The final examine

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The final examineToday marks her final exam and I’m sure a few corrections. Six months ago she came to me to ask if I knew anything about the being forward stuff for sex. She has an issue at home, her husbands complaints about her not being forward related to sex. I knew it wasn’t directly D/s that he was searching for but after an hour long conversation that seemed to be what she was asking me about in-directly. I told her that it is one subject that you can talk about for hours but it is better to experience it if you wish to understand it. She was reluctant for her first few days of thinking about it but came to the conclusion to try it. Our training began slowly, follow directions and ask permission. The punishments were more fun than actual punishments and she took them in stride. A pinch of her nipple under her shirt as people walked by her office, picture texts doing various everyday things in different levels of dress. She eventually got to know and she understood who the Dominant was and who the submissive was. She understood the dynamics and became a good submissive. Today her objective is to demonstrate her ability to be the Dominant. I knock on the door and she opens it. Their session has started as I said it should be. The introductions are a bit awkward as he lays next to the couch handcuffed to the arm of it with one hand and covering his privates with the other. He pretty much changed his life with asking exactly who the fuck I was and she needs to unlock him in the ‘i’m in control tone’. She sealed that fate when she walked over to him key in hand. I grabbed her hair bent her over the end of the couch and cracked her ass 10 times for which she counted with each stroke from the memory of her training. I grabbed his hair and brought him up shoving his face into the cushion and took my belt to his ass 20 times with my foot holding his neck in place. Our conversation through the introduction was more of an explaination to him. You are her submissive and she is my submissive which makes you what ever I want and right now I will start with you just being a bitch. I explained my rules of treating my submissives with caring love and respect when the rules are followed, but he is a male and I have no care for you at all, where I would be treating a woman with my own self control, pretty much safeties are off for a bitch like you. I pushed him to the floor and explained to her ‘as I said your sub is your responsibility if you can’t control your bitch I will and you will suffer in his punishment. bahis siteleri canlı I walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed one of his beers then proceeded to his lazy-boy and sat down for the show. I could feel the resentment in the air but that was soon replaced with the sounds of him learning what he needs to do. She proceeded down a familiar path that she learned from me. The look of what the fuck did I do to get this was priceless. She instructed him to gently remove her shirt and bra, he looked over at me like I shouldn’t see what I had seen 100 times or more already, she quickly brought up her hand and slapped his face back in her direction, grabbing his hair on the back swing and bringing his eyes to the floor. ‘you don’t look at him, you don’t look at me unless I direct you too’. He hesitated to remove her shirt and I started to move like I was going to get up and she slapped hard down on the tip of his dick and got him moving. I layed back feet up and enjoyed that the little correction got her back on track. He was slow in moving but getting with the program more from his own horniness than from any other fact. She directed his attentions to satisfying her breasts. She pulled his ear and spoke directly into it as she wanted him to change activities. Kisses around her whole breasts, then up to her neck. She held his head still as she directed his mouth actions. His lips were sucking as his tongue caressed her nipple left to right and back when she pulled and directed him to his knees. The discomfort of me viewing this and the position of his back due to the handcuffed hand and where is mouth had to be was truly enjoyable. His hesitation was met by the crack of her hand against his hip and ass, not to miss again she picked up the ruler that was sitting on the end table and began cracking his ass with it. His way to his knees was a painful lesson learned hopefully well. He looked back at me to see my reaction and she grabbed his hair, brought his head around and I could hear the stinging crack of the ruller against his ass as she began counting to ten. The next time your attentions leave me the punishment is doubled and will continue to go up from there. The redness that glowed from his ass gave away that this was his first time or at least a long time since he had been punished in such a manner. As she unlocked the cuff from the couch, ‘Take off my shorts slowly’ He tugged at her shorts, she raised the ruler and he softened his removal of her shorts. As always canlı bahis around me she had no underwear on, the look of surprize on his face