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THE HEAT WAVEMark stepped onto the tarmac of the small county airport. The craft bringing him almost home wasn’t that large for a commercial jet but it got the job done. The shimmering, blistering Southwest Texas heat slammed at him like a blowtorch. He didn’t flinch; he didn’t even acknowledge it was literally scorching the plants around him. He adjusted his sunglasses while walking toward the terminal; where he had been during the past few years, this was a minor vacation to his body and mind.As he walked toward the ARRIVALS sign on the small air terminal, his mind subconsciously calculated and categorized the positions, placements, and motions of all things human and mechanical around him. His eyes were absorbing movements and shadows around him; this was now his nature as well his focus in life. He was not that unusual from any other person disembarking from the flight. His military uniform was – well, slightly wrinkled from nearly 27 hours of flying airport to airport, waiting for the next link to bring him closer to his destination. The Vietnam conflict was in full swing so military and naval personnel were easily seen many places; so were protestors, used car salesmen, and other typically civilian life forms that Mark cared less about. He was indistinguishable from other military personnel unless you looked into his eyes; they made you think about checking your life insurance payments.The air conditioning touched his skin as he passed through the sliding doors. He located his duffle bag and travel kit, and then headed out to find transportation that went far from the typical routes. He had another 120 or so miles to go before he could relax, sit down in some peace and quiet, and then let his mind and body settle. When he left several years ago, a modest, nondescript county bus service ran through the small town he was headed toward. A short conversation with Airport Security directed him over the pedway and the airport entrance road toward a small, weather worn sign at the end of the shuttle bus lanes that listed that same service. The shade of a large elm tree covered a concrete bench.Propping his duffle against end of the concrete bench, he allowed himself the opportunity to sit down and relax. None of the airline seats or the terminal chairs he had been cursed to endure for the past two days would allow any respite. The concrete bench, however, had its own silent strength out here in the open. It proudly displayed a history in scuff marks, pencil markings, the obligatory occasional chip gone from the corner, and it was actually somewhat cool being in the shade of a large elm tree. Behind his wrap around sun glasses, he surveyed his newer surroundings as he had done while disembarking the plane. Satisfied the terrain was not hostile, nor indicated possible forces in shadowed hiding, Mark allowed himself the pleasure of letting his body relax and enjoy the cool warmth of the bench and the shade of the tree. Anyone coming near him might notice that he had yet to indicate discomfort with the searing heat and humidity, he was not sweating nor was he showing any problems with the humidity. He knew no one would have a likelihood of recognizing the person that left those thousands of days long ago as the military person sitting there now. That former person was a slight, chubby, shy, and significantly naïve person compared to the professional warrior with the well-chiseled body now holding the same name. Maybe the same spirit, most certainly not same mind or the same focus. An archaic, wheezing bus rumbled in to the loading zone lane; Mark boarded it to finish the next, and hopefully the last, leg his transporting ever closer to home ground. The bus was old enough to be the same one he departed on – inwardly he smiled. That bus ran like shit and rode like crap back then; it appeared that some minor god had resurrected this clunker back into running condition just for him. No evidence any air conditioning other than the “10-50 AC” – wheezing downhill at 50 mph with all 10 windows open – had ever blessed this old b**st. Relaxing on the rear bench seat, Mark allowed himself to enter a light, restful asleep as the old bus chugged onward toward his destination. The same dream he had several times crept back into his mind’s eye – a family scene with 2-3 small k**s, nice house, probably his spouse in the kitchen working on supper, him in jeans and a t-shirt, and then the door bell rings. He opens the door – a war weary marine covered with old blood stains, some dirty bandages, and several bandoliers of ammo grabs his shirt and drags him from his house into the jungle where suddenly he is transformed into his own cammies, his own weapons, and is tracking a target in his sniper rifle sights. The quiet “phut” – “phut” firing of his own sniper silencer wakes him up again, as always, and he quietly looks around his position without moving his body. It has only been about 45 minutes but Mark feels rested enough to slide back into a light sleep again that does not have a dream he can recall. He knows its wishful thinking – that’s what a base camp shrink told him once after a debriefing from an especially grueling mission.About two hours later, Mark awoke as the bus began a slight descent into a small Texas town. This town, like so many other country towns off the main freeways, looked worn and tired. Not quite enough money to stay neat and tidy, the phrase keep well painted and spruced up he remembered as he left the bus and stepped on home ground. It did not escape his vision that the court house still needed bricks around the front right cornice piece fixed, or that the grocery store had “country fresh eggs” on sale. He gathered his gear as the driver pulled it from the vehicle