The Lottery Winners

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Paige Levinson and her husband, Saul, were having an argument that had been going on for the past 20 minutes while they drove home from seeing a movie. The 23-year-olds had been married for less than a year and rarely disagreed, so this was an unusual occurrence for them. The argument continued as Saul pulled their car into the convenience store parking lot.

“Babe, it’s a waste of money that we don’t have and it never pays off for us,” Paige pleaded.

“It will eventually, Sweetie, but it can’t if we don’t keep trying,” Saul countered as he exited the car. Once inside the store, he bought two New York Lottery tickets. One Colossal Cash scratch-off ticket for $30 and one Make My Day scratch-off ticket for $1, plus a Diet Coke for Paige and then returned to the car.

The couple drove the remaining 10 minutes to their apartment in silence…Paige sulking and sucking on the straw in her drink. Saul, meanwhile, was imagining what it would be like to win big for once. When they arrived at their apartment, Paige left the car without a word and ascended the stairs to their second-floor rental, while Saul remained in the car to check the two tickets.

The Make My Day ticket was a loser and the Colossal Cash ticket merely awarded him a free ticket which, to him, was almost the same as a loser. He was angry at himself, and a little bit at Paige, in part because she was right: they couldn’t afford the $31 that the two tickets had cost him and in part because he knew she was right, but he did it anyway.

Still angry, he decided to drive back to the store where he exchanged the second ticket for another one. He was not looking forward to the icy reception that awaited him in their apartment and maybe, just maybe, he would win the $100 bonus, which would cover the cost of the first two tickets, and then some.

He returned to his car with the free ticket and immediately used a coin to reveal what it might be worth. Once he had cleared the card, he had to look at it several times and blink to process what he was seeing. The ticket was, at last, a winner! Saul’s vision finally returned, but he was having trouble controlling his trembling hands long enough to lock his doors, start the car, and leave the parking lot.

His heart was pounding and his breathing was coming rapidly as he climbed the stairs to their apartment and entered the front room. Paige had already undressed and was in bed watching television when he walked into the bedroom.

“Where did you go?” She asked him with an edge in her voice.

“One of the tickets was good for another free ticket, so I went back to the store to get it,” he answered.

“You are too obsessed with that damn lottery, Saul. I wish it didn’t exist.”

“I understand completely, Paige, and, if you never want me to play it again from this night forward, I won’t.”

“Seriously? You swear that you won’t play again, if I say so?” She asked, incredulously.

“I swear on my love for you, my wife,” he answered.

Paige started to reply, but he quickly added, “Before you speak, you should take a look at the ticket I just went back to get.” With that, he handed the ticket to Paige and watched as she examined it.

After a moment, she said, “I don’t understand. What does this mean?”

“It means, my doubting bride, that we’ve just won 10 million dollars in the New York Lottery,” he answered with a grin.

“Bullshit! Nobody can win 10 million dollars on a scratch-off ticket!” Paige shot back while still examining the ticket.

“Well, don’t tear it up honey, because we just did. That is a real ticket and it is really worth 10 million dollars.”

“Oh, my god! This changes everything, doesn’t it?”


That was two years ago and a lot changed in the couple’s life since then. Their prize netted them a little under $8 million, after mandatory withholding. After paying off both of their college student loans, Saul used some of the money to buy into a business near Buffalo, NY, which thrived with the infusion of his cash, plus the addition of his new talents and enthusiasm. His annual income from his half of the business quickly rose to over $500,000 a year.

Paige leveraged her education and talents into a job with an accounting firm that paid her $120,000 a year. They were living at a level that neither of them ever expected they might — particularly at this stage of their young lives.

The couple used some of their winnings to purchase a home on a golf course in an exclusive neighborhood outside Cheektowaga, NY. Neither of them were ready for kids yet, deciding to wait to consider that option in their early 30s, so that they could focus on their careers and each other for now.

Paige, always a fitness fanatic, had spent many of her off-hours developing her body and improving her tennis game. In time, she became an excellent player, usually winning all of her matches, doing so while showing off a very hot body.

