The Grand Party: Second Year

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It is that time of year again. Last year was my first visit to “the grand party” with my then “male companion”. This year, I am told that I am allowed to invite a new attendee of my choosing to involve in the festivities. I am so excited as I dial your number to ask if you wish to join me this year.

You answer the phone and I begin by simply saying, “How would you like to try something a little different?” “There is a party this Saturday night that I attended last year and I think you would really enjoy it. It’s something unlike anything you have ever experienced and I can’t tell you much about it, but I promise that you will enjoy yourself.”

“Well, I trust you,” you begin. “If you think it is something that I will enjoy, I’m game. Is there a particular way I should dress for this party?”

“Yes,” I say. “You should dress in a tuxedo. I will be wearing a mask, but you will have no need for one. You see, all the women in attendance must wear a mask at all times and the men roam freely, without a mask. The women are not allowed to remove their masks during the evening. It adds to the mysteriousness of it all.”

“What is this party for exactly?” you ask.

“A charity event held once per year,” I say. “People come from all over to participate and millions of dollars are contributed. It’s truly an event to be involved in and I am so glad that you will be coming along with me this year.”

“How did you come to know about this party?” you ask.

“Well,” I begin, “The man that I was seeing at this time last year brought me.” “It was something that he thought I would enjoy, and I did. Since I was in the registry by my own name, they sent me the information this year and informed me that I could bring a new companion.”

We finish our conversation and I hang up the phone. My excitement for the coming Saturday builds as the week progresses on. I cannot wait to see your reactions to the “grand party”.

Finally, it is Saturday night and I am getting myself ready for the evening. I dress in a tight, deep green dress that comes to mid thigh. It has thin, braided straps over the shoulders and a plunging neckline allowing for a breathtaking view of my ample cleavage. I put on thigh-high black stockings and green heels to match my dress. I pull on matching gloves that go up over my elbows. I have a small black mask that covers only the top half of my face, but has thin, green feathers falling around to frame my face. I am positioning the mask as you ring the doorbell.

I come to the door and open it. You come inside and give me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Wow,” you say. “I know you said the women had to wear masks, but I guess I just didn’t really know what to expect.”

I look you over as my cheeks flush. You look exquisite in your black tuxedo. “I have a few finishing touches,” I say. “I’ll be right back.” I then walk back to the bathroom to finish with my mask and touch up a few places on my outfit, ensuring everything is in place.

I come out to meet with you again, grab a lace wrap that I pull around my shoulders and then go to the window and peek out. “Ah, right on time,” I say. “Shall we go?”

You come stand next to me and take my arm and we head to the door. I open it and outside you see a black limousine. We head out to the car and the driver opens the door for us. We get inside and before he closes the door, I hand him a slip of paper. “Please take us here,” I say as he nods and closes the door.

We make our way to the party and talk as we go. Your hand lingers on my thigh and slowly moves upwards until you feel the edge of my stocking. I rest my hand along your thigh and slip it up until I can feel the slight bulge close to where your thighs meet. I lean over and kiss your neck, then whisper, “Oh my sweet, the things I will show you tonight.”

The limo comes to a stop and the driver comes around and opens the door. We get out of the car and walk towards the entrance of the massive building. I can see the awe in your eyes as we approach. I remember feeling the same way when I first saw it. I hold you close to me as the door opens and the man inside welcomes us, takes your coat and my wrap and then points in the direction for us to go.

As we walk along the hallway, I tell you that you are free to mingle with others, both men and women, but that I do not want you to leave any room that I am in without telling me first. You agree as we come to the large room on the left. As we walk in, I see a few familiar faces and nod or wave to them. We move along to the bar at the far end of the room and each get a drink. A young gentleman approaches us and greets us both. He then requests my attention and I offer it, telling you to go meet some of the others.

I walk away with the man; glancing over my shoulder and seeing you start to look around as though you are wondering what you should do next. You move along and then start talking with a group of men near the bar. I return my attention to the man by my side and we bayrampaşa escort start to talk. He tells me of some of his adventures from previous parties and I smile and occasionally look in your direction to see how you are coming along.

