The Beneficial E*ucation

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The Beneficial E*ucation”‘Night Mom,” I said, hoping she wouldn’t notice the way I was covering the huge bulge in my crotch. She said goodnight and headed off down the hallway to her bedroom. About a half-an-hour later, I decided to hit the sack myself. I showered quickly, and headed down the hall. Mom’s light was still on, so I crept up to her door. I don’t know what I expected to see, but the thought of my mom lying there in that filmy blue nightie of hers had my pulse racing. As I got closer, I could see that the light was coming from her bedside lamp. Mom was asleep, the unfinished book she’d been reading lay limply in her hand. Wearing only a towel, I crept into Mom’s room. My heart was pounding in my chest as I gazed down at her reclining form. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing there. All I knew was that my mom’s body was suddenly making my prick do loop-de-loop. I moved closer. Mom was lying on her left side, facing me, her back to the wall, her coltish limbs thrown out every which way. The covers were in a turmoil and her long blonde hair was strewn all over the pillow. As I looked on, her chest rose and fell with the healthy regularity of deep sleep. Too bad I couldn’t see her tits. The sheet happened to lie such that it strategically shielded them from my view, but I could still detect their large delectable presence underneath. I was luckier with certain other parts of her body, though. One long leg was entirely exposed, being covered only at the very top of her creamy thigh. A few more inches and I would have been treated to a choice view of my mom’s crotch. I sat down carefully on the edge of the bed, my cock poking out from underneath the towel as I did so. Mom moved as I sat down, and it frightened the shit out of me. I stood up and stepped quickly back, starting to leave the room until I realized it was nothing more than a random shifting of position. Mom was still deeply asleep, I noted with a sigh of relief. Testing her, I slowly lowered myself to the bed again and sat beside her. No reaction. I sat heavily with all my weight, even bouncing a couple of times. Her only motion was the natural swaying of her body caused by the movement of the bed. In a quiet voice I said, “Mom? You awake?” Still nothing. With anticipation nervously mounting, I swung my feet onto the bed and lay beside her. My weight caused her body to slide slightly toward me, but still no sign of wakefulness from my sleeping mother. The slight movement caused her legs to fall open a trifle, making her u*********s pose even more sensual and suggestive than before, but she evidently remained sound asleep. I raised trembling fingers to her half-covered form and pulled the sheets back, hoping it wouldn’t wake her. My cock was all the way stiff now, and as I considered the wonderful possibilities confronting me, it began to throb. I reached out and touched Mom’s ass, feeling the heat of her skin through the silky fabric of her panties. My cock twitched, and I edged closer. Just as I was extending my hand toward her tits, she suddenly moved! I jerked my hand away and was halfway off the bed before I realized it had only been a sleepy shifting of position. Mom was still fast asleep. I wiped my face of sweat and lay down again beside her. Her movement had changed her position to my advantage. Now she lay more on her back than her side, one slim knee up in the air and the upper part of her chest exposed well below the collar bone. Shit! A few more inches and I could see her tits. I was getting so excited now that I was becoming bolder by the second. Impetuously I jerked the covers off her entire body. Mom didn’t move. I waited a few seconds to see what would happen, but nothing did, so I reached right out and cupped one of Mom’s firm tits. It felt warm and soft in my palm, the nipple hardening as I squeezed her fullness gently. God, I couldn’t believe I was doing this… lying on my mother’s bed with only a towel wrapped round me, with my hand on her tit. Mom’s hand moved up and covered mine. I looked at her face, but she was still asleep. I didn’t dare remove my hand now. I suddenly got scared again that she’d wake up any second. Then I noticed the glass of water and bottle of pills on her bedside table. Mom sometimes couldn’t get to sleep after a hard day, so she took these sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest. Knowing that, I became