The Good Girl Ch. 07

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Shannon and I hadn’t been to the club for a couple weeks and decided to go and have some fun late one Friday night. When we got there we immediately noticed something that hadn’t been there before.

All along one wall there were curtains mounted, about waist-high, with a life-size mural of a woman painted above each one. The murals all looked like porn stars dressed in various outfits, like a nurse or a cop, and were painted in sexy poses. Me and Shannon were kind of just standing there looking at them from afar, dumbfounded and trying to figure out what the hell they could be for, when a very flustered and beaming Vanessa came up to us.

“Hey!” she grinned.

“Hey! You look like you had some fun.” I said.

She giggled and her devilish grin spread a little wider. “Definitely.”

“What the hell are those things?” I said, pointing toward the wall.

Vanessa followed my finger and the looked at me with a big smile. “Those are new. And they are the best things ever!”

She grabbed our hands and pulled us over to one of the curtains.

“These curtains here cover up an opening in the wall that leads to the other room.” she said, pulling one of the curtains back to reveal a big rectangular hole in the wall from the top of the curtain to the floor.

“In the other room there are private booths on the wall with a table that rolls through the curtain. You lay down on top of it and push through so all that’s showing out here is your ass and legs.”

“That’s crazy!” I laughed. “They’re like little anonymous… ‘fuck stations’ or something.”

“That’s not even the best part.” she said, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me over near one. “In the booths there’s a monitor that shows a bunch of camera angles so you can see exactly what’s happening to you, but no one can see you.” She pointed up to the ceiling and along the wall where there were little tiny camera’s mounted.

“Wow.” I said, turning to Shannon. “I HAVE to try.”

“Trust me, you’ll love it.” Vanessa grinned. “I did.”

She lifted up her skirt to reveal a pair of completely soaked-through panties, with wet, shiny streaks of cum running out each side and down the inside of her thighs.

“I was just on my way out, you girls have fun.” She said, waving at us and bouncing out of the club.

“You mind?” I asked Shannon.

“No, not at all, they look fun!”

I grabbed Shannon’s hand and pulled her into the hallway. We opened the door to the room with the booths and went inside. It looked a little like the booths at the back of a video store. The wall with the holes had a bunch of cubicles with flimsy doors. I dragged Shannon to the first one and opened it, making sure no one was inside, and then went in and shut the door.

Inside, there was a platform that looked like a plush massage table positioned in front of the curtain. There was a video monitor mounted in front of it that showed a perfect view of the wall where the platform would slide out. There was a little bench to the side where another person or 2 could sit and watch the monitor. I stripped off all my clothes except my thong and climbed up on the platform, laying down on my stomach and letting my legs fall off the end. Shannon giggle at the way I looked.

“This is crazy.” she laughed.

“I know, but what a hot idea.” I said. “Come on, push me out!”

She grabbed the front of the platform and pushed on it. The wheels on the legs slid along tracks and I felt the curtain part as my ass pushed through. I watched on the monitor as my hips and legs appeared. The platform reached the end of the tracks and jerked to a stop, locking in place and leaving my whole lower half exposed, framed by the curtain in the other room. My legs were just long enough to be able to touch the floor and spread a little with my heels on.

Shannon and I both looked at the monitor.

“That’s so sexy.” she said.

She pulled her clothes off and leaned in to kiss me, then sat down on the bench and spread her legs, playing with her clit as we waited and watched. I was getting so wet from watching her and I could feel my juices soaking into my thong and starting to run down the inside of my thighs. I tried shaking my ass back and forth a little, trying to look inviting.

Suddenly a guy appeared on the monitor and grabbed my thong, pulling it down to my knees. I gasped bahçelievler escort as he leaned down and stuck his head between my legs, running his tongue along my lips and tongue fucking my pussy. He stood up and I watched on the monitor as he pulled his hardening cock out of his pants and started to jerk off. I moved my ass back and forth as much as I could, trying to encourage him.

Finally he grabbed my hips and I felt the fat head of his cock pushing against my pussy lips. Her shoved roughly forward and his cock sank deep into my pussy. I wiggled my hips against him as his balls slapped against my clit.

“Oh wow…” I moaned, turning my head toward Shannon. “You have to try this.”

“Maybe later. Right now I just wanna watch you.” She said

Shannon was laying back on the bench with the fingers of one hand buried inside her pussy. Her eyes were boring into me as she watched my body bounce back and forth from the force of the guy slamming into me. My tits were pushed hard into the soft surface of the table . I could hear the muffled slapping sounds through the wall as his hips collided with mine. I felt the intense urge to move and try to fuck him back, but the wall had me trapped.

I laid my head down flat on the table and watched Shannon stuff her pussy with her fingers. I could see her shiny juices running down the crack of her ass as 3 fingers squelched in and out of her tight, slick pussy. Her mouth hung open slightly as her other hand rubbed her clit in little circles and her eyes darted back and forth between my eyes and the guy fucking me on the monitor.

She stood up from the bench and knelt down in front of me, her warm breath against my face. She slipped her fingers out of her pussy and showed me the juices dripping off her fingers as her other hand took their place between her legs.

