Tami, My office manager, Part IV

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Tami, My office manager, Part IVIt’s probably apparent I’m hot for Tami, even if she’s not a beauty queen model look. She’s down to earth, has the right curvy and in and out bits and she likes her dose of cock, which I’m happily providing. More than anything, I like her as a person, and yes, I’m smart enough to know I’m just being used here. I can live with that. Heck, I’m using her too. As the passion of the sex burns out, I know it will end and that’s the way it should be.So, in the meantime, I get an enthusiastic fun fuck buddy and experiment with things I’ve not tried before. I’ve been with more girls than I deserve, but who’s counting. Anyway, Tami and I ended up alone in the office again, so we locked the door and went in back. It was still morning, and we knew we would be alone in the afternoon, so we could mess around then too. I pulled her panties off her and pulled my cock out of my pants. We got into a 69 and just got each other off as a quickie. What I like about her is she likes how she tastes, and gets off on me getting off. I told her to go slow on me so I could get her off a couple times and get her nice and juicy. So when I came in her mouth, she swung around and kissed me so we ended up with each other’s juicy cum swirling together in our mouths. I snagged her panties before she could put them on, and kept them saying I would give them back only after she got me off again. She laughed and agreed. I held them up to my face and said, “Mmmm, you smell good.” She smiled and pointed at my cock, saying “Mmmm, you taste good!”Sitting here now I can taste both of us still and knowing she’s on the other side of the partition with no panties on is making me hard again.As afternoon rolled around and Tami and I were alone again, and this time I just wanted to fuck her. It’s pretty obvious both of us have an oral thing going, but sometimes just a good hard fuck is perfect and this was one of those times.I pulled my cock out of my pants and walked up behind her pushed my cock into her hand and slid my hand up her skirt, and touched her pussy. She kaçak bahis was wet already and she said “Guess what I’ve been thinking about since this morning?” I said “Something hard sliding in your pussy?” She said “No, just your cock and that ain’t that hard!” Then she started laughing as I groped her crotch.I told her I just wanted to fuck her right now. She smiled, walked into the back room leading me by my cock. She unzipped her skirt, and dropped it to the floor. I kicked off my shoes, dropped my pants and underwear and my cock was pointing up in the air bouncing as I walked to her. She took me in her hands and sat me down on the couch. She climbed onto me, positioned me at her pussy and slammed herself down onto me so I sank into her in one move.Tami pulled her top off and she had no bra on either. She must have taken it off and with a baggy shirt, I couldn’t tell. She was grinding on me and I was moving my hips in a circular motion to match her grinding. I know this seems to have better clit contact and helps a woman get to orgasm, so since I’m getting mine anyway, I’m happy to oblige.As she was riding me, I started to suck on her boobs as we fucked. Ya know how sometimes a woman just tastes good? Well, she did. There’s a slightly saltly sweet taste, and it’s probably pheromone linked too, that she has. Not perfume, just her natural body scent, a bit of lotion aroma too maybe, but it turns me on.Tami started to arch her back and held onto my arms as she did. I could tell by her breathing she was going to come. Tami came as she ground on me and then leaned forward hugging me. I said ”Gee, you got off fast.” She told me she had been playing with herself throughout the afternoon since she had no panties on and was really horny. She told me she had been rubbing her juice on her nipples so I could get the taste when I sucked on her boobs. No wonder I was liking it so much! She climbed off me and lay down on the floor and told me to just fuck her hard. What a nice offer! So I climbed on top of her and slid my cock into her and started pumping. güvenilir bahis I got into a kneeling position and pulled her legs up in front of me and holding her legs in place, I shoved my cock into her. She started masturbating as I pumped in and out of her. I slowed down so we could watch my cock slide in and out of her. She kept her gaze fixed on our uglies as they bumped and I could tell I wasn’t going to last, so I started just pumping her hard. It didn’t take long, I shot off into her pussy and oh, it was good! There is a certain emotional satisfaction like no other with a good orgasm with a woman. No wonder we spend so much time looking for sex, even with people we know we shouldn’t be involved with. The sex is so satisfying for a while, but it has to end sooner or later. The trick is knowing that.I stayed put slowly pumping still as Tami kept masturbating. She grinned at me and said “I wanna have something creamy to eat. Wanna join me for a nibble?” I pulled out of her and swung around so I could eat her pussy and she could suck on my cock. So, we are orally obsessed with cum for some reason. I’ve not been this way with anyone but her, and we both got off on it. So, Tami sucked my cock clean and I ate my jizz out of her pussy and she came again. I climbed off her and fed her the last of my cum and her juice. I was kneeling by her head. I thought I was done, but she said she wanted to suck me off if I could manage to get it up again before too long. I could but try. After a bit of rest, she took me in her mouth and played with my balls. Then she ducked her head and wiggled around to lick around my balls. After a bit, she slid back into place to suck me and glory be, I was getting hard again! I usually don’t respond that fast. She stopped and told me to sit at one end of the couch as she lay down on the couch on her stomach. She could suck me and be comfortable. Which was good, cause I had a feeling I might take awhile, even with her talent for oral.Since I’m on the subject, I really like the way Tami gives me head. She starts off very bahis siteleri gently, just kissing and licking, as her hands hold me still. Then she takes me in as far as she can, as her tongue works back and forth on me. It’s not a hard sucking like a vacuum cleaner, but a very soft caressing action with her lips and tongue on me. She strokes me with her hands a lot, caressing my balls, the part of my shaft not in her mouth. It’s almost feels like her mouth is on everything at once the way she does it.She stops every now and then and strokes me with a tight grip to get the precum. When it oozes out, she licks it off. If we are not in a 69, she will sometimes smear it on her finger and offer it to me to suck off her finger as she stares up at me with my cock in her mouth. I think she really likes the control she has over a guy, it gets her hot. She’ll keep a light suction on me and bob her head up and down on me very slowly, it really feels like I’m in a pussy but with a tongue rolling around the head of my cock every now and then. When I’m cumming, she keeps just the head in her mouth, sucks a little harder and strokes tightly on me. She uses her tongue swirling on the head as I’m cumming. It’s so sensitive then, it just drives me nuts. She knows the limits she can take it too and takes me to the point of wanting to scream at her to stop. Tami told me she likes to feel my cum shooting against her tongue and roof of her mouth. When I’m done cumming, she smiles up at me, her eyes gleaming and crawls up my body to kiss me and swap my jizz back and forth. I get off on this too, why I don’t know, but I’m OK with it. Besides, she’s so happy to taste herself, why should I object to my own stuff if it makes her hot. I know I’m getting what I want too.So, now you know how she sucks me. This time it took a while like I thought, she ended up hand jobbing me more than sucking cause I took so long, but she didn’t seem to mind. In the end I still dropped a load in her mouth and she slurped it down with a smile. We were both done, spent and happy.As we cleaned up and dressed (I gave her back her panties!), I asked her if she wanted to play with toys at all. She told me that would be good, and she wanted to try the anal with a vibrator for her pussy still. Geez, you’ll have twist my arm!

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