The Garage: Forever Yours Ch. 04

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Cliff and Scott live only in my imagination, therefore they are able to do things that may not be considered safe in the real world.

4) June, July

Scott looked over his shopping list, before glancing at Cliff, his love, sitting across the table from him. It was late June; they had been together for about two and a half months now, and Cliff’s hair was noticeably longer. He could now get the strands from the front into a pony tail at the base of his head, but after a while they would work loose to frame his face. Scott thought his lover looked adorable hunched over his laptop, strands of loose hair framing his face. Every few minutes Cliff would push the strands behind his ears, only to have them work loose.

“Damn, maybe I should just cut it anyway,” Cliff muttered as he pushed his hair back one more time, before typing another sentence into the document he was working on.

Scott chuckled, “No way you’d do that, you’ve wanted to grow it out for too long. Besides, it’s damn sexy.”

Cliff sighed, “Yeah, I’ll be going for job interviews eventually, and maybe I’d have a better shot if my hair were short, like yours.” Cliff glanced up to look at his man. Scott hair was short, spiked on top; just as it had been when they met a little over 3 months ago.

“Are you ready for a break from that?” Scott nodded at Cliff’s laptop, distracting Cliff from the idea of cutting his hair. “If so, I’d like you to go over my lists, see if we’re missing anything or anyone.”

Cliff rolled his eyes, “Mr. Organized — forget something? Not likely.” He hit a few buttons to save his work and reached out his hand for the papers lying in front of Scott.

He read through the lists, one of food and decorations, one of people. ‘You sure you want to go through with this? It looks like a lot of work.”

“Why not? I do it every July 4th, and it’s not really all that much. Besides,” Scott grinned, “this year I have you to help.” He got up, walked around to Cliff’s chair and placed his hands on his love’s shoulders. Leaning over, he kissed Cliff’s neck.

Cliff sighed again, “Of course I’ll help. We’re having this party in 2 weeks? How do you normally invite people? We’ll have to let them know soon.”

“Most of my friends will be expecting it. We’ve done this for several years.” Scott pointed to another section of the list, “Your friends, well… that’s up to you. What would be the best way to invite them?”

“My…,” Cliff looked up at Scott. “We’re inviting my friends to your party?”

“Honey, I love you. I plan to be with you for a very long time. That means eventually our friends will have to meet. What better way than at a party?” Scott grinned. As he looked down at the papers now sitting on the keyboard to Cliff’s laptop something on the screen caught his attention.

Cliff was working on updating his resume, which Scott knew, but what caught his eye was the name across the top of the document. “I thought your name was short for Clifford,” Scott commented as he tapped the screen.

Cliff thought for a moment, “I guess we’ve never discussed names before, have we? My mother is a big Wuthering Heights fan, and somehow she convinced my father to name me Heathcliff. Heathcliff Earnshaw Andrews, to be exact.” Cliff explained the middle initial “E” before Scott could ask.

Scott eyed Cliff critically, “Well, you certainly don’t look like Heathcliff. Since we’re on the subject, I was named for my grandfather, Prescott Byron Edwards.”

Cliff laughed, “Well, it seems neither of us have the normal, common names we appear to have.”

Two weeks later everything was set. About 10 of Scott’s closest friends, his parents and his uncle, 6 of Cliff’s friends, and a few guys from The Garage that they both were friendly with were scheduled to invade Scott’s house for a BBQ, bonfire, drinking, and fireworks.

Everything was set up and Scott was waiting impatiently for his guests to arrive, pacing the floor and muttering to himself.

“Relax, love, everything will be perfect.” Cliff looked up from his laptop. Next to it were a few printed pages he glanced at from time to time. “Are you always this anxious before a party?”

Scott didn’t answer he just kept pacing. Cliff glanced at the clock and then eyed Scott. Damn man was going to be exhausted by the time people got here. “Come here love.”

Cliff closed his laptop and moved it to the end table, stacking the pages on top of it. He then lay back on the couch and beckoned Scott to lie next to him. With Scott spooned up against him, Cliff pushed his hand under Scott’s shirt and gently rubbed his abdomen and chest. “Relax baby, it’s going to be great.” He whispered into Scott’s ear as he gently nibbled on the earlobe.

Scott slowly relaxed under Cliff’s hand, and then shifted so he was facing Cliff, lying dangerously on the edge of the couch. “I just want tonight to be perfect,” he whispered before leaning in to kiss his lover.

Scott slipped and fell off the couch, landing on his back.

“You okay baby?” Cliff peered over the edge kartal escort of the couch at him. “You’re not hurt are you?”

