The Convention Pt. 08

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Over the next week, everyone kept busy at their jobs and in spousal discussions. On Wednesday, everything started changing.

Marcy didn’t expect any personal calls today so when her cell went off, she grabbed the phone expecting a call from one of her children. It was Lanie instead.

“Hey, girl. We have one more thing the four of us need to discuss. We hate to ask because I know you had to use a babysitter the last time and we usually trade back and forth, but could we move our weekly get together to our place this week?”

“You ARE asking a lot. Let me check with Fred and I’ll call you back. I know the kids love to go to their cousin’s house, so maybe it will be okay.”

After consultation with Fred and her sister by phone, Marcy called Lanie back and told her, yes, they could come, but it needed to be earlier in the day. “Sis wants a date night, so I traded her youth care later that day. We need to be at her house by 6.”

“Okay. Let’s say around noon for a start time. That gives us plenty of room for changes.”

Greetings Saturday afternoon were brief and lacked the usual sweetness. No kissing, short hugs. Marcy felt deprived of attention. Something was up and Cade and Lanie didn’t act like it was anything good. Maybe their friends had gotten tired of waiting on them and were calling everything off.

After Lanie handed out wine for the women and beers for the men, and the couples were seated facing each other in the living room, Lanie opened the dialogue.

“We have a confession to make.” She turned to Cade who picked up the conversation.

“This is full disclosure time. The convention weekend was not the first time we’ve swapped spouses. We’ve also engaged in other sexual activities we’ve never told you about.”

Cade paused to let the statement sink in. Fred’s face went blank, his normal response when he didn’t know how he wanted to respond. Marcy looked puzzled for a short bit, then her face wrinkled in disgust.

“I should have guessed. Everything’s been going too well.

Marcy turned back to Lanie. “I’m not sure what else to say other than I am pissed. We’ve seldom withheld information from each other, especially on something so important. Mostly, I don’t understand why you were quiet on this before and why you decided to come clean now. I sort of feel like you’ve been misleading us.”

Cade and Lanie exchanged glances before Lanie began.

“First of all, I want to make as an unequivocal statement that in all the years we’ve known each other, the thought of swapping like we did during the convention and like we’ve talked about since then was the furthest thing from our minds. The day of our luncheon where we played ‘if I, would I’ was the first time I’d considered it. I got so angry at Fred that all I could think about was somehow, someway, helping you take care of your desires. I could tell your frustrations were killing your soul.

“I knew you had feelings for Cade. But I was so committed to getting you what you wanted, I was willing to take the risk. Now that we’re moving along, it’s time to share one last piece of this puzzle. We’d rather do this now than have it come up later and screw up everything.”

Marcy shot a puzzled look at Cade. Now came his turn to talk.

“Yes, Marcy, the reason I haven’t been in the office much recently is that I’m finding my feelings for you hard to contain. How strong they were I didn’t realize until Lanie and I were talking these past few weeks. Our experiences together contained such a sense of abandonment that I want to do it all again.

“That’s why we decided to come clean with you. The time has come to lay everything out on the table so we can all face the same issues with the same level of knowledge.

“And Lanie tells me she’s feeling attracted to you, Marcy. Did you know that Fred?”

Fred shook his head no, then yes. “She told me she and Lanie had teased each other when they went clothes shopping by kissing and hugging and playing a bit with each other’s bodies, but not that she was interested in full-out sex with her.”

“I’m sorry Fred. This is all so new to me that I’m struggling with knowing what to say and when. I’ll tell you everything later if it doesn’t come up today,” Marcy said, leaning forward to kiss him briefly.

“Since our previous sexual experiences involve people I know better, I’ll tell the story,” Cade continued.

“Fred, you remember Chewy from the football team?” To Marcy, he explained.

“Clarence Baker stands 6 ft, 8 in, and still weighs more than 270 pounds. He has legs like tree trunks and his arms aren’t much smaller. He’s just a big dude. On the football field, he was fierce. No single player could block him if he put his mind to it. He’d run right through two offensive linemen, especially when he wanted a quarterback sack. He was a defensive lineman and his announced weight was something like 360. He made all-league the four years he played in college and All-American twice. He went on to play göztepe escort professional football for ten years and was all-pro seven times.