storage bin and headed toward the one small hotel in town; he hoped it was still there. The few people he passed acknowledged his presence quietly with a typical West Texas “howdy nod” and politely moved to give him room as he passed with his duffle bag. His quiet smile bode them no malice; his heart and soul were glad to be back on home turf. The hotel was still there, the rooms were still clean, and the price had not gone through the roof like other places. The desk clerk gave him directions to the one rental car agency in town – along with her own small town opinion of people who didn’t own their own cars. Mark smiled, thanked her, and promptly located his room so he could unload his bags.In the room, he stripped to his skin, used his sweaty shorts to wipe the dust off his shoes before he set them together on the floor, and his finger prints off his brass belt buckle before rolling up his belt for storage. This was the routine he had learned in training; it served him well all these years. He u*********sly scratched his balls and tugged on his nut sack around a few times to stretch the skin out and back; a typical male thing that just felt good. He tugged on the end of the extra foreskin that covered the head of his flaccid penis, pulled it back and forth to stroke himself a few times before getting into a real shower, with real water pressure. Standing in the shower, he leaned forward to put his hands on the wall and let the water run all over his body and cascade down his ass to the shower floor. The water also ran down his dick and onto the floor, he laughed to himself about having to pee that much and let his urine mix with the water until he was done. A good scrubbing later, Mark stepped out feeling much more human and much more relaxed than a half-hour before. He dried himself, walked nude across the room and turned on the television and see what channels he could receive. The summer heat created severe havoc and massive static with most of what was available mid-afternoon. He was able to see part of a local weather report – hot, hotter, and even hotter was the afternoon comment. The afternoon farm to market report said it was 112 degrees in the shade; he wondered whose shade?A phone call later, he dressed in some faded jeans, a light colored shirt, socks, and well worn black loafers to walk the 8 blocks to the rental car dealer. After a half hour of more “we’re the first here” talk than important data on him and his expired license, he had a new, black Ford sedan – with air conditioning for $3 a day more – under his control. He visited the courthouse, bought a new road map for the county roads, and then headed for the real reason he had come home. The roads had not changed much, the crops in the fields looked the same summer burnt brown, but it was good to have the map to locate new interchanges or the occasional new drive back to a farm house. The years since his last visit began to melt away as the miles to the property drive entrance became less and less.Mark turned in to the drive and then slowed to a stop. He took several deep, long breaths to calm his soul – this was a mantra with him because he knew as soon as he entered the house he would not be thinking with his head; he would be thinking with his heart and his slowly rising dick. He eased toward the house and parked in the turn around area. As he stepped from the car, a slender woman with mildly blonde-brown hair opened the screen door and walked out to the screened porch walkway. Mark’s heart went right into his throat and he felt his common sense draining right into his now quickly inflating dick. Every memory, every smell, every sense was suddenly heightened and on full alert. From 10 feet away, he could see her nipples rising in her plain yellow blouse; he could see the pinkness of her areoles around them. He knew she never wore a bra unless she was going to town. As he stepped on to the porch, she moved into his arms and laid her head on his shoulder as he kissed her ever so softly, ever so gently. It had been a long time since he had last kissed those warm, soft lips; he wanted to savor every touch, every feeling, and every part of her. Her breath smelled just like the same tooth paste it had always smelled, her deodorant was still the same. He could just smell her woman’s scent; he knew that just being there she was getting very wet between her legs in anticipation of him being inside her one more time.As he kissed her, his hands held her close and gently felt her back and shoulders before moving down to lovingly cup both buttocks. He knew she would not have any panties on, either. She never wore any under clothes unless she was going somewhere that needed them. Mark used his hands to kneed her butt cheeks and pull them slightly apart and back together; that made her move even closer into his embrace and against his body. She smiled and kissed his cheek, and then took his hand to lead him into the small house. It was cooler than standing in the breezeway – she was becoming soaked with sweat, her blouse and skirt were turning see-through which made the lack of under garments even more tantalizing to Mark. He could just see the outline of her crotch through her dress; that was a tease in itself even though she never thought so.In the house, she walked ahead of him to the kitchen where she turned, kissed him again, and then reached for two glasses to pour some iced tea. Mark already knew how good it would taste – home brewed sun tea; no place and no restaurant could match it. He took the glasses, put some ice cubes into them and then added the tea. As he sat in the kitchen table chair, she came to him; as she went to sit on his leg, she pulled her summer skirt up until it was just below where her crotch would show to anyone looking at her and her