“Just my pride,” Scott groaned as he looked up at Cliff.

Cliff laughed as he lowered himself down, lying on Scott. Holding himself above Scott by bracing his arms on the floor he said, “I love you, and tonight will be perfect no matter what happens, because we’re together.” He leaned down to kiss his man.

Scott returned the gentle kiss, adding heat as he thrust his tongue into Cliff’s mouth and squeezed his ass with one hand and thrusting the other into his hair. Cliff had tied his hair back, so it took some doing for Scott to be able to tangle his hand in it, he so loved the feel of Cliff’s long silky hair wrapped around his hand. “I love you too, honey.”

Shortly after that, their impromptu make-out session was interrupted by the doorbell. Scott quickly combed his fingers through Cliff’s hair, smoothing it out and removing the hair tie, “Leave it down, sexy.” He growled as he stood up to let their guests in.

The party went great. People were everywhere, inside and out. Cliff’s friend Jo and Scott’s friend Diana had each brought their child, and the two women quickly became friends as they talked about the perils of motherhood.

Cliff’s friend Jake repeatedly hit on one of the guys from The Garage, until Scott pulled him aside to let him know that the guy was straight. Jake just shrugged and moved on to who he deemed to be the next hottest guy in the room.

Shortly after the sunset, everyone gathered outside to watch the fireworks. As Cliff looked around he could a few couples sitting separate from everyone, snuggled together on chairs or blankets. He laughed as he saw one of those couples sharing a blanket was Jake and Wade, a playboy friend of Scott’s who had a love ’em and leave ’em philosophy similar to Jake’s. He was also pleased to see that the random groupings of individuals was not split his friends from Scott’s friends, they were all mingling.

He leaned closer to Scott and whispered, “I told you it would be good.”

The next morning they were cleaning up the mess when Cliff came across his laptop, which he had forgotten on the end table the afternoon before. The papers he’d laid on top of it were missing.

When he asked Scott, the other man had no idea what happened to them. “What were they? I’ll keep an eye out as I finish cleaning.”

“Just a copy of my resume. I’ve been looking for places online to apply at. I kept the paper copy close in case I have to fill out an online application — it has my work and school history listed on it.” Cliff shrugged, “It won’t be hard to print out another one.”

Cliff packed up the rest of his gear and a little while later he was headed back to his little apartment.

Living separately was the one thing Cliff and Scott really fought about. Scott wanted Cliff to move in with him. Cliff wanted to as well, but wouldn’t until his future was more settled. He needed to find employment for after his internship was completed, and he was completely sure he wouldn’t accept a position at NPS if they offered. It just wasn’t challenging enough for him. Even Scott could see the desperation Cliff felt after work, the sheer hopelessness of working a job he didn’t like. Cliff was determined to finish the internship, it would look good on his resume and they would give him a good referral.

A few weeks after the BBQ the men were lounging in Cliff’s living room when he suddenly turned to Scott and said “Why didn’t you tell me your birthday is next week?”

“What? How did you find out?” Scott asked as he looked up from the acoustic guitar he had been quietly strumming.

“Your friend Wade texted me the other day, complaining about Jake. He mentioned your birthday as we talked.” Cliff answered, frowning as he watched Scott.

“That rat, I just didn’t want you feel you needed to throw a party or anything. I want to spend that night alone with you,” Scott smirked as he leered at Cliff.

“Well, what do you want for your birthday? I want to get you something.” Cliff asked.

Scott raised an eyebrow, a lecherous grin on his face as he set the guitar aside and moved closer to Cliff.

“Is THAT all you think about?”

“Well,” Scott slowly spoke, “There are two things I REALLY want one includes that, the other is you moving in with me. So I guess I get nothing…” Scott pouted as he played with Cliff’s hair.

“What do you REALLY want? Other than me moving in with you?” Scott quietly asked, not wanting this to turn into yet another argument about living arrangements. They might not officially live together, but they only spent a few nights apart each week.

Scott blushed, “Umm… it’s kind of embarrassing, it’s a fantasy I’ve had since I was about 19.”

“Wow, the big man is blushing; I’ve got to hear this fantasy. I promise, if it’s at all possible I will give it to you.” Cliff was intrigued at the idea that something made Scott blush.

Scott quietly told kurtköy escort Cliff about his fantasy. Cliff looked thoughtful for a few minutes, and then agreed. “If you can set it up, we’ll do it.”

The following Friday night the two men went out for dinner at their favorite Steakhouse for Scott’s 30th birthday. They enjoyed the meal but tension was high as they anticipated, Cliff with some apprehension, what was still to come.

