The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 3: Hungry again)

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The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 3: Hungry again)Chapter 3:The creatures slipped into the attic and briefly composed themselves. Thefour of them were alone — not including the sleeping teenagers aroundthem, of course. Three of the succubi had fed here before, but the otherhad experience only from a****ls that had found themselves in the succubiterritory of the forest by accident or mishap — stags, mostly, once ayoung wolf who’d been kicked out of his pack, but these were ages ago. Inother words, it had not yet fed from a human boy. In other words, it wasvery hungry.The creatures, through their inscrutible communication, set about preparingthe newcomer to feed from a human. They demonstrated the process ofunsheeting and pulling aside sleepwear to uncover the boys’ sex organs. Theinitiate watched as its master settled over the first boy.The boy was s*******n, the oldest currently at the home. He was tallish,although other boys were taller, his muscles were filled out more, but notby much — he spent most of his waking hours running through meadows orpainting with inks he made. These were the same paints he would share withthe feral boy who painted his face in stripes. The boy had shiny hair thecolour of chestnusts and pale blue eyes. Sparse hairs feathered under hisarms and over his calves and formed a modest patch between his legs. Thoughthe succubi would never know it, the boy was deaf. He spoke using hishands; when he was excited, his long thin fingers would flutter like thewings of a bird. Since the feral boy refused to speak, and the deaf boycouldn’t, the two were often together.The two succubi settled in close to the boy. His pink, sleek penis lay flatalong the ridge of his abdomen and hip, cradled in the swooped crevice ofhis pelvic bone. The succubus carefully grasped it in its fingers, liftedit away and demonstrated its appearance to the initiate. The boy’s peniswas long enough when still soft that the creature could use all its fingersto grip it. The creature began very gingerly tugging the shaft, pulling andthen stroking with its fingertips. It traced slow lines around the coronalridge of the cap, paused to scoop the boy’s ballsac between its fingers,pushing the smooth pouch up so the other succubus could inspect. The boy’spenis expanded gradually. The creature passed it to the intiate, who madetentative brushes down its length, and after some seconds, proceeded tostroke more vigorously. The boy’s breathing became more spirited, his penisstiffened almost completely — the master succubus chirped very suddenlyand the organ was released. It continued to harden, angled out directlyover his belly, throbbed once and then again. The acolyte succubus unfurledits proboscis in anticipation, and without a signal from its master,immediately slipped the opening over the glans and down, but onlypartway. The tube engulfed the upper half of the boy’s rigid erection,between the middle of the shaft and the base. The creature worked it’sfeeder like a prehensile digit, sliding it clumsily back and forth, verybriskly; the chute sarıyer escort would tighten it as it pressed down, then release on theupward draw. Stimulation continued in this manner for several minutes. Theboy’s breathing had quickened, blow out his nose in blasts; the creature’ssuctioning tube retracted, but receded too far; the penis slipped out. Aclear needle-thin thread of pre-cum stretched between the tip and theopening of the proboscis. The boy’s stomach heaved. His erection bounced inrhythm to his beating heart, the head appeared silvery in the light.A buzzing chitter from the master succubus; the novice creature becamedistressed, it moved to grab the boy, hesitated, attempted to position itssnout over the penis. No sooner did the opening kiss the tip of the boy’serection than the teen uttered a loud `Ungff!’, his hips locked, a spatterof very white cream burst out coating the aperture of the tube; thecreature panicked; a long streamer of milk flung out in an arc and stippledin an unbroken line from the boy’s chest to his jaw. The master succubbusmoved with electrical speed, too fast for a human to parse, and jammed hisfeeder down the boy’s erection — the boy sucked in his breath — andguzzled the successive and substantial spurts. The initiate succubus,ravenous at its missed meal, suctioned its feeder tube to the boy’s chestand sopped the cloudy rope of milk off the skin, slurping noisily.Crouched beside the feral boy and the short, freckled skinny lad, the othertwo succubi set to work. The smaller boy was also the youngest, f******n,but only just — he was very slight, with delicate features, narrow hipped,with smooth, slippery jointed legs interrupted by knobby knees. From histoes to his eyelashes, there was barely a hair on him.The boy’s penis was paler than the slim abdomen it rested upon, his scrotuma compact clean pouch — the succubus lifted the penis and bearing it bythe tips of three fingers, slowly and with exacting speed, drew its touchin upward glances from root to crown. The organ responded to thesemanipulations quickly, and before it was completely aroused, the creaturehad already engulfed it. The boy shifted imperceptively as his penisachieved full erection, which for him meant attaining a stiffness that madeit seem like an instrument shaped more from polished stone than firmtissue. The creature stimulated the penis with steady, clasping pumps — itdid not need to employ more rousing methods for compelling the teen toorgasm. The boy’s change in breathing after a few minutes signalled eminentrelease. The penis remained fixed like a dart projecting from the ground,his body seized, his hard chest froze — soundlessly the boy’s store ofsemen squirted forth, modest spits of milk coming so fast they dashed oneinto the other; the creature sucked them away, it’s regulated pace ofpumping continued, the boy depositing smaller glops of cream until theejaculation subsided. The creature retained the shuddering erection in it’ssnout, squeezing away late drops, petting the esenyurt escort boy’s stomach while the teenunwound.The feral