She stood 5′ 9″ tall and weighed 125 pounds. Her dark hair reached her shoulders ataşehir escort and framed her lovely face with its fair complexion. Striking blue eyes added to her look, but perhaps her most striking feature were her 36D breasts, which jutted proudly from her chest and bounced deliciously as she ran around on the tennis court.

Saul spent a lot of his time at work, but always made time for Paige as well as to play golf twice a week at the exclusive Diamond Hill Golf & Tennis Club, which was located within their gated community. At 6′ 3″ tall and 220 pounds, Saul stood out among the other men, some of whom were the area’s most influential and well-established.

The men at the golf club were quick to welcome the new, young entrepreneur into their midst. Most of them, and their wives, were over 50, so they also appreciated the eye candy that his wife, the 25-year-old Paige, supplied when they saw her.

The young couple’s new home came with a private pool out back, and Paige took advantage of it frequently, much to the delight of their male neighbors who relished the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her in one of her tiny bikinis. Saul took pride in the attention that his wife received from other men, knowing that many were jealous of his good fortune, in more ways than one. It was also a bit of a turn-on for him to know that these men would love to have an opportunity to have sex with his hotwife.

On occasion, the couple engaged in sexual role play and/or the “would you/what if” game, during which they titillated each other by theoretically testing the bounds of their marriage.

They were both aroused by questions from Saul and affirmative responses by Paige:

Would you fuck another man if I wanted you to?

Would you fuck more than one man at a time?

Would you let me watch you with other men?

Nothing ever came of these games, however, but the seeds had been planted and in their private moments, when they masturbated, they each fantasized about such scenarios actually happening.

It was early Fall and the weather had not turned frigid yet, so the women were still wearing their short tennis skirt outfits when they played. The vision that Paige presented in hers did not go unnoticed by the men, or the women, for that matter. There was, in fact, a bit of jealousy toward Paige when it came to some of the women. Caused, in part, by the fact that their husbands made a few too many comments about the very young and very pretty new member.

Saul, had no such issues with the men. Perhaps because their wives were smart enough to keep their lecherous thoughts about him to themselves or perhaps because the men just didn’t care. His one frustration though, was that he had not been invited into the “inner circle” at the club, which consisted of mostly older men who were long-term members as well as access to the exclusive Member’s Lounge. They were all cordial to him, but he was not one of them.

During a conversation with a member he had bonded with over the past few months, Dean Adkins, Saul casually asked, “How long will I have to be a member before I can hang out with you and your buddies in the lounge?”

Dean looked directly at him and replied, “There is not a time requirement, son. The members just have to reach a comfort level with you that includes a high degree of trust and generosity.”

“What can I do to help that come about?” Saul asked directly.

“Just be yourself, Saul. The men like you already. You project confidence and sincerity, which we all appreciate, but we don’t really know you do we? We have all known each other a long time, but we know very little about you and your spouse. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t hurt if you brought Mrs. Levinson around more often. That would afford opportunities for us to get to know you and your wife better while you demonstrate your generosity, thus earning their trust,” Dean suggested.

“Having Paige with me will show my generosity?” Saul asked — not understanding Dean’s meaning.

“Yes, it would. She is a lovely girl and I expect the members would like to get to know her better — I know I would. Knowing a man’s wife more intimately reveals a lot about the man and how much you can trust him to be loyal to our inner circle,” Dean clarified.

Still not certain exactly what the older gentleman meant, Saul nodded and decided he would discuss it with Paige. Later that night, he ran the gist of his discussion past her and asked what she thought Dean meant.

“I think he wants you to have me join you from time to time at some of their social events so that they can get to know me and, I am certain, ogle me as well,” she said with a wicked smile.

“Well, I don’t doubt that one bit,” Saul agreed. “Are you OK with spending some time with the guys and me sometime soon?”

“Of course, my love,” she agreed. “I have not forgotten that we would not have any of this if you had not stubbornly insisted on buying those lottery tickets. avcılar escort I owe you big time and I will do anything I can to show my unending gratitude. So, I will be there when you want me to and I will make every effort to make those old guys like me and thereby you. This includes blatant flirting, if you want me to do that.”

