The Journey Continues

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While this is a follow up to The Journey Begins, it can be read as a stand-alone.


Katherine and I are a working professional couple with two children. I am 48 with short brown hair with more and more gray as the years go by. I am 6’4″ and weigh about 195 pounds. I have a lean body and I work out as often as time allows, but not nearly enough. I keep myself shaved both face as well as my cock and balls. My wife Katherine is 39 with long dirty blond hair with amazing blue eyes and a killer smile. She is 5’9″ and weighs about 165 pounds. She has gorgeous 38D tits which were added about 7 years ago. She keeps her pussy nice a smooth with a little landing strip above and her ass is incredible. She is absolutely beautiful to me.

We have always had a great sex life, but with kids and work as most couples no things slow down some. That said we still have a great sex life and are very open with each other and are both willing to try new things. Such was the case when I had an old military buddy that came to town for a party we had for Katherine’s birthday. That night was our first experimentation with bringing someone else into the bedroom. Things went okay, but was not all Katherine thought it would be. We certainly would not classify ourselves as swingers since it was the first and only time.

Fast forward three months and we are visiting that same friend Larry in Florida. He has a fairly new girlfriend which he had actually just started talking to right before he visited us three months prior. Larry is my age although he likes to remind me I am six months older. Steph, his new girlfriend was much younger at 24. She was a young Lieutenant in the military. He met her through a beach volleyball league. She had the hard body of a young 24 year old. She had long blond hair and what I would guess to be D cup breasts. They actually seemed larger on her small frame and they were recent additions as well. She was pretty short compared to my wife at around 5’3″ and probably weighed about 110 pounds.

On the drive down, Katherine wore a summer dress with no bra. I was able to tease slide my hand under her dress and tease her pussy. She may not admit it, but she likes to be seen and watched. It was a turn on for her to know the trucks passing us could probably look right down and see me playing with her pussy or her playing with herself. She would occasionally unbuckle her seatbelt and lean over and take me in her mouth. When she did this, I would slide her dress up to show her ass off to the passing vehicles. I would reach over and finger her while she sucked me. She was back in her seat with the seat leaned back and I began fingering her pussy and letting another finger tease her ass. I eventually began fingering her pussy and ass while she rubbed her clit. She had a pretty strong orgasm, probably imagining being watched by the truckers.

We finally arrived at Larry’s house and got showered and ready to head out to dinner. We talked over dinner, just the usual catching up with Larry and getting to know Steph. We head from dinner to a bar on the beach to have some drinks and enjoy the ocean breeze. We only had a couple of drinks and Steph did not have any since she was driving. As we were driving home we passed a strip club and Larry joked about going in to which Steph replied, “we can go in or we could just go home and see each other naked.” I was pretty surprised and just assumed she was joking. I looked at Katherine and she raised her eyebrows and smiled. Just thinking about the possibility was pretty exciting even though I really did not think anything was actually going to happen, but hey, that is what fantasies are, just for a fun imagination.

When we go back to Larry’s house we all got drinks and headed to the kitchen table to continue the evening. Someone suggested cards or something to that effect and I joked about playing strip poker. Steph then said, “Why don’t we all just get naked and play truth or dare.” I know, it sounds like a trite or even like a junior high game, but the possibility of seeing Steph naked was enough for me to look to my wife for a sign that she was interested. She just raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders. Even to see Katherine naked in front of them was a turn on just thinking about it.

I was beginning kartal escort to wonder if Larry had told her about getting a blowjob from Katherine while I fucked her a few months prior, but I guess it did not really matter at this point. To my surprise nobody even hesitated and we all got undressed. The lights we dim, but not off so you could clearly see everyone. Steph’s tits were very firm with hard nipples and as I mentioned earlier, they were pretty large for her small frame.

Steph’s pussy was completely bald and she had bikini tan lines that accentuated her nice ass and tits. We sat down at the table and decided to let Larry make the first truth or dare. He asked Steph if she had ever been with another woman to which she quickly responded yes. I am sure he knew the answer to that questions before he even asked it. I knew Katherine had made out with a college roommate, but it did not go any further than a little kissing and hands running over each other before they stopped.

Then Steph went and she chose truth also, to which Steph asked if she had ever been with another woman. Katherine said not really and explained her brief encounter in college. Katherine then asked Larry to choose, to which he chose Dare. Katherine told him to play with Steph’s tits. Larry moved over and began to massage them and then leaned down to lick and suck her nipples. At this point I became very turned on and luckily I was hidden by the table because I was very hard. I kind of called the game back to order by clearing my throat. It was now Larry’s turn and he called on Steph and this time she chose Dare. To my surprise he dared her to lick Katherine’s pussy.