bolder now, and slid my other hand down between Mom’s legs, to rub her cunt. She sort of sighed and opened her legs a bit more, giving me better access to her pussy. Oh jesus, was she ever hot down there! I could feel the damp heat searing my fingers as I probed Mom’s cunt-mound through the silky fabric of her panties. She moaned again, louder this time, but her eyes remained closed. Mom must have been able to feel what I was doing, even in her d**gged sleep, because she began little upwards movements of her hips, pressing her pussy into my hand and squirming her hot little ass around on the bed. My cock demanded immediate attention. But rather than rub it myself, I decided to let Mom do it for me. Grabbing her hand I placed it under the towel on my rock-hard prick. Her cool fingers wrapped around it instinctively and I felt her grip my rod tightly. Mom sure knew how to handle a cock, I thought, even in her sleep! I slid my fingers inside Mom’s moist panties and delved into her cunt, not really caring now if she woke up or not. She squirmed a bit and gripped my prick real hard. My fingers in her cunt must have been really getting to her. Mom’s cunt-slit felt real wet and slippery. I found her clit and rubbed it just like I had Sara’s. Her pussy juice soaked my fingers and ran down between the cheeks of her ass. My Mom has a nice ass, small and compact, and real firm from playing racquet ball. I cupped her ass cheeks and spread some of her cunt-juice over them, loving the feel of her tight slippery ass-flesh sliding sensuously under my palm. Mom’s panties were saturated, so I decided to remove them. Besides, I really wanted to see her cunt naked. Skinning her panties down, I rolled them down her long sleek thighs, pulled them off over her ankles and tossed them onto the floor. I pulled off my towel at the same time and got between Mom’s legs. Jesus what a beautiful sight! My mom’s twat was cute, real cute. Smaller than Sara’s but just as juicy looking, and covered with a light fuzz of curly blonde hair. I pulled Mom’s legs wider apart and stared at her cunt. Her cunt-lips were barely parted. I inserted a finger and watched as they flowered open to admit it. Mom moaned. I inserted another finger, this time wiggling them both around a bit. Mom raised her hips slightly illegal bahis and moaned again. A little trickle of juice began to flow out around my fingers. I stooped to lick it up, letting the heady aroma of Mom’s cunt fill my nostrils. Jesus, she tasted good! I had to have more of that! Holding her legs wide apart with both hands, I lowered my face to Mom’s cunt. Juice was oozing from the slit. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, licking the creamy liquid into my mouth. It tasted delicious, not as strong as Sara’s gamey cunt, and a little more salty… just right. I dug my tongue in deeper and was rewarded with another gush of nectar from Mom’s gooey honey pot. Sucking noisily I lapped it all up and thrust my tongue deep into Mom’s hole, feeling her cunt squeeze and contract around it. My lips found her clit and I sucked it into my mouth, flicking the tiny little bud to erection with my tongue. In the back of my mind I kept thinking, this has gotta be a fuckin’ dream, but the smell, the taste and the feel of Mom’s slippery cunt on my face told me different. My cock was digging painfully into the bed, so I moved a little to relieve the pressure, keeping my mouth glued to Mom’s dripping cunt. I could hear her moaning above me, her hips giving little jerky movements from time to time, especially when I sucked her clit. Then suddenly, I froze. “Ummmm, B-Billy? Wh-what are you… ohhhh!” she moaned. I looked up from her crotch and saw Mom looking down at me with glazed, half-opened eyes. I looked back at her, her juices glistening on my mouth and chin, not knowing what to say for a second. Then, as I noticed the dazed look on her face I had an idea. “It’s okay, Mom, it’s only a dream, just lie back and enjoy it.” Mom looked like she wasn’t really seeing me, her eyes all glassy and vague. “Mmmmmmm, yeah, a dream… okay… mmmmm, good…umm, feels so good,” she muttered, pushing my head back into her neglected hole. I resumed sucking her twat with vigour, really going for it. Knowing that Mom was half awake and enjoying it too, made sucking her gorgeous cunt all the more exciting. Mom was moaning almost continuously now, a soft, mewling sound of pleasure. Her pelvis moved languidly, up and down, in circles, as if it were