the Beautiful nurse

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the Beautiful nurseI was at the hospital one night and I seen you. Behind the counter and I ask you your name. I said you were very Beautiful. Then I walked off thinking about you. What a awesome body you have and that you sure are beautiful! I was thinking that your hair is so fine an I bet it was soft. I wondered if you were shave or if you had hair on your pussy. I wondered if your nipples were pink or brownish. I could get you out of my mind!!You thought it was weird, thats all I said to you. Then went about your dutys at work. It was getting late an your shift is almost over . You have had a long hard day and need some special attention when you get home. You have planned to get in the hot tub and just soak your sore feet and legs. You get all your stuff and r getting ready to leave and clock out.I still cant get you off my mind. I keep thinking about all the thing I wanted to do to you . I start to plan out how I would get you. I wait in my van till I see you come out of the ER doors then I start up my van an pull behind you with my lights off . staying back till you get to your car. I pull just past your car and I jump out and open the back doors. I come over to you and say Hi . You look at me with a scared look on your face. I grab you and put duck tape over your mouth and put the zip ties (I made up earlier) around your hands, and put them behind your back. I pick you up and take you to the van and put you in. I take your feet and zip tie them together . I run to the front of the van and jumb in and drive off as normal.I got away clean no one seen me. I drive out of town for awhile . just so you dont know where we are. Your kickin and trying to scream but you cant. You feel us going down a rough road and can tell it a dirt road by the rocks hitting the bottom of the van. I stop and get out to go open a gate . Which you can see. because I didnt blind fold you. You can see it a old brick plant . It has been shut down for awhile .I back you to this door and stop. I get out and come around the back and open the door. I just look at you and Im so excited. My dick has been hard every scents I seen you at the hospital . I reach for you and you kick at me. Your scared and wish this wasnt happen to you. But deep down inside your excited also. You have dreamed of what it would be like to be taken. I grab your leg and pull over to me and pull you up and lick your face. I tell you your my Bitch now. I pick you up and take you in the building. Its dark in there and cold. Your still scared and dont know whats going to happen to you.I turn on a light and you can see everything in the room. Its like a S&M Porn room. I take you over to a iron cage . I open the door and put you in it. You watch me as I get undress and I turn on the shower. My dick is still hard and You can see it built to please. You watch as I wash my body As I soap up and wash my dick and ass. You can see the water ripple down my abs . Your starting to get attracted to me. I get out and dry off. I come over to the cage and open it and pull you out. I cut off the zip ties on your feet and put on chains on you so you could walk but not run off. I stand you up and cut the zip ties off your hand and chain them also.I rip off your top and reveal your perfect breast and your bra is sexy also. I ask did you wear it for me? You mumble and have tears coming down your eyes. your mascara is a mess. I then pull you bottoms off leaving on your panties . There white lace. My cock is getting so hard. I slap you on the ass and tell you that your ass is mine.I drag you over to the shower and push you in. Wash your ass for me. I rip your panties off to raveal istanbul escort your pussy with a little brown trail to your pussy. I slap your ass and then rub it . I then rip off your bra. Your tits are awesome the perfect size and shape. I push in the shower and turn on the water and tell you to wash. You look at me and shake your head no! I slap your ass and tell you to do what your Daddy saids. You shake your head no again. Ok! I have something for bad girls.I go over to a water hole and get it and turn it on and come over to you and hose you down. Your trying to hide and run from it and cant. You shake your head yes .I see it and spray you more . I tell you your my Whore and you’ll do what i say! You shake you head again and try to yell yes. I turn off the water and come over to you and your washing. I grab you by the back of the head and tell you that your mine now and that you Will do what I say!I rip off the tape on your mouth and kiss you! You try to pull away but I want let you. I push you to your knees and tell you to suck my dick! You say no I want! I slap you with my hard cock and grab you by the back of the head and shove my cock down your throat! You gag and cough but I dont let you pull away! Suck my cock or Ill fuck you mouth ! You look up at me