I break away from the man and come over to where you are talking with an older man. I lean in close and whisper, “Would you like to see some of the rest of the house?”

You say you would and we excuse ourselves from the man you are speaking with. I take your hand and lead you towards one of the walls with fine wooden paneling. I press a spot on the wall and a passage is revealed. I step through and pull you behind me as the panel slides shut behind us.

We walk along a narrow corridor and come to a door. I open the door and we make our way into a red hallway. The walls are draped in fine red velvet and the carpeting is thick, red plush. There are places that show breaks in the fabric along the walls and a few places that have deep red cords pulling the cloth away to reveal dark red doors. I push open one of the doors and pull the strings keeping the cloth pulled away. The cloth pulls down, hiding the door behind it.

We go into the room, which is dimly lit with dark red candles. There is a large tub in the middle of the room, filled with water and red rose petals. The aroma from the tub is intoxicating and already I can feel my sexual urges awakening. There are a few blood red towels hanging along the edge of the tub on thin silver racks and a bottle of fine champagne chilled in a small tub of ice. Two glasses are sitting next to the tub.

I pull you to me and kiss you gently. I start to pull away your clothes and you kiss down along my neck as your hands pull down my dress. I rest my ass against the edge of the tub as you run your hands up along each thigh, pulling down my stockings and removing my shoes. “Get into the tub, my sweet,” I say as I look over your completely nude body in the candlelight. You do as I ask as I pull off my mask and set it aside, then I enter as well.

You sit down and I come towards you, sitting on your lap facing you. I reach over and pull out the bottle of champagne and pop the cork. I take a drink of it and then kiss you lightly. I then bring the bottle to your lips and let you take a drink. I set the bottle down and kiss you again and I can already feel your cock growing beneath me in the rose-fragranced water. Your hands are on my body and moving to my breasts, which float at the waters surface.

We kiss and touch, feeling the warmth of the water over us and the sensations of our skin touching as it slips and slides against the others flesh. I gently rotate my hips, putting pressure against your cock as the hardness pushes against me. I move a little and allow you to slip inside me as I move own onto you again. I let out a little moan as I feel you enter me. I move against you, feeling you push into me, feeling the friction from the water taking away some of my natural lubrication, almost heightening the sensation of our act.

You pull at my breasts as I continue to grind against you and the water begins to slosh over the edges of the tub. I lean my head back and push harder and faster against you, pulling at your shoulders to gain leverage. At once, we find our release and both shiver against one another as we recuperate.

I lift myself off you and sit beside you. I put my hand along your thigh as I kiss your neck and slowly move my hand up along your thigh to your cock. I start to play with it, feeling it’s weight against my hand and then it starts to stiffen again. I continue to stroke you as it regains its full attention and then I take a large breath of air and dunk my head under the water. I press my lips against the tip of your cock and slowly envelop it and slide along your length. I suck fast and hard, feeling the heat in my mouth and the excitement of the situation.

Your hands find their way into my hair under the water as I continue to suck your cock. You run your fingers into it and gently move me with them. I quicken my pace and press my lips harder against your shaft as I move. I can feel you prepare for your release and I rub my tongue back and forth along the underside of your cock. Soon, you are shooting into my mouth and I am drinking you down like a beverage. I pull away and return to the surface of the water.

“That was so fucking incredible,” you gasp. “You have no idea!” I smile at you and then make my way out of the tub. “Where are you going?” you ask.

“Oh my sweet, there are so many more things to show you,” I say. “You should get out and dry off.”

You step outside the tub as I am toweling my body dry. I put the towel around my hair and dry it as best I can. I then start to pull on my stockings and dress. I reach over and grab my mask, putting it back on and then help you finish getting back into your own clothes.

Once we are assembled again, I walk towards the beşiktaş escort door and open it. We walk through and I leave the door open as we continue along the hallway. At the end, there is a doorway, and stairs just past. We walk up the staircase and enter a large room that has several doors. I turn to you and ask, “Would you like to pick one?”