bare ass was sitting canlı bahis on his jeans. Her legs were lightly tanned like the rest of her body; Mark would look later for the faint tan lines that he might find. As she sat down and leaned her head into his chest, he began to ever-slowly rub her thighs with a very light circular touch. No push or pull, just his finger tips on the skin of her legs – taking in and re-memorizing every small, simple detail of her total body as he immersed his mind in touching this woman. As he felt the skin all the way up under her skirt, and then around to her sides and parts of her hips and the sides of her butt cheeks, she breathed slower and deeper, and just buried her head farther into his chest as her first mini-orgasm crept into the edge of her mind. The first ones were never physical – they were always mental each time he touched her in the way that only he had learned would please her, again and again. As Mark kept up the slow caresses, she felt another surge cross her heart and soul, and she opened her legs farther apart for him when he would reach that place. She knew he would; it was never if he would touch her and send her mind rocketing into some far away place, it was only how long before he completed his memory update, as he called it, of her entire body.Mark knew he could spend hours just loving the feel of the touch of her skin any place on her body. He loved taking his finger tips and very, very lightly touching every square inch of her body, inside and out. He had already felt her first small orgasm just from his stroking the top of her thighs; when he moved onto other more sensitive points, she would have some so big that he would have to hold her on his leg whole her body shook and she tried to shove his finger up inside her body until his arm might disappear. He knew that she knew he was in no hurry to bring her to pleasure; each and every time they had been together, he had always been able to give her more erotic pleasure in one week than all of the rest of her life. Her life had not been simple but his loving and caring made it well worth the wait. As he moved ever closer to the apex of her thighs with his caresses, she was so wet his jeans were becoming soaked where she sat on his leg. She slowly stood up, knowing her legs would barely support her, and took his hand. Shaking, she led him out of the kitchen and down to a large bedroom at the end of a hallway. In the bedroom, she guided him to sit on the side of the bed before she backed up, reached down to unbutton her skirt and let it fall to the floor. This made her naked from the waist down. Coming back to sit on his leg again with her legs apart, he once again began the slow caresses. He pulled her inner leg up against him so her crotch was open to his touches. She stopped breathing for a second or two when his fingers first gently touched the top of her pubic hair. No hurry, no rush to get inside her; Mark let his fingers play lightly in her sparse, light brown pussy hair. He was drawing light circles in her hair; her breath became more and more ragged as her chest pushed out for his touches.As he played back and forth, just sliding his fingers around in her pubic region, she grabbed his arm and held it in place as she had a much stronger orgasm than the other two. She literally poured her female fluids on his pants but he didn’t care at all. As she held on, he carefully slid his finger right to the top of her pubic split and just kept it right there. Not quite in to the top part of her female slit, not quite on top of the hood covering her clit, but right where she would know where it really was located. This nearly drove her right into another orgasm; she held his wrist even tighter as her legs shook, her body vibrated, and then she slumped into him in a light daze. Mark took the initiative to remove her blouse while she was in this dream state, put one of her arms around his neck which pulled her back up close to him, and then gently cupped a soft breast with his fingers.He loved the texture of her nipples and the surrounding skin on her breasts – silk, smooth, no tan lines, and several freckles across the span usually open to the Texas heat. As he held the nipple, he slowly rolled it in his fingers and softly squeezed it, not hard, but enough to feel the spongy reflexes, it brought back many memories of previous times and previous pleasures they had learned what each other liked and then really liked. He quietly moved his hand to hold her entire breast; she moved to kiss him and to force the hand holding her breast to close tighter to her chest. Slowly, he moved his hand down below that breast where he could slide the back of his hand back and forth “across the hills” as he pictured it. From the swell of one breast to the swell of the other breast, slightly rolling each nipple, or that soft squeeze again, he was enjoying the feel of the goose bumps popping up all over her skin as the hair on his hand touched her skin. Using his other hand, he had cupped a butt cheek and was caressing it as well. From her tail bone to the middle of her hip, and back. Slowly, with his fingertips, sometimes down the side, sometimes down and inside her leg from outside inward; he could almost touch the outer lips of her pussy and move his fingers across her rectal opening. Each time his finger came closer, she felt herself moving to have him touch her anal opening but he would just skirt around it, leaving her climbing that wall again. Quickly he skimmed her rectum, rubbed it, and moved on. That gave her a smile and a quick shiver but not enough to send her over the end again.Slowly disengaging herself, she stood up and pulled him to a standing position. As he stood, she took off his plaid shirt, the white t-shirt, felt his chest and all the tremendous muscle details she