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sweet emilySweet EmilyMy day wasn’t going particularly well, as I was feeling especially worn out from a long, hard and taxing week of work. I was however fortunate to be alone this dreary Saturday morning, after rising late, as I heard the doorbell ring.Answering the door, I found little Emily our neighbor’s daughter, standing there looking so very cute in her modest dress. I have only known her for eight months, since she moved next door, right after graduating from high school. She seemed to really like me and was always coming over to visit. I never could understand why she spent so much time with me, but since she was so nice and I was always alone, I was happy to see her anytime. I admired her sweet innocence, an innocence uncommon in most teenagers, and always tried to be her special friend, helping her whenever I could. She looked and acted much younger than her age. My infatuation with her had developed over these months to the point that I was certain I was in love with her. She occupied a considerable portion of my thoughts and I found myself looking forward with anticipation to her visits.”Hi Mr. Miller, I brought you some cookies I baked myself. Would you like some?””Please come inside Emily. I am very happy to accept these cookies from such a charming young lady.” I locked the door behind her quietly as I ushered her into my den.spicey galzShe was obviously pretty happy that I was interested in her cookies and could not hide her excitement. But she noticed my lusty longing for her, although I don’t think she had a clue what that look meant. “What is it Mr. Miller? Why are you looking at me like that. What do you want me to do,” she asked so innocently?I didn’t answer her, but stood back from her and looked at her with piercing eyes, exclaiming, “My, Emily, you have really grown up into a beautiful young lady, let me look at you.”She blushed and looked at the floor, shuffling her feet shyly. I said that I thought she was really pretty and bet she had lots of boyfriends fighting over her.She replied, “I, um, really don’t have a boyfriend.” From the way she looked at me as she said this, I started to realize then that she looked to me for that sort of thing. I had to find out if she was really interested in me. She obviously liked me, although I was older than her, but not old enough to be her father.I touched her shoulders, grasping them with my hands strongly, knowing that this sudden physical contact would send jolts of electricity through her body, especially since I didn’t think she was used to being touched like this. If she did indeed like me in a romantic way she would surely melt when I touched her like this.I said as I held her firmly, “Yes, I think you are so very pretty, that I will just have to kiss you.”I waited a few seconds so that she would have time to think about this and react to my boldness. I thought she would become flustered, and I longed to see her shyness manifest once again.Waiting until she had time to think and become flustered, would have the added effect of exciting her even more before I finally did kiss her.Raising both hands to the sides of her face, cupping her cheeks and ears, I pulled her to my lips and kissed her very passionately, sucking her lips with mine and softly caressed the sides of her face slowly. I thought this would really stun her with overpowering emotions, but I was surprised with the intensity with which she kissed me back. Her desire equaled mine. I wasn’t expecting her passion to rise so quickly or perhaps it was already there.As I broke the kiss, I held her face cupped with my palms. I continued to caress her face with my thumbs, and she replied in a flustered wavering voice, “Wow, Mr. Miller, that was pretty amazing, I really loved kissing you.” I could tell she really liked it from the flushed and dreamy look on her face.I told her that, “When you really like someone it is a great way to show your affection. And it is really nice.” I continued to look at her lovingly, hoping to melt her further.Then I said that she looked very warm in that thick sweater and should take it off. She hesitated, so I said with a voice of assumed parental authority, “Emily, take off your sweater.”As she pulled the sweater over her head, her upraised arms exposed her tender breasts, which were poking through her thin blouse and I devoured them with my eyes. She was such a ravishing little beauty, with an incredible body. I was totally captivated by her. My love for her mingled with my lust and I was stunned by her beauty.I knew that I could not control myself any more, exposed to her wonderful attributes and I strained to be my most charming self. Oh, how I wanted to stuff her full of my huge pulsating cock and give her a fuck she would remember forever. The shy tight virgins always seemed to love getting fucked really hard and she was perfect in every way. She was so agreeable that I had a premonition she would love to get fucked by me.I asked her to put her hands behind her back and breathe deeply and turn around in a circle so I could see her clearly. She just did it, without question, showing off her breasts, as they stood out prominently.Then I exclaimed again, “My Emily, haven’t you grown up into such a beautiful young woman. Your breasts are very large for your size. I bet they are at least