The first time ( a meeting )

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The first time ( a meeting )This is a true – ish story, but the names have been changed to protect the individuals.His wife didn’t understand him, she was too vanilla and he hated it. He wanted more passion, more excitement and he knew he was never going to get that at home. John had found something to keep himself, or his hands occupied too. I’m not sure, maybe he wanted to feel more wanted.The sex site he had found had great video’s on it, plenty of choice, and a world away from anything he had ever experienced ever.John and Sara had mutual friends and had started dating, and as one by one their friends got married or settled down, they did too, more because of a natural progression than of a desire, but they seemed happy. With no c***dren on the horizon, they both worked long hours, he worked with c***dren so his desire to have them was far greater than hers – she was far more career minded, and that is what started to drive them apart. They spent hardly any time together, and seemed to drift apart, that’s when John found a porn site that some of his friends had joked about, full of endless video’s, both professional and amateur, and he did like to watch the amateur video’s quite a bit.He stayed up late most nights, Sara just didn’t show any interest at all, and it pissed him off.Fuck, she never even gave him a blow job, what woman wouldn’t give her Husband a blow job, seems she was the one. He wanted to connect with someone, to talk about things with, a woman who was very open minded, but he didn’t know anyone like that, all his mates knew Sara, so he couldn’t speak to any of them. He wasn’t happy about them knowing about his prim wife either, all the guys looked at her, she never noticed, but John did, and it fucked him off that guys found her attractive and she never batted an eyelid, what was wrong with her ?It was no good, he had to talk to someone about how he felt, but who?Maybe the site he had found had a chat room, for people who like him, escaped from there own lives to the cyber world, he just wanted to find someone to chat with, who might understand him.He cautiously clicked the ‘Find a friend’ icon, and saw the page fill with women, naked women, clothed women, some who showed breasts, some who showed ass, and a lot showed pretty much everything apart from their postcode.There were quite a few that caught his eye, so, plucking up the nerve, he clicked the message icon on a users picture.’What do I put’ he thought, ‘I don’t know what the hell to say and she looks like she is a busy user’. ‘Fuck it’ he said to himself, ‘she’ll either answer me or delete the message, it won’t matter.’The green light was flickering so he knew she was online.His mind was racing as he typed.’Hi, I’m pretty new here and not chatted to anyone really, just wondered if you would like to chat with me sometime’. And he pressed send!’Shit, stupid wanker, what a stupid fucking message to send, as if she is going to answer you, you dickhead’. John was pretty disgusted by what he had done, he was married and he should not be chatting to other women, let alone be on a site like this.He had been ‘caught’ by his wife before, using another porn site watching video’s and he had said he would never do it again, but fuck it, she wasn’t doing anything for him anymore. She had pretty much said the marriage was over when he had been found out.He saw a number canlı bahis siteleri one flash at the top of his page, and his cock instantly twitched, he was well aware that it could be a message from the user he had just sent one to, he clicked on the number and opened the chat.’Hey, how are you, not seen you on here, but I looked on your profile and noticed that you’ve been here quite a while, nothing taken your fancy then?’Her username was Summer, and she was very popular. He started to panic – ‘What now smart ass, you have to reply”I’m married’ he answered.’Lol’ Summer typed ‘Good for you, but I wasn’t going to ask to marry you babe, haha’.Why the fuck did he just do that, stupid idiot, she is probably an old fat guy looking for young blokes to wank off to.’If you are worried about me being anything other than what you see, I could send you some pictures, if you have a private email address, or I have a webcam that I will happily turn on so you can see I am who I say I am. I won’t be showing my face, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you want to see anyway haha’.’Its not necessary Summer, I do believe you are female, with so many views of your pics and the comments you have, you would have to be one of the best fakes on here, and I doubt you are one anyway. I am happy to just chat, and obviously as I’m married, I might not be too comfortable going on cam to be honest.”What ever works for you hunnie, but I am happy to chat no matter what – when I’m around of course.’They exchanged email addresses and continued to chat, sending each other pictures and video’s but never even thinking of doing a live cam chat, that was not an option for Summer, married men were ok, but unhappy married men were a no go for live action cam, it wasn’t right.The chat got more intense, John was very open in describing what he wanted to do to Summer, and how long he wanted to do it for.’I want to feel your skin, and the wetness of your pussy right before I eat you out. Feeling your juice flowing onto my tongue and tasting its sweetness as I swallow it. I want you to orgasm on my tongue as you feel it slide into you, just before I push my throbbing dick inside you. I want to make you cum Summer, and I want to feel it on my dick when you do.”I don’t do meets babe, this is purely for fun, been let down so badly by someone that I am never gonna let that happen again, all I can offer is someone to chat with and somewhere to escape to when you need it, here in my chat room.”Well, if that’s what’s on offer, I’ll take it, its a damn site hotter than what I’m getting at home.”Heard that so many times…..but I doubt its true babe, I have to go, chat soon’.Summer had in fact been asked a lot for meet ups, but she never accepted any of them, her own marriage had fallen apart due partly to the porn site, and she was not interested in making fantasy reality. Both had to be kept separate, for the sake of herself and her family.She didn’t chat to John for a while after, but turned on her pc one day to find a message from him saying he wanted to meet her. He wrote that he had done nothing but think about her, and he knew he wanted to see her, he wanted to feel her hand on his cock as she milked him, then her lips around it, giving him the blow job he desperately wanted. She was the one he wanted, it was her lips he wanted to feel around his hard cock, stroking tipobet and sucking him, taking him to the edge as she had