“God, Heather… Look what you do to me, you gorgeous girl…” she moaned.

She took her wet fingers and rubbed them all over my soft lips and chin, turning them over and trailing her wetness all over my face. I inhaled, breathing in the sweet, sexy scent of her pussy as the cock continued to slide in and out of my own slick hole. She stuck two of her fingers in my mouth and I sucked them clean as her half open eyes stared into mine, smoldering with lust. She absently licked her lips as her eyes looked lower to watch her fingers sliding in and out of my mouth. Her other hand was sliding wet fingers in and out of her pussy, and she brought those to her lips and tasted her own juices with me.

“Fuck…” she moaned.

She pulled her fingers out of our mouths and grabbed the sides of my head, leaning in and mashing her lips against my own. Her mouth devoured mine as she kissed me as passionately as she ever had, her breathing heavy and labored. Her tongue pushed into my mouth as I felt the cock in my pussy twitch and erupt, depositing the first load of cum for the night deep inside of me. I realized then that the bench I was laying on was on a very slight incline, so that none of the cum inside me was running out. I felt the creamy warmth of it inside me, radiating out from my pussy.

I reached one hand down under Shannon and cupped her pussy. She was soaked. I held my hand there and gently rubbed her mound as I felt her pussy juices leak through my fingers. Her eyes squinted shut as she kissed me, and she moaned, pressing her lips against mine harder.

“Put your fingers in me.” she panted, breaking the kiss momentarily.

I slowly pushed my two middle fingers up inside her, making her feel every inch as they slid into her steamy tunnel. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw another guy on the monitor approaching me. He slapped his hard cock on my ass a couple times before grabbing my hips and slamming the length of his cock into my pussy. My body jolted from the force and I gasped against Shannon’s mouth, letting out a little whimper.

As the cock pumped in and out of my pussy Shannon stood up and started climbing up on the table. My fingers slipped out of her and I stuck them in my mouth, locking eyes with her as I sucked her juices off of them. She laid back and slid forward, her legs laying over my back, pushing her pussy up to my face. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and kissed my way up the inside, slowly moving toward her pussy as she squirmed. Her hand slid down to her clit and she massaged it and squeezed it between her fingers as I moved my mouth to her other smooth thigh and planted wet kisses all the way up to her knee.

The bakırköy escort slippery cock in my pussy started thrusting more erratically, finally pushing all the way inside me and splashing my cunt with another torrent of creamy cum.

“He just came inside me.” I whispered to Shannon.

“Oh, god…” she whimpered, her head falling back as she rubbed her clit a little faster. The shrinking cock inside me slipped out and I felt a long stream of cum leak out past my pussy lips and drip down my thigh.

I focused again on Shannon’s pussy, leaning my head in and licking all around it, tasting her juices without actually touching her pussy. I licked up the crease where her leg met her body, and then put my mouth right near her lips, exhaling warm breath over her mound. A little drop of pussy juice trickled out from between her lips and rolled down to her asshole as she moaned.

“Stop teasing me!” she cried, squirming on the table and trying to push her pussy up to my face.

I couldn’t resist anymore. I dragged the flat of my tongue quickly all the way from her ass to her clit, tasting the sweet juices coating her shiny lips. Her body jerked as my tongue reached her clit and flicked it. I plunged my tongue down into her sopping hole, twirling it around and lapping at the tender, pink folds as my nose pressed into her clit. She put a hand on the back of my head, grabbing a fistful of blonde hair and tugging on it as I ate her pussy.

I let out a grunt as I felt another long cock push into my pussy, thrusting fast and hard. After the cock pumped my wet pussy a few times it pulled out. I felt fingers scoop some of the cum and pussy juices from my cunt and smear them on my asshole, a finger slipping in slightly and lubing me up. Strong hands spread my cheeks open and the warm, blunt tip of the cock staredt to push against the tight hole.

“Oh god, he’s going to fuck my ass.” I moaned, taking my mouth off of Shannon’s pussy for a second.

The fat head of the cock pushed against my tight ring, slowly spreading me open until it finally popped into my rectum. It kept pushing deeper until the full length of the smooth, hard shaft was lodged inside me.

I put my hands on the back of Shannon’s thighs and pushed her legs up, exposing her tight little asshole. I took a finger and sank it into her pussy, working it in and out for a moment until it was all shiny with her juices. I trailed it down lower, gently pushing it against her asshole and easing it in slowly as the cock in my ass started to move faster. She gasped out as I pushed my finger deeper, fucking it back and forth slowly. After a minute my finger slid out and I replaced it with my tongue, digging into her asshole and feeling it open up like a flower for the slick, probing tip. I could taste her pussy where my finger had been.

I fucked my tongue gently in and out of her ass as my own was being stretched by the hard cock in the other room. Her body fell back down against the table and my hands wandered over her soft skin, reaching up to pinch her nipples, fluttering along her tummy and scratching along the inside of her thighs. I teased her mercilessly as my tongue slowly and methodically pressed into her ass. Every time my fingers fluttered over her skin her body jumped like they were sending little electric shocks through her. I finally focused them on her pussy, sliding two fingers inside her and reaching the other hand around her leg to stroke her clit.