I was afraid he went too far too fast and this was going to be game over, but I looked over at Katherine and she was just staring at Steph. Steph got up and walked over and Katherine slid her chair back and spread her legs with no hesitation. If I was did not think my cock could get any harder, but I was wrong. I had pre cum building up and I wanted to stroke myself, but I resisted the urge. Steph began licking her pussy and Katherine let out a moan and I could see she was pushing herself more forward on the chair to give Steph better access. Larry and I both lost track of time, but to all of our disappointment, including Katherine, Steph stood back up and sat down.

It was now Steph’s turn and things took a very wrong turn. She asked Larry to choose and he chose Dare, She dared him to suck my cock, to which we both exclaimed hell no. Then she got a little upset and said maybe she did not understand the game and maybe we should just quit. We both explained to her that we are enjoying the game but we were not into that at all and suggested she make another dare. I thought we were done for sure, but she then dared him to go down on Katherine.

Larry quickly turned to Katherine and she slid back again to get another tongue on her pussy. I knew by now she had to be dripping. She leaned back and pushed forward like she did with Steph and began enjoying the work Larry was applying to her pussy. I was so turned on watching my beautiful wife being licked by both Steph and Larry. She is the most beautiful woman on the planet to me and to see her being pleased made me even more aroused if that was even possible.

Steph called us back to order and now it was Larry’s turn and he called on Steph. At this point it was just a game of Dare as nobody was choosing truth any longer. He dared Steph to suck my cock. I could not believe what was about to happen. I have not been with another woman in any way since my wife and I started dating so I was a little apprehensive, but also very turned on. Steph got up and came around and I slid back from the table exposing my hard cock. She dropped to her knees and began licking the pre cum from the head of my cock and swirling her tongue around before taking my cock in her mouth. I am surprised I did not come immediately and probably would have if I had not been so nervous at being sucked by a woman I had just met along with my wife earlier in the evening. Larry got things back order.

Steph then dared Larry to slide back and let Katherine suck his cock. I was thinking who the hell this dare is for and what guy in their right mind kurtköy escort would not do it. He slid back and Katherine got on her knees and proceeded to lick and suck his cock. Once again, seeing her performing on him was a huge turn on as it was watching her lick Steph. Steph got every ones attention and then Larry dared Katherine to lick Steph’s pussy. I was very interested in seeing what she would do. I know she had just jet Steph lick her pussy, but it was another thing for her to return the favor.

I had fantasized about her and another woman for some time and had already got a glimpse of that when Steph licked her. Katherine never hesitated and got up and walked around to where Steph had slid her chair back and edged her bald pussy up so Katherine could have better access. Katherine began licking up and down her slit. She had her hand around behind Steph’s ass and was working her pussy with her tongue. Steph for her part just rolled her head back and moaned and enjoyed. Larry called us back to order much to my disappointment.

Now Katherine dared me to do the same to Steph. I don’t know why I was surprised given everything that had already transpired, but I was a little. Like I said, I have not been with anyone else for a long time and had never even really thought about it other than fantasies with my wife. I moved over and got in my knees as she slid forward again to give me the same access she had provided Katherine. I began licking and discovered her pussy was very different that Katherine’s which is not a huge surprise.

While it may have been a while since being with other women, I have been with lots of women in my life, mainly from my time in the military. Steph’s pussy was more closed up and did not lay open like my wife’s pussy. Katherine’s pussy lays open a little when she is turned on. I also slid a finder in Steph and noticed how tight it was on my finger. I was imagining how tight it would be on my cock when Larry got our attention.

It was time to take a break and get some more drinks we determined. The girls ran off to the bathroom and Larry and I stood there drinking beer with our hard cocks sticking straight up. When the girls came back they went to the living room and got on the big chair in the corner. They began making out and Larry and I just watched for a little while. Katherine was sitting on the chair with her head laid back and Steph was kissing her way down Katherine’s body, over her tits, down her stomach to her pussy. I could not take my eyes off my wife. She is so hot and now she was even hotter getting pleasured by another hot young woman.