“Of course, someone that size and with a name like Clarence Baker soon got called Chewybacca after the Star Wars character.

“Well, to make a long story short, he and I became good friends. Since they both played defense Fred and Chewy knew each other well too. Chewy was a marshmallow in real life.”

“Yea, remember when Cade and I flew to Houston 10 years ago for his wedding,” Fred told his wife.

“Chewy believed some weird stuff. He wouldn’t invite Fred and Marcy to his place because they had children. Said he didn’t want to pollute them or something goofy like that. From the time when we attended his wedding, he wanted me to bring Lanie down to visit. We put him off the first couple of invites, but when Lanie was faced with one of those situations where she had to take time off or lose it, we decided to go for a week in January when the weather is horrible.

“I need to tell you about Chewy’s wife, Rachel. She is a petite bombshell that oozes sex. Not my words, I swear. She is a phenomenally successful swimsuit and lingerie model. I’ve heard her minimum for a shoot is $10,000 per day. She loves to show off her body. Most of how I’ve described Rachel was on a profile I read.”

“Wait a minute.” Marcy broke into Cade’s story. “How tall was she if she was petite. 5 foot? 5’2″ And how in the cobb did they make love if he’s as big as you described and she’s 5 ft.?”

“We found that out the second time we visited them,” Cade responded. “I’ll flesh out the details later.”

“The first year Lanie and I went down there, it was normal. Except for how Rachel acted, that is. I swear sometimes she egged me on. I know Lanie got upset a few times because Rachel liked to go topless at their secluded ranch. Once she went nude in front of us. She loved to sit in my lap and try to get me hard. I guess when you’re a swimsuit and lingerie model, modesty is not as important as it is for normal people like us.

“Lanie almost refused to go again, but I told her I’d keep my hands and eyes away from Rachel as much as I could without being disrespectful. I certainly didn’t want to offend Clarence. We did ask her to be fully dressed around us and she said she would out of respect. At the last minute, they had to cancel because Rachel was in the hospital.

“We changed the dates we went the next year at their request and got the whole scoop. Chewy’s arms and legs aren’t the only part of him that’s big. Even soft, his prick is a good 9 inches long, based on what we saw in the showers during college.

“We found out that most of their sex involved oral. If Rachel was turned on, she’d hop on top where she controlled the angle and depth of penetration. One night, Chewy got, shall we say, overenthusiastic and he hurt Rachel enough she had to have some repairs made. Of course, he was heart-broken, but the deed was done.

“This part of the story is third hand. I’m telling you the story they told us as best I can remember.

“Rachel was in the hospital recovering when one of her best friends visited her. After hearing Rachel’s story, the woman told her she and Chewy should seek out a swing club because that’s what she and her husband had to do. Her husband’s problem was the opposite of Chewy’s. The woman said he was a great size for anal sex, but he didn’t fully satisfy her needs upfront.

“This all is delicate enough I won’t go into more details, but that’s what Chewy and Rachel did. Chewy found several women large enough down there for him to screw full throttle, so to speak. Rachel also liked women, and she found guys and girls to keep her high sex drive sated. Both were happy and hooked on the lifestyle.

“Again, to shorten the story, they invited us to attend the swing club with them. They said it was an open night and as their guests, we were welcome to watch and didn’t have to participate. Guests got a special wristband to notify regular members they were off-limits. If we wanted to join in, we just had to take the band off. We were fair game then. Guests were restricted to open nights and that’s why Chewy and Rachel wanted us to change the dates for our visit. Sexual activities had some restrictions to make them more vanilla such as no same-gender sex except women could make love if they were with a man at the time. No large group activities. I’m sure other restrictions applied, but I don’t remember them.

“We debated all day and finally decided to at least watch. We were at a place in our marriage where we wanted to broaden our experiences but didn’t know quite how to do that. We never even entertained the idea of going to a swing club here for obvious reasons.

“The next night they wanted to swap spouses with us. We put them off a night but finally decided to try once. I mean, what did we have to lose? We wanted to experiment. They were experienced in istanbul escort sex. People here would never know. You guys are the first people we’ve told.