They quietly drove from the restaurant to The Garage. Scott held Cliff’s hand the entire way. “Are you sure you want to do this honey?”

“Yeah, I really do. Are you sure you turned off the security cameras?” Cliff trembled a little as he answered.

“It’s all set, nobody will ever know we were there, or what happened.” Scott got out of the truck, unlocked the door and opened a garage door the Self Service Center. Cliff drove in and Scott quickly shut the door.

After taking the wheel back from Cliff, Scott drove over to the work station they usually used and lined the truck up on the hydraulic lift tracks. “Ready?”

They both got out of the truck. Cliff quietly grabbed a few items out of the cab and transferred them to the back end of the truck. He then climbed into the back end and spread out a blanket. Quickly he stripped down to his briefs and put on a t shirt, then wrapped up in another blanket.

Scott grabbed a remote that worked the hydraulic lift and crawled into the bed of the truck with Cliff. He hit the button and soon they were suspended 10 feet in the air.

Cliff silently handed Scott a shiny wrapped box. There was just enough light with the security lights that they could see each other. Scott sat on the truck bed and opened the box. He stared in amazement. “Cliff? You want me to use these, up here?”

Cliff nodded as he carefully stood up and dropped the blanket, revealing the slightly too big “The Garage” t shirt he had on with Scott’s name on the front. To go with it he had shiny mesh briefs the same blue as the writing on the shirt with “Property of Scott” in black on the front over his package.

“Oh, damn, honey. You are so hot!” Scott fumbled around in the box, taking out a digital camera and snapping half dozen pictures of Cliff standing in briefs and *his* work shirt. “Oh, so fucking sexy.”

“Just remember love, we share those pictures with nobody!” Cliff shyly smiled at Scott.

Scott growled, “Hell no, I ain’t sharing you with anyone, even in pictures.” He set the camera aside and crawled over to where Cliff stood.

Scott wrapped his arms around Cliff’s waist, and pressed his head into Cliff’s abdomen. “I love you so much Cliff.”

The two men quickly spread the blanket Cliff had been wrapped in over the one already lining the bottom of the truck bed. Cliff lay on them, his head toward the cab of the truck, on a pillow. Scott snapped a few more pictures of his love lying there, waiting to be ravished.

Scott then covered Cliff with his own body, brutally claiming Cliff’s mouth with his own, tongue thrusting as he ground his hips into Cliff’s. Sitting up, he ripped his shirt off and tore at his jeans, finally removing them and his briefs in one swift movement along with his shoes. Moving back to lay over Cliff once again he attacked his lover’s mouth, this time groaning in pleasure as he felt Cliff’s mesh briefs rubbing against his own hard cock. The sensation was almost too much to bear.

Cliff reached down and grabbed Scott’s ass as his hips bucked up he pushed down on Scott’s firm ass, throwing his head back as he cried out his pleasure. Scott immediately took the opportunity to suck on the sensitive spot on Cliff’s neck. Burying his hands deep in Cliff’s hair, he gently pulled back so Cliff couldn’t move his head as he nipped at that sensitive spot. Cliff squirmed and pawed at Cliff, trying to draw him in closer.

“Scott, baby,” Cliff whimpered, remembering the final items in the box. “Baby, you haven’t used all your presents yet. Do you want to use them?”

Scott slowly halted his assault on Cliff’s neck, not wanting to stop, but definitely wanting to use his presents. He sat up and grabbed the box, which held four silken ropes. He quickly tied Scott’s wrists to the corners of the truck bed. He held up the ropes and asked, “Do you want me to tie your legs too?”

Cliff looked at him through hooded eyes, “If you want to baby.”

Scott considered, “No, I want you to be able to wrap those sexy legs around me when I pound that tight ass of yours.” He tossed the ropes aside and grabbed the camera, taking a few more shots of his sexy baby all tied up. He then noticed Cliff still wore Scott’s shirt. “Damn, forgot to take your shirt off babe” he pulled the shirt up over Cliff’s head, where it lay twisted, the sleeves still wrapped around Cliff’s arms.

Leaning over, he kissed Cliff again, and then worked his way down until he was biting at Cliff’s nipples and tugging at his soft brown chest hairs. Cliff whimpered and writhed beneath Scott’s touch, he moaned softly as his thrusting hips maltepe escort moved the fabric of his mesh briefs enough that it rubbed slightly against his hard, hot shaft. His eyes glazed with lust, he fought against his bonds, trying to touch his lover.

As his lips, tongue, and teeth continued their attack on Cliff’s rigid nipples, Scott’s hand worked its way down to cup Cliff’s hard package through the mesh briefs. He ran the palm of his hand over the hard spot, effectively jacking Cliff’s cock as his fingers stroked his heavy balls thru the mesh.

