The Aunt, and her friend. (part one).

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The Aunt, and her friend. (part one).The Aunt, and her friend. (part one).Tony was in the kitchen, when Ellie came in through the back door. “Hello gorgeous,” she said. “Decided what you want for your birthday yet?” “You, of course,” he replied. She smiled, “Where’s your aunt?”“Upstairs, she’s…….”She kissed him on the lips and was gone.“What a total fucking idiot,” the thought, “what you want for your birthday ? You! For fucks sake.” Ellie opened her friends bedroom door, “Fiona,” she called. Fiona was in the en-suite shower. “Take a pew, I’ll be finished in a min Honey,” she called out. She emerged a few minutes later, still wet from the shower towelling herself with a white fluffy towel. Her breasts glistened, still wet. “What’s the emergency,” she laughed.“Polly, fucking Polly. She can’t come to the concert. Some family thing.” Ellie explained. The three friends had been due to go to a show the following week. They had been going in Polly’s car.“Well no problem, we’ll go on the train,” Fiona said. “Just need to off load Polly’s ticket.”As she stood talking, she noticed her nephew looking through the open bedroom door. She belatedly held a towel over herself. “Put the kettle on Tony, we’ll be down.” Fiona told him. She watched him sheepishly turn away.“He fancies you,” Ellie told her. “And now he’s seen you naked, he won’t sleep!”“He’s sixteen in two day’s, he fancies anything that breathes, including you.”“Oh I know he fancies me, guess what he said he wanted for his birthday when I asked him?” Ellie said.“I dread to think, go on,” Fiona replied.“Me!” Ellie said, smiling.“Sorry, his brains are in his pants, what did you say,” Fiona asked.“Nothing, I just kissed him on the lips!”The hotel was basic, a Premier Inn. The three of them threw their bags onto the floor. Ellie laid on the bed, and was soon joined by Fiona. The train journey had been an endurance test. Sure it had been on time, but bus had replaced train between Sittingbourne and Rochester. Fiona hated fucking buses. “Come on Tony, come and try the bed too,” Fiona said, patting the space beside her. Tony lay down beside her. They couldn’t sell Polly tickets, so they had brought Tony. The only sticking point was the hotel room they had booked was for three, two really, but the three girls had decided to squeeze in together, and keep costs down. A King size. “Tony, you get showered, then you can go and get yourself a drink in the bar, while we shower and change,” Fiona told her nephew. “No, illegal bahis siteleri let him stay, we don’t want him getting pissed, now do we,” Ellie interjected. Fiona conceded she was right. That meant Tony was going to cop an eye full. Not that she minded, Tony had seen her naked, more than once. Fiona showered, then Ellie. They sent Tony in while they dried themselves. He was quick, very quick. They were still wrapped in their towels as he emerged from the shower room. The girls sat on the bed and applied their makeup. Fiona took a deep breath, let the towel drop, and put her knickers on. Just plain silky black ones, from Marks and Spencer. Her cunt was waxed, a Brazilian, so just a small “landing strip” but it meant Tony got a close up view of everything. She put her bra on, reached behind herself, and fastened it. Now her 36D assets were out view. Fiona noted Tony now had an obvious erection, strangely she was pleased with the effect she had, had on him. Ellie, stood naked, for a little longer than was necessary, then pulled her panties on, see through, and white. Her pert tits were smaller than Fiona’s, 34C. Both women were the same height, five feet eight. Fiona zipped her dress up. And had buckled her heels, before Ellie pulled her dress over her head, and at last hid her tits from Tony’s gaze.After the show, they went to a bar, thankfully Tony look older than his sixteen years. Anyway, no one asked his age. So it was that the three, all slightly tipsy returned to the hotel room. Tony had enjoyed Wizard, he hadn’t been keen at all, but spending a night in London with Aunty Fiona, and her friend Ellie, now that was different, especially when they had explained the sleeping arrangements. “Would he mind?” Would he fuck!Fiona was thirsty, but she didn’t want to get up. She was comfortable, a warm feeling radiated from her stomach. She cuddled up to the warm body beside her, contented. She dozed, half awake, half asleep. Her right hand was between her legs, holding someone’s hand against her pussy. Her left hand she realised held a hard cock, not just holding it, but exciting it, as her hand moved slowly up and down the long shaft. It felt good. A finger was inside her! She opened her eyes, with a start. Tony lay beside her, his eyes closed, she didn’t know if he was asleep, or not. It had been a hot night, the duvet had been kicked off. She saw she held her nephews hard throbbing cock in her hand, another hand Ellie’s, cupped perabet giriş his testicles. She too was cuddled up against Tony, and like Fiona, she