“I’ll let Lanie talk about sex with Chewy. I had to be careful with Rachel because even though they adjusted her with the surgery, she still was tight for me. And she loved anal which was even tighter. We swapped with them for two nights. Neither of us had regrets swapping with them, but we weren’t sure we wanted to do it again.

“But we did decide we didn’t want to swing, especially because of the public aspects. Exhibitionists like Rachel thrive in a swing club. We wanted to try new things, but not publicly. Both of us are private people, as you know.

With a look, Cade transferred the narration to Lanie.

“Certainly, my attraction was Chewy’s size. Every woman wants to be filled to the point where she can’t take anything bigger, I think. Being bigger than Rachel down there, I was able to take in most of him very slowly and very carefully with the assistance of lube. Of course, I had to be on top.

“Wow, it was something else. Words simply can’t describe the feeling of being that full. The only thing I can think of that comes close is giving birth, which I haven’t done. I expect that’s a whole different experience. My only regret is that I had to exercise all the control myself. There was no way to allow him to pound me like Fred does or I’d wind up in the hospital like Rachel. I finally finished him off orally. He was difficult to get in my mouth. Even though I deep-throated Fred and deep throat Cade all the time, I couldn’t get more than eight inches of Chewy inside my mouth. I estimate that at full length he was at least twelve inches. I love cum, but I had to let some of his flow out and lick it up later. He delivers such a big payload there’s no way I could capture it all inside my mouth.”

Lanie looked at their friends. Fred’s erection stood proud in his pants and Marcy stroked it several times as Lanie watched. Both had glassy eyes as they were transported by their imagination to Houston as voyeurs.

“I’ll move forward on telling the story now.”

The next year, the third time we went, we told them we weren’t interested in a swing club before we went. Instead, they took us to a BDSM club as guests, which for us was even worse. Turns out Rachel was dominant and Chewy was submissive. We went and saw what goes on. But we reached the same conclusion we did with the swing club. Too public. Plus, too weird. Neither of us likes that level of pain. And neither of us wants to be dominant or submissive. We like our equal status. Oh, Cade learned a few techniques that we use between us now. The spanking he gave you, Marcy; that’s where he learned how to do that. He paid to take two lessons in bondage and spanking from one of their dominants. Not a lot, but enough for him to learn the basics like determining a person’s limits.

“We swapped with them a couple of the nights we were there. I even considered spending some time with Rachel for the guy’s enjoyment, but I chickened out at the last moment. Which I’m sorry for now.

“The next year we decided not to go again. We’d learned a few new techniques to spice up our sex life. We’d expanded our horizons and were well satisfied with each other to the point where we had no desire to swap with anyone else. Cade had asked them if we had to go to the clubs with them and they said that was where they had their fun now. Plus, Cade’s business was growing, and he had a new office manager, you Marcy, so we begged off and haven’t been back. We’re still friends, but we don’t want to engage in their lifestyle.”

“Yes,” Cade concluded. “It’s only because we’ve grown so comfortable with you guys that we, actually Lanie and Marcy, decide to open ourselves to the possibility of doing that again.”

Lanie had heard a zipper while she was in the last stages of the narrative. Now that she finished, she heard another zipper plus some low moans. Looking at her friends, she saw that Marcy had pulled Fred’s cock out of his pants and was giving him a hand-job. The second zipper was Fred undoing Marcy’s jeans.

She saw Marcy lift her hips and with one hand to try to slide her pants and panties downward. She struggled with one hand, so Fred pushed on the other side. Removing herself from Fred for a minute, she laid the jeans on the couch to protect the fabric and sat back down with legs spread wide, her pussy aimed right at Lanie. Her reddened lips showed she was already advanced in her climb toward orgasm.

Fred’s hand immediately descended on her slit to play. Marcy now plunged her mouth over Fred’s erection and was moving up and down, one hand playing with his balls.

“Hey, guys, you can use our guest room. Or if you’re brave enough, you can keep going right here.”

Her friends proceeded like she hadn’t said a word.