Larry and I move closer to the action and he is standing by the chair and I am standing behind Steph enjoying the view. Katherine reaches out and takes Larry’s cock in her hand and starts stroking him. She then pulled him closer and leaned over and started sucking his cock while Steph licked and fingered her pussy. I kneeled down behind Steph and began licking her pussy from behind. I licked her from her clit to her ass. I teased her clit with my tongue and then slid a finger inside her and started working her pussy pretty good with my tongue and finger. I licked her ass a little and when she seemed to enjoy this I eased a finger in her ass as well. She pulled her face out of Katherine’s pussy and looked back at me and smiled. I thought for a second she was going to tell me to stop but she began pushing back on my fingers harder.

This went on for I am not sure how long, but at no time did it appear that anyone had an orgasm. I know in most of the stories I read on Literotica, everyone seems to cum immediately and very often. We were all obviously enjoying ourselves, but had yet to come. I had pre cum dripping from my cock for sure and probably would cum very quickly if my cock were in a pussy or mouth, but as it was, I was giving and not receiving at the time, which was perfectly fine by me. Katherine began moaning harder and I could tell she was getting close. I continued my efforts on Steph and Katherine continued working on Larry’s cock.

I was really enjoying participating for sure, but seeing Katherine being pleased by others was a huge turn on for me. I heard Katherine’s moans increase so I looked up to see maltepe escort Steph working what looked like two fingers in her pussy while she was licking her clit. This sent Katherine over the edge as she had her first orgasm. I could not believe I was watching my wife have an orgasm given to her by a hot young woman. I dared not touch myself as I may have exploded as well. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen live or on video. Katherine lay back panting so Steph turned her attention to me now. She spun around and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me and stroking me with her hand.

Katherine got up and walked out of the room and I was wondering if reality had set in or if she was just going to the restroom. I was enjoying the blowjob when Larry told me to fuck Steph. I know as I said before that this may sound ridiculous given all that has happened to this point, but Katherine and I had never discussed this at all. I now we had performed oral sex on each other, but sex was something totally different to put it in Bill Clinton terms. I decided that since Katherine left the room that I was not going to pass that threshold. I maneuvered Steph to the chair where Katherine sat earlier and began working on her pussy again. She pulled Larry to her and began sucking and stroking his cock while I licked and finger fucked her.

I heard Larry begin to moan and I could tell he was cumming in Steph’s mouth. She apparently swallowed it all because when he pulled out of her mouth I did not see anything else coming out. He stepped back and then sat on the arm of the chair massaging her tits. I had two fingers in her tight pussy and was working her clit pretty hard, alternating between licking it and sucking on it. She began moaning harder and harder and pushing her pussy up to meet my fingers and tongue. She then began cumming for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a second or two.

Katherine walked back into the room after apparently taking a bathroom break. We all kind of sat there for a minute and then Larry and Steph indicated they were beat and were going to hit the sack. Katherine and I went to our guest room and began making out immediately. It was a huge turn on for me know that while we were kissing she was tasting Steph’s pussy on my mouth even though she had just tasted it herself directly from the source. It has always been a turn on for me to kiss my wife after eating her pussy. I reached my hand down to rub her pussy and it was soaked. I easily slid two fingers in her while kissing her.

I rolled her over and kissed my way down her neck to her back and down to her ass. She pushed her ass up in the air and I began licking her ass and then down to her pussy, alternating between her ass and pussy. I slid three fingers in her and was finger fucking her hard. I then pulled my fingers out and moved up behind her. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit and over her ass. I pushed my cock in her pussy and pushed all the way in. It felt so good to be inside her.

I knew I was not going to last long and wanted to prolong a little. I fucked her from behind for a short while and then turned her over on her back. I spread her legs and pushed them back raising her ass off the bed slightly. She likes getting fucked like this because the angle allows me to hit her G-Spot. I slid into her pussy again and started fucking her hard while she rubbed her clit. I had to slow down and pull out a few times to keep from cumming. She was begging me to fuck her. I started fucking her harder and harder and was getting close when she began cumming. This sent me over the edge and I began filling her pussy with cum.

We both collapsed with me still inside. We lay there catching our breath and just enjoying being this close. I get up and walk out to the bathroom and Larry and Steph were in the hall. I am not sure if they were listening or what, but Steph looked down to see my cock covered with mine and Katherine’s cum. You walk over still naked as well and we just talk for a minute like nothing out of the ordinary has happened. We all say goodnight and head our separate ways. Us to the shower and them to the other end of the house. We fall asleep quickly as we are exhausted. When I woke up the next morning Katherine was rubbing my hard cock. We had another awesome fuck session that morning, me fantasizing about the night before which I am sure she was as well.

We all had a light breakfast together and then began getting packed up for a day out on the boat at the sand bar on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. The rest of the day was great which is another story for another day.

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