You nod and walk over to a door at the far end of the room. I open it and we step through. Once inside, our eyes adjust to the lighting and see a circle of chairs.

Most of the chairs are currently seating men, but a few have no one in them. All the men are naked from the waist down, raging hard ons protruding in front of them. There is music playing and several completely nude women walk within the circle of chairs. Suddenly, the music stops and the women scramble for a male lap to sit on. All but one woman finds a seat and the ones that do slip slowly down along the cock of the man they have found. They writhe along the cocks and then the music begins again. The women then remove themselves from the laps and continue around in the circle again.

“Shall we?” I ask you.

You look at me and say, “What is this?”

“This is part of the party, my dear,” I say. “This is a party where you are free to do as you like.”

“Is it safe?” you ask.

“Of course,” I say. “Those invited go through a series of tests and those that accompany those invited are picked specially by the invitees due to the nature of the party.”

You look at me a long time and then say, “Well, lets get started!”

You remove your shoes and pants and take a seat in one of the chairs. I completely undress myself and take stride within the inner circle. The music stops again and I do not find a seat upon any cock. I look over to you and see a beautiful brunette pressing herself onto your cock. A shiver of jealousy strikes me, not because another woman has you, but because I do not have a lap to sit on.

She presses into you and I can see your cock slip in and out of her wet pussy. I can feel my own wetness between my thighs and the all too familiar throb as my desire to get fucked increases. The music begins again and all the women resume their walk. This time, when the music stops, I find the lap of a man about 30 years old, a handsome man with dark hair and deep, green eyes. I slip down onto his cock and immediately feel a gush of relief from between my thighs. I am facing him and glance over my shoulder to see a big-breasted blonde bouncing in your lap.

The music starts and I lift myself from the man’s lap. I resume my walk again and pass you, then the music stops. I try to get onto your lap, but another brunette beats me to you and I end up in the lap of the man next to you. I slip down onto him and look over at you as the brunette slips onto you. She rotates her hips and grinds herself down onto you and I mimic her movements. I watch her as she slips along you and then look at you as you watch me do as she does.

I can feel the hands of the man I am fucking as they move onto my hips while I thrust against him. The music starts again and I pull myself away from him. We continue walking in our circle and this time when the music stops, I find myself in your lap. I lean in close and whisper, “Would you like to see something else?”

“Yes,” you reply. With that, I lift myself off you almost completely, then slam down against you and kiss your lips. I then pull myself away and pull you by the hand to our clothes. We get dressed and leave through the door we came in at. I walk towards a door, still pulling you behind me. I open it and find a small room with several lockers along each wall and another door at the other side. Above one set of lockers there is a sign that says “WOMEN” and above the other it says “MEN”. I start to remove my clothes and put them into one of the lockers. You follow suit and do the same.

Once we are completely nude, except for my mask, we walk through the door. Inside, there is what can only be described as an actual orgy. There are men and women all writhing around on the floor, various sexual positions, women eating other women, men fucking women from all angles, and they all are covered in a slick and sweet smelling oil. There are showers along the far wall of the room and a few couples are washing each other, some still involved in sexual acts.

Near the door we have entered is a large pedestal holding a bowl filled with the sweet oil. I dip my hands inside and then put them onto your body. I start at your neck and make my way down over your chest. I give you a kiss and then dip my hands in the bowl again. I rub my hands across your back and down over your ass, making sure to completely cover you in the oil. I dip again and then run my hands along your arms. I move to your legs because I am saving the best for last. Once your legs are doused, I dip my hands a final time in the warm oil and then run my slick finger and palms beylikdüzü escort against your sack and cock. I take my time and bring you to full hardness. I kiss you once more and then you put your hands into the oil.