not a part of her. I pushed my tongue into her tight cunt-hole, extending it to the maximum, then ran it in and out, feverishly, mimicking the action my cock was throbbing and aching so much for. Then, as if in answer to my prayers, Mom muttered the magic words. “Ummmmm, n-nice… but, I… uhhhh, I n-need a cock. It’s beeeen soo lonnnng!” she groaned. “Fuck me! Ooooh, please fuck me!” That was it. I couldn’t take it any more, my prick was so hard I thought it was gonna burst, and after what Mom just said, I knew what I had to do… she wanted it too, she just said so… I had to fuck her! I pulled my mouth from her cunt and crouched between her legs, my cock only inches from her gaping pussy, the very hole that had given me life. Her eyes were glazed but I recognized the look on her face, it was lust, deep down she wanted me too. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. “Put it in for me, Mom,” I husked. “Put my cock in your cunt and let me fuck you!” Mom groaned and gripped my prick hard. She must have been on autopilot or something, ’cause without the slightest hesitation, she positioned my cockhead between the lips of her pussy and pushed it in. She was still half asleep as my cock entered her cunt. She moaned a bit, more in pleasure than anything, then began moving her hips. “Fuck me!” she muttered. “Mmmmm, fuck me, please. I need your big cock.” I looked down at Mom’s face, watching her dreamy expression as I fucked her. I was sure she knew who was fucking her, because she had called out my name earlier, but I had to be sure. “Mom?” I whimpered. Her eyes tried to focus on my face as she moaned a reply. “Ummmmm?” I thrust my cock into her tight, steamy wetness a little harder. “Do you like that, Mom?” I asked. She tossed her head from side to side in ecstasy. “Mmmmmm, y-yes, uhhhhh, yessssss… so nice!” “Do you know who’s fucking you, Mom?” “Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” she replied sleepily. “Who, Mom?” I growled. “Who’s fucking you?” “Uhhh! Ummmm, y-you are Billy,” came the reply I wanted to hear. “You are, baby!” “Do you like me fucking you, Mom?” I asked, but the answer was obvious. “Ohhhh, yeahhhh! You feel so gooo… uhhhh, baby! So damn good! Harder! Mmmmmmm, do it h-harder!” I slammed my cock into my mom’s cunt, fucking her deeply, pleasuring us both. Her cunt was very tight. She was obviously no virgin, but her pussy hadn’t been used much since Dad left. Sure, there had been a few guys hanging around, hoping to get Mom in the sack, but having me around sort of spoilt Mom’s sex life. Now, I was making up for it. Her cunt-walls grasped my cock as I reamed her out, pounding my way into Mom’s deepest, darkest recesses. Her legs came up and wrapped around my back, her arms encircled my neck, and her mouth pressed against mine, open, wet, and loving. I wondered if she was awake or if she still thought she was dreaming, I couldn’t tell. All I knew was that my mom was one hell of a hot fuck! I varied my strokes, knowing how Sara had enjoyed that. Withdrawing about half a cock length, I plunged it back to the hilt in one sharp thrust. Mom gasped into my mouth and drove her tongue down my throat, imitating the action of my cock below. Then, I started a slower rhythmic motion, pushing my cock in and out, twisting my pelvis… reaming, withdrawing, thrusting. Mom took up the rhythm, matching me stroke for stroke. She was breathing hard and fast, and I was beginning to gasp and pant. She started moaning and mewling with soft little squeals. The whole lower portion of her body thrashed about and her legs pulled tighter and tighter around me. Her arms clenched tightly around my neck and her tongue was like a wild a****l working in my mouth. Dreaming or awake, Mom was in a sexual frenzy, and it was pulling me to the feverish edge of my own climax. I tried to hold back, and it seemed to work. We fucked for a few more minutes, Mom was getting hotter by the second. Then, when I felt Mom shudder and her cunt tightened around my cock, I let myself go, fucking her for all I was worth. Mom came and came and came. The contractions of her cunt made it feel as if the walls of her pussy were sucking my cock. Her pelvic muscles spasmed and shuddered, and each small convulsive movement transferred to my sliding, thrusting cock. Suddenly, my cock jerked, and great gobs of juice jetted out, making her pussy even wetter. “Yes! Oh, yes! Give it to me, Billy!” Mom gasped, loudly. “Give youwin it all to me!” My orgasm went