could see before unbuckling his belt and the button on his jeans. As he stepped out of his jeans, she knew his semi-hard penis would pop out and upward since he never wore underwear in civilian clothes. She loved holding him soft, semi-hard, or ramrod stiff – any condition and any reason she could get to hold his penis in her hand, or in her body some place. His capability to “use, amuse, tantalize, and please” her with it or the rest of his body parts was established a long time ago. Taking him in her hand, she pulled the skin back until the head was totally exposed and then rubbed her thumb over the velvety head. A few more strokes until she felt good that she touched all of his genitals, she went down on her knees to help him step out of his jeans without tripping. His penis was long for most men, near 9 ½ inches, but he was not so huge around so that it made sex difficult without feeling like he was going to rip her open. She had seen some pictures once of some supposed studs – their dicks looked deformed in how huge they were around. Even the mare in the barn would probably go bug-eyed getting jammed with one of them.As she got his jeans off Mark’s legs, she took his penis into her mouth without using her hands, just sort of nuzzled around until she had some of him to suck on. Almost as slowly as he caressed her, she sucked on him. No real style or plan, he wasn’t fully hard yet so it bent in the middle but that was fine, she kept working it back and forth until he was getting harder. Still no hands, she let go for a minute, used her cheek to lift up his penis so she could kiss his ball sack and suck on it before returning to just holding the head of his now hard dick inside her mouth. Using her mouth, she pushed the skin back from the back of the head so it was completely clear and then just sucked on the head, licked on it ,and mostly mumbled her mouth around the crown until she felt his nuts begin to drawn up. She sucked real hard just once and then pulled her mouth slowly back off his dick before she stood.As she stood, Mark held her close so they could both enjoy the nakedness, the complete body profile. He was in excellent shape and she was no slouch, either. The country work, riding horses, and walking almost every place she went kept her trim, lean, and in fine shape. His dick naturally stood up between them but it was lined up with her slit; he pushed it down as she stepped closer and raised one leg enough to his dick go between them and nestle between her vaginal lips. He let go, she let her leg down, and then he pushed against her as she pushed against him. This forced his dick to bow out slightly right at the downward bend near his pubic bone and push against her hooded clit as she leaned into him. No actual penetration but a very erotic contact every time he flexed his muscles and made the shaft of his dick push against her clitoral hood. Shivers ran through her system as this made the clit hood trap her clit but push and rub on it at the same time. Small pleasure spikes were shooting through her system like an electric charge; she loved it and pushed back against him until suddenly a very strong orgasm ripped her system and he had to hold her up while the ripples worked through her system like waves on water in a pond. Her legs trapped the length of his dick against her pussy lips all the way back to between her ass cheeks. He could feel the tremors happening in her pussy through the vaginal lips surrounding the shaft of his dick. Eventually, the ripples began to calm down as so did she. He was totally soaked with her wetness and yet to enter her body.Mark stepped back from her body as small ripples passed through her torso; he could see her breasts literally vibrate with the power of the orgasmic waves. He held her up with his hands because her legs were quivering and her knees were useless. Pulled into his strong embrace, she sighed, kissed his chest just near his left nipple, and let his arms support her as he guided her onto the king size bed in the room. She was so wet from the recent orgasm that her own body fluids were running down of her legs inside, her pussy hair was totally matted down, and she could feel that even her butt cheeks were fully soaked. This was almost typical for the encounter; this time she seemed to just be more responsive, more orgasmic than other times in the past. But, who was counting – Mark was absorbing the way she was lying on the bed, her legs totally splayed open for him, displaying her pink pussy lips and her nipples hard as brown pebbles.He touched one knee, bent that one leg slightly outward and gently moved that limb toward her chest. This motion pulled her crotch wider open to view as her knee approached her chest. Using his hand to hold her leg up to her chest until he could lean on the leg lightly, Mark took his other hand and began to tease the sparse pussy hairs on that side of her crotch. Rubbing them very, very lightly with the back of his hand, he brushed them back and forth until he could hear her breathing change and see the hairs hardly covering the outer lip on that side start to stand up in anticipation. Taking the tip of his index finger, he gently caressed the wrinkled edge of her outer pussy lips from where the crease began at the top of her slit, to the bottom edge where the lip rounded out and molded into the perineal area in front of her rectum. Up, and down, and back again so ever slowly, ever so gently, ever so lovingly until she shuddered into a thundering orgasm again and again. He had to hold her to him as the muscle spasms passed head to toe through her body. Her body went rigid, her trying to get his hand into her pussy but the leg pulled up to her chest blocking bahis siteleri her grasps, and then she just began to spasm top to bottom, legs