a 35C. They canlı bahis are very nice breasts Emily.”Based on past experience I thought that she would respond favorably to such a bold compliment.She was so attractive as she fidgeted and shuffled her feet, looking down and turning red in the face. Her shy innocence was one of her most attractive features, rare in this age. I told her she had nothing to be ashamed of.”Really, you are a very beautiful woman and you should be proud that your breasts are so nice. I really like your breasts Emily. You are really a very beautiful young lady. All the boys will really like you.”She didn’t know what to say and was stunned with the unfamiliar conversation and my bold risqué flattery.”I, I don’t know what to say John. Can I call you John, Mr. Miller? I am not used to anyone saying anything about my body. I, … My parents are so strict, I just don’t have any experience with this. But I would like to. It really is exciting. My parents never let me date or even talk to boys.””Just know Emily, I really mean it. You are a wonderful young lady and I think you are very very beautiful. I really want to get to know you better. Would that be ok with you Emily, if we get to know each other better?”She said slowly, “Yes, it’s ok Dave.” Her deep breathing and flushed skin betrayed her newfound unfamiliar sexual arousal.Then she said, “I have some really personal things to ask you about and to show me. I can’t ask my mother because it has to do with sex.”She was so damn cute and I was pleased that in spite of her sweet innocence, she responded to my bold provocative words so positively. She was so very unspoiled. She didn’t show any fear and it was obvious to me that she was unfamiliar with sex and knew very little about it, but was eager to find out. Perfect, I thought, she wants to know and so she will.Then I chided her.”I suppose you are probably still a virgin. You never had sex with a boy, did you?”She blushed again and looked so embarrassed. When I asked her if anyone had ever touched her body there, pointing to her vagina, I could tell that the answer was no, but her body language implied that she sure hoped someone would. She seemed to be overpowered by her newly awakened sexual emotions. Little did I know that she had arrived with an agenda of her own.She was beside herself, struggling with her overpowering sexual desires. And as to whether she had ever seen a man naked, well certainly not, but her squirming, as I asked her this question so bluntly, showed me how turned on she was, even against all her training and her strict religious upbringing.She had been totally sheltered by her very conservative and religious parents, but was fast discovering the overwhelming joys of the forbidden fruits of sex, as I provoked and aroused her with my bold statements.I really surprised and again disarmed her, as I moved very close to her quickly, looking her in the eyes intently. Her rapid breathing, the quick jumping movements of her eyes and body language signaled her total sexual arousal, as she struggled to embrace these unfamiliar powerful emotions. These strong desires throbbed through her lithe body, overwhelming her thinking capabilities, throwing her into the abyss of uninhibited and free-thinking. She was burning up with desire for gratification of her unleashed senses, and out of control. She wanted me badly and it was obvious. She could not hide her strong desire for me.I knew the signs well and swept her into my arms, kissing her deeply as my left arm pulled her small body tightly to mine, cupping her ass cheeks firmly and erotically, rubbing my throbbing hard cock up and down her crotch. My right hand cupped a firm breast squeezing it very strongly, pinching her nipple hard through her thin blouse, sending a strong sexual jolt throughout her longing yet inexperienced body.These strong sexual stimulants from so many parts of her body simultaneously, combined together and really turned her on, removing any last inhibitions she might have had. Emily shuddered erotically, controlled by these incredibly wonderful pleasures surging through her body. She almost climaxed as I fondled her lovingly. She never had felt such wonderful feelings ever before and was loving these feelings so much, never wanting them to stop. She loved the intense sexual impulses coursing through her ripe teen body, overpowering her and forcing her into unknown territory.I knew now that she wanted what I wanted and was putty in my hands. I could do anything to her that I wanted; and I did. She would not refuse me. She loved everything I did to her and I was so happy to finally be able to fuck Emily, which I now saw as a sure thing. My cock ached with the pain of its confined engorgement.Lowering her quickly onto her back on my silk couch, and straddling her lower body I quickly brought my hand up under her skirt, pushing her panties aside, and in an instant grasped her smooth pussy mound fully and firmly. I pinched her clit hard with my thumb and forefinger and inserted another finger all the way into her tight pussy as far as it would go. She wriggled and squirmed in pleasure, arching her pussy upwards into me, begging for more. She wanted it, of this there was no question.Her slick hot pussy felt so good to my nimble fingers. She moaned her acceptance güvenilir bahis of defeat to my never still fingers, as they fucked her ripe lips to