on and on, and come still spurted out. Gradually, I came down to just the small, feeble spurts. Then, just the warmth of my cock soaking in our combined juices. I collapsed on Mom, unable to stir, feeling as though I was turned inside-out from the massive orgasmic surge. We were both panting, gasping for breath. Slowly, we came back to earth, and I rolled off her and we lay side by side, holding each other, fondling, caressing, murmuring. I must have drifted off into a deep sleep, because the next thing I knew, it was morning. Light was streaming in my Mom’s bedroom window and I was lying naked on the bed beside her. The events of the night before flooded back. First came the pleasurable memories of our sex together, then, as I looked across at her peacefully sleeping form, I was overcome with guilt. Suddenly I was scared. What was I going to do? What was I going to say? Mom stirred, and her arm flopped over my chest. I looked at it like it was some sort of snake. I was about to try and slide out from underneath it when Mom woke up. “Billy?” she murmured, looking at me through sleepy eyes. “What’s wrong, honey? What are you doing in my b…” Her voice trailed off when she noticed I was stark naked. “JESUS, BILLY!?!” Pulling her hand pulled off my chest like it had been scalded, Mom sat up and just looked at me, her eyes wild, speechless. “Calm down, Mom!” I said, but I made no move to cover myself. Mom was staring between my legs. I looked down. As usual, I had woken with a hard-on, and Mom’s eyes were fixed on my rock-hard cock. I shrugged and smiled stupidly. Mom hit the roof! “What the hell do you think you’re doing, young man?” she yelled. “Christ, Billy you’re in my bed with no clothes on!” “Easy, Mom,” I said. “Don’t you remember, anything about last night?” Mom looked at me strangely, then blushed a deep crimson. She shook her head. “No… no, this can’t be happening!” she gasped. “That was only a…” “Only a what, Mom?” I asked. Mom was still staring at my stiff cock. “Jeeeesus! It wasn’t a dream, was it?” “No, Mom,” I smiled. I edged closer, but Mom moved away. “Shit, Billy! You really fucked me!” she cried. “Jesus Christ, what are we gonna do now?” Mom looked totally bewildered. “What do you mean Mom? Didn’t you enjoy it? It sure felt like you did,” I said. “Yes… I mean, No! Shit! I don’t know!” said Mom. She was confused. I moved closer and touched her arm. “Mom, I still love you,” I said. “Even more after what we did. Don’t you feel it too?” She fell into my arms sobbing. “Ohhhh, Billy, I don’t know what I feel.” Mom’s tits pressed into my chest making my cock twitch against her leg. When she didn’t pull away, I guided her hand down to my throbbing prick. Her fingers curled around it, hefting my turgid length in her hand. “Oh Billy,” she murmured, “We can’t.” “We already have, Mom!” I whimpered, and covered her mouth with mine. As the kiss got hotter, Mom broke away. “No, Billy, this is wrong!” she whispered hoarsely. She said it without real conviction, so I placed a hand on her right tit, and began fondling her through the silky material of her nightie. “It’s natural, Mom,” I said. “You’re female… I’m male, and we both need it. Let’s just go with the flow.” Mom’s fingers felt so good around my cock. I scooted closer. “But Billy, you’re my son,” said Mom, her voice almost a moan. “I know, Mom, but that makes it better, we both love each other already, right?” That did it. With a groan of surrender, Mom threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. “I want to fuck you again, Mom,” I said, breathing hotly into her mouth. My fingers caressed her pussy, and she gasped. “Ohhhh, Billy, we shouldn’t be doing this, honey. It could get out of hand.” “Not out of my hand it won’t,” I grinned, giving her pussy a meaningful squeeze. Mom giggled. “That’s not what I meant, baby,” she moaned. I slipped a finger into Mom’s pussy and found that despite all her objections, she was exceedingly wet down there. I bent my head to her tits, but her nightie was in the way. “Take it off, Mom! I want to see you naked.” “Okay, hon,” she said, lifting the tiny, transparent garment over her head. I pressed my face into her tits, wallowing in my mother’s soft, fragrant titty-flesh. She moaned and resumed stroking my cock as I sucked her breasts. Mom’s tits tasted good. They were high, full and quite firm. Her nipples were long and hard. I sucked them and they seemed to swell in my mouth. Mom was making gurgling sounds by this time, holding