told me that this had not become the norm at this house yet. She took the cuff that had been dagling from his wrist and connected it to his other wrist behind his back. She motioned him into position with his neck on the edge of the cushion and his head on top, his body at an angle. She pushed his legs apart duct taping his feet together sole to sole. His legs spread his junk hanging out in my direction almost hard from the play time that was totally out of his control. I could sense his discomfort, the redness in his face the way he uncontrollably looked as far away from me. She returned from the kitchen freezer bag in hand and placed it over his cock, he began to object as the back of her hand reached his cheek and he fell silent. He wanted to struggle and fight but he just didn’t know about me. She secured the bag with duct tape as I had done when I covered her pussy before she was trained enough to enjoy our time together. She looked and smiled with pride as I nodded to her that she was doing well. She secured his elbows with duct tape folded over as not to injure the skin. The end of the tape around the foot of the couch behind him. I could see from the side of his face he was just now fully realizing what she was to me, that she learned her still clumbsy skills sitting in the position he was now in. That I had enjoyed every part of her, fulfilled my sexual needs with her, my cum wherever I decided to place it as she was secure and unable to deny me my decision on where to leave it. I felt a need to speak up, to play with her toy a bit at this point. ‘Do you know where she learned this’ ‘ no need to answer because I know you do’ ‘Just an FYI she doesn’t have a tooth brush at my place’Her cunt inches from his nose, no shower today because there is no reason to clean up until he has earned that gift of her time. There was little hesitation as her cunt covered his mouth and chin and she began to grind. She used his face like a handrail post grinding away, her directions began to teach him how to truly eat her pussy. This I could tell began to deep down excite me as I could feel my loins warming with the rush of blood heading in that direction. The lesson went on for several high quality orgasms. ‘Now you know how to treat a woman well, if you knew how to do this you may have gotten laid more often’. Her cum was dripping down his chest and she continued bahis siteleri to coach him in the art of her satisfaction, ‘suck the clit, a little harder, a little more harder, there you go someday you may make it to good boy status’ She turned around, you need to prep my ass for my teacher. She wiggled her ass in his face and he made no effort to engage his tongue to her asshole. Her hand came across his crotch once, twice, his moan of the first two hits muffled by her as she used her asshole to muzzle his mouth. ‘thats better’ as she finished with her fourth shot to his crotch and you could tell his tongue and mouth were pleasuring her asshole. She stepped out of the room and upon her return asked him ‘can you behave yet’ He answered yes in a submissive tone. She undid his elbows and feet before finally un-cuffing one hand. She gave him a gift box of about medium size, I didn’t understand at first but she winked at me and I knew what it was instantly. She let him open the package and horror came across his face as he held up his new black dress. ‘Put it on now’ he only hesitated long enough for her to reach toward her ruler now on the couch. Once his/her new dress was on she proceded to put her ass in his face again for which he obediantly began to massage with his tongue. She brought him over to the chair and hand cuffed him behind his back again. She sat him right in front of the chair with direction that he would be eating her pussy as soon as she was comfortable without futher direction. She asked for permission to remove my pants and underwear which I answered a bit to quickly for my normal persona. She pulled them past my feet and took my cock in her mouth, no hands needed and put a brief show on for him. She climbed backwards on my lap with her legs on either side of mine. Her ass dropped quickly to the head of my cock as she slowed her decent onto me stopping when her cheeks reached my pelvis. He inched in slower and began to turn circles around her clit, she moved up and down my shaft in a short slow rythym as she rocked back and forth curling her pelvis. It was not long that she began to cum in short bursts and then pulling his head away and stopping her motion long enough to stop the build up before the big one. As I was enjoying the pleasure of the moment she stopped mid stride and asked me rather matter of factly if her bitch could finish me with his mouth. She didn’t wait for me to reply as she began her bareback ride again, shoving his face back to work. I advised her that she had passed her test and for her gift I would reward her with her desire. After the big O she pushed his head away and dismounted me. ‘ I know guys are not your thing so I dressed my pretty bitch for you’, as she brought his head to my lap’……

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