oblivion. She was so tight and so wet, as I worked her hungry pussy, opening up her tight channel for the momentary grand entrance of my throbbing cock.She was panting heavily now, as she pushed up her burning hot sex mound eagerly to meet my hands’ firm grasp. Her body was begging for her cunt’s satisfaction, as I stroked her sex harder and harder, working her into a frenzy.She loved my erotic grasping of her sex mound, pushing her puffy lips into my palm and rubbing them up and down. Her pussy lips were swollen with arousal and were dripping in excitement.Then suddenly, I licked up and down her slit, slurping her heavenly essence. I pushed my tongue deep into her love passage and sucked hard. She was overwhelmed with my fresh and sudden onslaught, gasping and panting in total ecstasy, shuddering with emotion.Moments before, she had been an innocent and unspoiled beautiful young girl, but my sudden and irresistible surprise attack had quickly conquered and corrupted her. She didn’t even think of resisting me for she was so much loving the ecstatic feelings of her arousal.The pleasure she received, as I suddenly and unexpectedly grabbed her hot little pussy and fondled it roughly, easily overpowered whatever last vestige of resistance to maintain her virgin purity that she had. I had seen this in Crouching Tiger: the princess was seduced by the rogue bandit, when he forcibly fondled her pussy.There was no protest, for she was totally overwhelmed with the intense wonderful sexual feelings throbbing throughout her lithe body. She was thrown into a pool of sexual arousal greater than anything imaginable, unequivocally and totally convinced of the wonderful joys of uninhibited sex and was ready for anything I had to offer her. f She loved my brazen capture of her sacred sex center and it’s orgasmic fondling. I had totally captivated this apparently innocent girl and awakened an overpowering urge within her for sexual fulfillment.Now she craved sexual fulfillment above all else, and she wanted me to violate her, to take her hard. She begged me for fulfillment, what fulfillment she did not know, she only knew that she needed fulfillment desperately, to satisfy the overpowering itch in her pussy. She needed her pussy stuffed with my cock and she pleaded with me to fuck her.She didn’t understand what was happening to her, but knew she had to have more, lots more of whatever it was. The feelings were so incredibly intense and wonderful, she just loved all these powerful feelings surging through her body. She was totally overwhelmed and did not want to ever stop me from doing all these great things to her.It felt so fantastic to her. She loved it more than anything she had ever felt in her life and wanted it to continue forever. “God, it is so good. Let it never stop,” she thought. “I must have more.”As I fondled her ripe cunt, intent on arousing her to the maximum limit, I pulled her soaked pink panties, with the little fuchsia polka dots on them, down her slim legs and threw them behind the couch. Then I pressed my flicking tongue to her succulent crotch and gently licked her aromatic little pussy like a cat licking her kittens. She looked so content, yet highly aroused as I licked her with full attention to her pleasure.I slurped my tongue into her depths and fucked her pussy deeply with my tongue and sucked her clitoris intently, hoping to soon bring her to an orgasm, so that we could swiftly take her to the next higher stage of pleasure.Soon she shuddered and gasped loudly as her orgasm shook her violently and thrilled her from head to toe. She writhed with her erotic ecstasy and was wonder struck from so much intense pleasure. She could not get enough as I latched onto her throbbing cunt and licked her slowly again and again.She was overjoyed with the amazing pleasure obtained from my careful loving touches, but now that she had delighted in the glories of sex, she was eager, more than eager, for much more. She had become almost mad for sex, crazy for sex, overpowered by her lust. She was burning up with the erotic sensations bombarding her from every sensory organ and thrashed about in her mindless passion.spicey galzBefore she recovered from her plateau of ecstasy, as she was reeling from the wonderful euphoria of her (unknown to me) first ever orgasm, I moved up to kiss her fully on her mouth. Simultaneously I pushed my throbbing cock between her pussy lips swollen with anticipation and rubbed it’s purple tip in her pussy juices, fondling her firm and perfectly shaped ass cheeks.She was panting very fast, breathing deeply in her erotic frenzy, as if she had just run a race, barely able to breathe. She was so much turned on, so hot sexually that her body was burning to the touch. It was obvious that she was more than eager for my penetration of her. She repeatedly begged me to just fuck her. She even said ‘please’ in the midst of her unbridled lust.Suddenly I pulled her firm butt cheeks to myself, forcing my extremely hard cock into her slick tight depths, stuffing her tiny virgin pussy to the maximum, popping her sweet cherry. This sent the most incredible pangs of pleasure through her body, mixed with güvenilir bahis siteleri the sharp pain of her deflowerment, sending her to yet another powerful orgasm.Oh god, she was so tight that I really had to push hard, as the friction chafed my cock and throbbed