my mouth tight on her tit. I sucked wetly, fondling her other tit. One of her hands went back to my cock. “Oh, Billy!” she whimpered, wrapping her fingers once again around my throbbing manhood. “Oooooh, baby, you’re so big! Mmmmmmm, and so very hard!” I let my free hand drop to Mom’s cunt. It was so juicy, so hot. I slid two fingers inside and rubbed the top of her mound with my thumb. Mom almost hit the roof! “Uuuuuh! Fuck!, that feels fantastic, honey!” she groaned, pulling frantically on my cock. I couldn’t wait any longer. “Lie back, Mom,” I panted. “I have to fuck you, now!” “Oooh Billy! I don’t… I mean, I need… Oh Jesus! What am I doing?!” Mom fell backwards, and flung her long legs wide apart, her hands reaching out for me as I scrambled between her open thighs. I took a moment to look at her naked, blonde cunt. It was so much more beautiful in the light of day. Her clit poked out at the top, vibrating with hardness like the tip of a tiny little cock. Her slit was so wet it glistened, with her cunt-dew. For a long breathless moment we stared at each other, me at my mother’s wet cunt, and she at my stiff cock. “Mom, I gotta fuck you!” I gasped. “Oh, Billy… yes! Do it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! I fell across her body, my cock rubbing up along one thigh. Mom grabbed my prick and guided it into her cunt, just as she’d done last night. Except this time she wasn’t d**gged and half asleep… this time she was wide awake, and begging for it!!! “Oh, baby!” she wailed, feeling my prick slide in deep. I began to hump my ass up and down, fucking my cock into Mom’s hot, slippery cunt as fast as I could. She made a gurgling sound, holding me by the hips as I fucked her, straining her own hips up at me, her thighs slapping against mine. My rapid thrusts seemed to drive her breath away, the sudden friction bringing mewling cries of lust from deep in her throat. “Oh god! Fuck me! YES! fuck me like that! Oh, harder, baby! Fuck me harder!” Mom’s words excited me, driving me on, and I began pounding my cock into her tight cunt with all youwin güvenilir mi the strength I had. Mom bent her knees and arched upwards, trying to get more of my cock into her hairy cunt. She was whimpering and clutching me tightly, her ass starting to whip around on the bed now. The wild plunging of my cock soon had her grinding her cunt up at me like crazy. “Let me!” she panted. “Let mother do it!” Somehow I managed to slow down and hold my hips still as Mom took over. She braced herself with her feet on the bed and then began to jerk her ass up and down, her cunt sliding on my cock with soft, hot wetness. Mom moaned and whimpered beneath me as her hips bucked and twisted, grinding frantically on my deeply imbedded prick. “Ohh, you’re going to make me come already!” she wailed. “It’s too soon! Oh, it’s so fast, Billy!” I fucked her as hard as I could, my balls slapping noisily against my mom’s steamy, sweating ass. “Billy! Ooooooohhh! Billy! FUCK ME!” she squealed. I felt the contractions of her cunt around my cock… clutching… squeezing… sucking at my prick with each exquisite convulsion. Mom was coming in wave after wave of fierce, burning ecstatic spasms. She kept grinding on my cock, not wanting it to stop. But slowly her ass slumped, her legs falling slack. Mom’s hands slid from my ass to her sides, and her breathing came hot and heavy. I kept my cock in place, enjoying the ripples of pleasure that caressed me from tip to balls. Mom gazed up at me dreamily, and I looked with satisfaction into her radiant, glowing face. “Mmmmmmm, Billy, what did you do to me? I came so quick!” she panted. “I fucked you, Mom,” I answered. My cock was still rock-hard inside her trembling belly. “Jesus! I’ll say you did,,” Mom moaned. “You fucked me silly, baby.” I moved my hips suggestively. “Wanna get fucked again, Mom?” She looked up at me in wonderment. “You mean it?” I nodded, and Mom wiggled her hips with pleasure. She pulled my face down to hers and mashed her mouth onto mine. We kissed fiercely, our lips meshed, our tongues lashing. I pushed hard into Mom’s cunt again, making her moan into my mouth. “Roll over, Mom,” I whimpered, pulling my cock from her cunt. “I wanna do you from behind.” Grinning lewdly, Mom rolled over onto her stomach, lifting her compact little butt into the air in front of me. I gazed at her up-thrust ass. Her puckered little asshole was visible, and I longed to fuck it, but I didn’t know how she’d react to that just