertime approached, I went over and said we should be getting back to the house. She waved goodbye and told the lifeguard she would see him later.

“Hot date tonight?”

Yes,” Diana replied enthusiastically. “Isn’t he gorgeous?”

“I wouldn’t know,” I said, and then added. “Listen,. I think we should talk about what happened in the shower at lunchtime. We can’t just sweep it under the rug.”

“What are you talking about? What happened in the shower?”

She had to know we fucked in the shower, didn’t she? It was in the middle ankara escort of the day. Could she have blocked it from her memory? Nothing made sense. I decided to approach it a different way.

“You do remember the guy eating the peach this morning, don’t you?”

“Of course. That was wild. He put on quite a show.”

“And you remember talking about the size of my penis?”

“I remember you saying it was seven and a half inches long. Is that true?”

“You don’t remember me showing you?”

“I remember that you tried to lure me into the shower. Is that what you’re talking about? Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m not mad at you. You’re just a pervert, that’s all.”

She punched me in the arm teasingly. We had just arrived at the outdoor shower, the scene of the crime earlier that day, the one Diana said she didn’t remember. I wondered how she would react if I made the same offer as last time. There was only one way to find out.

“I admit it,” I replied. “I am a pervert, but don’t tell me you’re not even curious to see what a seven and a half inch penis looks like. The offer still stands. I’ll be in the shower if you want to check it out.”

I had already removed my swim trunks and was letting the water wash the salt from my body when Diana opened the door. She stepped inside. I looked at her and, just like last time, could sense a subtle difference in her demeanor. She was not the same girl I had been talking to moments earlier. Something had triggered the change, but I didn’t know what.

“Well that’s certainly not seven and a half inches,” Diana said, squatting in front of me. “Let’s see if I can help make some adjustments.”

She wrapped her hand around my cock and flicked her tongue across my swollen knob. She kissed her way down the underside of my length to my balls, taking each one into her mouth while stroking me with her hand. My cock slowly expanded until it had grown to the full seven and a half inches. Diana looked at it, and then up at me.

“Now that’s more like it.”

And, without any further hesitation, she plunged her lips down my length. She fucked me with her mouth like an experienced whore, gagging and choking and drooling spit down my shaft. Then she took me into her throat. I was dealing with someone who had been around the block more than a few times. She looked and sounded like my sister, but she sucked cock like a porn star. Diana finally pulled me from her drooling lips.

“Cum on my face,” she begged. “I want to feel your hot cum squirting all over me.”

Diana fluttered her tongue across the sensitive underside of my knob with one hand holding my cock and the other massaging my balls. I lost it. Cum surged up my length and exploded from the tip, shooting up the side of her nose, over her forehead, and into her hair. Spurt after spurt splattered her her lips, nose, cheeks and chin. After I recovered, I noticed Diana had a hand in her bikini bottoms fingering her pussy.


Her body jerked and twisted in a series of orgasmic spasms, cum running down her cheeks and dripping from her chin. When she finally regained her composure. Diana stood and washed the cum from her face in the shower. This time I wasn’t going to let her get away without confronting her. I grabbed her by the arm as she was reaching for the door..

“Look, Diana, don’t walk out of here and then tell me you don’t remember it. You just gave me a blowjob.”

“What are you talking about, Nick? Of course I gave you a blowjob. How could I possibly forget?”

“What about at lunchtime? Do you remember that too?”

“Yes. You fucked me and came in my pussy. It’s a good thing I’m on the pill.”

Well that answered one question.

“And last night. Do you remember coming into my room?”

“I was horny. What’s this all about, Nick?”

I didn’t know what to say. It was like she suddenly remembered it all. There had to be more to the story. Was she going to deny it later? Had she been faking it before, or had she really repressed what had happened? Maybe she was two different people living in the same body. I was confused.

“I don’t know, Diana. The other day you told me you were a virgin and planned to stay that way, and now we’re fucking like it was no big deal.”

“Whatever. I need to go upstairs and get ready for my date tonight.”

After Diana left, I waited for my cock to settle down, then pulled up my trunks and went into the house. Everyone except Diana was in the kitchen fixing tacos for dinner. I grabbed a plate, popped a beer, and joined them. Thirty minutes later, Diana appeared in a pair of tight red shorts and a low cut black top. Everyone whistled. I noticed Dad looking at her in a manner that was more lecherous than fatherly, but I couldn’t blame him. She was hot.

I decided to stay at home that night and play games with the family. I went to bed at eleven and relived the shower episodes with Diana. My hand was wrapped around my cock stroking hard when I heard a light knock on my door. I quickly pulled a sheet over my raging hard-on. The door handle turned and my mother walked into the bedroom.

“Hi Nick,” she said, smiling at me. “I hope I’m not disturbing you. I wanted to talk to you about Diana. I’m a little worried about her.”

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