The Cuckolding Of Jeff

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The Cuckolding Of JeffAfter two years of dating and three years of marriage my husband tells me it turns him on to think of me having sex with other men. He didn?t just blurt it out. We were lying in bed after the throes of passion when he asked what my biggest fantasy was. Of course being the smart girl that I am, I told him to tell me his first.WOW was all I could say after he told me. The bad girl in me thinks this could be fun. I?m knocking on 50 and still very attractive. I still get my share of attention from good looking men. I?ve never been in a relationship this long, and I?ve already been thinking that it was getting a little boring. What are you thinking? He asked. Is this new or has it been a fantasy of your for a while? A while, he responds. He went on to tell me that he knows I?m not just going to go jump in bed with someone else, it is just something he thinks about and wants to know if while we are having sex I would pretend he is someone else and call him by other names. All though he knows now, I wasn?t going to tell him at the time that I already pretended occasionally he was someone else.I tell him we have always had a very good sex life and have been pretty open with what we like as and what we are doing to each other at the time but this is a little past the point of where we have been before. Are you mad he asked? No, just give me a minute to absorb this. After giving it a little thought and not wanting to seem too eager, I tell him that since we have always been honest with each other and it?s what he wants I will go along and try it. It wasn?t like it would be new for me I would just get to vocalize it. And hopefully soon get to realize it.A couple of weeks pass with my husband, Jeff having me call him by the different names he has chosen. He doesn?t have me do all the time and when he does I?ll sometimes ask who he is thinking about fucking me. He always would say he just made up the name but I doubted it. One night while we are having sex he asked who I would like to be with. I tell him he has to tell me who he would like for me fuck. Remember, I am smart. Even though a few good looking guys I know do pop into my mind.OK he says then asked me to tell him about my past boyfriends. I?ve had a few, you know that. Which ones fucked you the best he asked? Since I know by now how much all of this turns him on I start telling him, starting with losing my virginity at the age of 16. His cock is as hard as I?ve ever felt it. And he is moving pretty slow. I know he is having a hard time trying to keep from coming. Since I only had sex with two guys in high school I get to my college years and tell him about the guy I canlı bahis cheated on a boyfriend with. It was with my boyfriend?s good friend John. I go on to tell my husband that John has the biggest cock of anyone I have ever been with. I was out with some friends drinking and pissed at my boyfriend for not being there. I start flirting with John and he realizes what I am doing and proceeds lean over so the others around can?t hear and tell me that I couldn?t handle him. What do you mean I ask him? He takes my hand and discreetly places it under the table and rubs my hand along the length of his cock. I know my eyes got big and he just grinned at me. It made it seem like a challenge. I tell him I can do anything I set my mind to. Let?s go he says. I tell my friends I?ve had enough and that John is going to drop me at home.As he heads to his apartment I get his cock out. I have two hands wrapped around it and I?m trying to get the big mushroom head in my mouth. I tell my husband that I can barely get the head in my mouth and my pussy is on fire. We are in his door and naked in seconds. Since high school I have been a long distance runner and practicing yoga since college so I am in good shape and very limber. I tell Jeff that John has me on the bed on my back, my but to the edge. He has my legs straight up in a wide V while slowly pumping and sinking more and more of his big hard cock into my pussy. With that Jeff explodes.Having done some reading on men like my husband I decide to start pushing the envelope A little. I tell him that I have not came yet and that he needs to get between my legs and learn to lick my pussy clean since that will be his job once I start fucking other men. He doesn?t hesitate for a second. After he has brought me to an amazing orgasm I ask if he liked that. Very much was his reply.Which part I ask? Was it me getting fucked by a big cock, cheating on my boyfriend, or him licking my pussy clean after I have been fucking? All of it was his reply. Do you want me to track Big John down and let him fuck me again I ask him? He takes my hand and places it on his hard cock. Does that answer your question? Yes but I may need to find someone in the mean time to take care of my needs. All this talk has me wanting to fuck someone new for a change. Are you going to be OK with that? You know you will be responsible for cleaning me up afterwards. Yes, yes honey. OK I tell him with a big hidden grin, just remember you?re the one asking for this. Stand by the edge of the bed I tell him. I position myself on the edge and lift my legs telling Jeff to hold them while he fucks me like Big John used too. Jeff isn?t small but he doesn?t bahis siteleri come close to John. We both come again as I egg