The Fun Intensifies

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The Fun Intensifiesfor protestbanana, againContinued from:”Here, man,” Sam says as I open my eyes. I reach out and take the beer he’s offering. I close my eyes again and take a long drink… I can’t remember the last time I was feeling this great. And I to think I almost went back to my hotel room to go to sleep!I open my eyes and notice that Sam is gone again. Nicole, who seems to have cleaned the cum off of her back, bum, and feet, is now reclining on the sofa, legs spread, one foot on the coffee table, the other pressed up next to her bum, a knee pushed upward. She has her beer in her left hand and her right is fingering her pussy, moving between stoking with her middle finger and tapping her clit with her finger tip. Although I feel like I’m going to need a while to recharge, she’s clearly still in this. “Would you like some assistance, my dear?” I ask. She looks at me and her eyes leave no room for doubt. I quickly move over to her, pushing one side of the coffee table away so that her foot can still rest on it but I have room to kneel down. I lean over and kiss the tip of her big toe, then the knuckle, then the top of her foot… her ankle… her shin… her knee… Although I don’t rush, caressing every millimeter of her skin with my lips, I’m soon looking at one of the glorious sights of my life! taking a moment to savor it, I trace the perimeter of her pussy with my tongue before licking straight from the bottom up to her already swollen clit. A finger enters her while I lick, then two, then three. Although my attention is fixed, I can’t help but look up and notice she’s pinching her nipples. I suck her perfect labia into my mouth, caressing each with my tongue and then… just a hunch, a given one a little bite. She moans. I take the other one and nip it a bit harder. She moans again.Keeping two fingers in her pussy, I lean further down and start tonguing her ass. Since she’s relaxed and loose from fucking Sam there just minutes ago, my tongue glides in without any resistance. Still, her ass is tight and warm… and delicious tasting! I start getting into a rhythm, alternating in and out with my fingers and my tongue in syncopation. I feel her body starting to shake. I turn my mind off and head into autopilot so I don’t over-think and break the rhythm… soon, she’s got her legs wrapped around me, is clawing my back, and crying out while her body’s tremors make it nearly impossible for me to keep going. At last, I can’t fight her anymore and I don’t have to. She releases me with a sigh that sounds like a growl, as if she’s an a****l who’s just preyed. I lean back, the taste on my mouth is so wonderful I can’t help but smile.”You’re fun,” Nicole says. canlı bahis My smile gets bigger. “Do you want to help me do something for Sam?””I”d love to. What do you have in mind?”She gets up, takes me by the hand, helps me up, and then starts leading me down the hall. She flips a switch and I realize we’re in the bedroom. She lets go of my hand and heads to the closet, where she pulls down a box. “Maybe I’m being presumptuous, but have you any experience with rope?””A little,” I say, which is true enough. “Good,” she says as she takes out several coils of hemp rope. The good stuff. Then she removes a few dildos and vibrators, a gag, and what looks like a blindfold. “Nice collection,” I say. She smiles as she gets up and moves to the dresser. “First I have to get ready and then you have to help me.” I don’t entirely know where this is going, but I’m so turned on by her that I couldn’t care less. She takes out four pair of net stockings. “Can you help me choose?” She holds each over her thigh so I can see the netting. “Can I see the toes of them?” I ask, knowing that I’m going to go for the ones that let me see as much of her sexy, red-painted toes as I can. “These, definitely” I say, pointing to a pair with a medium size weave that doesn’t get too much denser at the toes. “Great!”She walks to the bed, pulls her knee up and starts rolling the stocking, moving to place it at her toe. “May I?” I ask. “If you’d like,” she answers.I kneel again, taking the stocking from her hands and positioning at her toes. I lean forward and give her second toe a quick kiss before moving slowly but surely to put on her right stocking. It goes to mid-thigh and it looks perfect. She examines my work and apparently approves because soon her left foot is in my face and there’s another stocking in my hand. She stands up, does a little turn (with a hint of playful irony) and says “How do I look?” I can’t really answer, but I notice that my cock starts stirring a bit. She must notice it too because she says “I’ll take that to mean I look great.” She’s right. She somehow has a roll of electrical tape in her hands, and she’s cutting pieces with her teeth and making little X’s over her nipples. I’m sad to see them go for now, but it’s a hot look! She lies on the bed and says, “Okay, time to help me do something I couldn’t do myself.” As she says this, she sticks her tongue out at me quickly. I can’t tell if I’m more turned on by her or by feeling like I’m her accomplice in something. I don’t think it matters.I say, “Pull your knees to your chest” and she does: tell her to reach out and grab her ankles and she does. I place the rope under her calf and wrap it right over her wrist, then again, making sure to make the loops even and fairly close together. bahis siteleri There’s enough rope