crying and I can see the submission in your eyes! I let your head go and you pull off my cock and cough and then began to suck my sock . Your good at sucking a dick! Your began to feel different You have never been treated this way. And you dont know if you like it but you sure are getting a tingling feeling between your thighs. I tell you to lick my ass hole and my balls too! You pull off my cock and lick my balls and try to lick my ass. You have never done it and your not sure how . I grab your hair and tell you to lick my ass again!! Stick your tongue out you whore and stick it in my ass! Jack me off with your hand while you lick it!I slap you nipples and tell you to get up and I pull you over to barrel and lay you over it and tie your hand and feet to the floor. the I come over to you and fuck your face again! Im about to cum and I pull out and tell you that im going to cum deep in your throat! I began to face fuck you harder and harder! Then I slow down and Hold it at the back of your throat and shot my load in yout throat! You gag and your throat contracts around my dick and it feels so good! I cum more!! You really enjoyed it! My cum was salty and tasted good! You spit just to be disabeated . I slap your cheek and tell you we have just began!I walk away and you hear me getting something. When I come back I slap you ass and you open you mouth . I stick a Ball gag in you mouth while its open! and tie it so you cant talk. I then began to tickle you . You squirm and fight to keep my hands off you. I stop, I start to flog you lightly on your ass . You feel the sting of the whips and Its not bad just stimulates your body. I move to your back and sides. I can see the redness starting to appear on your back and butt. Your trying to struggle but the ties hold you back.I hit your legs and now I go for your pussy lips and ass hole Im going faster and faster . You thing it hurts at first and then You began to feel the pleasure. You can feel your pussy contracting and your ass hole drawing up. I stop and leav and come back with a machine . Its a fucking machine . I line it up on you pussy and stick the dick in your wet pussy. I turn it on slow . Its fucking your pussy slow and steady. I then put a vibrator on your clit an turn it on slow. Your eyes are rolling back in your avcılar escort head. Slobber is coming out around the ball in your mouth. I reach up and clean your mouth of all the slobber. I then sling it on your ass and pussy .The dick picks it up and it goes in your pussy. You can tell when it does because you get wetter from it. I now start to flog your ass more. You cant take much more. Your about to cum. I can see it and I turn the machine up higher . Now its fucking you harder and faster. You scream with pleasure as you come. I flog you more. You whore you liked it dont you!!!I turn every thing off and I rub my hand over you gently to comfort you. You so totally relaxed ! I leave you alone for awhile. I have more stuff to prepare for. You about to go to sleep your so relaxed. You have never felt like that before. You can just hear me in the back ground .Ping ping. You wondering whats next.I come over to you and untie you. I help you up. Your arm an legs are num from being tied so long. I walk you around awhile. To get your blood flowing . You finely get the feeling back in your legs. I take you over to a chain hanging from the ceiling and tie your hands to it. Then I pull them up over your head till you have to be on your toes to reach the floor. I began to flog your tits and nipples .They get so hard. I pinch one . You scream but it muffles from the gag. I start on your belly and get it red.I bit your nipple and suck on it, I lick it and suck it harder. I kiss you and pull your hair and tell you , your my little sex slave! I bit your nipples again and drop to one knee. I start to play with your pussy lips. slowly putting a finger in your wet pussy . I get one in and fuck you with it . Your so tight even after the fucking machine. I put two in and fuck you again . You like it i can tell. I suck on your clit with my mouth licking it in between sucks, still fucking you to.I stop and go around behind you and pull your ass cheeks apart an lick your ass hole. I get it wet and put a finger in it and fuck your ass with my finger. I put to in it and push them all the way in your ass . I can feel you tighten up on my fingers. I pull your hair with my other hand as Im pulling you on my fingers. I stop and get some rope and a hook . I put the hook in your ass an tie the rope to your long hair . so your head is pulled back. Now I can work on your pussy. You whore Im going to fist your pussy . I put a rope on one foot and spread your legs apart. the I do the same on the other. I let you down a bit to allow for it. I come over with a bottle of lube and wet my hand and rub your pussy. I bet it good and wet. I start with to fingers. and work then around. You try to look but the