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THE BARBECUE part TwoWhen Mike and Rick arrived Fred brought them to the back yard. Rick and I had not spoke much at work because in worked in the office and he was always out on the road doing service calls like Fred. Mike who I never met before came in with a big that got bigger as he saw her standing next to the table. As he spoke his eyes never left her body. When Fred introduced Mike to me and step up and blocked his vision of her and smiled and said hello. His facial expression changed when I interrupted his thoughts he was having of her. As we stood there shaking hands I felt her arm wrap around my waist from behind. Daryl before all you men get into all your sport talk come help me get stuff out of the kitchen. As I turned to walked with her to the kitchen I caught a glimpse of Mike and Rick staring at her butt as she walked in front of me. As we enter the kitchen she turned around and step close to me and gave me a long kiss. Thank you Mike is too bold sometimes but he is a nice guy. You will just have to help me stay out of arm reach from. Then she laughed and said I need another drink. She went to the counter and reached for the bottle but I reach out and caught her hand. I understand that this is all in fun and where it starts and where ends is always your choice. Then I pull her to me and kissed her. I lifted her up onto the counter. She smiled at me and said what do you have in mind Daryl. But before she could finish her sentence my tongue was sliding along her panties. I started licking right thru her panties. They became transparent where I was licking. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her. She started moaning and bucking her hips into my face. I heard the kitchen door open but I did not want to stop licking. After she came I turned around to see Fred standing there rubbing his cock. Fred walked up to her. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. She reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. Fred slide right into her and ataşehir escort she wrapped her legs around his waist as he began to move back and forth. They were completely into each other as I walked around the kitchen get plates and silverware. I walked back to the barbecue pit carrying the supplies. As I reached the table rick said, Daryl do you think she needs help carrying anything else out here. Well I am not sure but Fred was helping her when I left the kitchen. Rick and Mike both looked at each other and smiled. I was not sure how much they new about Fred relationship but I was not going to say anything about it. Things were going to play out the way she wanted them to. Rick started talking about work and how he had meet Fred. I look at Mike and asked Mike have you come over here before. He looked at me and smile no this is my first time here. I met Fred and his lady at my bar two months ago. They came in on a rainy day. The bar was empty until they came in. She went straight to the jukebox and put on a slow song. She was a sight in her tight black tube top dress and black heels. I could not help watching her as she walked over to the jukebox. The movements of her hips was so hypnotic. I was so caught up watching her that I forgot about Fred standing there watching me watch her. Out of the cornr of my eye I saw Fred smiling. When she slowly walked back to Fred she reach out her hand to him and said come dance with me lover. As they started to dance I got hold of myself and went back to pretending I was alone in the bar to give them space. Every now and then I would look over at them as they moved around the floor. Each time I looked at her I had to keep reminding myself she was taken. After the song ended they just stood there looking into each others eyes. Then they started kissing and touching each other all over. It was so hot and I started to get so excited watching her. I was sorry when they stopped. Until they walked ümraniye escort up to the bar and noticed that I could see her hard nipples thru the top of her dress. Fred ordered drinks and she drained hers and Fred smile and just ordered another one for her. Fred introduced himself and smile at her and called her Baby Doll. A perfect name for her for she was a wonderful dream. Fred started talking to me about his work and her work. He got the impression he was trying to find out more about me. While Fred and I talking I could see her moving her hand onto his lap. As I watched and listened to Fred I felt the raising in the room. I noticed that her glass was empty again so I filled and told Fred it was on the house. She smiled at me and wished that she was single. I could hear Fred talking but all I could think of was her. Then Fred asked me if I wanted to dance with baby doll. He said something about his legs was soar. I looked at Fred thinking he did not say that. So I said excuse me what did you say. Fred smiled and said if you want to dance with her it is ok. I know she likes to dance so if you want it is ok with me. I tried to be cool as I walked around the counter. My mind was scream walk do not run. As I came around the end of the bar she had gotten up and gave Fred a long passionate kiss. Then she walk to me and smile as I took her in my arms. She seemed to melt in my arms as we danced and could not stop myself from rubbing up and down her back. As my hand touched the arch in he back she started grinding her hips into me. My cock hard and she grinded harder. When the song ended I was fully erect there was no way I could hide it. As we walked back to the counter she put her arm around my waist. I looked at Fred and he was smiling at us as we approached. Well Mike I see you like dancing with baby doll. I told you she likes to dance Hashanah. She gives me a hard on too when we dance. I felt a little embarrassed kadıköy escort about my erection at first but then I thought they are ok with it then so am I. Baby doll reached out her and placed it on the crotch of Fred’s pants. Fred looked at me and said she is very good with her hands show him baby. She took her arm from around my waist and gently let her fingers slide along my hard on. She started squeezing and fondling my cock in my pants. Fred reached up and squeezed her breast as she was squeezing his cock also. I could see her breathing increase and hear her making little sounds. Fred said squeeze her other breast she really likes having them played with. He did not have to ask me twice. After I started squeezing her breast she reached inside my sweat pants and pulled my cock out. In all my years of bartending something likes this has only happen three times. I found the best way to enjoy it the most is to let the woman decide what will happen. Fred pull down the front of her dress and began to suck and lick her nipple so I started licking the other one. Fred had unzipped his pants so she had a tight grip on his cock as we licked her breast. He was right about how good she was with her hands. Fred and I almost came at the same time. I watched her face as she milked the last of our cum out. She looked up at me and we kissed. It was one of those fuck me now kisses that you never forget. When we separated our lips she turn to Fred and said thank you lover and kissed him. As they were kissing the door to the bar opened. We quickly put ourselves back together and I returned to my place behind the bar. The four people that came in went to a table and began to talk to each other. We look at each other and began to laugh. Fred look at me that was exciting knowing that at any moment someone would come walking in. That was just the way we started our friendship but there were a few more times that we got together. I looked at Mike wow that was hot. Rick was standing just standing there with a shocked look on his face then he said no way. I smiled at mike and we both looked at Rick but before either of us could say anything Fred and Baby doll came out of the house arm in arm. But the thing that stopped us from speaking was that baby doll’s bikini bottom was soaking wet and you could see her pussy lips………….

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