The Ladies Ch. 07

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Chapter 1— Our first orgy Part G

This is a continuation of the story of the ladies from Part F and our get together. We are still at the love hotel where M chan just ripped Yumi apart making her cum like neither of us had ever seen before. Honoka, Risa, Miki, and Yumi had all cum good, and were now stretched out sleeping on the king size bed, leaving M chan and myself the only two left awake. M and I are about to head to the shower and clean up the sexy mess Yumi had made on us.

If you want to get to know M chan better you might want to start at the beginning with M chan “Chapter 1—First meeting!” If you’d like to get to know how this story all got started I would recommend that you start when I first meet this group of ladies in M chan “Chapter 6-Later in the night!”


I followed M chan as she walked towards the shower room. Her small sexy round ass had a natural sway to it as she walked and the muscles in her strong legs rippled with each of her steps. For a lady in her early 50s, M chan still had a hard body and would turn any normal man hard in seconds.

She hit the buttons turning on the shower and also started warming up the tub outside before returning to join me in the hot shower room. I was leaning again the wall, letting the hot water hit my shoulders and back and then running down over my ass and legs when M chan came in, and worked her way around to get in front of me. Looking up she slipped closer so we could kiss and tongue each other’s mouths, without touching any other parts of our bodies.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked M when we broke our kissing.

“I’m glad Miki talked me into doing this. I must admit, I wasn’t sure what we’d all be doing except fucking the shit out of Honoka. I never expected it to go this far. Everyone just seemed to go crazy and fuck, or get fucked in every hole by both you and each other. And I never thought pussy licking could be so much fun and feel so great coming from another women, but now I’m a convert. I can’t believe that I’ve missed out on all that sex with so many beautiful women in my life.” M chan confessed. “How about you? Are you broken yet?”

“I got one more in me, just for you, my sexy little slut.” I replied as I leaned in for another kiss and feel of her hard nipples. “I never dreamed that tonight would turn out as great as it did. I can’t wait to get the DVD from Miki. I was so looking forward to getting at Hono’s sexy young body and breaking her ass in, but getting a chance to do things with you, Risa, Yumi, and Miki was an added bonus. Risa was a great surprise when she let herself out of her shell, I’m sure I’ll be fucking her again if you don’t mind. The same goes for all of the ladies. I would love to be in on covering Hono’s sexy body with hot sticky cum. I think she would look great doing Bukkake with a bunch of guys.

“She’s going to break a lot of guys once she gets started. I hope she’s careful and doesn’t take to many dangerous chances. I think Miki and I will take her under our wings and teach her how to enjoy her sex life, without getting herself into trouble. Living in this city, she can’t take chances with too many foreign guys, it’s a small city and the foreign community is a small one, she’ll get known really quickly if she’s not careful, and not in a good way.” M said. “I also hope that she doesn’t fall for some guy, and he turns around and starts to control her sex life, putting his needs before hers. Someday, she’s going to want to settle down and maybe get married, probably with a Japanese guy, I hope it works out for her if she does.”

“I know. You and I have been good for each other only because we’ve been very careful not to make our fucking too widely known. I’m sure Miki, Risa, and Yumi will feel the same way because of what we all have to lose.” I added. “Yumi is going to be another one that’s going to fuck herself crazy. Once a man or woman gets exposed to that body of hers and that tongue, they’ll be beating down her doors for a repeat performance. I hope her husband is going to be okay with his new wife. I’m a little nervous that if he’s not, he could burn us all down, if he finds out who we are. Maybe you’ll have to set it up so that one of the girls, maybe Honoka, seduces him first, gets it on tape or sets it up to get caught by Yumi. That way she has him over a barrel, in case he doesn’t like her plans. I sure hope I get to experience that tongue again.” I told M.

“Can you believe what we just did to her? I couldn’t believe how she took your hand inside her, Jesus, I was cumming just from watching that. Then she killed that giant dildo I had, I never expected her to take all of it so easily.” M chan said excitedly.

