The Husband’s Point of View

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(Husband’s view) This is the male/husband’s perspective of a first time trip to a swinger club. For the female perspective, please see the story titled “Taking it too Far.”


Fifteen years of marriage and I was a stereotype. I used to listen to married guys and think, “No way, not me.” I had a found a great wife – one that loved sex more than I did. There was no way I was going to be one of those married guys griping that we were never having sex.

When we got married my wife was insatiable. If we went 2 days without having sex, she was practically raping me in the middle of the night. It used to be hard for women to get me off with their mouth, but my wife took it as a challenge. Once she was able to get me to cum with her mouth, she used to relish going down on me. In the car, because a song was on the radio, a few minutes after having sex so I could get it up again… We would rent porn videos and act them out. Not the “couples porn” or soft stuff, but stuff with anal and group and things. She had dirty lingerie, toys. We would even play games to see what kind of sex we would have. A few times we even went to strip joints and the strippers would suck on her tits and play with her pussy. I was in heaven and marrying her felt like the greatest thing ever. She made me feel confident and alive. I was truly in love.

Up until our third kid, things were still great. As long as she was trying to get pregnant, I got it whenever and however I wanted. When she was ovulating, of course we had regular sex, but outside of that box, it was blowjob heaven, anal heaven, pussy to mouth and once even ass to mouth (though she was drunk at the time). Then it all changed. Maybe it was my financial stress of supporting four other people. Maybe it was the fact that she was tired. Maybe there was some drop of desire on her part. It started with lingerie. Sure she gained weight, but I still liked it. To be honest, I liked her more in it because it covered up the stretch marks and little rolls. She wasn’t obese, just hefty. Still, she started with the attitude of “I don’t need to wear that stuff.”

Slowly but surely, other things started to come off the table. Anal sex? Her comment, “Why would you want to do something to me that hurts.” She stopped getting down on her knees for blowjobs. Yeah, I would get them occasionally, but they would be from the side. She didn’t want to be subservient. She still swallowed, but maybe once every 6 months. The icing on the cake was when it had been several months and she gave me a “birthday blowjob.” When she was done she casually said, “Well, I don’t have to do THAT for another year.”

I tried to do things to excite her – nothing seemed to work. It was like her attitude was, “Let’s get this over with.” I might get her to go down on me for 30 seconds, even though I would go down on her for 30 minutes if she wanted. It was all a nightmare. So I tried dirty talk. Softer stuff at first, but I was desperate. I wanted to see that look in her eyes that she used to get when she was really coming. I wanted that passion she used to have. I wanted her to beg for it again. I talked about watching her with other men and she even said, “Sloppy seconds” once. I’ll admit it. That took me over the edge, but really, only because she was actually participating. See, I was the only one actually doing the dirty talk.

I don’t know if she let her guard down or something just clicked, but somehow she was drawn to the idea of a “soft swing.” You know the deal, couples have sex with others, but not full penetration; oral, etc. In reality, it kind of sucks for the guys. Hell yea, we like blowjobs, but that means your wife/girlfriend has another guy’s dick in her mouth. So, I searched it out. I just wanted her to be excited again. I figured if another guy got her off with his mouth, maybe she would be more into it. So, I reached out to a couple I found on the net who had these swinger parties. Their house was about 40 miles away, but I could see from their website that it was a really big house. They were normal looking people, but a little more attractive than us. I finally got Desirae to talk to the hostess (Lynn) and she agreed.

When the big night arrived, I made reservations at a nice hotel nearby. I wasn’t sure we would be spending the night and I figured even if Desirae chickened out, we could go to a nice hotel room and maybe I would have sex. We got a sitter for the night and my wife got ready after she arrived. The first thing I noticed was that my wife put on a corset with thigh highs. Man did she look hot, and that really annoyed me. It had been years since she had worn it for me and she knew I loved it. I wanted to fuck her right there, but she said, “This is for later.” I brushed it off that maybe I would be the lucky one if she did, in fact, chicken out.