“Baby, I need more,” Cliff begged, knowing he would get what he needed only when Scott decided to give it to him.

Scott moved lower, now using his mouth to make love to Cliff’s navel, sucking, he thrust his tongue in. He nipped at the edges of the indented area, and pulled at the hairs that led to Cliff’s hidden cock.

Cliff cried, “Scott, love, I need you.”

At those words Scott stopped everything. He took a good look at his love. Hair all loose around his head and tangled in the t shirt. Dark, lust filled, glazed eyes, swollen lips. Tooth marks decorated his neck, along with a dark red patch of skin. Cliff’s nipples were swollen, hard and peaked. His chest hair matted with Scott’s saliva. Cliff’s navel was red and also had tooth marks around it. His cock was straining against the mesh of his bright blue briefs, his hips writhing and pumping.

“Oh, fuck baby, you are so sexy.” Scott grabbed the camera for the last time and snapped a dozen pictures of Cliff. Finally he turned the camera off and set it aside for good.

Scott straddled Cliff’s chest, facing his cock. He bent over and inhaled the scent that was purely Cliff’s sex. He licked at Cliff’s cock through the mesh briefs. As he did this, Cliff desperately tried to reach Scott’s ass and balls, which were tantalizingly just inches away. Cliff strained with the bonds and reached his tongue out, barely swiping Scott’s cheek.

“Want something baby?” Scott looked at Cliff, peering between their two bodies as he wiggled his ass just inches from Cliff’s face. Cliff strained again, again coming short from his destination.

“Please love, just another few inches,” Cliff begged.

Scott obliged, scooting a few inches back so Cliff could bury his face in Scott’s ass. He went to work, licking and biting every inch of flesh he could reach. With his nose deep in Scott’s crack, he sucked at Scott’s hole and bathed it with his tongue.

Scott laid there for a few minutes, enjoying Cliff’s loving, before he returned his attention to Cliff’s mesh covered cock. He continued sucking and licking at it through the cloth, even gently biting at it, knowing his teeth wouldn’t hurt through the material, but Cliff would love the pressure they provided. Sure enough, when Scott gently bit, Cliff thrust up, trying to get more into that grip. As Cliff’s hips brought his ass inches above the truck bed, Scott moved his hands under so he could grab that ass, clawing and squeezing those globes as he tongued Cliff’s cock through the mesh.

Finally, Scott couldn’t take any more, he removed his hands from Scott’s ass and grabbed the mesh briefs, ripping them off and tossing them aside where they landed on the camera. He swallowed Cliff’s dripping cock in one swift move, sucking and bathing it with his tongue as he moved up and down its length.

“Baby, oh Scott, oh please,” Cliff cried as his head fell back to the pillow, completely lost in the pleasure his mate was giving him. He moved his hips quicker, fucking Scott’s face, “Baby, almost there.”

“Oh Scott, just a little more, please baby,” Cliff begged as Scott released his throbbing cock.

Scott leaned over and grabbed a condom and bottle of lube out of the gift box. “If you don’t come while I fuck you, I’ll let you fuck me.” Scott grinned licentiously at Cliff as he sheathed his cock and slathered it with lube.

Scott moved around to kneel between Cliff’s thighs. Pulling Cliff’s legs up so his feet rested on his shoulders, Scott teased Cliff’s hole with the tip of his cock, rubbing over and around it a few times before pressing in, all 7 inches sliding in at once with no warning.

“OH, DAMN baby,” Cliff yelped as there was a slight pain from being so filled so quickly. “Oh DAMN!” Cliff’s cock softened some at the sudden intrusion and pain.

Scott waited a moment or two until Cliff had adjusted some, and then started thrusting, hard and fast. Scott knew he wouldn’t last long going at this pace, but it felt too good to slow down. He ran his hands over Cliff’s thighs as he continued thrusting. Soon, Cliff was moving his hips to meet those thrusts, moaning and whimpering and fighting his bonds as the pleasure once more took over. His cock once again hardened, but with no friction on it, he strained to reach his breaking point.

“Damn Cliff, you are so fucking beautiful,” Scott moaned as he looked at his lover spread out before him. He pounded into Cliff’s ass hard and fast, aiming for his prostate as he rushed toward his release. Wrapping Cliff’s long legs around his hips, Scott leant over his lover and kissed him lovingly as he tangled his fingers in Cliff’s soft hair. “Honey, I love you, oh I love you.” He whispered softly as he slammed into Cliff’s ass one more time before stopping, body going rigid as his orgasm hit strong.

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