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Being in a band certainly has its trials and tribulations but so far all I’ve reaped are the rewards.

My name’s Jason Macquarie and I currently provide the voice and the guitar for The Savoy Swing Katz. Based in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, we mainly play weekend gigs at some of the more groovy joints around town. The band is completed by Andy J on trumpet, Julian on alto sax, and Andy S on tenor sax, Zia on trombone and, when the occasion calls for it, the clarinet also; Dave’s on drums, Wayne’s on keyboards and Teresea’s on double bass. We play a lot of covers ranging from the grand old era of swing to some of the more modern classics and have recently started penning our own material which seems to be going down well with the audiences who themselves tend to be in their late twenties typically.

As can be imagined, the size of the band demands a practice area in equal proportion and until recently it was quite a task to get us all together. I solved that little conundrum by purchasing, as a bargain, a run down piece of real estate close to the Swan River and spent a sizeable sum in demolishing the original three-bedroom house and building something that utilised the land more efficiently. Being Australian I simply had to lay an in-ground pool, sculpture a magnificent Mediterranean entertainment area around it and build a garage large enough for three cars. As I have only the one the additional space made a great practice area. My burning ambition is to build my own jazz cabaret bar, close to the beach, styled after the Savoy Ballroom in New York and running it as my own private fiefdom. If you’ve ever seen that film The Mask with Jim Carey you’ll know what I mean! This dream is now only months away possibly even closer if the Australian Stock Market obliges me.

Teresea, the finest example of God’s creation, is one of those rare people that combine stunning looks with an equable personality and an incredibly fertile mind. Her persona is difficult to describe, as I believe her to be so beautiful that I fear some injustice will be done in the following description (forgive me T). Being two meters tall and with long natural blond hair, she has the most exquisite aquiline nose (in my opinion the best feature), deep blue sparking eyes, a slender athletic frame, breasts of very appropriate size, a firm shapely butt rounded off with a pair of long luxurious tanned legs. Despite owning that array of assets, she’s surprisingly modest although acutely aware of the effect she has on men. Teresea invariably shrugs off the numerous and inevitable compliments but does, however, emanate an air of vulnerability and innocence that instinctively induces men to want to protect her. The two of us are an unbeatable song writing combination (in our opinion) and are able to write songs of incredible strength and emotional depth. Being the major contributors to the band’s genuine material we tend to spend a lot of time together and are, predictably, great friends.

I’ve known her for about twelve months now via a connection at the office. One of my support staff, Pedro, mentioned to me that her sister played the cello and was hooked on jazz. I met her several weeks later at an office party that I’d arranged as part of a team building exercise. Inevitably, since free alcohol was involved, it was a roaring success with everyone enjoying themselves immensely. Pedro was due to be ferried home by his sister, the incredibly talented Teresea, when we were introduced. There was an instant connection between us and I felt that flutter of desire flow through me. We became fast friends that evening alone and, as she was persuaded to stay for a couple of drinks, the chance of an early night for Pedro soon vanished with Teresea quickly overshooting the legal limit to drive.

It turned out that Teresea, who had a diverse musical taste, was very interested in forming a band, had several contacts that played the brass and was willing to fill the bass position (that tool of ignorance). She already had several song ideas set down and was enthusiastic when I mentioned that perhaps we could meet up and exchange ideas. At this point the only thought on my mind was to bed this creature of undeniable beauty but I was still kind of involved with Jean and if any meaningful creative partnership was to emerge between us then it was best to remain plutonic. Not an easy task let me assure you. I asked Teresea if she wanted to see the roof garden and the two of us leant against the railings and admired the Perth evening skyline that even to this day fills me with a simple pleasure when a chill breeze brought us closer together. Without a conscious thought I placed my arm around her and she huddled adana escort up beneath my protection.

She looked up at me and on one occasion our gazes met and, involuntarily, we kissed, a pure, simple loving kiss from whence she wrapped her arms around my waist and held me tight. We both wanted each other there and then and it probably would have happened if some other revellers, Pedro amongst them, had not broken upon our reverie. To be honest I was glad of the interruption for, akin to fine wine, she was worth preserving for an appropriate occasion. The night ended shortly afterwards and I bundled Pedro and Teresea into a taxi and, after I settled the damage, I too headed home with a bit of a bounce in my step.

The next few weeks following this meeting were hectic; I was just about to unwind a series of complex futures deals that were due to net a tidy profit, the proceeds being used to purchase a large chunk of the company that I worked for. In addition the building of my new South Perth property was about to commence and this demanded much of my time on-site. Therefore I was unable to chase up Teresea but a week later her brother asked me if I was free one night to meet her for dinner and to discuss the formation of the band. I readily agreed, attended a quite excellent repast and laid down plans that saw the inception of The Savoy Swing Katz.