trying to cross over each other and get her clit rubbed hard, hips pushing up and down as if she were humping his hand, and sweat all over her body. As she began to calm down and her breathing returning to normal, Mark took his index finger and rubbed her own wetness around her rectal opening. She moved the hip of her pulled up leg outward just a little, up a little, making her rectum move up and out in the open some more for his attentive finger. Her own natural moisture was excellent lubricant for his finger to use to play with, tease, and probe her rear entrance. Her asshole flexed, the muscle ring puckered in, and then outward as he ever so slowly rubbed all the ridges, crevices, and flat areas between the back of her pussy lips to the place where he could feel indent for her spinal tail. As it puckered outward, Mark rubbed around the differing smoothness between the inner ring area and the outer ridges. Her breathing was full, slow, and regular as he continued to provide this pleasure to her body. Once, twice, and finally a third time Mark dipped his index finger in between the bottom of her pussy lips to retrieve more fluids and rub more into her rectum. She was splayed out in his arms with her hips moved as far forward as she could get to present her ass to him. As he added more fluid the third time and circled the ring to make it pucker out, he slid his index finger completely into her asshole and just let it sit there for a minute so she could become accustomed to the intrusion. He felt her body initially try to reject the intruder, and then passion took over when she grabbed his wrist and started sliding his finger in and out of her well oiled asshole. In, out, in, out, like a hard penis in a well oiled pussy, his finger worked backed and forth until her breath became more ragged, more pronounced, and the rest of her body started heating up as the passion overtook her. As he felt her hips begin to tighten up and the humping motion of her hips start to speed up signaling an imminent orgasm, Mark took his other hand and rapidly pulled her wet pussy lips together around her clit and then used them to press on her clit hood as he vigorously massaged her clit and pressed down on it. He body went into a major series of muscle spasms as she grabbed his hand and shoved his index finger up her asshole in rapid fire succession as she went into another powerful orgasm. As the orgasm subsided into less significant muscle twitches as the sparks in her body began to calm, and her body returned to near normal breathing as she fell asleep. Mark carefully removed his index finger from her asshole; he held it over the anal opening for a minute or two like someone ensuring a house was closed up properly, and then he picked her up and moved her into a more comfortable position on the bed to sleep. Moving her up and on to the pillows, her kissed her cheek, covered her with a coverlet, and went to the kitchen. Mark was still nude, his sizeable penis almost still hard and bobbing in front of him as he walked around to pick up his iced tea and find more ice cubes, It had been more than 2 hours since he had walked in the door. Recalling the moments, he smelled and then tasted his fingers to enjoy the fullness that he had brought to her in those 2 hours. He had been oozing pre-cum since before he had walked in the door, her mouth on his penis and her nuzzling him earlier had almost made him cum right then. But – her pleasure was always first, his second. He knew he could jack off and shoot his load all over anytime he wanted. Sinking himself into her body, causing fiery orgasm after orgasm, and then pumping harder and harder as she absorbed every stroke of his dick into her body until he unloaded like a broken water hose; that was not a common event. He could wait. Mark took his iced tea back to the bedroom and placed it on the night stand while he lay down next to her and went into a light sleep.About 3 hours later, Mark felt her mouth and nose pushing his semi-soft dick around as she had done earlier, except this time he was on his back as she leaned over him on all fours and only used her mouth to pleasure his dick. He didn’t care if she used her hands, her toes, or her ears – her attention to his dick was all that mattered. As he got harder and harder, her mouth went farther up and down the shaft but she still did not use her hands. If it escaped her lips, she would lick him down the shaft, lick all hover his balls, and then come back up the shaft until she could suck the head back into her mouth. Mark finally felt her hand come up, carefully cup his balls, and begin to massage them. She rubbed each one carefully, tugged on the bag skin to stretch it out and let it spring back, rub her finger right behind his nuts in that “tween” area between his balls and his asshole. He had his hands behind his head and let her do what she wanted to do, for as long as she wanted. He would get off whenever he decided to lower his control – she had her signals to tell him it was okay to go off in her mouth when he wanted. She began to speed up her sucking on his penis head area as well as the strength of her suck on the head and immediate shaft. Holding his balls up close to his body, she started massaging them in a circular motion with her hand that told him she was ready to let him enjoy his own release.He let his breathing slow down, and then he let himself focus on the wondrous sensations she was creating with her mouth. The sensitivity of his dick head was going up rapidly, his shaft getting harder and the head started to expand even more as he approached his moment. As she felt his breath move up a minor notch, she sucked even harder on the head and then literally dove on the shaft of his engorged penis. He gasped as he felt her nose against