done so many times in their chats.Her message back may not have been what he wanted to read but he had to respect her decision, ‘I am not meeting anyone, this is for fun like I said, it crosses the line and makes things messy if we meet, I don’t want that to happen.”I’m moving out Summer, I found myself somewhere to go, I’m not happy and now that I have a place, it might be easier, we could just meet and talk, to see how we get on, we have a good tome talking on here and I would really love to just meet, even if its just one time.”You’re not gonna stop until I say yes are you, look, we can meet for a drink or something, but that’s all. I am not agreeing to anything you might have planned or want, just a meet as friends, ok?”What ever you say, you just let me know when and I will be there.’Summer knew she was going to regret this, but maybe it will get all of the things going round out of his system!They arranged to meet at her local station, it was a short walk for her and easy access for him, he lived a few hours drive from her, so a train would be quicker.Summer turned on her laptop a few days later, to find an email in her inbox from John, she opened it and was not at all surprised by what she read.’I’m sorry, I just can’t. I love my wife and I really have to see if she will take me back, I know we don’t have much of a physical relationship, but we are still married, I am sorry, but I am deleting my profile, take care.’She replied calmly,’Don’t worry John, I pretty much knew you were going to back out and to be honest, I’m not sure I would have stuck to it either, it’s a big thing meeting a stranger and I am not ready to do that yet, thank you for the hot chats and the videos messages, but I guess its time to say goodbye’. She pressed the send button and shut down the laptop.She had told a few of the guys she chatted with most on the site about the possible meet and they were all for it, they knew she had a hard time with people asking to meet her, so John must have been a bit special for her to agree.His profile was gone, he had retired and she did feel kinda hurt, she had been the one who helped him relax about the site and had let him talk a bout all kinds of stuff, his marriage, his job, normal stuff that were on no way related to the real reason people use the site.Another bites the dust Summer, she thought.She received a text message later in the day, it was from John.’I’m sorry, but you do understand I hope. I love my wife and I want it to work with her’.’You said it was over and that she didn’t want you back, but it’s your life and I am not gonna upset it by keeping in touch’.’Take care Summer, I’m sorry’.’Go back to your wife, and do not message me again please, this is over now, let it rest.’Summer carried on chatting to her other user friends, light hearted chat, dirty chat, and some chat that would make your mother weep, but she was good at it and it was all given with light humour and a cheeky underline, you can chat, but that is it!Maybe she was a glutten for punishment but she received a message from John a week later, which she read.’I have moved out completely and know what I want, I know you won’t reply now but I just wanted you to know that I am now finally settled in tipobet giriş my own place and I am so sorry I let you down. I do want to see you but I understand if you don’t wanna talk to me anymore, I just hope you do.’She replied straight away,’When John, if you really mean it when do you want to meet, I’m not messing around anymore.”Tonight, we may see each other again, it may just be a one off, I don’t know, but I know I have to see you.”Tonight or nothing, that’s the offer, take it or leave it, but it will never be offered again’.He texted back straight away, asking for her address and told her he was on his way.Pulling up outside her house an hour later, she opened the door, ‘Did you remember your toothbrush.’ she laughed. He leaned forward and kissed her.They stood in the kitchen talking for what seemed like hours, kissing and touching each other, talking about their lives and things they had done. There relationships, good and bad, and seemed to get on even better than online, but they both knew that this was the only time they would ever see each other.John asked her to go upstairs, and she held his hand and they went to her room.They sat on the bed and talked, it just seemed weird, all the chat on the site and yet faced with reality, it seemed a lot to take in, they were both so nervous, John having led such a subservient sex life whereas Summer had come out of a marriage which had been very healthy in the bedroom. They kissed and enjoyed foreplay for quite a while, he wanted to feel her cum on his tongue so he pushed it in as he rubbed her clit, he was down there for what seemed like an eternity, pushing his fingers in then his mouth there sucking on her clit and feeling her cum over and over. She pushed his head closer and felt herself cum again. It was time, Summer reached down and stroked his hard dick through his jeans, then whispered to him to strip.He pulled his top over his head and unbuttoned the flies on his pants, he was ready for what ever was gonna happen but first. Summer pushed him back on the bed and leaned over him, taking his hard cock in her mouth, he gasped as she wrapped her hand around the base and started to suck him, gently at first, then harder as she felt his body twitching, he started to moan, she looked at him and said ‘Don’t even think about it’. She knew he wanted to cum, she could feel him throbbing in her mouth.’You better stop then’. He laughed.He slid down between her legs and stroked her pussy with his finger, soft at first then pushed it inside her, he felt her warm wet cunt, and continued to finger her as she caught her breath. He wrestled with his jeans and managed to get them off, his shorts slid down his legs she expertly pushed them off him with her foot.He pushed his lower body between her open legs and she felt him push his hard dick inside her, slowly he started fucking her, biting her neck and tits as his cock slid in and out.She felt her pussy cum over him, he felt it too and fucked her harder.’I’m gonna cum, I can’t stop it’. He growled.’Don’t you fucking dare, keep going, I am not done yet’.She felt him pound her so hard, and holding her down he couldn’t stop, his cum shot deep inside her, and as he pulled out, more cum was flowing from his dick.’Omg, fucking huge load’. Summer smiled. ‘It’s gone everywhere’.’Sorry’ John laughed, told you it’s been a while, been saving it for ya’.They laid there for a while and then fell asleep in each others arms.John woke a few hours later and said he was gonna go, she kissed him goodbye, she knew she was not going to here from him again.If she does, she won’t answer it……. xx

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