Several weeks ago, the band played to a fairly high profile society wedding at the Burswood Resort Casino. The event was spectacular with a huge crowd up on the floor dancing to all the old tunes we pumped out. When our show ended we were invited to enjoy what festivities were still on the boil with no one declining.
At four o’clock the following morning, with the faint hint of sunrise appearing in the east and after having a fantastic time, the party finally broke up and we stumbled out of the casino, very drunk but in excellent spirits. Each band member was given several bottles of imported French champagne and a wad of cash for services rendered and through the alcoholic fog now had to decide on how to get home. As the guests had already snapped up all available taxis our only option was to hitch a ride home with our road crew in an already dangerously overcrowded van. Teresea and myself simply couldn’t fit no matter what arrangement we tried and so in the end we remained behind to seek an alternate way home.

That alternative wasn’t long in devising. With my car round at Teresea’s house, she decided to call her brother and get him to pick us up. Being a fanatical surfer Pedro was used to being up at strange hours in order to catch the swell and wouldn’t have minded the ride out in my Beemer. Sure enough and true to his word, Pedro collected us both one bottle of champagne later. The drive back was interesting to say the least. By now the sun had risen and promised to be one of those glorious, but hot, spring mornings. Teresea and myself were still dressed in our blue pinstripe zoot suits from the performance but Teresea had chosen to sport a far more outrageous look. All she wore was the suit jacket with no shirt underneath and this exposed a plunging neckline with the lapels of the jacket barely covering her firm breasts with a pair of black stockings and high heals completing her appearance. It was hard to concentrate on performing when she was to my right and almost every guy not already spoken for at the wedding was trying it on. On this occasion the attention, surprisingly, was voraciously devoured.

I was in the passenger seat, Teresea in the back seat and Pedro driving my white soft-top BMW. I put some swinging tunes on and another party began. Teresea and myself cracked open the next bottle of champagne spilling most of the contents over the upholstery and drinking directly from the bottle. At one point Teresea leaned back singing loudly and her posture exposed her right nipple to my captivated gaze. Thank heavens for reflective sunglasses although I suspected she knew that I was looking and had done this deliberately for she made no move to adjust herself rather she fixed me with a sultry and inviting gaze for the briefest of moments. Flirt!

When we arrived, Pedro promptly grabbed his board and headed off to the beach leaving the two of us alone. With loud music blaring and following the third bottle of champagne, we were both incredibly drunk, giggling like school children, behaving like school children and finding amusement in the most inconsequential things. At one point we broke into a cushion fight in the lounge room, knocking over and spilling anything that got in the way. I tripped and fell back onto the couch accidentally taking Teresea with me; she landed on top of me adana escort bayan with her face centimeters from mine. The mood abruptly changed and the only sounds was the music in the background. She looked directly into my eyes, leaned down and kissed me ever so softly full on the mouth. Our lips seemed to be made for each other and behaved like a set of well oiled cogs. There was nothing urgent in this encounter with the two of us taking it slow and easy. After several minutes of tongue tango, she abruptly broke off, straddled me properly, rose up and ripped off her suit jacket. My heart began pumping blood like never before and I was faint from the shock.

Teresea was even more beautiful that I could possibly imagined. With the exception of the stockings she was completely naked revealing a tanned, supple muscular body crowned with those large firm breasts alluded to above. Her nipples were large and dark and instantly erect but even through my drunken haze I could make out the unmistakable heat emanating from her pussy. My cock was swelling rapidly but was trapped in an awkward position thus restricting the blood supply. My discomfort was short lived for in a moment, Teresea had unclasped my braces, undone my trousers and freed the beast, which she began massaging in earnest. “Mmm lovely cock Jase.” She cooed.

With that comment she shuffled down and began to demonstrate her incredible oral talents giving the head of my cock a big wet lick and proceeding to suck it with great abandon. For a brief second I began to worry about the consequences of such an event as this wasn’t the ‘fine wine’ occasion that I had foreseen but my cock was sending a clear message to my brain to quit thinking and start enjoying. Despite my apprehensions, I made no attempt to put an end to proceedings. On the contrary I began to stroke her blond hair and slowly pump my hips to match the rhythm of her expert mouth and tongue as they played upon my cock. It felt so good that my balls were tingling uncontrollably and my mind swimming in pleasure.

Teresea suddenly stopped sucking, looked up at me and pleaded lustfully, “Will you eat my pussy Jason? I can’t believe how wet I am!” Now I’ve never looked a Gift Horse in the mouth. “Oh yeah baby bring it on home!” And with that she quickly scooted over and gently lowered her hot shaven snatch to my waiting tongue. I made straight for her clit, which was already erect, and began to gently massage it. Presently I spread her labia apart and began running over the entire length of her gash that was saturated before I even started, it tasted musky but sweet and was flowing like a river into my mouth. She was enjoying this as much as I was, so much so, that to my disappointment she would break away from working my powder charged cock to let out long sonorous moans. “Oh yeah that’s it Jason right there. Feels so good!”

After a few minutes of such attention, Teresea rose up ceasing all activity on my disappointed cock, clamped her thighs around my head and forced her pussy down hard on my face. She let out a long cry, and held that position for what must have been thirty seconds as she came with much force. Slowly she began to relax her pussy and thighs twitching slightly as she did so. I knew that she had enjoyed a very powerful orgasm.