his abdomen – meaning she almost 8 inches of his dick in her mouth and throat. Quickly, he held her head and pushed on her face until the other length was into her throat before he fired his load. Pulse after pulse after pulse he fired into her mouth – probably 8 huge shots right down her throat to her stomach before he came to his senses. He quickly reached down, pulled her head back off his dick to let her breathe before she passed out, and looked in to her eyes to be sure she was okay. She smiled at him, took his almost soft penis in her hand and made it waggle back and forth like a limp noodle. She waggled it some more, even he had to laugh at the absurd view of his pecker flopping back in her hand. She laughed, snuggled her body up under his arm with one breast lying on his chest and the other pushed into his side, and then sighed a full, contented sigh. They were both lying nude in the only room in the farm house with some hint of air conditioning; she was dripping her female wetness like a wet wash cloth and he was holding her close to him as his penis laid at an angle across his lower stomach, Half-hard, almost ready to start upward again, Mark let it alone; he knew he would be more than satisfied soon enough.It was near sunset when Mark awoke, he reached down to feel himself; it took only as moment to realize he had a piss-boner and he need to go to the toilet. Extricating himself from her arms; Mark got up and walked to the bathroom and did the business at hand. Wiping himself off with a damp towel, he walked back to the bedroom. She was asleep on her back – breathing slowly, her breasts moving up and down. Her nipples were prominent atop the small mounds. He could see her sex slit partly open and inviting – she was lying in almost the same position that he had placed her in as he had fingered her asshole earlier.Getting closer, Mark quietly moved on to the bed and placed his face near her pussy. He could never get enough of looking at her body or her sexual characteristics. She was not over sized and she was not under sized for her body. Her hips flared out nicely into her legs one way, and back into her torso the other way. She was about 5-5, weight about 110 he guessed, and he knew she wore a 34C bra when she decided to find one worth wearing. He also knew that if he went in slowly, her pussy or her asshole would accommodate his dick as often as he wanted for as long as he wanted. Her almost perpetual wetness made it easy to penetrate, lubricate, and enjoy her body. He knew he would bottom out in her pussy quickly, or jam her cervix if he got in a hurry. She loved him pounding his dick into her asshole since he had to be so careful about fucking her pussy. She didn’t care – she just wanted his dick in her whenever he could manage and feel his balls slap her body again and again.Mark put his face right near her open thighs and looked at her pussy. When she was not being driven up the wall and her pussy lips were not fully engorged, he could see all the small “nooks and crannies” as he called them. The continuous wrinkling of the ridges and nonstop grooving from the top to the bottom of her slit always intrigued him. The way her puffy pussy lips blended back into the body curves between her legs just before her rectal opening never ceased to entice him to lick her there over and over. He loved her flavor; her womanliness he had come to so enjoy. He looked at the top of her slit where the two edges merged and returned back into her smooth abdominal skin. For now, there was no evidence of that dynamically sensual button hidden just under a clever little hood of skin. Every part, every small nuance – he relished as he studied this most exquisite part of her body.He carefully leaned forward on his elbows so as to not wake her and put his nose just to her pussy but not touching her. Her womanliness was all he needed to supercharge his dick back into rigidity; Mark sniffed again and then very carefully licked one side of her crotch between leg and crotch. He pushed the few pubic hairs that she had with his tongue and his nose. As soon as he did, her leg moved out and she stretched all over. Her motions also further opened up her crotch to his inspections. He lightly moved his tongue down the crease where the leg and the crotch became one another, from her stomach to below the curve into her ass cheek. Her body responded instantly with more fluid seeping between her pussy lips and running down to her ass crack. Again, Mark went up and down that side, and then he moved to the other side to do the same but not touch the center of her feminine line. She began to quiver and shake as he played with the thin hairs at the top and bottom of her slit, carefully licking them and then using his nose to push them around.Suddenly, her legs clamped his head to her crotch as she boomed into a massive orgasm. Legs shaking, body heaving, nipples harder than rocks, thighs flexing and pumping her pussy into his face – her legs trying to pull his face into her pussy and get more direct contact with that tongue driving her so crazy. He reached below her as her body tried to swallow him and pulled both sides of her ass cheeks back and forth so he could slide his finger around her asshole, almost into it and back out again. As she dropped her ass down once while he was teasing her asshole, he slid his finger straight into her pussy form under her and pushed his index finger into the location of her G-spot. Her legs bridged her ass nearly a foot clear off the bed as he pushed, rubbed, and massaged that spot, driving her farther into the multiple orgasms he had triggered. güvenilir bahis Her entire body was having spasm after spasm, all starting in her pussy and radiating wonderfully outward to her head, finger tips, feet, and her mind. Her