him on telling him how good John was and how he used to love meeting me at my boyfriend?s apartment and fucking me with his big cock anytime he could get me alone.I sent Jeff A text at work the next day. It?s was a picture of a hotel room and the message says. This is where I will be fucking later. Come to the Marriott when you get off work. I will be in the bar. Do not approach me. I am meeting a friend for drinks then I?m coming to this room to fuck him. You can watch us from the other side of the bar. Do you understand? YES, was all he sent back to me? Good boy, I responded.George was more than happy to meet me when I contacted him. He was never more than a fuck buddy in the past and he knew I was married now and it would be just like old times. It would be a couple of drinks then a couple more hours of really good sex. Jeff came in and took a seat a few bar stools down from where I was sitting. He ordered a drink and sipped it while sitting on his stool. I turned my stool to face him, opened my legs and moved my dress just enough to show him the black stockings and garter belt straps. George came in about 10 minutes later. He has a huge grin on his face. He pulled me off my stool and as he does I turned us so I am facing Jeff. George grabs my ass with both hands and plants a kiss right on my mouth. I kept my eyes open and on Jeff to see his reaction. I see him reach down to rub his cock which I figured by now was rock hard.As George and I talked I took out my phone and sent Jeff a text. I?m going to be fucking him soon. It won?t be the first time. We used to hook up from time to time. I picked him because I can trust him to be discrete and also he is a great fuck. You will have to sit here and wait while I go fuck. It will be at least an hour probably two. You wanted me to do this so you will sit here and wait and think about what I am doing. I send the text then look over as I see Jeff raise his phone to read it. He looks up into my eyes then back down at his phone. I see him typing then a few seconds later I get his text. Thank you, I know you are doing it for me. I think to myself that I have to come clean with him soon. But not right now.I lean over to George and while looking straight at Jeff hoping that he can read my lips I whisper that I am ready to fuck. He grins and stands waving the bartender over for the check. He looks over at Jeff who is two stools down and ask him how he is doing. Jeff seams a little surprised and stammers. I?m doing well, How are you? Great now, replies George with a huge grin on güvenilir bahis his face. The look on Jeff?s face is priceless. I look back as George grabs my ass as we head for the elevators and see Jeff watching us leave. I give him a little smile.I had almost forgotten just how good George could make me feel. And knowing that my husband was downstairs sitting in the bar while I had sex made it that much more exciting. Our first round of sex lasted about 30 minutes. I was still in my garter belt and stockings so I took my purse into the bathroom, closed the door and turned the water on. I took a picture of myself in the mirror and sent it to Jeff. I wrote, this is what your wife looks like after a good fucking. Fuck, you?re hot! Was his response. Almost two hours later George is dressing to leave. He has come in my pussy twice and on my tits once. I?ve had four orgasms myself. Is it going to be years before I hear from you again he ask? It will be sooner than you think, I reply. Let me know when you?re ready again he says as he goes out the door. I will, I promise.A few minutes later I text Jeff and give him the room number and tell him to come to the room. I hear his knock on the door. I am still wearing the garter belt and stockings more so because of the effect I know it will have on Jeff. I open the door standing with my legs apart. I back into the room a couple of steps and tell him to close the door and get on his knees. I pull his face into my pussy and ask him if he can smell the sex. I hear him intake a deep breath through his nose. Smell good baby? You want to lick it don?t you? There is so much cum for you to clean up baby. I back up to the bed pulling him along with me. I sit on the bed and pull his head up and kiss him deep and hard. Then I push his head back down and tell him to lick my tits. They have Georges cum all over them I tell him. He is like a k** in a candy store. He is licking all over them. I push his head down and tell him to lick my pussy as I lay back on the bed. He buries his face and I feel his tongue penetrate me. It?s not long before I feel my climax building. I grab the back of his head pulling him in harder and almost screaming at him to lick the cum from my pussy as I shudder in climax.You want to fuck me Jeff? Do you want to put your cock where George has been for the last two hours? Yes baby. I scoot back and pull him on top of me. His cock easily slips into my drenched pussy. Fuck me like George fucked me baby, I whisper into his ear. I feel his body go rigid and his cock spasm as a deep throaty grunt escapes his mouth and it sets of my fifth orgasm of the night. He collapses onto my chest and after giving him a second to catch his breath I tell him to do his job. He eagerly slips down and licks my pussy clean once more while I smile thinking about Big John and the load he is going to leave for my husband.

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