After regaining her senses she dismounted my face, rolled off onto her back and spread her legs wide as if in the splits. Still whimpering she moved her hands down to her waterfall spreading her lips leaving me in no doubt as to what she wanted. My cock twitched in expectation with the head almost purple from the internal pressure. I slid Teresea closer to my position and grasping her legs by the ankles, I plunged my cock into her pussy.

And it was like being in heaven, hot, wet, and tight. I had fantasized about her ever since we first met months before, but I never thought that I would actually have an opportunity to fulfil her hot hole, especially under these circumstances. With her legs in the air I was able to bury my cock to the hilt with every stroke. Teresea squealed in delight each time the head banged into her cervix. I was hot and desperate and the pace of my relentless fucking reflected this. Teresea kept sliding back on the cushions from the force of the strokes; finally she gripped the end of the couch to hold herself in place as much as was possible.

We continued at that pace for some time with Teresea responding to my thrusts with equal intensity. It wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm building but I wasn’t ready to pop my load just yet.

“I want you to do me in the back door!” She panted loudly taking me by surprise. I was shocked to hear that from escort adana her as I’d always thought of her as being innocent, but on the other hand, I should have realised that shy fascade masked a simmering passion. Her pussy felt divine and I couldn’t imagine anything making me feel this good. So it was with some reluctance that I disengaged from her pussy but I took my sweet time in doing so savoring every sensation.

Teresea rose on her knees and rotated 180 degrees and leaned over so that her torso was resting on the couch. She shifted her arse in to the air a little higher giving me a perfect view of her jewels. Spreading her cheeks apart, her arse hole was staring at me like a little pink button surrounded by a few wisps of light blond hair and despite my eagerness to comply with her lusty request I wasn’t sure that her tight little sphincter could accommodate my regulation size dick. There didn’t appear to be any manufactured lubricant close at hand so having to go au naturel, I immediately dived in and performed a rim job. The musky fragrance made my nostrils flare and my head spin but delighted Teresea who danced in delight as my tongue stabbed into her already relaxed hole. After a few minutes I could stand it no longer, as I desperately needed release, so reached under and wet my fingers with some pussy juice and rubbed it around her arse hole as additional lubricant. With my index finger I massaged around the rim and gently pushed it into the opening causing a moan and she raised her arse to meet my probing. I worked my finger in and out for a moment and then added another finger. Teresea took the second as eagerly as she did the first. Adding a third caused her to clamp her sphincter tightly around all three fingers. I rotated my fingers around and pumped them in and out, her arse raised to meet every movement of my hand, and Teresea groaned loudly in pure pleasure.

Teresea became quiet in expectation as I replaced my fingers with the head of my cock against her dilated hole and pushed gently. It didn’t give at first in spite of the earlier preparation, so I pushed a little harder, and slowly her sphincter opened and I watched as the little pink hole began to accept the tip of my throbbing dick. All at once it gave way and she gasped loudly with satisfaction as her back door willingly accepted my cock. Teresea tightly gripped the couch as I slowly slid deeper into her now relaxed arse hole. It is hard to describe the sensation of her delectable back door.
Different from her pussy, it was hot and dry and it felt, as her muscles griped my cock tightly, that I was receiving a firm hand job. Once I had reached bottom I allowed her a few moments to adjust to me before slowly, at first, beginning to stab in and out. Teresea tightened her muscles with each out-stroke and relaxing them for the thrust in. I noticed how the few blonde hairs that surrounded her arse hole would glide against my dick during these actions. She was still on the high from her previous orgasm, and she began to shudder, squirm and moan rapidly as the pace of my strokes into her arse increased. With the music drowning her orgasmic pleasure, Teresea began to cry louder with each thrust as I banged in to her butt, at times grunting, “Yes, yes, do me deeper. Oh yeah harder!” It didn’t take long before the incredible sensation of her heavenly arse hole began to take its toll. I was visibly shaking from the effort to keep myself from coming wanting to prolong this pleasure for as long as possible. Sweat was pouring over me and my legs began shaking uncontrollably but, try as I might, in the end there was no holding back the impending flood.

Teresea sensed that I was about to come, and as I began to spurt, she cried “Oh yeah cum for me. I want to feel your cum!” I did as instructed. The first two spurts were shot inside her rectum but the last little shots hit her arse hole and dribbled down to her pussy as I pulled out. Cumming more jism than I can ever remember, I was almost howling with pleasure as I continued shooting my load over her delightful rear end. I shook and groaned with utter satisfaction as the last few drops fell onto her hot skin.

Teresea collapsed on to the couch flat on her stomach, with her arse, relaxed and open, still pointing upwards into the air. I fell beside her on my back breathing heavily in exhaustion and panted, “Fuck that was so good!” Teresea simply moaned her assent and her whole body seemed limp from the pleasure she had just received. Her eyes were firmly closed with a mixed look of contentment and exhaustion. Her breathing became slower, as it appeared sleep was fast overwhelming her. As she drifted off her angelic appearance was never more accentuated than at this moment. I too, having been on the go for over twenty-four hours and incredibly drunk, felt the darkness closing in on me. Not even the music was going to keep me awake and I surrendered to the welcoming envelopment that sleep brings drifting off into oblivion moments later.

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