She tucked the kids in for the night as we were leaving about 10:30. The party didn’t merter escort start until 11 and we didn’t want to be early. The hostess, Lynn, said a good time to arrive would be 11:30 and that was what we shot for. I was both nervous and excited. A little bit jealous that my wife was going to be wearing my favorite outfit while possibly giving another guy a hummer, but also excited that I may be getting a hummer from the hostess (I got the impression that she would make sure I was “taken care of.”) If luck came my way, maybe I would get to pump my wife before the night was over. I just wanted her to be horny again. I was happy to see that she was drinking alcohol on the way there. Maybe she would loosen up.

Being 40 minutes outside of town we arrived almost right on time. The house looked just like the pictures and was, in fact, bigger than I expected. Lynn greeted us at the door and put my wife at ease almost immediately. Lynn was looking hot. She wasn’t trapesing around in lingerie, but a fine red dress and dark nylons. I really hoped they were thigh highs. It was then that I got a little excited about going down on her. She gave me a knowing smile and escorted us around the house. There were public rooms and private and that helped. I wasn’t sure if I could perform if a bunch of people were watching me. As if sensing my anxiety, Lynn turned to me and said, “If you are worried about performance anxiety – and a lot of first time guys are – don’t worry. The ladies here understand and will be happy to go with you to a private room.”

My wife asked her about the “soft swing” and Lynn was more than accommodating. Lynn talked about how popular my wife would be as she was “new blood.” It was there that I got a little jealous. Being in my late 30s, I had reached the “one and done” phase. Though I thought I may be able to get off with my wife later, I never thought about her going down on multiple men before just then. I guess I just pictured her in a room with a guy sucking him off and him returning the favor. I never thought about my wife being multi-orgasmic and returning the favor on several guys.

It was then that Lynn’s husband arrived, Tom. He was a well-dressed and well-spoken man. I was a little intimidated by him and unfortunately, I could see that my now-tipsy wife was smitten herself. I pushed it aside. If my wife blew him and I got taken care of by Lynn, I would be happy. Lynn, however, got me back to thinking about what I was there for and before I knew it, we were headed to a semi-private room. She took my hand and said, “I can’t wait to feel you inside my mouth” and led me up the stairs. Watching her ass in that tight dress helped me put images of Desirae sucking Tom out of my head. In fact, as I was following her up the stairs I could now tell that she was, in fact, wearing thigh highs and that turned me on even more.

When we got to the room, she turned and laid a long kiss on me. We made out like young kids on our first car date. My cock was throbbing in my pants and was also getting a little wet. I slowly unzipped her dress and she dropped it to the floor and she looked even hotter in a red and black corset with garters and thigh highs. I lifted her up and placed her on the bed and was rather in a rush going down on her. Fortunately, all the kissing had made her more than aroused and very soon my face was covered in her juices. I hate to say it, but it was clear she had been fucked quite a few times. Her pussy was shaved clean (which turned me on even more) but either because she was so turned on or whatever, her lips were wild. The nice thing is that they were very sensitive. Some women like to have their clit licked. Some like to have you all over. Lynn clearly enjoyed “fucking my face” and burying my tongue in her very wet vagina.

Lynn also communicated with me. Unlike my wife, whose mind I had to read sometimes, she told me which way to go and what worked. I had slid a finger into her pussy at her instruction and eventually the orgasm seemed to build. My face was soaked, but I didn’t mind at all. Her pussy clenched on my finger in what was clearly a long and enjoyable orgasm. I thought I heard people in the room, but I stayed with the task at hand and kept going until she said to stop. One thing was certain – I was at full erection in my pants.

When it was clear that Lynn had enough, she motioned for me to stand up. In her hot outfit – still with high heels on – she joined me and kissed my wet face passionately. That turned me on even more because my wife hated kissing me after I had been down on her. She grabbed my cock and said, “Too bad I can’t have this in me because my pussy is throbbing.” I’ll admit, I was tempted, but my wife and I set ground rules and I wasn’t about to break them. Lynn saw the hesitation in my eyes and followed up with, “Don’t worry, my mouth will feel just as good.”