“I was surprised when I got my four fingers into her pussy and she was humping back on my hand for more. I figured if I could get my thumb inside her, then I could move my fingers to turn my hand into a fist. The only thing I was worried about was moving my fingers back over my thumb, once I was buried in her, to make the göztepe escort fist because a fist is wider and thicker than just straight fingers, but she didn’t even miss a beat and would have fucked my whole arm if I had tried.” I replied surprisingly.

“Do you think Risa can get her husband to change?” M asked.

“I don’t know. They’ve been married a long time and like a lot of couples they lose their sex lives over time if they don’t work at it, and it seems he’s lost interest in pleasing his wife. Maybe if she starts spicing things up with sexy clothes, and in the bedroom with sexy panties and things, plus bringing in some toys, there’s a chance she can save it. I wonder if her husband fucks around on her. I’d like to show her some things privately to help her turn her husband on, if it’s okay with you.” I replied.

“No problem here. It might help if she knew what a man likes and turns them on. I think she can learn a lot from you. I know I enjoy what we do to each other.” M answered while reaching forward to stroke my now hard cock and leaning in to get another kiss. “By the way, do you know where Risa lives?”

“No. Where?” I asked curiously.

“Not that far from you. I’m surprised you both haven’t run into each other before, shopping or just out and about. Her kids are older than yours, so maybe you never ran in the same circles with school stuff. I’d say you could walk to Risa’s place in less than five minutes.” M chan said with the wickedest smile on her sexy lips. “You could probably go over and fuck Risa in the ass, while your wife is taking her bath.”

“Really? She lives in my area? Do you know the names of Risa’s daughters?” I inquired.

“I’m not sure of the oldest one, but the younger one is named Aika. She just got married about two years ago and had a baby boy last year. They live in Nagoya now I think. She would have been at the elementary school when you were teaching at the girl’s school.” M replied.

“Aika &#%#$#%&? Why does that name sound so familiar?” I told her as the name bounced around my head. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. “OH MY GOD! I know Aika, she was my oldest daughter’s mentor when she entered elementary school. Risa’s family lives over close to the temple and the community center.”

“You got it. Their house is actually across the street from the center. The white two story one with the car port.” M chan replied quickly confirming what I just said.

“I can see their house from my place, I think I can actually see their bathroom from my second floor balcony. I bet I could see into it if I had a good set of binoculars.” I told M.

“Maybe we’ll have to get Risa to leave her window wide open this summer when she’s taking her bath. I’ll tell her that you might be watching her, maybe even get her to play with herself. That’ll turn her on and make her wet.” M chan laughed.

“What’s her husband doing tonight? Is he in town?” I asked.

“He’s on a business trip. He left on Tuesday pass and isn’t supposed to be back until Monday night or Tuesday morning. I think he had to go to Hokkaido first, then Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyushu before returning.” M told me. “By the way, Yumi’s daughter is also out of town until later today around lunchtime. Her team was playing a tournament up in Niigata over the weekend.” She added.

“What about the other ladies? I know where you and Miki live.” I inquired.

“Honoka’s folk’s place is actually close to Miki’s and my place. Yumi lives up by the university, probably a fifteen minute drive from your area. That’s why Risa and Yumi are close to each other and do things together.” M told me, knowing exactly what I was thinking.

“Want to move outside to the tub and watch the sunrise?” M asked with a sexy smile on her lips.

“For sure. And you can slip my cock inside for a long ride if that’s what’s floating around that brain of yours.” I added hopefully.

As we exited the shower room she reached down to retrieve her huge strap on, from inside the shower by the door now that the shower had cleaned all of Yumi’s juices off of it.

“Do you want to try that monster?” I asked M chan jokingly.

“Not today. I’m going to enjoy my favorite toy right there between your legs.” M pointed at my stiff cock as we made our way to the hot tub outside.

It was about 5 o’clock in the morning and the birds were starting to come to life after resting for the night. The sun was breaking over the mountains behind us, but we had a great view of the sunlight working its way down from mountain tops across the valley, and then racing across the valley floor towards us.

“Can I ride you for a while?” M asked, without waiting for an answer, just grabbing my hard cock in her small hand, rolling a condom on me, as she turned around to sit back down guiding my cock into her wet pussy. When she had my cock buried completely up her pussy, she leaned back on me without moving, allowing me to soak inside her hot pussy. I reached my şerifali escort hands around her small body and cupped her sexy tits on my hands, slowly moving my fingers to take her hard nipples in between my fingers. This always made M chan hot, I could even make her cum by just continuing to play with her tits and nipples in this position. M chan turned her head slightly towards me so we could continue kissing.