female fluids flooded out of her pussy as each wave hit her again and again. Mark finally took his finger out of her pussy and let her body relax as she slowed into some small seismic twitches as a mini-orgasm waved back through her body. Every inch of her body was covered in sweat and her juices; all of her lower body was drenched in her orgasmic fluid. As he sucked on a nipple for a few seconds, her crotch began to hump the air and bridge upward again until he quit sucking and let her relax some more. He walked into the bathroom to retrieve the wet wash cloth he had used earlier to come back and wipe her body down. The sweat and the mixture of her body fluids were every place; she was a limp noodle to his ministrations and efforts to refresh her body in a small way. She rolled over on her stomach, and then slid backward in a manner that raised her ass up in the air while pulling her cheeks apart at the same time, displaying her open rectal area to his hands. This also splayed her pussy lips open below her; he could see up into her vaginal cavity just enough to see how pink she was inside. Wiping her ass and her pussy back and forth, he lightly smacked a butt cheek; she laughed and then rolled over holding her legs open for his inspections. As she carefully stood on very wobbly legs, he helped her walk to the bathroom and sit on the commode, and then went to get more iced tea in the kitchen. The clock on the wall showed almost 8 pm when Mark made some sandwiches for them to eat.It was almost 4am when he felt the lips holding the skin around the head of his dick. He smiled to himself as she slowly sucked around the head, licked the bottom side of his shaft, and almost imperceptibly nibbled the split at the head with her lips. Her left hand was rubbing his balls, pulling gently on his nut sack, and pushing on that soft spot between his balls and his own ass. As he stretched, she moved with his body and kept her contact on his dick, holding his balls and sucking up and down the entire shaft. He was as hard as he could remember in a long time; this was significantly better than the occasional self service hand job he gave himself in the shower.He arched his back slightly, lifting his crotch upward; she took the hint and started going down on his entire shaft with her warm mouth. He let her work her own pace; that she was even going down on his dick, caressing his human tool with her mouth and lips, was wonderful enough. The warmth of her touch, the suckling motion of her mouth, everything that he could want was all there within her lips. She sensed he was getting close to cuming again as his balls began to tighten; she slowed her suckling motions down to a slow, slow tongue roll around the bottom of his dick head, the most sensitive place. Mark pulled her up and kissed, licked and nibbled on her neck from her ear lobe to her left nipple, leaving a wet trail of kisses as goose bumps appeared all over her breasts and her nipples became small pebbles again. He reversed himself and started down the middle of her torso, kissing and licking until he reached the top of her pussy slit. She kept trying to push it into his face; he kept blowing air on her pussy hair. With a quick dive that made her catch her breath, he licked her from bottom to top and latched onto her clit like a leech. She bucked, her legs thrashed, her breasts were red from the instant change in body heat, her breath was ragged, she had goose bumps all over her body as she locked her thighs around his head and face fucked her crotch on his tongue as she dynamited into fiery massive orgasm. Her ass cheeks pulled together, her asshole even had spasms as she humped into his mouth. Her hands weren’t pinching her nipples; they were trying to pull her nipples right off her tits as she hit high peak after high peak.As she began to level off and come back into this reality, Mark carefully pulled his head from between her legs and moved himself in to position where he could start putting his dick into her pussy. She stopped him for a moment, had him roll over on his back where his dick was sticking up and away from his body. She crawled over his legs; as she moved forward to cover him, she raised herself up on her knees and scooted forward until her pussy was right over his disk head. Taking her hands, she reached under her and pulled his dick so it was standing up right at her pussy opening. Slowly, she eased down until she could just take the head of his dick and rub it back and forth, making her pussy lips open and close around the head. He was not inside her but he was also not far from direct entry, either. Her wetness slid down his shaft, making it easy for her to use her pussy lips to tease as well as lubricate his dick As he became wetter, she let her body down just enough that his dick head was pushing on the opening to her pussy. Inside the lips, almost inside her – she held him there as her body got used to the size of his dick head. She pulled up, and then eased down a little more on his shaft. The second time she moved downward, she felt his dick head change shape to slide inside her. She had to hold herself right there for a few seconds as her body began to quiver; she was afraid she would slip and slide totally down his dick all at once. That would cause his dick head to ram into her cervix, bending and hurting him, and sending a wall of pain through her body. In control of her breathing again, she slid down another inch or so, came back up again, and then slid down some more again. She was milking the first 4-5 inches of his dick as she moved on him, squeezing her cunt muscles around his dick head, pulling up on his shaft as she was flexing those same muscles. This was a body job, not a hand job, and he loved every pull and every push of her pussy lips around