The Boss

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The BossShe reached under the table and unzipped her bosses pants. They were attending a conference together and she wanted him to know she was there to please him. As she grabbed his cock he looked surprised at her and she smiled. “Are you enjoying the dinner Mr Jones?” she said as she grasped his cock. She ran a finger over the tip and saw the look on her boss’s face as he tried to appear normal. She then gabbed his balls and squeezed them. She looked at him and said “I am having a ball of a time. I think you are too.” She played with his cock more and then her finger found his ass. She circled it before she pushed it in. It was more than he could stand and as she fingered his ass she felt his cock explode. She smiled at him and said “Maybe we should go do some work in one of our rooms.” She then tucked his wet cock in his pants and zipped him up. No one at the table was the wiser.They left and went to her room and as soon as the door was closed he grabbed her and ripped her dress off. Then he pulled her bra down over her tits and lowered her thong. “You have been asking for this all night. He pulled her to him and sat in the chair and pulled her to his lap and began to spank her ass. He made sure her ass was rosy red before he quit. Then he pushed two fingers in her cunt and fucked her hard. He made her cum more than once then took his wet fingers and shoved them in her ass and kept fucking her. “Tonight you are going to be my fucking slut. When I get done with you, you are not going to be able to walk tomorrow. And I may just fuck you all day tomorrow since you are begging to feel my cock in all your holes” he told her. He then pushed her down to the floor between his legs and brought his cock to her mouth. He yelled to her “Lets see how good you suck my cock. I am going to shove it down your throat and watch you swallow my cum. Now lick my cock then suck it or i will take off my belt and really spank your sexy ass.”She pulled his cock from his pants and first licked it up and down like a lollipop. She licked his balls then went back to the cock and started to suck him taking his cock deep in her mouth. She sucked him hard and he grabbed canlı bahis her head and shoved it all the way down on his cock. He held her tight to him so she could not move and just had to suck as he told her “Yes, you suck cock like a whore. You can take my big cock without even gagging. Now suck harder. Show off your cock sucking skills like a good slut.” He held her tight to him as she sucked. When he was ready he filled her mouth with cum and watched her swallow every drop. He said “Yes, that is a good cum slut.” He stood and stripped his clothes off and bent over the chair. He grabbed her by the hair and told her “Get down here and kiss my ass. Then lick it clean. I want to feel your mouth cover my ass before you tongue fuck me. Now spread my cheeks and kiss me like a lover would. Then think about my monster cock ripping into your ass.” She got busy and spread his cheeks and kissed his ass for a long time before she then began to lick it. She then shoved her tongue in his ass and fucked it. She then kissed it more and licked it before she fucked it more. She knew she was doing a good job as she could hear him moan. After a long time of her licking and tonguing his ass she saw his spray cum down his leg. He grabbed her hair and told her to lick the cum off his leg.After she had him cleaned up he pushed her on her back on the bed. He began kissing her running his tongue in and out of her mouth. He kissed and sucked her tongue making her pussy wet. Then he went to her hard nipples and sucked them. As he sucked the nipples he fingered her cunt making her cum. He chewed and bit her nipples as he pushed three fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her. He said to her “You like to fuck don’t you? I have a special place I am going to fuck you tonight.” He then grabbed her arm and pulled her up and d**g her to their balcony. He brought the tie off the bathrobes in the room and tied her hands to the railing on the balcony. She now was trapped naked out the and she was bent over so he could take her any way he wanted. He got behind her and began feeling her pussy and then her ass. He told her “I am going to fuck both your holes right out here where bahis siteleri any one can see you be my bitch. I am going to make cum run out of you and down your leg. I will fuck you and spank you all night long. Your cunt and ass will be raw by morning. But a slut like you will beg for more of my cock because you love to be fucked. And fucked you are going to get. Now spread your legs wide apart.” He first rammed his cock deep in her cunt and fucked her hard. As he fucked her he grabbed her nipples and pinched and pulled them. He could feel her pulse every time he rammed her cunt and pinched her nipple. She really liked rough sex and tonight she was going to get the fucking of her life. She thought she was getting to him rubbing his cock and balls under the table so he wanted to teach her a lesson. He pounded her cunt and slapped her tits a few times. Then he filled her cunt with a huge load of warm cum. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it on her leg making a streak of cum on it. He put his hand around to her pussy and found her clit and began to rub it between two fingers. He heard her moan and scream but he kept rubbing it knowing it was making her insane and cumming steady. He whispered to her “Does that feel good on that sensitive clit? Are you cumming hard? I love to make you cum. Your clit is so hard. I think you can handle another thirty minutes of clit stimulation before I fuck you more.” His fingers kept rubbing her clit and pinching it. He knew it had to be sore by now but he wanted to punish her tonight all night long. He spread her legs further apart and that made her tits hang down. Later he would torture them.He put a finger to her ass hole. “Nice ass sweetie. I bet it loves to stretch to a big cock in it. I can’t wait to ram my big monster in it and fuck you till your legs won’t hold up any more. Ever had a sore ass from a big cock? Tonight is your night slut. You are going to get that ass pounded and stretched to the limit.” He spread her cheeks then spit on her ass. He put his cock to her and began to push inside her. She was tight against his big thick cock. She shouted to him “No. You are too big for my ass. Stop now!” güvenilir bahis He slapped her ass and told her “Shut up or I will gag you. You are going to love this once I get my cock in your sweet ass.I am watching your hole stretch wide for me. Now relax and get this fuck over with.” He then slapped her ass five or six times as he still pushed his big rod in her tight hole. After a bit he finally got into her. He began to fuck her hard pulling almost out then forcing it back in. He did this many times as he watched the cock fucking her ass. As he ass fucked her he slapped her ass and tits and pulled on her nipples. He was able to fuck her a long time before he would be ready to cum. He enjoyed ass fucking the best. The ass was always tighter than the cunt and felt so good agsinst his big thick cock. It caused a lot of pain to the women but he felt women were whores for him to fuck hard any where he wanted. He loved picking up the street whores and fucking them but now that he was fucking his assistant he could fuck her at the office and even take her home to fuck after work or on the week end. She had a great sexy body and a tight cunt and ass.He then grabbed her hair and asked her “Do you like this nympho? You love fucking don’t you? I bet you would have loved me to fuck you right there at the dinner table tonight. The night is young and you are lucky that my cock can fuck for hours. Next you can suck my cock before I fuck that cunt again. I also want your ass a couple more times. Then we will go to the shower and I am going to fuck you under the water too. Now hang on, I am ready to fill your ass with warm cum.” He did just them fill her. With her still tied he went and got his belt and began spanking her ass. He spread her legs and watched her cunt as he spanked her using the belt. After several whacks her cunt began to pulse as she really got off being spanked. Then he heard her moan and yell “More. Spank my ass more.” He laughed and spanked her till she was sore and full of welts but she was still cumming hard.He untied her and told her “Lets move to the chair. I want you on your knees sucking my cock to the balls. Then I am going to fuck your cunt before we go to the shower. Next after that we are going to ass fuck again and again. Don’t forget I am going to pinch that clit and make you cum more. Now on yor knees and show me how good a cocksucker you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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