“Fuck me slowly and deeply, Jkun. I want to enjoy this for a long time.” M chan purred softly as she leaned forward and started to rock back and forth on my now stiff cock, tapping the head up against her G spot every time she rocked backwards.

I slipped my left hand off M’s hard nipple and slid it down her side and grabbed onto her hip so that I could help M chan ride herself back and forth on my hard cock. When M chan started to moan louder and threw head back, I let go of her other nipple and grabbed her around the hips in both my hands. I stood and moved M into the standing doggie position, with her tits hanging down, and me in a place that I could drive my cock into M’s tight wet pussy.

“Fuck me slow and deep, Jkun. I want to cum on your cock a lot before you drive it into me hard and fast. Ummm!” M groaned bracing her hands on the edge of the tub facing towards the opposite of the valley and looking out over the balcony rails.

“You pussy is so tight, M chan.” I told her.

“Fuck me good, Jkun.” M continued to moan, as she reached her right hand up and started to pull on her hard pointy nipples.

“I can fuck you like this all morning my sexy little slut. Slow and deep. Jesus M, your pussy is so wet, I can feel in on my balls.” I groaned as she reached her hand from her nipples to her pussy and cupped my hanging balls.

“Jkun, your balls feel so big. I love how they feel in my hand. Slap them against my clit, Sexy.” M purred as she released my ball sack and returned to pull on her nipples some more.

I slowly picked up speed and drove into M’s tight hole deeper and deeper, until I noticed her dropping her head down and she started to push back towards me harder. I popped my cock out of her tight pussy causing M to gasp in surprise.

“No, don’t stop, I was so close to having a big orgasm. A couple more strokes and I would have been there.” M almost cried.

Using my hands on her hips, I spun her around and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her in close and shoved my tongue in her mouth and down her throat. Then I slipped my hands down and grabbed her sexy round ass cheeks in my hands, lifting her up as I moved backwards so I could sit on the edge of the tub. When I was seated, with M chan sitting on me, my cock slipped into her again without either of us touching it, and I pulled her hard burying my cock deep in her hot hole.

M and I were really exchanging spit while I fucked into her and she humped my deep cock. I slipped my right hand around and positioned my fingers to rub around her asshole.

“Give me your fingers, fuck my ass with them. Jesus, I’m going to cum real hard.” M chan moaned as her head tilted back exposing her neck to me.

I leaned forward and bit down on the left side of her neck, not hard enough to leave a mark but enough that it caused her more pleasure. When I felt her asshole start to open and close from the orgasm that was starting to overtake her body, I worked one of my fingers deep inside her, adding to her building orgasm.

“THERE JKUN, THERE! FUCK I’M CUMMIINNGG SOOO HARRDDD! AHHHH…UMMM…MORE, FUCK ME HARDERRRRRR!” M chan started singing loudly as she wrapped her arms around my neck and started to fuck into my lap harder, deeper, and faster as her cumming grew stronger and stronger. I could feel her creamy pussy juices flowing out of her wet pussy and down over my balls onto my legs.

“Fuck that was great!” M moaned leaning into me and resting her head on my shoulder.

“How did you enjoy your first orgasm? Are you ready for the next one to start?” I gently asked her after she started to come down.

“I’m still cumming my sexy stud, but you can build me back up for another big one anytime.” M chan gasped.

“Let’s move inside to continue this.” I told her as I picked her up, still impaled on my hard cock. I walked us through the tub/shower room and headed for the sofas.

I first sat down on the clean sofa, then I turned, so I could lie down on my back in order that M chan would be on top and could ride me to her pleasure.

M chan shifted her feet up to either side of my waist, then she put her right hand on the back of the sofa to give herself more balance. Her left hand, she put in the middle of my chest. Using her strong leg muscles, M chan slowly started to raise up off my cock until just the very tip was at the entrance to her wet pussy, then she drove herself down hard unto my cock, taking its full length.