Lynn nişantaşı escort asked about how I like my blowjobs. Admittedly, I told her the thing about Desirae and not wanting to get on her knees anymore and why. “Well, after what you just did, it would only be appropriate that I properly service you,” she replied. She got down on her knees right there and started sucking on me while I was standing up. Oh my God was it incredible. I was amazed at how far she could take me in her throat, but two things were going against me here. First, I was standing up, and I just couldn’t get relaxed enough to cum that way. The second was that the door was open and people kept walking by. I would love to say that I was Tony Soprano and could get off with someone watching me, but I could not.

I motioned for her to allow me to the bed and she obliged. Once at the bed she stayed in her position on her knees, however, she took over a little. This is where I really appreciated good oral sex. She started by lifting my legs up to allow her to lick my testicles. As much as I would try to get my wife to do that, she would only do that for a lick or so. Lynn, however was almost worshipping them. I was enjoying that tremendously when I realized that she had worked her way down and was rimming me. I had never had a woman do that, and while it felt a little different, it was building me up like crazy as she continued to stroke my cock in the process. Lynn must have sensed me build because just before I was about to cum, she jumped back on my cock with her mouth and allowed me to unload quite a bit into her. I would love to say she managed to take it all in, but she choked a little on the sure volume that had built up over the last week. Despite the mess that got on her face, she made sure I was thoroughly satisfied before she stopped. She climbed up off of her knees and laid her head on my chest and stroked my chest hairs a little. My legs were weak and she seemed quite content herself.

I think I dozed off for a second, because when I woke, Lynn had put her dress back on and was touching up her makeup in the mirror in the room. When I got up, she kissed me and invited me to take a look around the house. It was then that I became somewhat tentative and fearful. For the 30 – 45 minutes that Lynn and I were going at it, I gave not one thought to what Desirae was doing with someone like Tom. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to look in a door and see her energetically sucking some guy off when I practically had to beg for it myself. Still, I wasn’t sure I wanted to see her later and question what she had done. So, with a little bit of trepidation, I started to explore the house.

I guess I was expecting to see a lot of people in different rooms, but for the most part I just saw some stray couples and a couple of threesomes. While they were erotic, it was nothing to get me going after the blow job I just had. I then realized that there was a lot of commotion coming from a room downstairs. I actually heard something like “live one” or something like that and decided to take a look.

I got the shock of my life as I entered a corner of the large room and saw that my wife was spread eagle while at the same time sucking some guy off. I had just entered when a guy with as big of cock as I had ever seen slid his cock into her pussy. It was immediately clear that she had been fucked already because he buried it in her pussy with one thrust. She looked up at him and I could tell that she knew this man. I had never met him before, but from the look on his face, I was certain he had wanted to fuck my wife for a long time. His size or the fact that she knew him made her stop sucking the cock in her cum-covered mouth and start gazing up at the stranger inside of her. She tried to kiss him, but he would have none of that, despite how passionate she seemed to be staring at him. It was then that I heard him say, “I knew you were the slut I fantasized about.”

Despite the look of love on my wife’s face, there was nothing but lust on his. He pounded her like a teenager being laid for the first time. I thought he was going to blow his load in her, but he stopped, grabbed her head and shot his load in her mouth. I was offended that she sucked his cock straight from her pussy because she hadn’t done that for me in years. Not to mention, she made a point of swallowing ever drop instead of pulling away as she sometimes did with me.

I don’t think she realized my presence in the wall of men that surrounded her because another man quickly buried his cock in her and came, almost like a dog taking a piss to mark his territory. The man she had been sucking for a while asked her to ride him and she was more than willing. He must have got off on the cum because he started to kiss her like they were on their wedding night. She greatly appreciated the ortaköy escort love making and reciprocated by sitting up and riding him like a cowgirl. As she passionately rode him, I started to become enraged. How could she do this? How could she break our agreement and fuck all of these guys? Why was she a slut for them, but would not be for me?

