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The ClubA quick fiddle, and a real mess. That’s all it had been, Andy told himself.He didn’t want to get drawn into being involved in anything that hadn’t been in his plan. After all, he was the straight-A student, was going breeze through university without as much as a care in the world – or losing his virginity, if he had his way. Girls, boys, whatever! They were too much hassle. It would all end in tears – and academic failure if he allowed himself to be drawn away now.And yet, the urges were becoming uncontrollable.It was only a week ago that Andy had turned 18, become an adult in more ways than he had envisaged. He’d see what James could do to him – what he could do himself, and what he could do to others. Now he couldn’t get rid of that image. Or his recurring erection. For 18 years, his penis had largely been an unused object dangling loosely between his legs. It was nothing he paid attention to, even when it occasionally decided to drain his face of colour and incomprehensively stand to attention. But now, now, it was… different. HE was different. And he had to work out what that exactly meant.A busy night out in town would give him something to take his mind off the previous weeks’ events and his pounding member. Something to really focus on – the impact of alcohol would surely break him out of his ongoing dilemma.That meant a visit to James’ house. And a lot of alcohol. It was a familiar pattern – even prior to their coming of legal age to consume their favourite fermented tipples they enjoyed many a happy hour downing them in each other’s houses, counting down the days to their 18th birthdays to justify their going out to drink them legally. And so it was.Just town was different. There were lots of people out in town – people his own age. Not his mates, he’d always been around them, was used to them, but all manner of people. And they all seemed to be attractive canlı bahis to him, in some way. Either they had vaginas – something he longed to see, to feel. Or penises, something he longed to rub, maybe even try something else…Visiting urinals had always been a concern to Andy. He’d often found himself standing at the trough only to take hold and fail to build up the courage to release. Some people called it stage fright – pee shyness. Either way, he couldn’t bring himself to go when he felt there was the slightest possibility of being watched. Here he was, desperate for the toilet, and yet still struggling to do something most people are more than competent at throughout their lives. Just now, it wasn’t only because he was put off by the slightest presence of anyone at the urinal. He was getting hard.At the end of the trough, standing facing the corner, was a young lad. He was probably just his own age, recently turned 18, slender with a hint of muscle tone and definition in the arms and a tight abdomen. His short blond hair lightly cropped into a small fringe at the front, and with a touch of gel. Completely different to him. Andy was large for his age, a slight overhang on the belly. And yet, his unintentional stare had brought him some attention. He was looking right back at him.Andy’s member was rapidly hardening, although his comparative lack of size at least made it easy to remain fairly inconspicuous. From everyone, that was, apart from the guy in the corner. He was now staring straight at him, eyes lifting from his feet to his mid-section, slowly up to his eyes, and back down again as far as his crotch. He winked. Andy blushed.Turning in the corner of the toilet, a shock of blond hair shot past Andy towards the basins. Washed his hands slowly and methodically, took a look back at Andy… and then looked down at his feet and stood patiently. Andy wasn’t going bahis siteleri to take the hint. He walked to the taps, washed his own hands, ignored the blond haired lad standing to his right.Standing and STANDING. As he went to step past him to the club, he took a step forward. Just enough to make the throbbing bulge in his jeans rub into Andy’s thigh. My God, that was hard. So hard. Such a turn on.”I’m Paul… I’d like to get to know you better, and so would he.” Another wink… a quick flick of his eyes down to his crotch. Andy could feel himself losing control of himself. His sexual organs were taken control. Speaking of which, his organ was trying it’s hardest to reach Paul’s right now. It was no good. He was desperate for it, and Paul was obviously horny too.”I didn’t think it was that kind of club?””It’s not. I just… well, I’ve never really wanted a man before. Just saw you looking at me and thought – what the hell! He looks like he’s into me. When I saw you growing in your hand, I knew I had to at least see where this goes. And to be fair, I look at the blokes every bit as much as the girls when I watch Red Hot TV…”They were firmly in the moment. Paul took Andy’s hand, led him out of the door of the club, down a poorly lit alleyway. There were two or three hetero couples down here getting their fun, something that wasn’t lost on the two of them. An audience for their exploration in public. Paul undid his jeans, pulled out an enormous, pulsing cock. He must have been at least nine inches long, half as much round, and he didn’t even look like he was finished growing. Andy couldn’t take his eyes off it. “Will you blow me?””Sorry?””Blow me off – suck me dry. Suck my dick til I can’t cum any more.”Andy needed no second invitation. This was a turn-on, and a real thrill. Not least because the couples around them, slowly finishing up, were starting to watch. He was worried güvenilir bahis what they might say about guys getting off with each other down the alleyway, but they didn’t seem to worry. In fact, there was more than one loose penis in the alleyway. At least two others were in the hands of their owners as they watched him start out on Paul’s member.He was real nervous at first. Paul had clearly had a lot more experience than he had sexually, had even watched pornography. He’d never heard of a blow job in more than passing. And here he was giving one in front of an audience. He gently teased at Paul’s head, remembering how James had loved the sensation of a tickle over his throbbing bell… Every so often, Paul would encourage him to extend his activity to a quick tug with his hand over the base of Paul’s shaft. It was rock solid now. And bigger than anything Paul had ever had in his mouth, it seemed. Trying his hardest to take as much as he could, he could feel Paul’s glans pushing up against the inside of his cheeks, occasionally touching the area by the back of his throat so he gagged a little. And yet he was only fitting about half of it in.He continued. Paul was getting like James had a week earlier. And this time he knew about it. Was excited by it. His friends would be wondering where he’d got to by now… but wow… this cock was special. So big, so hard… And all his. Paul let out a little whimper, a short sharp grunt, and then a full blown squeal of pleasure. A lot more people than those in the alleyway would know something was going on down there now, but they weren’t about to worry. That sensation – it was happening again – and this time for Paul. Andy felt his mouth filling up with fluid, instinctively began to swallow to avoid choking. In doing so, he tasted a slightly sweet, salty emission in his mouth. And he liked it.Paul was flagging. He quickly pulled up his boxers, re-covered himself with his jeans and took Andy’s hand. The crowd parted as they headed out the alleyway, heads high and walking at their usual leisurely pace.”We’re not finished. You’re coming back to mine…”

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