boy required special handling from any creature who fed from him.The other boys could be manually aroused by hand, but the creaturesdiscovered when first attempting this with the then f******n-year-old, thatalmost immediately upon becoming hard, the boy would ejaculateforcefully. Arousal had to be induced entirely inside the proboscis, andstimulation had to proceed very considerately, with multiple intermissions,in order to produce a more ample flow of ejaculate.The red-haired boy lay nearly still with his ankles crossed; his plumpedballs pushed forward by the cradle of his hairless thighs, his verypronounced erection suspended inside the creature’s feeder tube. Thecreature had caused the fibrous muscles inside the tube to clench the boy’sshaft and hold, there was no other stimulation — still, the boy was in astate of such agitation that he was nearly shivering. Across the billowed,swollen penis cap, the creature then squeezed and pulled over the tip,halted, released and drew a measured, swirling stroke up the length of thepenis, paused for several beats, then repeated the entire process. Itcontinued to do this for some minutes, until the feral boy was tremblingcontinuously — then began furiously pumping the entire penis. The boy’shead twisted on his pillow, his spiked crest of copper hair fanned acrossit like the mane of a horse. His stomach cavitated with each raspingexhale, his toes flared — the first two expulsions of cream ruptured fromthe distended tip, his breath held then exploded in a loud gasp — animpressively thick rope streamed unbroken to the slurping creature’s mouth– the boy tensed as four more squirts pulsed out.The boy’s penis bounced inside the creature’s feeding tube even after thelast of his ejaculation had been vacuumed away. The succubus did notrelease him; the boy and his rigid erection were held fast. The creaturecontinued to methodically pump the boy; the lad squirmed on his bed for thefirst minute of this, then settled flatly on his back, his frame locked andbarely moving, his eyelids fluttering. Pulsating drags flowed up the boy’scaptured organ, snapping off the ridge of the glans. After just a fewminutes of this, the boy’s breathing, which had not been given the chanceto relax, hitched and from the gaped slit in his now purpled penis, asecond succession of spurts, smaller than before, shot forth. The succubusmade sure to push out the last straggled drops from the spent boy, theneased it’s snout from the deflating phallus.The creatures all attempted to induce multiple ejaculations from the boysat one point or other, but only the feral boy had responded positively tothese on any consistent basis. Boys could obviously be fed from numeroustimes in one evening, but only after intermittent periods of rest. Theferal boy, it turned out, was unique in his ability. Even still, this wasrarely done. Despite a previous night in which the avrupa yakası escort blonde haired boy wasnearly drained after six consecutive feedings, draining a boy dry in onevisit was undesirable.By observing the others, the initiate had learned proper arousal form. Bypracticing on the blonde boy, it had honed its technique. By gorging on thejets of cream that rewarded its milking efforts, it had learned how tofeed. Now it wanted to experiment — it had ideas it wanted to try.The lanky, tall boy with the glossy black hair lay sleeping. Moonlightglimmering from the skylight windows lent a pallid glow to sharp roundedshoulders, tight chest, softly deflating stomach. Between the boy’s sleek,uncommonly long legs, the intiate cupped one set of fingers under thesilken and fertile testicle sack, and delicately whisked the fingers of itsother hand up the length of the lad’s swiftly growing penis. When the boywas sufficiently hard, the creature produced a stringy tendril anddeligently looped it around the root of the penis and around again the baseof the balls, which served to pull them prominently forward, stretching theskin of both boy parts so they gleamed. This would serve both to enhancethe tactile nature of stimulation while inhibiting the eventualejaculation. The other creatures watched with interest. The boy breathedin even huffs of air, his erection arcing out and over his belly, strainedand taut, springing with each beat of his heart.The succubus slid its glistening mouthpiece over the boy and began. Itfocused an array of stimulations it was sure were unique: dual pulses sentdexterously down either side of the tumescent urethral duct; forming apolypy bulb and churning it in circles around the periphery of the penileslit; manipulations and caresses of the boy’s nearly firm ballsac; andothers, many others — each exercise separated by minutes of rest to allowthe boy to spin down once brought to the edge of orgasm. Theseexperimentations continued for nearly forty minutes, his erectionmaintained very precisely throughout. Lastly, it perfected the ability tovibrate the inner lining of its proboscis, varying the frequency and areaaffected — it practiced this on the gangly teen until the boy was bridgingand his stomach perpetually constricted. The initiate refrained only whenthe other succubi approached in alarm at the boy’s whimpering. The tendrilcinched around his genitals was removed. The initiate proceeded with thepalpitating vibrations — the teen’s penis flexed rhythmically, hisbreathing became chopped again, his feet twisted inward. Visible throughthe fringe of moist black hair, one eye opened in a slit, green irisrolling back into white. The boy’s voice shuddered — streamers of milksnapped from the tip and filled the suctioning mouth. The probosciscontinued harmonically vibrating while the boy poured his cream out inshoots and spurts. After the initial gushing, the ejaculation continuedfor a full minute, minor squirts that would normally be squeezed out as theorgasm concluded continued instead as spritzes. The boy at last collapsed,his frenzied panting diminished. The initiate removed its feedingappendage; the boy made a popping sound with his mouth, like the lid of ajar being opened.The succubi re-covered the boys, petting this one or stroking that one, andslipped from the home back into the night.

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