intensely. The pleasure mixed with the pain and shot from our coupled organs and engulfed our bodies. Her scream of lost innocence and pain was soon drowned in her screams of ecstasy as I pounded into her with a vengeance. What a tight fuck. What a great fuck. I was in ecstasy. She was so great. I could not imagine anything greater than this incredible fuck that sweet Emily was giving me.I had never before seen anyone so turned on, as I fucked little Emily relentlessly. She totally loved the pounding I was giving her and begged me again and again for more. I could hardly believe the change in sweet Emily as she begged and screamed for me to fuck her harder and harder.”Mr. Miller, John, please, harder. Oh God, more. I love it.”Ooh, it feels so good. Don’t stop. Oh, I love you John.”Oh. Deeper, more. Ooh. That’s so good. Oh my. Oh.”She continued to whimper in a squeaking voice, which shot up in intensity each time I pumped my long cock fully into her, continuing my pummeling of her still very tight pussy relentlessly.She was on fire and her body was so very hot to the touch. I was amazed how turned on she was. She rode the peaks of one orgasm after another, as she loudly proclaimed to all within three blocks, her intense feelings and commanded me to fuck her harder and harder.She was by far the best fuck I had ever had and I was totally infatuated with her, overwhelmed with lust for her hot little body. She was such a fantastic fuck that I wanted her again and often. I don’t think I could ever tire of fucking my sweet Emily.Gradually we returned to a normal state after our incredible sex, basking in the glow of our union. She was radiant and so happy and I was happy for her. She is perfect.I told her that now she was a woman and that there were responsibilities that went with her newfound joys of sex. She looked at me so sweetly and innocently, waiting for my words. I told her that the first thing of importance was that no one could ever know about our wonderful secret. I told her that even though everything we did was totally legal, we would need to discuss this in detail later, but for now I just wanted her to relish it and think deeply of our wonderful time together.She asked me if we could do it again, as “I really, really liked it, John, when we, you know, when we fucked.” As she said this she blushed and looked shyly at the floor.She was so cute trying to say the “f” word as if she was very familiar with it. I knew she loved using her newfound sexual freedom and liked using these words. She was a real doll and my desire for her quickly overcame me as she asked me so shyly to fuck her again.”John, please fuck me again. And I hope you aren’t going to get tired of me, because I think I will need you to do this to me everyday. I never knew what I was missing all this time. This is so wonderful.”I immediately became hard at the suggestion and pushed myself into her very tight slippery vagina once again with great effort, loving the same unspoiled tightness of our sex organs as they barely slid against each other so very tightly. This time we went to greater heights in our erotic pleasure as we savored every moment of our blissful union and fucked each other madly with great intensity and desire for a prolonged and wonderful fuck.It was even better because I could last a lot longer and understanding her desire for rougher sex, I pounded my throbbing cock into her tight pussy harder and harder, and we both rode the waves of intense sexual feelings, lost in our bliss. Fucking Emily was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I savored every moment of our blissful union and silently prayed that we would share many more intimate unions.Finally we came together with indescribable orgasms, riding these high peaks again and again. Then I picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bathroom, drew a tub full of hot water and placed her gently in the water. My cock throbbed with the pain of our tight fucking but it was a sweet pain and it kept me hard with a constant reminder of our wondrous coupling.I lovingly bathed every inch of her supple body with great attention, massaging her tenderly all over, drawing much pleasure to her as I expertly squeezed and rubbed every wonderful inch of her radiant self.She was so happy and relaxed from my powerful massage that she fell asleep. Finally I finished bathing and fondling her.Then I drained the water and turned on the shower and licked her pussy lovingly and tenderly, bringing her to yet another intense orgasm.I knew that since this was the first time she ever experienced sex with a man, that to have so many incredible orgasms, would attach her to me forever. I was right, she was totally committed to me. She wanted to have sex with me again and often.I was very pleased at the prospect of many more sessions, teaching my very sweet Emily the amazing joys of sex. I could not imagine anything in the world I would like better than being with Emily and fucking her every day.I told her that she better come back tomorrow with more cookies, as I would be very hungry to eat her cookie again.She giggled, as she skipped down the street, so very happy and alive with life. The throbbing between my legs kept the mental images in my mind of her pussy ravishing me. I could hardly wait for tomorrow.

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