the head and shaft.As she slid on his dick, he reached behind her and slowly rubbed his finger around her asshole where he could feel the muscle ring expand and contract with her leg movements. He waited until she started her downward motion before he let her slide onto his finger in her ass as well. He felt the shudder go through her body as she slowed flexed her asshole around his finger, and then slid back up again. She was milking his dick with her pussy; he was massaging her asshole with his index finger. Another orgasm, not quite as strong, hit her mind and body; he helped hold her body still partly impaled on his dick until the waves passed through her; he didn’t want her to have pain while he was embedded in her.He moved her up and tilted her body slightly forward so his dick slid slowly out of her. As she moved forward, he reached between them and lined the head of his dick up to the small indentation that marked where her asshole was located. As she moved over the head of his dick again, she let herself relax some so his dick came in contact with her asshole. Flexing her asshole made it almost suck on his dick head; it held him in place without pulling him inside. The spongy tip of his dick was wedged into the wrinkles of her rectal opening but no weight was being applied to push him into her back passage. She began to relax and let her body mass pull her down on to his shaft. He was so wet and slick from just being inside her pussy that entry into her asshole was not difficult. She felt the initial resistance of her sphincter muscle to an intrusion, but she felt his dick head pop into her rectum, things became more comfortable.As she steadied herself over his body, she turned around while on his dick to face his feet and Mark pushed slightly upward so a bit more of his dick shaft was inside her asshole, and then relaxed to get the feel of her rear entry around his dick. When he was in about 4 inches, he rolled both of them over without removing himself so he was behind her doggy style. She put her head down on the pillow and spread her feet apart to make her ass cheeks spread out even more. Mark waited until she was done before leaning forward to get more of his dick up her asshole. The internal heat, the slickness along with the incredible tightness had him wondering how long he could hold out.Slowly he eased forward, and then back again 3-4 inches in a rocking motion until he felt her anal ring accept his dick being there. A little deeper the next motion forward, and then he pulled more out of her before he pushed his hips forward to impale her ass even more than a previous moment. She was breathing deep, her legs were shaking, and her pussy was beginning to have its own spasms as he moved deeper in and out of her body. As he moved to impale his entire dick up her ass, he reached under her, found her clit, and squeezed it with his two fingers. The result was instantaneous – she bucked under the intense pleasure and that shoved her ass all the way onto his dick. His balls were now hanging directly on her pussy. He backed out a little, slid back in, did that again, and slid a bit farther out before he pushed all the way into her ass the next time. She was beside herself with him literally pinching her clit, his dick totally up her ass, and him playing it in and out like a fine instrument.As his speed picked up, the stoking in and out of her asshole began more and more. It took him almost 20 minutes to get up to full speed but he was there now; the entire length of his dick was going into and out her like a piston. He would speed up, slow down, move sideways, down and up, do short strokes, and then slide his entire length into her until his balls would swing up and hit her pussy. He butt cheeks were shaking with the pounding he was giving her asshole – she was beyond caring. His speed and motion changes had teased every erotic part of her cunt and asshole until the slightest touch gave her quivers all over. It took a moment for her to realize his speed was even faster, his dick was swelling even more, and his balls weren’t slapping against her pussy lips on every stroke. She knew he was about to pump a load up her ass that would feel exquisite in size as well as heat. His hands were squeezing her nipples, pulling on her breasts, massaging her clit like a guitar string, and his dick was doing wonders for her body via her ass. She felt him suddenly stiffen, shove his dick head as far into her asshole as he could get before, and then explode rope after rope of cum – a load that was filling her insides with a super warmth and slickness. Her asshole spasmed around his shaft, her eyes betrayed her consciousness as she felt another wave shiver through her body. Mark held her close as he kept his dick up her ass while they rolled over on to their sides on the bed. He could feel her anal muscle ring flexing around his shaft, trying to autonomicaly push the intruding object out instead of holding his dick in place. Being semi-hard, he pushed himself back in as far as his 9 ½ inches would reach, held her close to him, and went to sleep that way. He awoke later that night with a hard on, still up in her ass, so he filled her again with another load. Between the strokes she shuddered, stretched around and kissed him again as he suckled a nipple. Twisting around like that made her butt cheeks pull apart so he was able to move another inch or so in her as he stroked slowly in and out of her body. Later, as she slept, He watched her gentle, soft face – a few freckles on the nose bridge – smile contentedly as he flexed his dick inside her ass. Mark carefully brushed the hair off her face, and then looked at her as he softly spoke, “Happy Birthday, Mom. I’m home for good.”

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