to do this well. “Well, I guess you have done this before,” she says, as I keep moving, concentrating on what I’m doing, almost going into a trance. “Now, grab one of those vibrators and start working my pussy.” I gladly do as I’m told, selecting one, switching it on, and starting to rub the tip of it along her still soaking lips, pausing a moment at her clit after a few tours. “Good, now in me but just a bit.” I put maybe an inch in, then pull out, then in again, leaving it for longer, then out, moving it along her lips again, then in. Suddenly I’m remembering my cock moving and in out not half-an-hour ago and I start blurring together the images of my cock and her vibrator. I almost feel as if I were in her again, even though I’m not.”Now my bum too” she says, and I grab another vibrator, a smaller one. Switching it on, I put it an inch into her tight but still wet ass. It slides in no problem. As I keep working on her pussy, and as her moaning gets more and more regular, I work it further into her asshole. As she gets almost to panting, she says, “Go into the kitchen and find Sam. Bring him back here and then keep doing what you’ve been doing.” I leave her there, vibrators in her pussy and ass, tied hands to ankles, wearing some sexy fishnets. As soon as I’m outside of the room, it hits me how crazy it is to leave such a scene. “Wait,” I hear and I turn back, filled with the desire to simply ravish her myself. “Can you put the blindfold on me before you go?” I gently raise her head and put it across her eyes, fitting it carefully into place. “Don’t leave me too long!”I head back into the hall and then toward where I’m guessing the kitchen is. “Hey Sam,” I say, not really sure how I’m supposed to say the next part. “Hey man… how’s your beer? Need another?” “Um, no,” I say, realizing I left mine in the living room. “Actually, Nicole asked me to come get you. She’s… um… indisposed.” He gets up and we walk into the living room. Without seeming to pause there, he moves toward the bedroom. Was this their plan all along?, I wonder. Who cares?, I think.He pauses at the door and I stop just behind him. “Mmmmmmm, yes,” he says. He moves a couple of steps closer and I can see he’s starting to rub his cock, already about half hard. He moves to the bed and climbs on, kneeling above her head so that his cock is at her mouth. He puts the tip of it on her lips and she starts to go to work. Since her hands are bound, he has to hold it himself and I notice he sometimes pulls it away to tease her. Remembering what she asked me to do, I go back to her vibrator-stuffed pussy and ass. “Pull her to the edge of the bed and spank her,” güvenilir bahis Sam says. I don’t see any reaction from her at all and decide that Sam must be in charge now. I scoot her down and he walks on his knees until he’s back in place. I start fairly soft, giving her a sold whack with my right hand on her left cheek. From my kneeling position and with her tied up this way, it’s hard to get a great angle but I smack her right cheek too. Thwack! I turn the vibe in her pussy off and take it out. my fingers into her warm, moist hole before spanking her again on the left. Then the right. I look up to see Sam completely hard now, fucking her mouth rapidly and deeply. Her mouth looks incredible on his cock! own cock is nearing hard, so I stand up and rub it between her wet lips, reaching down to spank her from a diagonal angle. I then bend over and suck her toes into my mouth, running my tongue along her flesh between the strands of the net. Then I stand and spank her again. My cock is now fully hard, so the next time I rub it along her lips, I push in. Her body quivers a bit when I enter, which makes me think she’s on the verge of orgasm again. Sam pulls his cock out and waits for her to run her tongue hungrily along its length, then just the tip, then he holds it to his stomach so she can suck his balls. Then he’s back to fucking her mouth while I’m fucking her pussy, spanking her ass, and sucking her toes. I pull out, reach forward, and pull the tape off of one of her tips. She moans when it comes off. I lean in and flick it with my tongue and then bite, with slowly increasing pressure. Her breathing turns to panting mixed with moaning. Sam seems to be moving his gaze from her sexy net clad legs to her lips on his cock. From the look on his face, I’m guessing he’s near cumming again. I take the tape off her other nipple and bend forward, biting it just as I slip my cock back into her pussy. I bend back up, and start spanking her as I fuck her again when I see Sam pull out and start jerking off, shooting his load all over her beautiful face, neck, and cleavage. thinking to ask whether it would be okay or not, I reach over and tear open the toe of her stocking, contorting myself to be able to run my tongue between her toes while I slide my almost-cumming cock in and out of her. At the last second possible, I pull out and shoot up her stomach and tits. I collapse onto the floor. After a moment of near-u*********s bliss, I move up and see Sam slowly unwinding the rope, letting her limbs free. He helps her higher onto the bed and she sprawls out, letting her arms and legs adjust to the freedom. Sam motions me toward the dresser and I see there’s a towel there. I bring it over and start wiping our cum off of her.”Would you like me to take off the blindfold?” I ask. “Not yet. I’m still loving how unreal this feels.”

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