hook in your ass want let you. I ask if you want to watch it you little whore and you try to say yes sir. So i stop and get my video camera and point it at your pussy. Then I turn on the flat screen an you come to life on it.I start over and you can see as I stick it in your pussy I work 3 fingers in you and work the in good and deep. I get four in you and you can see my hand go in past my knuckles. I spin it around and go in and out and i pop my thumb in you and you scream in pleasure. You have always wanted to be fisted!! I get it in and fuck you hard up to my wrist. You are about to come , your head is fucking your ass at the same time You come squirting all over me!! Your a nasty whore and I love you.After you cum you just go numb . Your just hanging there totally relaxed. Your pussy is swelling around my fist! I can feel it getting tighter . I ease it out of you. My hand is soaking wet şirinevler escort with you pussy juice. I stick my fingers in your mouth and you suck on them till I tell you to stop.I cut you down an tell you its your turn to please me now. You can barely walk so I help you over to the next place. Its a table and I lay you on your back and help you get in the place I want you. I get your legs and I tie them Up in the air and spread apart. So I can have total excess to You. Then I take your hands and tie them to your side.I get a vibrator and tape it to your leg so its on your clit. I turn it on low and adjust it till i can see that its the spot . By the look in your eyes. I can tell This Is the most that you have ever gotten off . Your really starting to enjoy it. Ok You little Slut Its MY Time to Cum.I come around and slap Your face an tell you to suck my dick like you never have. I put it in your face and you turn your head . I slap you again and tell you your my Whore and suck my dick. You just lick the head and suck on it. Thats Not What I want You little whore! I shove My cock Deep in your throat and gag you. I can see you chocking on it and I hold it there till your about to puke. I pull it out and you take a deep breath . As your doing it I shove it back down your throat. You gag again I can feel your throat contract around my cock. It feels so good. I slap your cheek and ask it you like it you Whore. I Pull out an ask it you know how to suck a cock now ? You spit and say yes sir!! I put it back in you mouth and give you a chance to suck it to see if you learned anything.You do much better suck and deepthroating it. I start to face fuck you while I play with your nipples , pinching and pulling them. I slap them and flog them . You never let up. You in total pleasure. Your about to cum with the vibrator on your clit. I pull out and come around and stick my dick in your swolling pussy. Its so tight! I began to fuck you hard and slaping your ass. Your screaming an moaning loudly. I grab a hand full of tits and squeeze them . I spit on your pussy and drive harder.Im about to cum so I pull out and come around and start fucking your face again. You take ever inch this time. I pull out ot your mouth and I spit in your face and tell you Your my Whore now and dont forget it. Then I shove my hard cock deep in your throat and gag you. I fuck you for a minute . I pull back out and go back to fuck your pussy. I stick it in your soaking pussy and fuck you hard . Now its time to fuck your ass.I turn up the vibrator on high and I stick a finger in your ass to open it up for my big cock. I put to fingers in you and you scream just a little. I spit on my dick an start to put it in your ass. You tightening up an I push it in harder. I get the head in your ass and work in and out slowly . I force it deeper in Your starting to enjoying it more. The vibrator Is feeling awesome on your clit and with my dick in your ass make it even better. I pump your ass harder and harder It feels so good I cant take it Im about to explode! I stop and suck on your nipple to prolong my orgasm. I bite them and suck on them . I get up and fuck your ass slower this time . I reach behind me and grab a dildo and stick it in your mouth .You suck it like its my dick. I pull it out and shove it in your pussy.I can feel it on my dick in your ass. Your so damn tight. I fuck your ass and pussy harder and your scream Im coming ! And we both explode together. I cum deep in your ass. I collapse on top of you. For awhile.I get up and untie you. I help you over to the shower and tell you to shower off that we are done for the night. You say yes sir and go in right away and start the shower water. After it gets warn you get in and I come in right behind you and we wash each other . We get out and dry off and I take you by the hand and lead you over to the bed . I lay you down and I french kiss you and tell you I love you. I grab your hand and hand cuff you to the bed. I dont want you to run off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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