Thanksgiving eve with my cousin

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Thanksgiving eve with my cousinMegan and her family spent the holiday with us. It was one of the most important and enlightening milestones of my life, and I will love Megan forever because of the ineffable joy to which she awakened me that night.Megan had always been my role model, even though we only saw one another a couple of times a year – I had admired and loved her as long as I can remember, partly because we were both redheads (I hated being “Carrot Top”), but mostly because she always treated me as though I were a friend rather than the pesky little cousin I really was. They arrived late Wednesday afternoon, and I think I chattered non-stop to Megan from the instant they stepped off the airplane. Partly it was because I had just started at boarding school that fall, and I had a million interesting (at least to me) stories to relate.After dinner we went up to my room, which we were sharing, and continued to talk – by then I was able to shut up long enough to give Megan a chance to respond. A lot of our conversation was about the boys I was dating; Megan was a big sister I could talk to without worrying about whether she’d tell my parents any secrets – unlike my real sister. In turn, Megan told me about her experiences with boys at my age; it made me feel good to know that she’d conquered the same insecurities and confusion that seemed to overwhelm me sometimes.I even got up my nerve to ask her about “uh, playing with yourself, uh, you know… down there?” It was a question which was on my mind a lot. I’d been masturbating for a long time, but my traditional upbringing casino siteleri made me ashamed – I blushed and looked away when I asked her, it was supposed to be something “nice girls” didn’t do. But dear Megan just laughed and said that it was perfectly normal, that at her remote girls’ school there weren’t many opportunities for dating and everyone masturbated. “Oh, the week before my period I get so horny that I’d go crazy, otherwise!” Megan said, then added with a grin, “But don’t EVER use scented baby oil, it feels like you’ve been fucked with a giant jalapeno – for a week!” Then after a few more words of advice and a few funny stories (I remember especially her story about doing it in a piano practice room at school, and having another girl walk in and catch her with her jeans and panties around her ankles – there’d been a mix-up in practice scheduling!) Then the talk turned to other things, like classes and the true origin and composition of cafeteria food.It was such fun that I wasn’t aware of the time until the big grandfather clock downstairs chimed twelve times. It was midnight, and our energy suddenly drained away as if a plug had been pulled – we yawned in unison, then giggled and agreed it was time for bed.A cold rain was beating on the window, and it felt nice to snuggle under the soft, warm comforter while I waited for Megan to come back from the bathroom. In a moment she came in, turned off the light, and slipped in on her side of the bed. She smelled nice and fresh, of shampoo and rose-scented powder. While Megan was settling in, arranging canlı casino the covers and pillow to her liking, I leaned over and kissed her cheek.”Good night,” I said. “I’m so glad you’re here!””So am I,” she whispered, rolling on her side to face me. “You’ve grown up since I saw you last time.” Then somehow her arms were around me, her breasts were pressed against mine, and she kissed me on the mouth.I still get a tingling in my pussy when I remember how soft her lips were that first time. She kissed me a long time, tenderly, lovingly, gently. I can relive every instant of that night, the intoxicating minty aroma of her toothpaste, the heat of her firm breasts, the slight pressure of her hard nipples against me, squirming tighter against her as my own nipples tingle and stiffen, the warm stickiness in my panties, sensations like, but much stronger, than when I’d spent an evening necking with a boy.Her wet tongue began to caress the insides of my lips, so softly at first that I didn’t notice until it touched mine, electrically, it was so sweet and so exciting, especially compared to the boys I’d kissed, that I couldn’t have resisted her if I’d wanted to. I feel her gentle hands caressing me, fondling me, stripping off my nightie, peeling off my panties; my pussy felt so swollen, so happy to be unconfined, that my legs spread spontaneously, my back arched in u*********s offering or pleading. Her loving mouth explores my hot flesh inch by painfully slow inch, sucking, licking, nipping everywhere but where I burned hottest, her hands led their own lives, squeezing, kaçak casino touching, probing, until I thought I would scream or cry or pass out.I remember my thrill when Megan slipped off her own gown, how breath taking she was, her firm full breasts with nipples like cherry candies, how impressed I was that she wore no panties under her gown, how excitingly her damp pussy glistened in the soft glow from the streetlights, how lovely to see that her golden pubic hair was the exact shade of my own.My most erotic experience ever was the second or two when Megan knelt between my thighs, smiled happily, and whispered, “I love you,” and then lowered her head, her fingers gently parting the wet swollen lips of my pussy. Her tongue lapped over my cunt in long tantalizing strokes and then whipped back and forth over my swollen clit. Within minutes she brought me to the first devastating orgasm of the four she gave me that night. And my second most erotic memory is dawn of Thanksgiving Day, when for the first time I lay with my head clamped between Megan’s sweaty, trembling thighs, murmuring over and over, “I love you,” and greedily sucking and lapping her salty twat as she bit a pillow to muffle her cries of ecstasy. We still make love together frequently, just the two of us or with others, and each time is better than the last and it’s been more than 22 years since that first time.Maybe because my idol obviously approved of it – I had many sexual relationships with other women, including my sister; most of the time they are part of a loving rapport, but occasionally they are purely physical indulgences. I have had many male lovers, and thoroughly enjoy heterosexual activities of all kinds. I’ve never had an experience with any man as profound and moving as I have with other women. And no one to match Megan.

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