At the same time, I was also quite turned on. Here was my wife who I still found hot, dressed like a slut and orgasming. She had no care in the world and obviously was clueless as to my presence. I wanted to leave, but I also wanted to watch. In addition, the bulge in my pants let me know that I also wanted to participate. Somewhere I was lost in the confusion because I didn’t see Tom approach her until she was leaning back over the guy she was fucking and he grabbed a hold of her. There was no doubt he was about to fuck her ass and I was fuming over this. Was she going to let him? Before long she was riding the guy below her while at the same time giving the look of a porn star. I am not sure what caused them to go over the edge, but the guy on the bottom unloaded and was actually shaking as he came. Then Tom buried his thick cock as far as he could and held it there as he unloaded too.

It was then that she saw me, but didn’t say a word. Prior to this point, she looked lost in her lustful act, but now she had the look of pure guilt on her face as one guy shot a load across her face. Tom could see it too, and he motioned the other guys to leave. Desirae just stayed there on all fours and didn’t say a word to me. I walked around and she more or less stared straight ahead as I could see how much cum was on her and in her. I was pissed and turned on, and I wanted her to pay for what she had done. I undid my pants and went to mount her, but first smacked her ass with my bare hand. I expected her to yell at me, but all she did was scream a little in pain without mouthing back. She knew she was in trouble and there was no way she was going to be anything but my bitch for this.

I slid my cock into her cum-filled cunt and grabbed her hips. I knew I wasn’t the biggest guy to fuck her that night, but I was bound and determined to make her feel me. I was angry and turned on, but I went with it and let her know. As I fucked her I said, “Oh, I knew you were a nasty little slut. Here you were supposed to let some guy eat you out and I find you fucking a bunch of them. You liked it, didn’t you? You liked being a whore.”

She didn’t deny it. She bragged about the number of guys who came in her pussy that night. I wanted her to talk dirty, but I wanted her to shut up as well. I pulled out of her pussy and grabbed her hair. I forced my cum-covered dick into her mouth. She wasn’t going to resist this. She was going to taste my cock after I had been in her. To her credit, she sucked my cock as well as she ever had, but I wasn’t about to cum that quickly. I got behind her and asked her if she enjoyed giving me sloppy seconds.

“Seconds?” She replied. “How does it feel to have all those guy’s loads of cum inside your wife’s precious little pussy. I know you like knowing you are pushing their cum deeper into me. I let those guys cum deep in my pussy and you liked it you sick freak.”

I could have cum right there from her dirty talk. Talk that I had yearned for was now flowing freely from her mouth. I had other thoughts in mind and it was to make her pay more. I pulled my cock from her pussy and without getting so much as a nod of approval, I buried it in her sill-open ass as hard as I could. I could tell she was in pain, but I was going to fuck her ass. She had denied me of that treat for years, but there was no way I was going to let her deny me pure moments after giving her ass to another guy. The grimace on her face and the groans of pain made me feel alive and in control. With several hard mustered thrusts, I buried my cock deep in her as and came for the second time that night. She almost had a look of relief on her face that this task was over, but I grabbed her hair and made her suck my dick straight from her asshole. Again, she didn’t resist. In fact, I think she would have let me cum in her mouth had I been able to. Alas, I could not, and after a few minutes I decided it was time to go.

I handed her the dress she wore that evening – it was nicely hanging on the hook in the bedroom. At least Tom was nice enough to do this before he pimped out my wife. I escorted her to the door without so much as a word. I don’t know what disgusted me more, the fact that my wife was such a whore that evening or the fact that she hadn’t acted like that for me in years. I think it was the latter because it meant that she was like that all along – just not with me. The hotel was a short drive and when we got there I simply pointed to the shower and said, “Clean up.” I wanted her to get all reminders of the evening out of my head. I wanted the cum out of her hair and I wanted to pitch the ripped up corset and thigh highs. She got into the shower without a word. Part of me wanted to wait for her, but the rest of me didn’t want to see her at all. There was a bar open across the street and I left a note and went there until closing. When I came back, she was sound asleep in the bed.

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