I turn around in front of you so that my back is facing you. Your hands slip along my neck and down my back to the top of my ass. They slide down along my cheeks and you pinch lightly. You take your hands away and then I feel them on my legs. You rub slowly, driving my crazy. You bring your hands up along the fronts of my thighs and then press yourself against my back as you move up along my stomach. You run your hands across my stomach and then up over my breasts. You slowly rub the oil into my skin, pressing and pinching my nipples. You then dip your hands again and move them across my shaved pussy. You slip a finger inside for a moment to tease and then turn me to face you.

You kiss me quickly and then we walk towards the floor of people. We sit down and kiss gently and then a man in the mix is massaging one of my breasts while another starts to finger fuck me. A woman has already found your cock and is sucking on you as the sea of bodies pulls us. A woman licks at my breast and then kisses me firmly as she pinches my hard nipple.

I crawl along on my hands and knees. It seems like a million hands are on me at once and then I feel a man’s cock penetrating me. He enters me from behind as more hands find their way onto my body. I can feel a woman slip beneath me as she starts to lick my clit as the hard cock pounds into me. I try to find you amidst all the faces, but soon I am drowning in my own pleasure. Hands pinch, grab, caress my breasts, the cock slamming into me, the woman’s tongue on my clit, a finger slipped into my tight asshole, a woman kissing my lips.

I am moaning and pushing myself against the ramming cock. Soon my orgasm begins and I start to moan louder. The cock without a face empties itself into me and then pulls away. The woman cleans the mess with her tongue and inserts two of her fingers inside me. She then pulls herself away from me and I collapse to the floor. Hands are still all over my body and once I regain myself, I move along the floor.

I find a young woman lying with her legs spread wide. She has a man standing over her with his cock in her mouth. Hands are on both her breasts, but no one is attending to her beautiful, ripe, wet cunt and I bring myself to her. I drop my face into her flesh and lap voraciously at her little button. I can feel her squirming around my head as I suck lightly and lick around her clit. I slip in two fingers and fuck her while I eat her juicy little peach.

She starts to shake as her orgasm takes her. She is moaning against the man’s cock and I am moaning into her as she expels herself. I lick her and continue to push my fingers in and out of her. My ass is in the air and I can feel a cock enter my asshole. I keep licking at her as he keeps slipping in and out of me. I can feel hands on my hips as I am pulled against the cock in my ass. I scramble to keep myself at the woman’s pussy, but want to take more of the cock into me as well.

I finish the woman off once more and then pull my mouth away. She is now looking down at me and smiling widely. I push back against the cock in my ass and moan loudly as I smile back at her. Another woman slips under me and starts to lick my nipple while her hands move between my thighs and she slips three fingers in. Once my juices are really flowing, she slips in a fourth as the cock continues to ream my asshole.

She keeps her momentum in time with the cock in my ass and twists a nipple between her fingertips. She slowly moves her thumb up inside me and begins to gently twist and push her hand inside. Pain shoots through me, but extreme pleasure at the same time. She pushes farther in and once she gets past “the ring”, she makes a fist. She slowly twists her fist in half circles inside of me. I look down between my thighs and see that she is past the wrist inside my cunt.

I moan again as her pressure stays consistent with the ramming in my ass and I start to twitch and flex against her fist. My orgasm comes and I start to cry out. The dick in my ass keeps ramming and then wetness slips out as he fills me up. The woman keeps moving her hand gently and then slowly pulls away from me. The man pulls his cock out and I slowly pull myself away to the edge of the group.

As I near the edge, I see you with your face buried between a redheads thighs and a blonde licking your cock as she slips a finger in and out of your asshole. I start to move towards you and assist the blonde in devouring your cock. We both lick up the sides and then take turns slipping our mouths down over your shaft. I look up at you while I wait my turn, your mouth still pleasuring the redhead.

The blonde and I continue to take our turns and occasionally lick up the sides of your cock as I grip your balls in my hand and her finger continues in and out of your ass. Soon, you are getting close and I can feel your getting harder. I give the blonde one more turn and then take you into my mouth to finish you off. You explode and I swallow all I can, some dripping down from my lips as I pull away from you. The blonde leans close to me and licks the drips from my chin and then licks you the rest of the way clean.

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