had a leg over one of Tony’s leg. Tony’s other hand disappearing between her legs. The warm feeling in her stomach grew, she knew she was coming. She had to stop this. She didn’t move, the orgasm was close, she bit her lower lip, and came. As she came, she heard her friend moan, as she to came. Ellie woke, to find Fiona staring at her. It took a few moments for her to realise why. Tony had his hand between her legs, two fingers inside her, still working at least a little magic. She saw too that his other hand was at Fiona’s crotch. Fiona still held the throbbing cock. Neither woman moved, for what seemed to Ellie to be an eternity. She felt another orgasm, just one of those little ones, begin it journey from her cunt, to her throat. She groaned. She could see Fiona was aroused, her hand was still holding her nephews cock, moving slowly up and down its length.“Oh fuck it,” she thought, “I need a fuck, and I’m going to have one. He’s not my fucking nephew.”Ellie reached up, and took Fiona’s hand away from Tony’s cock. Fiona hadn’t realised she was still holding the cock, she was coming again. She felt disappointed that Ellie was ending it. What she wouldn’t do for a fuck, when was the last time? She was thirty four, as was Ellie. Ellie was moving, but not in the way Fiona expected. Instead of getting out of bed, Ellie moved down, and took a grip on Tony’s cock, and ran her tongue around its bulbous head. “What the hell are you doing?” She whispered.“What do you think, when was the last time we got laid? I ask you. I’m not a Nun!” Ellie replied. Then she opened her mouth, and closed it around Tony’s stiff cock. “He’s my fucking nephew,” Fiona stage whispered.“A nephew who is at this very moment fingering you!”Fiona watched as Ellie continued to give Tony a blow job. Ellie was enjoying herself, she was about to enjoy herself a whole lot more. First she asked Fiona one last time, “Try some?”Ellie was surprised, when Fiona replied “Yes. Oh yes pleaseeeee” As she came again.Fiona dipped her head, being careful to keep Tony’s hand between her legs. He might not be an expert lover, but he was doing it for her. His cock in her mouth, she savoured it, running her tongue over the glands, then down, and back up the shaft. Tony stirred, his eyes fluttered open, and he stammered “What’s going perabet güvenilir mi on?”“Its your birthday present, now lay back and enjoy it!” Ellie told him.“Aunty………what……….no don’t stop.”Ellie astride Tony, guided his cock inside herself, it felt bloody fantastic, she slid down it length, then rocked forward. She gripped it with the muscles inside her cunt. Gripped it hard, then climbed the pole, before sliding back down, only to repeat the process. She was sweating now, a bead of sweat ran down her back. She came, as she knew she would, loudly, and with a wave of such utter pleasure she almost peed herself. She held his cock inside herself, then reluctantly slid off. “Now you, Fiona, now you,” Ellie told her friend.Fiona held Tony’s cock, she hesitated, should she fuck him. She put the moment off, and sucked his cock. It tasted of Ellie, but she didn’t mind, in fact she reflected, it tasted good. Fiona stood, and removed her knickers, then laid back on the bed. Tony was between her legs now, he smiled at her, then kissed her mouth, the tip of his tongue touched hers. She responded. His cock was pushed into her soaking wet pussy, she arched her back. He was deep inside. Slowly he fucked her, slowly she fucked him. “Faster, faster……..more, I won’t more………harder,” she cried. She saw the look on his face, that look. “Hold on, just a bit longer, just a bit,”She felt him come. His come spurted hot, and deep inside her. As he came, so she came. Her nails dug into his back, she raked them downwards, scratching the flesh, drawing blood. Then it was over, she felt nothing. Nothing but guilt.The train journey home was silent. Tony was overjoyed, not by the uncomfortable silence, but that he’d fucked two gorgeous women. He looked at them, as they sat opposite them. Fiona avoided his gaze. They reached the house not far from Broadstairs railway station. “Shall I make tea,” he asked.“Tea, I don’t need tea Tony, pour me a scotch, and pour Ellie one as well,” Fiona snapped, at last giving vent to her guilt. Guilt, no that wasn’t it, not really. True there was some guilt, shame too. She’d spent the train journey trying to analyse it. No not guilt, not shame. She was frightened. Frightened at her feelings. She enjoyed it. Not only enjoyed it, but she knew she wanted to do it again, and then some. It was for that, that she felt the guilt, and the shame. She sat on the sofa, sipping the very large scotch Tony had handed her. Her skirt rode up. She looked up, and saw Tony gazing up her skirt, wistfully. She looked at Ellie, who smiled, and then nodded. Fiona stood, and embraced Ellie.“That fuck this morning, not bad, but I think, no we think, you need some more practice. Come on Ellie, lets some him how to really make love to a woman.”

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