Despite her previous protestations that she liked the privacy and didn’t want kadıköy escort to watch other people having sex, Lanie couldn’t tear her eyes away from her two friends. She had one hand between her legs and one hand alternating between her nipples. She glanced at Cade. He had pulled his shorts down and was fisting his cock. She wanted to put him in her mouth, but she realized wouldn’t be able to see her friends and that’s what she wanted more than anything right now. She was enthralled by the pinkness and beauty of Marcy’s wetness. She saw the lips react as Fred stroked them. When he widened her pussy lips to reach her clit, Lanie watched as the last part of her clitoral hood retracted so he had full access to her nerve endings there. She saw Marcy react when her husband started stroking her clit. When he pinched it between two fingers, she rose from the couch several inches.

She watched Marcy pull off from Fred and heard her gasp, “Inside. I need that big fucker inside me.”

Fred didn’t respond so Marcy swung her leg over his and plunged on him and began to ride her husband. No longer able to access her wetness, Fred kneaded Marcy’s boobs through her blouse and bra.

By now, Lanie had unzipped her jeans and shoved a hand down to her pussy. She felt herself close to a climax even with a light touch. She watched as her husband grimaced and groaned as he came close to his orgasm also.

During their discussion of how to proceed, this possibility hadn’t even been anticipated this early in the process. What now? Were they going to do a soft swing where couples had sex in the same room? Lanie understood what can happen when someone is caught up in their desire. But afterward, ah, that might be the question.

Now that Marcy was bobbing up and down on Fred’s cock, Lanie became intensely interested in watching her best friend’s pussy change as her husband fucked her. How the lips were fiery red, glistening with her natural lubricant. How they moved depending on whether he was stroking up or going down. Perched just above her slit, her rosebud shone like a beacon, calling to someone, anyone, to rim the ring surrounding the opening or to plunge something inside, a tongue, a finger, a cock, anything.

The need inside her pussy got so strong she abandoned her solitary pursuit. Reaching over to her husband, she grabbed his cock and indicated he needed to put his length inside her. He removed her pants from the puddle around her feet and spread her wide and shoved full length immediately.

“Not going to take much. I was almost there anyway,” Cade murmured. Seconds later he fulfilled his prophecy as he slammed into her, emitted a loud yelp, held his position, and filled her with cum. Completed, he fell against her.

Based on sounds emanating from the other couch, Fred and Marcy would soon reach their climaxes too. A loud grunt sounded. Lanie peeked over Cade’s shoulder to see Fred push upward for the final time and hold himself before sinking back down and turning into a boneless mass. Marcy slumped against him and pressed her lips to his, muttering, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

She fell off to the side and planted her butt on top of her pants letting her legs sprawl apart so her freshly fucked pussy glowed at Lanie. Drops of Fred’s cum glistened at the opening. Marcy closed her eyes, breathed deeply several times, and opened her eyes again to watch Cade fall off his wife, ending on his rear on the couch next to Lanie. Light reflected off the wetness covering his slowly softening cock.

Marcy grinned widely, scooting forward, then curling downward to fall on the floor on her hands and knees. Slowly she crawled across space between them, eyes fixated on Cade’s shaft. Her movement signaled Fred to open his eyes and straighten where he sat. He watched his wife carefully as she neared Cade. Marcy rested her cheek against Cade’s knee for a second and Fred tensed and leaned forward, hands on his knees like he was ready to spring into action.

Lanie looked for a smile, a frown, any type of indication of Fred’s mood. He kept his face blank, but his eyes were focused on his wife who now turned her head slightly to kiss Cade’s leg just above the knee. Fred still didn’t move.

Marcy adjusted her bottom and spread her legs, so Fred directly saw everything she had to offer.

Lanie pulled in a breath and held it. Now was a critical time. She already knew Marcy was ready to make love to Cade any time. She knew Cade wanted to give his attention to Marcy. And yes, she knew she wanted to see them make love to each other just like she’d watched Fred and Marcy.

Time stood still. The room was so silent everyone’s breathing sounded like a piledriver banging against a rock. She was sure everyone felt the tension hanging over them. She certainly felt it.

Everyone was waiting for Fred’s reaction. All their relationships might explode like an atomic bomb if he charged across the room and pulled Marcy away from Cade or, even worse, he attacked Cade. Or. . .and this is what Lanie hoped, Fred accepted his wife’s attraction to Cade and allowed them to make love.

With looks at each man, Lanie saw the fierce passion in their eyes. She gasped, realizing she’d been holding her breath so long that she’d almost passed out.

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