“I don’t think blatant flirting by you could do any harm, precious, but are you certain you are OK with me basically using you and your hot body to get into that group?”

“I am beyond OK, babe. It excites me to think I will get a chance to toy with the husbands of some of the women who are so obviously jealous of me. I’ve done nothing wrong, but I am guilty because I look this way and their husbands like it.”

“That is quite a burden you have to bear, my dear wife. It must be such a struggle for you everyday,” Saul said with open sarcasm.

“All right, asshole, I know I sound snotty and conceited, but you know what I mean. I want those men to go home after spending time with me and have sex with their wives while they think about me.”

“All righty then! That ought to do the trick. I’ll let you know when and where just as soon as I know,” Saul grinned.

A couple of weeks later, Dean suggested to Saul that the young couple stop by the private Men’s Lounge at the clubhouse the next evening after her tennis match concluded. He said he had passed along Saul’s wishes regarding membership to the other senior members, and that they would be happy to see what could be done to accommodate him. Dean made a point of suggesting that Paige come directly from the court, not pausing to change out of her tennis clothes.

Elated, Saul called his wife and told her the good news, including the request that she remain in her tennis outfit.

“Can you believe those dirty old men? They just like my outfits because they are so short and tight. However, who am I to deny them simple pleasures like that? OK, I’ll see you right after my match tomorrow.”

Her victory was complete by 8:00PM and she started to leave the tennis club for the country club right away, but decided to pause to apply some makeup and adjust her ponytail before leaving. Trying to up the ante a bit, she had worn what she considered to be her sexiest tennis outfit. It consisted of a solid white pleated miniskirt and a pale blue, cropped, tight-fitting tank top with a built-in sports bra. The material on both items was thin and performance-rated, so her nipples showed through the top whenever they were erect, as they were now.

A significant expanse of her tight abdomen was on display between the bottom of the short top and the top of her hip-hugging skirt. Under the skirt, she wore white, seamless, lycra women’s tennis underwear, and white tennis shoes completed her look.

She grabbed her gym bag and walked the short distance between the two buildings. Once inside the clubhouse, she headed for the Men’s Lounge, which was adjacent to the men’s locker room. There was an attendant at the entry door who greeted her warmly, “Hello, Mrs. Levinson. You are expected. Please go right inside.”

Upon entry, she was impressed, but not surprised, by what she saw. The walls were covered by dark paneling with classic oil paintings hung in various locations. There was a huge fireplace against the main wall and several seating areas containing various pieces of heavy furniture with a lot of burgundy leather visible on the chairs and sofas. Several expensive rugs were in evidence covering parts of what appeared to be marble flooring.

Against the wall opposite the fireplace stood an ornate bar with several barstools in front of it. Unlike the rest of the room, the seats were covered in green leather. Behind the bar, there were crystal decanters that held what she assumed were top-shelf liquors for the members.

She quickly assessed that there were a dozen or more men present, and was pleased to see her husband rise from one of the chairs by the fireplace to greet her. She was not pleased to see, however, that he, along with everyone else, was wearing a jacket and slacks.

“Why would you have me wear my tennis clothes when everyone else is dressed up?” She hissed in a terse voice when he reached her.

“Please, my dear, don’t blame your husband,” Dean said, having overheard her comment as he followed Saul to greet her. “It was my suggestion and the request of many others that you wear exactly what you have on right now. We are dressed as we are as a sign of respect for the lady in our midst.”

“Well, thank you for the compliment, but I must admit I feel very underdressed,” Paige replied.

“We hope you won’t give it another thought, Mrs. Levinson. Truth be told, more than a few of us have admired your appearance on the tennis courts from afar these past few months and we are delighted to enjoy the same vision, albeit up close this evening. We hope you will understand and agree to indulge our somewhat prurient request.”

Smiling, avrupa yakası escort Paige responded, “Of course, I wouldn’t dream of denying you gentlemen something that you desire. I’ll have to be careful that it doesn’t create too much of an inappropriate libidinous response from me, however. After all, I am apparently the only female in the storied Men’s Lounge that we women would never deign to enter.”

