The Beach Shower

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The Beach ShowerThere I stood. Naked. In the shower. Dry and irritable. The building had no water pressure. Again. Fucking landlord.So I decided to do what I’d done the last time. I grabbed my overnight bag, wrapped a towel around me and stepped out into the hallway, then down the hall and over to the elevator. Even though I was naked under the towel, everyone will think I’m wearing a swim suit underneath, I thought. They’ll never know. Of course they’ll be able to tell if they see me showering downstairs. But that was a big part of the fun, right?As the elevator ground slowly down its shaft, I studied my reflection in the polished doors. I turned sideways to see how I looked. Not bad. The workouts were working. Nice chest. Flat belly. The white cotton towel had a bulge forming. I could feel the swelling between my legs. Ding! The doors opened and a guy dressed all in black with a long chain dangling from his belt stood in the open doorway with a Latina six inches taller than him. She wore a red dress with a plunging neckline and a slit up both sides that exposed a long, long pair of legs. They were just coming home from the all night club scene. He was barely conscious and didn’t notice as she brushed by me a little too close as I stepped sideways past them. One large, soft breast brushed against my bare chest.Her glossy, full red lips parted, revealing a flawless smile. A mischievous look in her eye became excitement as her hand brushed against my towel and her fingers grazed my semihard dick. The doors closed as we exchanged a glance and I stood alone in the plush lobby.Outside now in my towel, I padded barefoot across the sidewalk to the street. The beach was empty and the soft roar of surf was soothing, eternal. Traffic was light at this early hour but the sun had just crossed the horizon so I knew things would heat up soon. As I stepped off the curb onto the pavement, I felt the towel slip loose. I reached down and caught it just as it pulled free, quickly pulling it back around me. My cock was very hard now. I could still feel the bloood red fingernails of that tall Latina raking gently along its length. A taxi rolled past as I secured the towel and crossed the street. On the beach across from my building, there’s a public restroom made of cinderblocks with a decorative metal roof. And in front of this structure, facing the street, is a public shower consisting of a long pole that sticks out of the concrete and four showerheads pointing in different directions. But here’s the cool part: the shower is connected to a water heater in the building. The showers put out hot water.I stepped up to the shower with my back to the street and turned the knob. Waiting a couple of minutes with my fingers in the spray, I waited for the water to get warm.A couple of runners passed by, a man and a woman in matching spandex. Both looked like chiseled gods. He had a wide chest and strong thighs. She had an hourglass figure and breasts that were almost too large for her petite frame. They looked sexy together. His tight shorts revealed a nice package and hers accentuated her perfect ass. I could even see her mound between her ass cheeks. I could easily imagine them together. His muscular thighs flexing against her perfect ass. His long cock sticking deep between her legs, up into her hot body. His canlı bahis veiny hands gripping her bouncing breasts. I pictured her hair spilling around his face as they came together. As if on queue, they both turned and glanced at me over their shoulder. I snatched my hand away from my stiff dick as if it had been burned. My cock was rock hard, sticking out into the open. I turned away from them, trying to find a way to hide it. I glanced over my shoulder but the runners just kept on running, side by side. I sighed and stared back at my building as the shower turned steamy and the water splashed out hot against my leg. A light went on in the fourth floor penthouse. Several of the buildings along the drive had lights on now as people started getting up and getting ready for the day.By now the spray from the shower was hot. I knew from prior experience with the police on this beach that as long as you wore “something” they most likely wouldn’t cite you for public nudity. I had learned this the summer before from a Sheriff deputy a tall, female, athletic brunette deputy. The definition of “something” was left pretty vague in the city penal code, she’s informed me. It was usually left up to the officer’s discretion. So I decided I would “wear” a towel through the whole shower. I loved the idea of showering in public but didn’t want to be busted for it. I reached down into the overnight bag that I’d brought with me and pulled out a white washcloth, way too small to tie around my waist, barely larger than my outstretched hand. By now my erection was rock hard and poking directly out of the full-size towel that I was wearing. The head was swollen and pink. The blue and red veins twisted along the length of my cock, stretching the skin taught. I tugged the towel off and tossed it onto a dry part of the sidewalk. My cock bobbed free in the orange early-morning sunlight, hooking upward toward my belly button. I unfolded the tiny white washcloth and glanced back toward my building. A flash of red on the top floor caught my eye. It was a woman in a red dress on the balcony of the fourth floor penthouse. The sexy latina from the elevator! She was bent at the waist and had one hand on a brass telescope on a tripod, the kind that ship captains use to study the sea. Her other hand was beneath her dress. She pulled her eye away from the brass eyepiece and looked directly at me down its length. Her long hair poured across her deep cleavage. I realized I had frozen, naked, on a public sidewalk with my cock poking up at the sky. A bakery delivery truck passed by and the taxi from before made another pass in the opposite direction. I unfolded the handtowel and hung it over the end of my dick, like you’d hang a towel on a hook. The water spray cascaded over my chest and down the reddish hair of my lower belly. My body glistened. I turned my back to the Latina on the roof and flexed my glutes, which were completely uncovered. The taxi pulled over with a soft squeal of brakes and parked by the side of the street. My cock throbbed, bobbing up and down with my pulse. The water was hot but my balls pulled up tight in the cool morning air. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. How many people were even watching me? I turned back around and counted the buildings from left to right. They were all multistory with bahis siteleri lots of huge windows to take advantage of the ocean view. Traffic had started to pick up, too. Cars were starting to emerge from parking garages and turn down the street between me and the building. I bent down to my overnight bag, careful not to dislodge the tiny washcloth, and pulled out some plastic bottles, lining them up at the base of the shower pole. I stepped up to the spray again, letting the water turn my white washcloth transparent. I had chosen the oldest, most threadbare one I could find and you could see everything. My shaved balls were totally exposed and so was a third of my cock from the base between my legs up toward where it disappeared beneath the sheer, dripping fabric. But you could still make out the thick, curving shaft beneath the transparent folds. And the wet cloth clung to my tip, outlining the mushroom shape in perfect detail. I could already feel my body pumping precum up the length of my cock. The delicious pre-cum feeling washed over me, along with another blast of adrenaline from the forbidden publicness of everyting. I turned in silhouette to the Latina on the roof, so she could see my barely-concealed erection from the side. I poured shampoo onto my curly locks and lathered up, shaking my dick as I did so. I leaned backwards into the spray, washing all the white suds down the length of my body and down around the base of my dick, pouring over my big, tight, shaved balls. The liquid soap I use is a clear gel, which I squeezed out into my palms like ejaculate, in heaping, generous splashes which I smeared across my biceps and pecs. The more I mashed the fine-smelling jelly into my skin, the more my cock stretched and swelled in the light of the rising sun. I hazarded a glance over my shoulder. The woman on the roof was nude. Her hair swayed in the breeze, exposing very large, tan breasts. Her pussy was covered by her hand, which banged frantically back and forth across her vulva. She masturbated lustfully on the roof, with one eye pressed against the telescope. My hands found their way down to my erection. I stared at her masturbating so openly out in the open. My fingers wrapped tightly around the base of my cock, where all the veins twist together like the roots of a tree. I squeezed my balls, pinching them hard between my thumb and forefinger, like graapes ready to be popped and the juice druunk from them. One hand wrapped around my shaft and pulled upward toward the head, careful not to dislodge the tiny washcloth. The driver’s door of the taxi opened but no one got out. I kept stroking, slowly, using the clear jel as lubricant. More veins sprouted along the length of my dick, stretching and pulsing hard against my fingers. When I squeezed each of my balls with my other hand, it hurt, until each ball would tug away from my fingers and pull up tight against my body. The spray from the shower framed me in a cloud of glittering water droplets, lit from behind by the sunrise. My muscles were taught, my body sculpted in light and shadow. My erection strained out into the air leaving only the last couple of inches to the imagination beneath the drenched, tiny cloth. The Latina on the roof lost her balance as an apparent orgasm washed over her. I saw her knees weaken and even from güvenilir bahis here I clearly saw a wash of fluid splash down between her knees. Her face was stretched into a lustful grimmace.That was too much for me. I suddenly became aware of everyone around me. The taxi driver in the John Deere cap. The woman with the shopping bag sitting on the bus bench. The jogging couple on their way back down the beach and fast approaching. A man in an upstairs window across the street, who was clearly staring right at me. A woman appearing right behind him, placing her hand on his shoulder. I felt my fingers running up and down my cock. I felt my orgasm start to build between my legs. I knew it would be a few moments more before it hit. But I knew it would hit. I was past the point of no return. My dick was as long and as hard, and as curved as it gets, right at the moment of orgasm when it tries to plunge itself as deep as possible into a woman’s pussy. Only this was was exposed fully, long and hard and magnificent. The Latina brought her fingers to her mouth and placed her eye against the telescope again. I could see her smile from here. The taxi rocked up and down on its shocks. The woman on the bus bench glanced away from me shyly. The couple in the window stared without expression. The Latina smiled and waved at me, palm up, cheering me to cum. I lost it. The orgasm slammed into me. My hand shot up and down my cock in a blur. The washcloth hit the sidewalk with a wet splat. My cockhead shone in the sun. The hole in the end swelled open and I could see down inside. My jizz pulsed and shot up the length of my erection, shooting straight out the end. The first blast smacked me in the mouth, surprising me. The second squirted in a long, slow arc up into the air, followed by another and another. I was a geyser, squirting white juice. “Yeah!” I heard a distant cheer. The black-haired woman on the roof raised both fists in the air. Her heavy breasts jiggled and her smile was radiant.The gob of cum that hit me in the mouth dangled heavily from my lower lip. My tongue snaked out and I tasted it, hot, salty, almost metallic in flavor. I tried to lick it up into my mouth but that only smeared it across my lip and now my own spunk hung in strings from my chin. My cock was even now still spurting ejaculate in short squirts. My orgasm started to abate and I saw now that the streams of jizz fanned out away from me in a starburst across the sidewalk.As my orgasm faded and my erection dangled, I rinsed off and wrapped the big towel around my waist again. I headed back toward my building with my face a little red with shame but a defiant semi-smile on my lips. The door to the taxi closed as I passed the back bumper and the woman at the bus bench deliberately turned away from me and stared away at nothing. The couple in the window were gone now. And so, unfortunately, was the woman in the red dress… or rather the woman out of the red dress. Ah, well. As I jogged up the steps to my building I could feel my long, flacid dick twitch and a last warm dribble of cum hit my thigh. Inside the lobby, with its potted palm trees and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, I headed directly to the elevator. “Ding!” The mirrored doors parted.Inside, the tall, black-haired woman from the roof. She wore a white towel, too, tied around her middle revealing her long brown legs and most of her large round breasts. She smiled wickedly.As I boarded the elevator, she stepped forward and pressed gently against me. The mirrored doors closed with a little “ding!”

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