yet, so I concentrated on her cunt. Her deliciously obscene position gave me an excellent view of her pussy, and Mom knew it. She was waggling her naked charms to and fro like a whore, knowing full well how excited I was. The puffy lips of Mom’s cunt were very wet, her pussy hair beaded and glistening with dripping fuck-juices, as I moved behind her. “Now, Billy,” she whimpered. “Do it again. Fuck me again!” Mom obviously wanted it real bad, so I scrambled up behind her and shoved my cock into her cunt-hole, staring as the bulbous head parted and spread her soft pussy-lips. Then, grabbing her slender hips, I lunged right in, burying my cock up to the balls again in Mom’s delicious cunt. She let out a husky groan at the sudden, deep penetration and turned her head to look at me, her eyes glazed over with passion. “Ohhhhhh Billy, yes, yes! Fuck Momma with that big hard cock, baby!” Holding her hips, I fucked my cock in and out, watching Mom’s cunt-lips grip it. Each thrust of my cock made her asshole crinkle tightly. I dug my fingers into my mother’s flesh, and began fucking her with wild in-and-out lunges. Mom began to moan and squeal, her eyes shut tight as she dug her fingers into the bed, twisting her uplifted ass about lewdly. “Your cock! Oooooh, Billy, your cock is so hard!” she gasped. “Your cock is so hard and it goes in so deep! Oooh, baby, baby! Fuck me! Fuck mother! Ahhh, I’ve never felt it so good before! Oh, yes, honey! Fuck me!” I was grunting, banging into her with short, hard fuck-thrusts. Each rough lunge of my cock caused her nipples to rub against the sheets. Mom arched her ass as high as she could, her knees parted, shoving her cunt back onto my cock like a whore. She was a whore alright… my personal whore! Mom was moaning and whimpering like she was about to explode with ecstasy. Feeling a scream building, she stuffed her hand into her mouth, her cunt was working incessantly on my cock, squeezing it with her tight, hot cunt-walls. I could feel my balls smash against her ass as she strained to get my prick as deep as she could inside of her. “Mom, you’re gonna come again!” I panted. “I can feel it! Your cunt is gripping my cock like a vice… you’re gonna come again!” “Oh, yeah, I am!” she sobbed, shaking her naked ass lewdly. “I’m gonna to come again! Billy. Ooooohh, baby! Mommy’s cunt is burning up! Fuck me, lover! Fuck mother’s cunt hard!” I fucked in a frenzy, leaning across her back, my hands now gripping her tits tightly. Mom cried out and strained as hard as she could onto my cock. Her clit bulged and throbbed, her hairy cunt-lips clinging to the shaft of my prick. “Ohhhh, Mom!” I yelped. “Come, Billy!” Mom sobbed. “You have to come, baby!” “You too, Mom!” “Unnnghhhhhhh, yes!” My body stiffened and I threw my head back, my eyes tightly closed. I pulled hard on her hips, cramming my cock as far into Mom’s cunt as I could. Mom pushed her ass back at me with all her strength, her breath coming in sharp, throaty gasps and her eyes bulging. “Cum in my cunt!” she screamed. “Billy, cum in my hot fuckin’ cunt!” I was struggling to breathe, my fingers pulling at her tits. My balls were painfully tight. Then, suddenly I was spewing hot cum deep up into my mother’s convulsing fuck-hole, coming up her quivering cunt with gushing force. Mom screamed again, her cunt filling with my cock-cream as we both came in spasms that sent tremors up and down our naked bodies. Mom was sobbing with rapture, grinding her naked ass wantonly as I continued to spurt hot jism over and over into her receptive cunt. The squeezing of her pussy made I feel as if it were sucking my cock, drawing the fuck-juice out of my balls. I grunted and yelped against the smooth, sweaty skin of my mother’s ass, fucking her deeply throughout her orgasm and mine. The insides of both our thighs were slippery where warm fuck-slime had oozed from Mom’s cunt. Her asshole seemed to crinkle gently, and her clit grazing slowing up and down the shaft of my cock was the most wonderful feeling. I pulled my cock from Mom’s slippery cunt and rolled onto my back, still panting. Mom hugged me tightly and we held each other close for a long, long time. “Are we gonna do this on a regular basis now, Mom?” I asked, gently stroking her puffy, leaking cunt-hole. “Ummmm, mmmmm! I hope so baby!” Mom replied gripping my sticky cock with both hands. “After what you just did, son, I don’t think I could live without it!” The End

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