“God this feels so good. How long do you think you can last, my sexy stud?” M chan purred ümraniye escort as she started to slowly rise again.

“You can fuck yourself silly, Baby. I won’t be coming anytime soon.” I replied as I reached up and took her hard nipples in my fingers and started to pull and twist them until I noticed M close her eyes.

This freed M chan to pick up speed, and really start to drill up and down on my cock, and making lots of pussy juice flow out of her.

“I love fucking you like this. Your cock always feels great in my wet pussy.” M chan groaned as her fingers started playing with my nipples.

“We can try whatever position you want. I think I can last a very long time, Sexy.” I told her as she really started pounding on me, building herself to her next orgasm.


“JESUS, YOUR COCK IS SO GOOD INSIDE ME.” M chan groaned failing forward on top of me.

M chan was now lying on my chest and bouncing her lower body up and down on my cock moaning and groaning unintelligibly as she came more and more. As her ass started raising up in the air again, I grabbed her hips and pushed her off of my cock, which caused M chan to start squirting all over me and the sofa, and her body started to shake all over.

When M started coming down off another strong powerful orgasm, she moved up my body and started kissing me, driving her tongue deep into my mouth to play with my tongue.

“What position do you want to try next, Sexy?” I asked.

“Give me a minute to recover a little and then I’ll figure out what we can try. I just need a sec.” M replied weakly.

I stroked my hands up and down her back, waiting to see what she wanted me to do to her next.

“Let’s take a shower, Jkun.” M said as she slowly got up off of me and headed towards the shower. Her sexy ass swayed left and right as she walked in front of me.

When we entered the shower room, M hit the buttons, spraying the enclose glass room in hot relaxing water. I moved towards her and forced her back to the wall opposite the door, and wrapped my arms around her curvy waist then reaching behind her to grab her sexy round ass cheeks. I pulled her towards me as we kissed deeply, lifting her up onto my still hard cock, where M chan wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

This pinned M chan between the wall and me. Now I could lift her up and down on my cock, while at the same time, she used her arms around my neck to help move her pussy up and down my shaft.

I moved my arms around to get them under her legs, this allowed me to lift her easier and higher, so I could drive into her deeper and faster. I fucked into her tight pussy in this position while we continued to kiss each other like crazy until she threw her head back against the wall and screamed as powerful orgasm overcame her.


I dropped her legs to the floor and spun her around, grabbing her hands and putting them up on the wall above her head. I then sank my dick back inside her tight wet pussy, reaching around at the same time to grab her tits in my hands, pinching her pointy nipples.

By grabbing her tits like I did, I could keep her from crumping to the floor of the shower. I was really drilling into her hard, fast, and deep waiting for her to wail her pleasure again. I knew she was close because her legs started shaking and she was humping back at me just as hard as I was banging into her.

When I felt her tight pussy really clamp down on my hard cock I yanked my cock out causing M to squirt again. I couldn’t really see her squirting because of the shower but I knew she was because of the sounds escaping from her.

“Fuck that felt great…You make me cum so hard…I can’t believe how powerful my orgasms are this time.” M chan moaned as she turned around to face me again. “Let’s get out of here and moved back to the dining room table.”

We switched off the water and walked back to the other room without drying off, grabbing quick feels of each other’s bodies as we moved. When we got to the dining room table, M chan climbed up and spun around to sit on the edge of the table, in front of one of the remaining chairs. She leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs wide, while reaching down to lightly rub her hard clit.

“Eat my pussy you sexy stud…Fuck me with those long fingers of yours and make me cream.” M chan purred as she dipped a couple of her fingers deep inside her wet pussy.

I sat on the chair before her so I could enjoy the feast I was about to partake. M chan moved both of her feet up to the top of the back of my chair and spread her knees wide open giving me access to her sweet bald pussy. She was in such a position so that she could see everything I was going to do to her.

I didn’t need to lube my fingers any because M chan’s pussy was already wet and open from our fucking and her being so turned on. I turned my hand palm down and slowly slipped my right hand’s two middle fingers deep into M’s hot pussy until I could feel the entrance to her cervix. This also gave my thumb the ability to rub and massage her asshole when my fingers were buried deep.

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