The Alley

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The AlleyThe night was getting dark and cold, it had been a good night though. Out drinking with my friends on a proper girly night out we had visited quite a number of pubs and clubs Many of my friends had ended up going off with a bunch of guys, I even got hit on by a fair few myself but I’ve always considered myself to be a faithful and loyal person and would never cheat of my husband no matter how tempting the offers had been. As soon as my best friend Kelly disappeared off with some fellow she knew from a past fling, I thought I might as well leave too and head home. I’d decided against a taxi as it was only a 20 minute walk and besides the fresh air would help clear my head and sober me up before I’d get to bed. About half way and I started to regret not taking that taxi the shoes I’d warn were definitely not practical for this length of a walk and the short black mini skirt which had looked super sexy on me earlier kept riding up and every few steps I was forced to keep pulling it down to cover up my arse.An alley way was coming up that I’d forgotten about which would shave a few minutes off my walk normally I wouldn’t walk down that alley when it was this dark, it didn’t have the best of reputations but I was cold and tired and really wanted to get home fast and out of these skimpy clothes. I turned to start making my way down the narrow alley it could only have been about 2 to 3 metres wide and about half a mile long and completely pitch black. Well at least here I could pick up the pace a little and not have to worry about my skirt riding up I thought.With the rate I was walking canlı bahis now this shortcut really was going to save me some time, My mini skirt was covering nothing now and was looking more like a belt, it was still dark enough that no one would even notice if they was right next to me. Suddenly I stopped dead still “hmm I’m sure I just heard something ahead” I said to myself.“Must be nerves” I said in a whisper and continued to make my way down the dark alley.There it was again there was definitely something or someone here in this alley as well as me. No going back now I was closer to the end now than I was to where I’d entered and it was hard to pinpoint exactly which direction the noise came from. I decided now would be a really good time to pick up the pace and get out of here fast.The noise which I could clearly make out now as footsteps was getting closer but still I couldn’t see anyone. I decided to chance a quick look over my shoulder to see if I was being followed, Bad idea seeing nothing or no one behind me I sharply snapped my head round to look in front of me. Without warning I walked straight in to something hard and tripped over landing on my behind. Before I was even able to understand what was going on the figure I’d walked in to grabbed hold of my hair and started to pull me to the side wall the shadowy figure then lifted me up and pushed me face first in to the wall he then pressed against me pinning me so I couldn’t move. Everything was happening so fast I was in a complete daze before I knew it my assailant was ripping my tights open and tearing my underwear off, bahis siteleri with his other hand he was roughly groping my boobs. “Please stop” I said in a whimper. The shadowy figure gave no reply. Now that he had completed removing all clothing that was protecting me there was nothing stopping him from taking complete advantage of me, I fought as best I could be he was pushing all his weight against me and I could barely move. He had now realised his hard penis from the confines of his clothes and I could feel it pressing up against my opening trying to force his way in. I tried to wriggle as much as I could in the hopes it would stop him violating my pussy, in response to me efforts he place his arm around my neck squeezing tightly he pulled me away from the wall briefly and quickly slammed me back against it hard. My head started to spin and I could see stars I had to maintain my gripe on consciousness. With this my fight had stopped and he was at least able to push himself deep inside me. I could feel his large manhood trusting in and out of me. By body began to betray me and I could feel myself becoming moist and I let out a little moan of pleasureMy attacker laughed in deep voice he knew he had broken me; my body was enjoying his violating of my insides.“Feels like your enjoying this Slut” He said in confirmation of his victory.Tears were running down my face smearing my makeup, I could feel the excitement in me growing as I was becoming more and more aroused by the situation. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled.“aaaahhhh” I screamed in pain. He pulled me away bahis şirketleri from the wall by my hair with his cock still buried deep inside me he turned and pushed me over a bin that has right next to us. Now I was bent over the bin with my arse in the air. I had to hold on to its sides just to keep from falling over. Still with a handful of hair he thrust harder and harder in to me from behind. The excitement and pleasure was getting to me I was starting to orgasm. I moaned deeply with pleasure I had never cum like that before in my life. That orgasm had taken everything out of me even if I had wanted to I couldn’t put up much of a fight now, Something about being fucked by a total strange in a dark alley was really turning me on I wanted him to carry on penetrating me as hard and fast as he could. I hadn’t realised that I was now grinning my hips back in to him making him go deeper and deeper I wanted him to fill my pussy with his hot sperm. He was getting close to cumming I could tell I could feel his hard cock twitching inside of me ready to explode.“Cum deep inside me” I said as I was building up for another orgasm of my own.I moaned as a second orgasm washed over me just as he shuddered and pushed his hard cock as hard as he could deeper in to me and shot his massive load in me. He had filled me up so much I could feel his cum running down the inside on my leg. That was the best fuck I’d ever had.He pulled out of my sore pussy a little moan escaped my lips as more of is sperm spilled out of me.“hmm so was that what you had in mind?” He asked me. I looked up at him confused, suddenly I realised that my mystery assailant was no mystery he was my husband. I stood up smiled, kissed him passionately.“oh yes that was defiantly what I had in mind” I replied with a cheeky grin “we will have to do this again some time.The End

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