“Well said, Mrs Levinson. Although I must point out that women are not excluded from entry, and many have been in here before. It is just that most prefer to leave the lounge to us men. We are delighted that you have chosen to join us this fine evening, however,” Dean noted.

Saul listened to the exchange between his wife and Dean with amazement. It was obvious to him that her female instincts had kicked in and that she knew that flirting was already called for in this situation. She wasn’t going to let these men intimidate her in any way, rather she would use her talents to charm them on his behalf. Any concerns he had about the evening were rapidly diminishing.

“Mrs. Levinson, my name is Dean and, if you will allow me, I will escort you to the bar for a drink and then introduce you to the rest of the members present.”

“I will be delighted, Dean, and please, call me Paige.”

Paige requested a Belvedere vodka martini and then allowed Dean to walk her around the large room to meet the other men. She found it interesting that there was a certain formality to their conversation, but a more base, directness to the way they looked at her. To a man, they did not shy away from looking her up and down when she met them, pausing, at times, to appreciate her more interesting body parts.

After they made the rounds, Dean escorted her back to the leather sofa by the fireplace where she first saw Saul and Dean and four of the members were waiting. He then signaled for another martini from the bar and handed it to her, “I’ll leave you with these gentlemen for company while I go chat with your husband, if that is all right with you.”

Looking around at the four men, Paige replied, “Perfectly fine. It looks as though I will be in good hands.” Taking a seat and sinking down in the buttery soft leather cushion between two of the men, she took a sip of her martini, and began to engage the men in conversation. Her skirt was so short that she realized she was showing a little crotch shot of her panties, but she was wearing tennis underwear, so it really wasn’t a problem, she reasoned.

Plus, these old guys really seem to appreciate the view, so who am I to keep it from them? Paige thought.

“Your wife is making quite an impression, Saul. We should have done this sooner,” Dean said as he approached.

“She is a very impressive girl,” Saul offered. “I realize I have married well above myself and I am just trying to make it up to her in anyway I can.”

“Smart man,” Dean agreed. “You’ve got to let them handle things the way they see best at times and trust their judgement. Just as I mentioned to you previously, trust is very important to all of us here. It is generous of you to bring your wife here for us and we trust that both of you will respect our process and honor that it remain private.”

Watching the group at the fireplace while he listened to Dean, Saul noticed that the men around Paige had moved in closer to her. Two were still sitting beside her and two were now standing behind her. As they spoke with her, they were reaching out from time to time to touch her shoulder, her arm, and even her knee. He watched her face for any sign of distress, but saw none, so he let it go. She was smiling and talking with them seeming to be at ease with the situation.

“Have you had some who did not respect your process?” Saul inquired.

“Unfortunately, yes, I’m afraid,” Dean relied. “It is not for everyone and we understand that. Our requirement that we know and understand our members, and their wives, completely can be off-putting for some, but we all insist that total sharing be a part of the relationships we have with each other. Paige seems to understand this. Are you certain that you do, Saul?”

Saul considered the question for a moment as he watched Paige being handed another martini while the two men on either side of her were actively stroking her bare legs, going higher and higher while spreading them wider and wider with each stroke. The two behind her, meanwhile, were rubbing her shoulders and touching her hair. He could see that her nipples had become stiff and were clearly visible through her top, while she continued to smile and talk with them, seemingly oblivious to the hands on her body.

“Saul, are you certain?” Dean asked again. “Now is the time to decide, son.”

As he watched, Saul witnessed one of the hands on Paige’s shoulders move down and cup her left breast before beginning to tug and twist her stiff nipple. For a moment, he thought he saw her cast a furtive look in his direction however, he couldn’t be certain. Yet, she still did nothing to stop the groping. Instead, she looked up at the man playing with her nipple and smiled.

Emboldened, the men rubbing her thighs moved all the way up to her waist and began tugging on her tennis panties trying to remove them. Paige shifted her gaze to them and then lifted her hips to aid in the garment’s removal.

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