The cock sawing in and out of my ass was starting to pick up speed, the anonymous guy just using it to cum as quickly as he could. His heavy balls slapped against my messy pussy as his cock swelled and he slammed his hips against my trapped body. My tongue slid out of Shannon’s ass and I moaned as I felt his cum start to pour out.

“Fuck… he’s cumming in my ass.” I whimpered to Shannon.

Her hips started to buck as my tongue pushed back into her tight little hole and my fingers started to pick up speed, working her pussy like they had a mind of their own. She turned her head to the side to watch the monitor as the guy standing behind me hunched over and drained his cum into my ass. You could see my legs quivering as he made short little thrusts against me, his fingers digging into my hips.

Shannon’s hands tangled in my hair as her hips bucked and she cried out. Her pussy gushed around my fingers and her juices ran down over my tongue as her orgasm exploded. I pushed it as far up her ass as I could, wiggling it around as she pulled at my hair. başakşehir escort She bit her bottom lip and clenched her eyes shut as her pussy twitched and spasmed. Finally her ass fell back down and she let out a huge sigh, releasing her grip on my hair. The cock in my ass was withdrawn and I watched as another man stepped up. There must have been a line of them out there, out of the camera’s view, just waiting to fuck me.

It was so hot. I felt like I had 2 different bodies on opposite ends of the erotic spectrum. One in the small, intimate room with Shannon, making love to her, and the other out in the main room just getting gangbanged and acting like a toy for the guys to pump their cum into.

I lapped Shannon’s soaked mound with my tongue, leisurely cleaning her juices up as her breathing slowed and returned to normal. I made long, flat licks all the way up her slit as she just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of my soft tongue on her sensitive lips. Her shaved pussy felt so smooth and slippery against my tongue.

I lost count of the number of guys who had fucked me in the other room, but I didn’t care. My pussy was really wet and sloppy. Through the curtain I could hear cum squeeze out and land on the floor with a wet splat every time another cock pushed inside me. I could feel it running down the insides of legs, down past my knees. There was a near-constant flow of hard cocks to fill me up, but they seemed like faceless tools for my pleasure instead of men. The only face I needed was in the room with me.

After a long time, Shannon finally sat up and put her hand on my chin, lifting it up and planting a kiss on my wet lips. Her tongue swirled around them, tasting her own juices. Our tongues played back and forth as we got lost in the kiss, until I realized I wasn’t being fucked anymore. I could feel the pool of cum inside my pussy, unable to flow out because of the angle of my hips.

Shannon broke the kiss, looking over to the monitor to see that no one was standing behind me, and turned back to me with a big smile.

“I’ll be right back.” she whispered.

I watched her as she stood up and disappeared through the door, wondering where she was going. My eyes shifted back to the monitor and I watched the long, gooey streams of cum clinging to my pussy lips. All of a sudden Shannon appeared behind me and I felt her mouth clamp down over my sloppy pussy. Her tongue wormed in between the soft folds as I felt her suckling on the hole, cum sliding from inside my warm cunt into her mouth. She licked up the long streams of goo that had dripped down the inside of my thighs and cleaned every inch of my soft, naked pussy of the cum that was plastering it. Then she disappeared again.

Moments later she came back through the booth door. She walked up to the table and put her hand under my chin, lifting my head up toward hers. Her lips parted and a torrent of warm, creamy cum rolled out over her lips as I opened my mouth to catch every drop. It flowed out of her mouth in a long, continuous stream until she leaned in and kissed me. Her soft, sticky lips mashed hard against mine as she pushed the last of the cum into my mouth. Some of it overflowed out the corners of my mouth and rolled down my neck. Shannon ducked her head quickly, capturing the little rivulets on her tongue before they were lost. I caught her tongue between my lips as she came back up, sucking it clean.

Her tongue pushed deeper into my mouth, licking my teeth and tasting the pool of cum inside as I felt another pair of rough hands grab my hips. A stiff rod of swollen flesh split my pussy lips, starting to fuck me as Shannon’s fingers stroked through my hair and I swallowed down the mouthful of cum she had given me.

Over and over again I was used like a living toy, both of my holes filling back up with cum as anonymous men came up and dumped their loads inside me. I imagine that I felt the same way about the guys fucking me as they felt about me. To me, they were just stiff, faceless cocks, full of creamy cum to fill me up. To them, I was just a warm hole to get off in.

Every time I was filled up again Shannon would leave, lick my pussy clean, and return with another mouthful of warm, sweet cum to feed me, pushing it into my mouth and kissing me as I fingered her pussy. I had long ago lost track of the number of orgasms I’d been given, my entire body content and tingling with pleasure.

Finally, no more guys came to fuck me, so Shannon unlocked the wheels of the platform and rolled it back into the booth, the curtain falling closed behind me. My legs were quivering uncontrollably as I tried to stand up. I collapsed and rolled over, sitting up on my elbows and staring down at my pink, puffy pussy.

“My god..” I whispered. “That was incredible.”

Shannon crawled on top of me and I wrapped her up in my arms. We curled up on the small platform and slowly dozed off together, completely content.

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